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Finding love in an unlikely way by x DementraFionBlack x
Chapter 1 : Chapter One - One hell of a train ride.
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A/N: Hey everyone thanks for waiting I know you all probably hate me right now nut I would like to say I am really sorry and have redone this whole chapter for you and am starting the second chapter straight away xx

Ok so my parent's didn't like it that I had run away. Again.
But this time I really had to . My parents anger was always bad but this time it got way out of hand. That’s why I’m here right now in the leaky cauldron with my friend Damian bandaging the gashes down my arm and shoulder.

‘ Ava this is getting to out of hand you can never go back there again. Its to dangerous.’ Damian said as he finished bandaging my arm.

‘Don’t worry Dam I’m never going back. I’ve never seen them this bad before.’

I had always been the apple of my parents eye when I was younger but that changed when I was sorted into Gryffindor.

You see my parents are pureblood maniacs and are all for the downfall of half bloods and Muggle borns so being in Gryffindor and not Slytherine was the worse thing in the world.

I have been in hospital a total of 33 times since I have started in Hogwarts but when someone asks my parents tell them I like to self harm myself.

‘Ava you better get going otherwise you are going to miss the train.’ Damian said bringing me out of the trance.

‘Really. Well thank you Bro I guess I’ll come see you when I can’ I used the nickname that he had told me to use as we were as good as brother and sister.

I stood up and made my way the door with Damian on my tail.

‘Ava do you mind if I come to the platform with you?’ He asked

‘No of course not, To be honest I was hoping you would just incase my parents are there.’

It turned out my parents weren’t there and Damian waited until I was on the train to leave.

I was earlier than usual and found an empty compartment in the back of the train.

I opened the compartment door and placed my trunk in the overhead compartment to find that I had forgotten to get my book out.

I climbed up on to the chair and opened the zip reach inside and grab my book but I didn’t count on my waist coat to catch on the wood and I went falling towards the floor. I closed my eyes waiting for the impact but it wasn’t the impact I had expected.

I slowly opened my eyes to see that I was in someone's arms .I looked up to see who had caught me and I found myself utterly amazed.

I couldn’t believe my eyes because the person holding me in his arms the one who had caught me was none other than Remus Lupin.

His honey brown hair had grown over the summer and it had seemed that his matching eyes had gone a lighter shade. His arms tensed around me and I suddenly noticed that he had obviously been working out.

‘Well Hello Ava.’ It seemed like his voice had dropped a few octaves and had a little smile on his lips.

‘Hello Remus’

I couldn't help but notice how good it felt to be in his arms. And then the feeling went and he was putting my down.

‘Ava what were you doing up there?’ He asked looking towards my trunk.

‘Well once I put my trunk up there I realised that my book was still in there and I climbed up there to get it but I got caught on something and well I guess you know the rest of it.’ I said sheepishly.

‘ Well why didn't you just pull on the bag?’

‘ I didn’t really think of that’ I said felling like a total and complete idiot.

‘Tell you what Ava how about I get it for you ok.’

He smiled at me and got up from where he had sat down and reached up.

I noticed that he had grown a lot from the last time I had saw him.

Ava get a hold of yourself for gods sake this is Remus Lupin one of the Marauders and the smartest, brilliant, handsome, loving- ‘Ava’

I recovered quickly and took the book out of his hands.

‘Thank you Remus’

'I t was no problem'

He is so polite.

‘Oh my god Ava what has happened to your arm?’ Remus asked grabbing my wrist.
I looked down and realised that the blood has seeped through the bandage and was now visible.


‘Ava your arm is bleeding what happened?’ He demanded looking me in the arm

‘Oh that’ I suddenly remembered how the gash happened and flinched.

My father was in a big rage three days ago because i had stayed out when he wanted to talk and when i got home. He just lashed out,unluckely for me he had a kitchen knife in his hands and before i could get out of the way he launched at me and sliced my arm.

‘ Jesus Ava this is such a deep wound did you go to the hospital?’ Remus asked looking at the extent of the damage done.

"No I couldn't my parents where busy. They didn't have time." I stuttered

"Time! Time !you've got a bloody huge gash on your arm and they didn't have time.” Remus was angry it was obvious. But it was scary I never seen him this angry before and it was scaring me a lot.

"Remus it's fine I’ll go see Madam Pompfrey when I get to Hogwarts it'll be fine please calm down" I was begging I was scared and it was bringing back memories of the worse night of my life.

God I hated to see him so angry.

