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Finding Our Way by ARG
Chapter 11 : Summer Break
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Summer Break arrived just a couple of weeks after the exams, to most of the students’ satisfaction. Sirius and Mia, however, didn’t really know how to feel about it. In one hand, no school meant there were no snogging restrictions for them and several opportunities to go out on dates. On the other hand, they probably wouldn’t be able to see each other every day of the week, especially since Lulu had planned to spend a couple of weeks with Mia in Tuscany, starting the first day of vacations.

“I’ll send you a postcard,” Mia promised when the two of them were having their fare. “Actually, I’ll send you one every day.”

Sirius tries to grin. “Right, maybe it won’t be that bad. Two weeks pass in a heartbeat.” He wasn’t really sure about that, though.

“I’ll be back before you even know it,” she added, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing his lips softly. “I love you.”

This time, he actually managed to give her a non-forced smile. “I love you too,” he replied. “Go on before Lulu thinks I kidnapped you. She’d break me like a twig.”

Mia smiled and kissed him one last time. “I’ll miss you,” she said before apparating home.

Sirius sighed and stared at the place she had been standing just seconds earlier. Minutes later, James showed up by his side and patted his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Padfoot. The worst thing that can happen is her finding an italian guy prettier than you and dumping your arse,” he joked.

Sirius turned to him with a glare. “You are asking for a black eye, aren’t you, Prongs?”

James laughed. “Look who’s in a foul mood. Sounds like you’ve just lost a limb instead of having your girlfriend leaving for a couple of weeks in vacations.”

Sirius grumbled something about it feeling like he had lost a limb as he followed James out of the platform – guess he’d have to manage to survive for two weeks without her.


Turns out, the two weeks without Sirius weren’t exactly great but Mia managed to bear them. Sure, having Lulu around made the whole thing a lot easier, considering she was as hyperactive as a three-year-old and wouldn’t leave Mia alone for a single moment. Still, she managed to send Sirius a postcard every day with short massages like ‘Wish you were here’ or ‘I miss you’, always receiving a response in the same day with an equally short message, which was always the same: ‘I love you’.

The days passed and, finally, she saw herself back home flooing Sirius to invite him over. He seemed as eager to see her as she was and, even before she managed to unpack her suitcase, her doorbell was ringing.

“Well, the boy surely seems eager to see you again,” Lulu called from her own room.

Mia ignored her as she sped downstairs to open the door to him. Step by step, she got closer and closer to the door that separated them. And there he stood, as handsome and mischievous-looking as she remembered. “So, did you find any Italian bloke better than me?” he asked with a grin on his face.

“Oh, yes,” she replied with a mock-serious face. “His name is Carlo. We’re getting married next week. I saved you a seat in the front row. No hard feelings, right?”

“I’ll give you the hard feelings,” he told her, taking one step ahead and pulling her into one of those intense kisses he was so good at.

Mia couldn’t believe they were actually snogging at her doorway but, to be honest, she would snog him anywhere now. She circled his waist with her arms and deepened the kiss and, they only broke apart when someone coughed behind her – Lulu.

“Mia, you know the house rules,” her nanny told her, passing with a mountain of dirty laundry. “If you want to snog a guy, take him upstairs to your room. Oh, and it’s nice to see you, Sirius.” She disappeared into another room without saying another word.

Sirius stared at the place where she had been standing in disbelief – she was actually encouraging him to go snog Mia in her room? Seriously? That had to be the coolest nanny in the universe.

“You’ll lose days try to understand how her mind works,” Mia said, guessing what was going on inside his head. “She’s a free spirit.”

“Well, thinking some blokes have to worry about having their girlfriend’s parents trying to curse them…” he mumbled.

She laughed. “There’s a good point of view,” Mia told him before sighing. “I’ve missed you.”

“And you think I didn’t?” he asked back. “So, where exactly is your room?”

“Upstairs,” Mia said, leading him to the stairs. “But let me warn you it is sort of a mess. I was still unpacking.”

He laughed as he climbed the steps. “You’d rethink the definition of ‘mess’ if you saw how my room looked like in my parent’s house.”

