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Harry Potter and the One Heir by angarato
Chapter 17 : Singapore and Amanda
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Chapter 17 - Singapore and Amanda

After lying in Hermione’s lap for some time, Harry suddenly stood up, turned and looked at her, “ Would you mind if you didn’t see me until the start of the term?”

“There’s only two weeks left till term starts, what are you going to do?”

“I have a plan for which I need to go to one of my other properties. I will meet you at platform 9 ¾ for the train.”

“Well I guess your mind is set. Can I come with you?”

“I guess you could. It wouldn’t be much of a problem.”

“Great! So when are we leaving?”


Harry sprinted to the study where he saw Godric and Rowena deep in conversation. “Sorry to disturb, but I have a plan. I will be going to one of my properties in Singapore and I will find some ways to help our standing for the war. I will also start a base of operations there to make communicating easier. What do you think of it?” Harry asked them.

“You have a good idea of what you are aiming for. One bit of information, you may want to inform your relatives that you are coming so they will be able to make some preparations for you.” Rowena told him.

“Thank you both of listening. I’ll go and prepare now. Bye!” Harry told them and ran off.

“It’s just like we foresaw, at the rate he’s going, he will be able to outnumber Voldemort very quickly.” Godric said to Rowena after Harry was out of earshot.

“Hermione! Natasha! Get packed! We have to leave as soon as possible!” Harry screamed as he ran into the room.

The next few minutes was a flurry of movement as all three teenagers moved around collecting all their possessions. After half an hour, all three of them were ready and loaded their bags in Harry’s car and soon they were off to Singapore via Harry’s magically modified GPS system.

Soon enough, Harry’s Volvo appeared on a deserted street in Singapore and they were off to 6 Taman Siglap. After following directions given by the GPS system, they found themselves looking at a huge mansion from the outside. When Harry’s car passed the gate, the gate automatically opened and Harry parked his car into the garage which had opened just after the gate opened. The three fo them got out of the car as the garage door closed. Once the door was fully closed, a door opened from the back of the garage and a tall and slender woman walked in.

“Welcome Harry, Natasha and Hermione. I am Amanda Lim, one of Harry and Natasha’s relatives here. I take care of this house when there is no one occupying it. Let me lead you in and I will have one of the workers to take your bags in.” Amanda said to the three of them.

She led them into the living room and told them to sit while she brought certain things that needed Harry’s attention.

“Harry, there are a group of wizards and witches here who have formed a group supporting Dumbledore and are planning to go to London soon to help with the war. You may want to contact them soon. They also have a muggle organisation helping them with the equipment but are supplying it without knowing the real use of it. There is one girl who we can contact. She is a year younger than you but will be able to help us and she is a witch who has been living as a muggle for all these years. Lastly, when you move around here, you are going to need a mobile phone each. I have got three mobile phones for each of you and have magically modified it so it can be used at Hogwarts and will not require charging. Hermione, you will probably be familiar with how to use a mobile phone so please explain to Harry and Natasha how to use them. Here are the three iPhone’s for each of you. Other than that, the rest can be done tomorrow and it is already 11 pm. I’ll show you to your rooms and then I’ll leave to go home.” All three of them nodded and followed Amanda upstairs. She pointed out each of their rooms and bade them goodbye. Harry thanked her for helping them and all three of them went into their separate rooms.

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