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Lily's Story by Snaznaz
Chapter 2 : Black Holes and Revelations
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His behaviour persists.

I can’t made head nor tail of it.

Just last week he was dying to talk to me, continually asking me out on dates and threatening to beat anyone who did as much as look at me.

But now?

Now, nothing. Nothing like that at least. He treats me like a normal person.

I’m not complaining of course, but I just want to know why.

I got up and dressed quickly. Kimberly was already gone as it turns out Professor Turnpike’s threat wasn’t so empty after all.

I threw on an old sweater and my robes before heading towards the portrait hole.

He was there waiting.

“Hey Sev” I said in a hushed voice. We weren’t on such good terms after our recent Dolohov argument. He was hanging around with the wrong crowd again. Everyone knew and saw the danger except him. Not that anyone cared other than me.

“Hello Lily” His black eyes looked into mine. “How have you been?”

I paused for a moment,

“Good..I guess. You?”

He nodded slowly.
“Alright s’pose”

Then it went silent and I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t in the mood for an argument today. Especially not with Severus. We had always been such good friends.

“Look, about the other day.. I think you should apologise” He said slowly. I felt the anger bubble and burn in my throat.

I should apologise? Apologise for what? Caring whether or not you get killed playing stupid games with Dark Magic with those psychopaths?!” I made a futile attempt to keep my voice down.

“Well I don’t criticise you about who you’re friends with” He sneered.

“Because I’m not hanging around with crazy, good for nothing banshee‘s! They’re only friends with you because they need you to help them with their sucky poison potions!” I spat and stomped down the corridor and the stairs.

I knew this argument was redundant. It wasn’t like we hadn’t had it before. But it still infuriated me to the same degree. He was going to get himself killed some day but to be honest, I don’t couldn’t care less anymore.

I could almost feel his black glare burning into my back but I didn’t turn around or slow my pace until I was in the Great Hall.

I shovelled down some breakfast before Yvonne Redding accosted me.

“Um Lily?” She asked, looking shy.

I smiled at her, I hope it looked friendly enough. I didn’t want her to bear the brunt of my fury.

“Yep?” I said calmly. She seemed to have relaxed slightly.

“I was wondering if you could, maybe, help me with our Potions assignment? Only if you want too of course, I don’t mind. You’re not busy are you?”

Bless her. She was always so sweet.

“No of course not. I mean, I’m not busy. Sure I’ll help”

It’s not like I have anything better to do.

We quickly trundled along to the Library. As usual, it was quite and empty.

More deserted than usual due to the sunny weather.

“Okay, so basically, if you look here-” I gestured to the textbook. We were almost finished with her essay.

“-It makes a fleeting reference to the Bezoar Stone. So that’s most probably the ‘secret ingredient’ as he refers to it” I smiled.

Sudden understanding dawned on Yvonne’s face.

“Oh! Thank you so much! It all seems so easy now! You’re so good at this sort of thing Lily” She smiled and rapidly scribbled down the remainder of her essay.

“Don’t worry about it” I laughed. “You’ll get the hang of it. At least you’re not being threatened about being placed in remedial classes” I grinned.

Then my stomach turned, I mentally finished the sentence ‘Unlike my recent mystery’.

We packed up our items and parted ways.

“Thanks again Lily! I’d have never gotten it without you!” She smiled again.

“Forget about it” I grinned and turned away.

I must’ve lost track of time but I wasn’t too bothered because I had a whole day of free-periods. Something of a rarity. It cheered me up to no end though.

It started to get dusk outside and when I reached the common room, it suddenly struck me that Kim wasn’t in there like she usually was. Kim was never late for any recreational activity.

Surely Turnpike hadn’t kept her all day. Teachers aren’t allowed to do that as far as I know.

Maybe she’d gotten held up. Perhaps Kim went off on a whim. It wasn’t out of character for her. Nevertheless it got me wondering.

I headed up to my dorm and started to work on my Charms assignment. It didn’t take long. Nothing too hard. Just hovering charms and the like.