She smiled. Sirius followed her to the first in front of the stairs and Mia opened it, indicating it was her room.

The spacious room was amazingly sunny due to having windows in two of its walls. Its flooring was gleaming hardwood, while the walls were tiled with pale yellow. Mia’s single bed, whose scarlet bedspread was covered with discarded clothes and her open suitcase, was placed by the right side of the door. Sirius could notice a soft fragrance in the room reminiscent of Mia. “It is definitely not that messy,” he said.

Mia entered, grabbing all the clothes on the bed and throwing them inside the suitcase, which she promptly moved to the floor. “I can finish unpacking later,” she declared. “Now, where were we before Lulu ordered us upstairs?”

He approached her, grinning goofily and pointed to her lips. “I think we were right there,” he told her, bringing his lips to hers and kissing her passionately.

They were, once again, rudely interrupted by the sound of the front door opening and closing, which reminded them that Mia’s bedroom door was still open.

“… time is that ministry award ceremony?” a female voice that Sirius found unfamiliar asked.

“In two hours, Susan,” a male voice replied.

Mia immediately jumped away from Sirius. “Great, of all times my parents could have picked to come home…” she said sarcastically.

“Am I supposed to hide?” he asked her, rather unsure of his next move.

She shook her head. “They won’t care,” she told him before exiting the room followed by Sirius to see her parents climbing up the stairs with two large suitcases.

“Amelia, shouldn’t you be at school?” Susan Davis asked her daughter when she saw her on top of the stairs. Her voice was unnaturally careless towards her daughter as her hair was unnaturally auburn, considering the age she appeared to be.

“It’s July, the school is closed,” Mia simply told her, trying to sound calm. Sirius could tell she was boiling inside – even his parents used to know when he had Summer Break.

“Oh, alright then,” she replied, looking at her wristwatch.

Mia’s father turned to Sirius with an inquisitive look as he scratched his bald head. “And who might you be?”

“Mia’s boyfriend,” he said. “Sirius—“

“How lovely,” Mia’s mother cut him off. “I’m sorry, but we don’t have time to stay chatting. We just came by to pack more clothes – we have a ceremony in the Ministry in two hours and a portkey to Albania tonight.”

“Well, don’t let me keep you,” Mia told them, a little bit of almost unrecognizable sarcasm on her voice. She turned her back to them and walked back into her room, which didn’t seem to bother them in the sightless.

Lulu, who had joined them upstairs at some point, went after Mia not saying a word to her employers.

“Well, it was a pleasure to meet you, Darius,” Mia’s father told Sirius before he and his wife entered what Sirius assumed to be their room.

He returned to his girlfriend’s room to find Lulu pacing right next to her bed, where Mia was lying looking at the ceiling, her arms crossed on her chest. “…wrong with this people?!” the nanny was saying when Sirius joined them again. “They haven’t seen you for almost a year and didn’t even bother to ask how you were?”

“I don’t care,” Mia said. “It’s what they always do: they come over, run into me, have a meaningless exchange of words and then leave again without saying goodbye.”

“…of all the people in this word who could have gone such a good daughter as you,” Lulu continued. “I never thought…” She suddenly stopped talking and just left the room, shaking her head and cursing Susan and Phillip Davis’s existence.

Mia sighed when she heard the door of her room closing with a bang. “Lulu gets too upset with this,” she whispered. “She should just accept that we don’t pick our parents. We need to deal with what we get.”

“Like I don’t know that already,” Sirius told her, sitting on the edge of her bed. “Your father called me Darius.”

Mia shrugged. “Don’t take it personally,” she told him. “Let’s just forget they are here. They’ll be gone before we notice.”

Sirius sighed. “You do know they are the idiots, right? They have to be a couple of idiots not to like you because there is not a thing in you that could make them feel that way.”

“Lulu has told me that already,” Mia said. “But, like I told her, I don’t care. This thing with my parents has reached a point when it stopped hurting. And you know why? Because I don’t love them anymore. To me they’re just people who share my last name.”