"No I have to do something about it .Don’t worry I know a spell that will help patch it up.” Remus said getting out his wand

"Remus it's fine really I should go and find Lily anyway-"

But before I could get away he cast the healing charm on me. The only problem was that it didn’t work.

"It didn't heal but that spell usually works. I'll try a different one."

"Its ok Remus I’ll do it." that was the voice of my saviour.

"Lily" Remus looked up at Lily with a glazed expression.

"Remus I’ve just seen Sirius and Peter go into a compartment down the hall you should go after them. Their probably looking for you." Lily said leading Remus by the arm to outside the compartment.

"But her arm?"

"Is fine. I'll sort it out ,goodbye Remus" And with that Lily shut the door in a confused Remus's face. And turned to me as I was now crying.


The door slammed in my face.

What the hell is going on the spell it didn't work. But that spell always works. Well except for on werewolves but Ava cant be a werewolf. Can she?

That look in her eyes was fear not fear from me but from what?

Oh come on she’s my friend Ava is my friend I have to trust her. Lets just forget about it .

Right so Lily said she saw Sirius and Peter go into a compartment down to the front of the Carriage. Ok so lets go.

Ok well maybe i'll just leave it a day or two.
And with that I made my way down the train on the way looking into the compartments towards my friends.

"Moony old pal where did you get to we've been looking for you?" Said James as I looked into the last compartment in this carriage.

I walked into the compartment to find my three best friends sitting together over a bag off zoncos goods.

"Oh God what have you got planned this time?." I sighed

They always do this every holiday I swear they just spend their time thinking off ways to cause havok.I sat down next to Sirius who's long shaggy hair really needed a cut and looked into the bag.

1. Fire crackers
2.Stink bombs
3.Worm dung
4.Chalk chewing gum.

"Guys what are you going to do with chalk chewing gum?" I asked not really wanting to know the answer

It was peter who answered my question
"We are going to give it to Slimy Snivelly and see his face when his mouth turns black" He squeked

"And do you mind me asking how are you going to give it to him?" I had to ask because it is so obvious that they hadn't thought this through properly.

None of them had an answer Peter just looked thoughtful, Sirius smirked at Peter for being such an idiot and James wasn't even paying attention.

I waved a hand in front of James's face to see if I could get a reaction from him but it didn't work. So instead I just settled for the old method off clipping him across the head.

"Hey what did you do that for?" James shrieked standing up and rubbing his head.

"To get your attention. What where you daydreaming about this time was it Lily again" Sirius mocked

"I cant help it did you see her just now walking down the train she is so beautiful"

"God James snap out of it Dude she's a chick." Sirius snorted

" She's not just any chick Padfoot she's a one in a kind. She's so sensitive and beautiful and caring you know" James sighed

"Yeah she reminds me off my mum" Peter sighed and James and Sirius pilled on top of him and laughed

James was right Lily was caring. And Peter had just said it to she does act like a mum. The way she looks after everyone.


The way she helps Ava when she needs someone.
And suddenly his mind was back onto Ava and the cut on her arm. For some reason his anger just boiled when he saw that cut on her arm and that her parent's didn't even do anything to heal it

But why? why didn't that cut heal? it should have healed her straight away.
Maybe if she was a werewolf I could have someone to relate to, someone to go through this with and not have to worry about my friends getting hurt in the process.

"Remus" It was Sirius's voice that broke my thoughts


"What's up mate you don’t look so good?" James asked

Well I guess they finally stopped goofing around.
"Oh nothing just thinking about something" I wasn't going to tell them what i was thinking about. I don’t even know if it's true.

"Well mate why don’t you tell us we might be able to help?" James asked

Well that’s strange James isn’t one to hold on to an issue for longer than 2 seconds unless it's to do with Lily.

Ok so maybe I’m not giving him the credit he disserves.
Then I realised James was looking towards the door so I decided to look and I found that my heart was suddenly going a mile a minute.

Because the thing James was looking at was Lily and not only Lily but Ava as well.

The trolley women had stopped outside and Lily and Ava where getting something from the cart.

I guess i was right about James.
Here's my chance I need to talk to her but where can we chat alone where no’ one can overhear the conversation?

And then there is no point because with a quick glimpse in the direction of the four of us in the compartment Lily and Ava both took off in the direction they came.


The trolley women completely blanked us as she went past so we had to run to catch up to her.

As for my arm Lily had stopped the bleeding and bandaged it up with another Bandage.

So there we were me and Lily running to catch up to the trolley women and she stopped outside a far compartment. The trolley women didn’t even have a chance to knock on the compartment door when Lily caught up with her and told her (much more politely than I would have) that she had missed our compartment.