More time had passed before I noticed Potter was absent. I remembered seeing him this morning. At least I think it was him anyway. My sight had been clouded by an angry fury thanks to Severus.

More students started to pour into the Common Room and I waited to see Kimberly enter.

Tens of minutes passed before I left.

She might’ve gotten hurt or worse.

I needed to find her.

This was wrong.

Even for her.

Nobody had seen her. I asked every face I knew.

“Turnpike!” I hurried outside even though it was past time.

“Professor?” I asked, knocking on the Greenhouse.

“Lily Evans? What are you doing here? Isn’t it past curfew?”

“Erm yes Professor, but I needed to ask you something. What time did Kimberly leave?”

The Professor tapped her hand on the desk in thought.

“Must’ve been around 11.30 this morning. Why do you ask?”

11.30? That was hours ago. Strange.

“Don’t worry. Thank you Professor” I said and quickly hurried out into the crisp, yet warm night air. I frowned into the darkness and racked my thoughts to where she could be.

I had checked everywhere obvious.

Where else was there?

The Library?

Yes. Perhaps she was looking for me.

The trip to the second floor didn’t take long. Even from the Grounds and I crept inside.

“Kim?” I whispered several times as I looked around the expansive space.

Giving up, I sat down on one of the study benches and my hair flopped around my face.


“Kim?” She bounded inside and threw her arms around me.

“You’ll never-!”
“Where on Merlin’s Beard have you been?! I’ve been looking for you!”

“Oh I’m sorry Lils but you’ll never-!”

“I was worried! This morning Turnpike said!”
“Wait, you asked Turnpike? Oh I really am sorry Lily” Her face looked remorseful now.

“I guess I’ll have to deal with it” I sighed and then grinned at her.

“Well you’ll never guess what’s happened!” She said impatiently.

“Well?” I urged her to finished.

“He asked me out Lily!” My mind flicked to Steven Wood. The shy Hufflepuff who had had a crush on Kim since first year. He must’ve finally plucked up the courage to ask her out.

“Good for him. I didn’t think Steven was your type though..” I said puzzled yet happy for her.

“No! James! James Potter!” She beamed.

James Potter.

The name rang through my ears and seemed to knock me off balance.

It all made sense.

Why he hadn’t been as obsessive lately.

The kind smiles directed to Kimberly now rather than me.

It was all completely clear.

Lily Evans you idiot!





“Oh that’s great” I said with ersatz happiness.

She beamed in answer and we walked to the Gryffindor Common Room.

She insisted on giving me every detail of her day.

Her day spent with the boy who used to be such a prominent part of mine.


“So after detention, he met me outside, which I thought was a little weird to be honest with you but I didn’t mind because, well, I know you haven’t noticed but he’s kinda cute.” She gushed. “So he asked if I wanted to go to the outskirts of the Grounds with him and I did and we were just talking and stuff and then we just kinda stood there.”

“Doing what?” I asked confused.

“Well, we just kinda stared at each other. For ages. It sounds really creepy” She laughed but continued. “But it was cool. Sort of nice. And, ironically magical. Then he asked me out.”
“Just like that?”

“Yep. Just like that.” Kimberly confirmed. “We’ve just been hanging around all day. Oh Lily its been the greatest ever!” She grinned and we walked through the porthole.

“Kim” James grinned at her. “Yeah so as I was saying, this is my girl” He turned to the ever handsome Sirius Black and the charming Remus Lupin.

Kim ran up to him and threw her arms around his neck before sitting beside her new obsession.

Sirius sniggered and Remus smiled towards me.

“Hello Lily”
“Hi Remus. Blushing couple eh?” I said pointing towards the two.

“Yes, seems like it” He laughed softly.

“Sorry but I really need to sleep. I’ve been chasing someone all day!” I said the last part louder for Kims benefit.

She smiled apologetically and I said my goodnights before heading upstairs.




So that’s the root of the change.

But why is that sick feeling in my stomach?


Authors comment: I hope you liked this chapter. Please review. Thanks (:

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Lily's Story: Black Holes and Revelations


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