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Kissing Away Her Past by roadrunnerchic
Chapter 1 : Kissing Away Her Past
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Leaving is what she did best. When things got to a breaking point, she’d disappear: sometimes for an hour, sometimes even for a few days. She always came back though; she couldn’t bear the thought of actually leaving for good. But she needed somewhere to run to, someone she could trust. 

She found that place one afternoon down near the shore. His house was small, but the perfect size for one person. 

She sat on the deserted beach, watching the waves come in and go back out. She was lost in the thought of never returning, when he first laid eyes on her. Her long brown hair was blowing in the gentle breeze, her casual position: one leg under her, the other stretched out toward the sea. He was almost afraid to approach; afraid he would disturb her serenity. Yet, still he found himself walking toward her, pulled by some force of nature. As if she felt the same thing, she turned and saw him. He stopped her beauty remarkable.

She couldn’t help but stare at this man standing not quite a foot away. He had beautiful short black hair. Wearing short jeans and a plain white shirt, both that fit extremely well, he gave off the glow of simplicity. His smile, oddly refreshing, gave her hope that he was the friend she was searching for. She stood and walked toward him, stopping when there were only steps apart. 

Introductions were not needed, almost as if they already knew each other. Soon, before either of them realized it, they were inside his house, sitting at his table. There talked about their pasts. She revealed secrets and stories never trusted to anyone else. Dark secrets, reasons why she ran, and the person she ran from. 

As he listened, his anger grew for the man he’d never laid eyes on. The man that caused her so much pain, the one she ran from. He listened until she was too tired to talk anymore. So he did something that he’d never done for a stranger before, he offered her his bed. So that night she slept in his bed. After she fell asleep, he stood and stared at her for the longest time. Her breathing was slow, but steady, and calming. He stood there for what seemed like hours, before going to sleep on the couch.


She awoke to him calming her down. Telling her everything would be ok. She’d had another of the dreams that plagued her sleep every night the ones where she would always wake up crying. She felt his hand on her shoulder, and felt him brush away her tears.

“Do you always dream of him?”

“Only when I sleep,” she said sitting up.

“You say that like it doesn’t happen often,” he said sitting down behind her.

“It doesn’t. Most nights I toss and turn, until I get kicked out of my own bed, because he has to get up early.

“Wait, why does he kick you out of your own bed?” He asked gently rubbing her shoulders. What she couldn’t see was how red his face had gotten or how much he wanted to go and find this man. However he could feel how tense she had become while just speaking of the man he asked her not to give name to. He knew if she told him this man’s name he would find him, and the man probably wouldn’t make it through the experience. 

For now he settled with just massaging her shoulder, even gently rubbing her back. She finally began to relax. 

“Well I want you to stay here as long as you need to. Please don’t go back to him, even if you don’t stay here, just don’t go back to him.”

“I couldn’t go back to him even if I wanted.”

“Why would you want to?”

“Because he’s the only one I have left in my life.”

“That’s not true anymore,” he said spinning her around. Neither could take their eyes off of each other. Slowly their faces felt the magnetism again emitting from their souls.

That was as far as they went that night, but he spent the rest of his lifetime kissing away her past. 

A/N: Thanks for reading. As usual I own nothing, except the plot. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, remember what that little box below is for.  :)
~Your humble author

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Kissing Away Her Past: Kissing Away Her Past


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