So after I caught up to Lily I bought the chocolate I needed from the blood loss to keep my energy up and 2 pumpkin pasties and waited for Lily to buy her things. As i waited i looked into the compartment that we had stopped outside of and suddenly my insides turned inside out as staring through the window back at me was James, Sirius, Peter and Remus.
I couldn’t help but look into Remus's eyes.

Crap has he told them about the spell
Why are they staring at me? or am i just being paranoid?

But wait if they hated me does that mean Remus hated me to. Oh I don’t want Remus to hate me.

‘Ava’ Lily broke into my thought's as she put her hand gently on my arm.

‘Lily what if Remus told them? What if Remus hate's me i don’t want him to hate me?’

‘Ava. Are you getting a crush on Remus’ asked in mock horror.

‘Lily I am serious please’

‘I know. Listen Ava. Remus isn't the kind of guy to hold a grudge. Over the past seven years we've kept this a secret and it's going to stay a secret’ Lily said pulling me into a bear hug.

‘Thanks’ Lils your the best’

I hugged her tightly

‘I know’ Lily smiled in return.

The rest of the trip went by without much thinking about Remus Lupin or the whole werewolf thing Lily knew that it would be better to keep my mind off it until the whole thing had a chance to blow over. Half way to Hogwarts Lily decided to tell me the big news.

'So I got Head Girl' She said nonchalanty

'What oh my god Lils thats amasing. I knew Dumbledore would pick you.' I jumped up and leaped on Lily in excitment. While managing to crush her in the process.

'Cant breath-'

"Sorry Lils. Hey what’s wrong I thought you would be over the moon?" I asked noticing that she didn’t look very happy.

"Lily tell me what’s wrong'

"I would but your going to think im crazy" She said with a slight blush

"Lily what’s going on?" I asked

"Well you see Dumbledore had this crazy idea of putting James Potter as Head Boy" She replied which baffled me because there is no reason in hell that Lily should blush over that fact. Because as long as i can remember Lily has had a pure hatred for the guy even though i think he is a nice guy. Yeh a jerk sometimes but overall a good guy.

Then it hit me

"Oh my God you have a crush on James" I shouted

"No oh thats just disgusting I hate the pompous twat." Lily replied with genuine disgust across her face.

At least I thought it was genuine

Ok now this has just baffled me

‘Then what’s the matter?’ I asked because seriously this was driving me nuts

‘Jordon Davis made deputy head boy and Dumbledore has put me on patrol with him’ Lily blushed again and I realised that she still hadn't gotten over her little crush on that guy.

Lily had started to develop feeling's for Jordon in 3rd year after we were aloud to go to hogsmead. Although she didn't see the real him. Jordon always played a good guy but he was anything but. It was a wonder how he didn't end up in Slytherine because thats where he belonged.

‘Hey speaking of patrols shouldn't you be going to the prefect meeting you've got to see who else made prefect this year?’ I asked. Anything to get the thought of that guy out of my head.

‘Yeah I suppose your right. Are you ok on your own?’ Lily asked i could see the worry in her eyes and knew that I should let her go.

‘Hey since when haven't I been fine it's me your talking about remember’ I laughed I couldn’t let her know that I was scared out of my mind.

‘Ok if your sure. I'll be right back I promise.’ And with that Lily was gone.

I sighed

I looked out of the window and after five minutes I decided to go and get changed. It beat's sitting here on my own. So I got up and made my way to the girls toilet and got changed.

I looked in the mirror and saw that my blond blonde hair was wavy and out of control and that there were bags under my eyes that showed how tired I really was. I looked straight into my eyes and my bright blue eyes looked lifeless.

I shook the tiredness off and started to get ready.

Once I was changed I made my way back to the cabin only to find that it was no longer empty but occupied by Remus Lupin.

My heart leaped out of my chest but it wasn’t because i was worried.

Was Lily right was I Ava Campbell in love with Remus Lupin. No i couldn't be I barely knew him and what I did now about him is that he wouldn't be caught dead with a girl like me 'The Freak'.

He didn't notice me at first and kept reading his book. I couldn’t help but look at the title. It was called Times of full moons. I remember that book, me and Lily checked it out of the school library in first year and asked Dumbledore to photocopy it for us.

Maybe it was the intake of breath I took that notified him to my presence but suddenly I felt as though I was going to collapse.

AUTHORS NOTE: Please R&R I have redone the whole of this chapter and I hope that you all like it. If you could please feed the poor little box it is hungry and in need of some reviews. xx I take good or bad comments.

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