He remained silent, not really knowing what to say. His parents meant absolutely nothing good to him too but he had never said that out loud – not even in his darkest moments. That was the hardest thing he had ever heard Mia say and her tone sounded just like she was stating a very natural fact. He hated Susan and Philip Davis for making his Mia feel like this.

She pulled his arm, gesturing for him to lie down next to her, which he did without any hesitation. Mia laid her head against his chest and just stayed like that for minutes as he draw invisible circles with his fingers on her back.

“Sirius,” she murmured after a while. “Don’t freak out but, if someday we end up marrying and having kids, promise me we’ll make sure they don’t turn out not liking their parents as we do.”

He chuckled. “I’ll try my best to not to let that happen,” he promised.


Summer Break kept passing until the morning of September 1st arrived, meaning it was time for Sirius and Mia to go back to Hogwarts for their final year there. The train was once more filling with students of all ages. The first years excitedly said their goodbyes to their parents before going into it.

Before Mia could even utter a word, Sirius pulled her to a long kiss when she entered the train compartment where he had been sitting alone until then.

“Hi,” she breathed after they broke apart. “One would think you haven’t seen me for months judging by this reception.”

He shook his head. “Two days is far too long.”

“You managed to survived two weeks without me in July,” she pointed out as the two of them placed her truck on the shelf above the seats.

He grinned widely. “Well, I can only say that makes you sort of like a drug – the more I get, the more I need.”

“My pleasure to keep you addicted,” she replied as he pecked her lips, before she took a seat by the window. “Where is everyone else? Elizabeth had already done a bunk on me to go snog Ludo Bagman.”

“Ludo Bagman?” Sirius asked in surprise, sitting by her side and wrapping one arm around her shoulders. “The Hufflepuff’s Beater?”

Mia nodded. “Apparently, they ran into each other during summer and started dating.”

Sirius chuckled. “Well, that’s sort of awkward. He is a Beater, she’s a Seeker. He is supposed to throw Bludgers at her. That can’t be good.”

“I’m not exactly cheering for them, anyway,” Mia confessed. Everyone knew Bagman was an idiot but, apparently, Elizabeth had a thing for idiots. “Back to what I asked, where is everyone else?”

He shrugged. “Pete… I have no idea where he is. Remus is in a prefect meeting and James, well, you’ll never believe it.”

“What won’t I ever believe?” she asked.

Sirius grinned. “Dumbledore must have hit his head somewhere because he made James head boy.”

Mia raised her eyebrows. “You’re joking.”

He shook his head. “I’m not. You should have seen his face when he received the letter – it looked like he was going to launch himself out of the window! He made me promise not to tell anyone, you included, until school started.”

She was silent, thinking for a moment of the implications of James Potter being the Head Boy. “You do know who the Head Girl is, right?”

“I have a pretty good idea,” he stated. “Evans?”

Mia nodded. “They’ll be sharing a dorm. All year.”

“I know,” Sirius said, grinning widely.

“They will kill each other!” she said.

He looked dubious. “I doubt it. See, James was asking me yesterday about how he could impress Evans this year. I told him the first step was stopping asking her out.”

She nodded. “That’s a start. You could also give him a free pass to give you detention – Lily would be impressed if he didn’t even let his best friend get in the way of the school rules.”

“No way! I’m not getting detention so he can just impress a girl!” Sirius protested.

“Oh, well, I was thinking of joining you once or twice. I’m sure James could pull a bunch of string so we were put in classroom all alone,” Mia told him. “But well, if you’re so bothered by it…”

“No, not at all,” Sirius said. “If you’re joining me there that changes everything.”

“Oh, does it?” she asked in a fake-surprise tone.

He nodded. “You’re pretty good at this making-plans-to-match-people thing.”

She smiled. “Well, we have to give them a little push – they are just as meant to be as we are.”

He shot her a mischievous smile. “So which one do you think will break first?”

A/N: So, what do you think? Another chapter - not as long as the last one (that was really long, compared to the others). Mia's parents are a real piece of work, aren't they? Send some feedback!

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