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Because, only a Vampire can live Forever by Ravenclaw deatheater
Chapter 8 : Vampires
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A.N. ~ Hey people, sorry it took me so long to update. I've been busy with Piano and school stuff. I'll try and get my chapters up quicker! And just to please all of you I combined two of my chapters into one; so really it's Leaving and Vampires. And thank you to Rose Delacour and Miss Hiss for getting me to update!




            As I walked up the steps to the common room I was thinking of Demetri and what he had said. What was he trying to say by me having a home? Was he trying to tell me something? Did he want to spend more than a week over the summer with me? Would I be able to? Did he love me back?


All the questions were starting to make my head spin, and that's why I didn't see him walk into me, or really me walk into him. I smashed into a tall boy, scattering his books over the floor. I bent down to help him, but stopped as soon as I saw his face. I had bumped into Draco Malfoy; the slimy sixth year git. His wand was out, pointed at my face.

            "Do you know who I am you filthy Mudblood?!? How dare you!" He said yelling at me. I wasn't thinking. All I knew is that prat just called me the worst possible name, and I picked up some of Hazels' short temper. I raised my head, than slapped in the face, and kicked him where boys do not want to be kicked. I didn't give him the time to collect himself, but instead ran as fast as humanly possible up the last staircase, and into the common room.



            I closed the door behind me, and went to sit on my bed at the end of the room. I was so confused, and nothing seemed to make sense anymore. Part of me wanted Hazel's mom to tell us we couldn't go to the Cullen's house, but the other part wanted to run back to Demetri and jump into his arms... 
            Stupid vampire making my head hurt like this. I sighed. Would my mind ever work the same again? I had too many thoughts clouding my head. Why did this have to be so darn aggravating? I closed my eyes, and tried to clear my brain. Faces flicked past my eyelids. Hazel, Demetri, Alice, Jasper, Demetri, Hogwarts, Demetri, Draco, water, Demetri, potions, shoes, Demetri, Demetri, Demetri...




            "Mirra! Mirra wake up!" My eyes fluttered open. Funny, I never realized that I had fallen asleep. Hazel was standing over me, her long blonde hair falling into my face.

            "Would you move already! It's five o'clock you bloody idiot!" That got me up.

            "What!?!" I yelled, jumping up and smacking my head to hers. "Ow! Oh, sorry Hazel." She sighed and rubbed her head.

            "Forget about that!" She said as she started to pull me towards the door. "We're going to the Cullen's in two days! I even got to talk to Carlisle! He sounded really nice, but we need to get packed, and besides it's time for dinner!" She finally let me go, and I followed behind her blindly. It was really happening, we we're going to stay with vampires for a week. A week in a new country, in a new home. I couldn't believe it was really happening.



            The next two days went by faster than I thought possible. I was walking down to the Great Hall for the end of the year feast. Demetri, Alice, Jasper, and Hazel were all waiting for me outside the doors. Demetri opened the doors as I walked up, than slid his arm around my waist. Everyone was in their matching school uniforms, and red and gold banners were hanging from the ceiling. It looked like Gryffindor had won the house cup! I looked over to Demetri, and when I did, he leaned down and kissed my forehead, causing some onlookers to coo at us. What had I ever done to deserve him? I wondered. I never really did anything fantastic, or deserving of an award of any sort. But as I walked down to our seats, everything felt...surreal. It was like I was dreaming, or maybe even dead. He was just so darn perfect! We took our seats just as McGonagall stood up for a speech.

            "I would like to thank all of you for coming here today..."




            Before I knew it I was on the train. We were halfway to London, and from there we were taking a plane ride to Seattle, than we had to drive for another hour to get to the Cullen's house in Forks, Washington. I looked up to Demetri; he was on his phone again, talking to Emmett this time. My head turned over to Alice and Jasper. Alice's eyes were glossy; they had been like that since we first got on the train. Jasper was next to her, whispering things to her every few seconds. Next to me Hazel had broken out her sketch book. Her art was amazing, and she constantly made me jealous. At the moment she was drawing the seen before me, the Cullen's and us in the small compartment, portraying it perfectly. I sighed, now bored out of my mind. I looked down at the notebook sitting in my lap. I had been doodling and now random swirls and music notes dotted the page. I really had no life. I shook my head, than stood up needing to stretch my legs. I walked out of the compartment, ignoring the questioning looks behind me.


            Lucky for me no one else was out walking. I went up and down the corridors, playing an invisible piano as I went. I've been playing piano for a few years now, I didn't think I was very good, but Hazel keeps telling me I'm too modest. My mind started wondering bringing, (Three guesses who!), Demetri's face to my eyes. That's one of the reasons I didn't see him coming up behind me until the curse hit.

            "Locomoter Mortis!" A male voice yelled. My legs locked, making me fall to the ground. I turned around, my legs still stuck together, to see Draco Malfoy advancing on me, wand pointed at my chest.

            "See what happens when you mess with me Mudblood!" Oh hell. Oh bloody hell. Why didn't I think of this sooner?!? Oh course Draco wouldn't let it go. I should have known he would be back for revenge. Why did I have to hang out with Hazel so much?!?!

            "Your in for it now Traitor!" I looked up at Draco, not sure what he was going to do next, but the spell he used was far worse than what I had in mind.

            "CRUCIO!" The pain was worse than I could ever imagine. It came fast, but didn't leave in the same manor. I was twisting on the floor in agony, wondering why no one was here to stop this. Though it was only a few seconds, it seamed like a never ending torture. The next thing I knew, Draco's face filled my vision. He was crouched down looking me in the eyes.

            "Having fun Mudblood?" He asked his eyes filled with hate. He stood up again, and looked over his shoulder. Satisfied that nobody was there, he turned back to me, his wand once again aimed at my chest. I cringed, closing my eyes, waiting for the pain.

            "CRU-", but the rest of the curse was never said. I was too afraid to open my eyes, until his voice broke the silence that had settled.

            "Mirra?...Mirra! Mirra can you hear me?!?" My eyes flew open to see Demetri kneeled over me, a worried look on his face.

            "I'm-" I coughed, finding that my voice hadn't caught up with me.

            "Mirra!" Demetri said, my cut off sentence only worrying him further.

            "Dem...I'm fine...really. Where's Draco?" I asked, realizing his absence.

            "He's out cold in the compartment next to you. Oh Mirra what were you thinking? Fighting Draco the other day! You should have known he would do something like this. Damn it! I should have known he would do this, I should have been here, I should have stopped him before he-"

            "Demetri stop!" I said he looked back at me surprised by my outburst. "Just stop blaming yourself for this!" His eyes softened


            "Bloody Hell Demetri stop it!" He laughed at this, and pulled me into his arms. "Wait! Demetri I can walk!" He just laughed, and walked me back to the compartment.

            "How did you know I was down there anyway?" I asked. His bell-like laugh was cut off.

            "I got a 'feed' if you will, from Draco. He was storming down the hall right after you left. All he was thinking about was getting revenge because a girl slapped and kicked him. I feared the worst at that point." I nodded; wondering what would have happened if Demetri hadn't come...what Draco could have done...


            Getting back to the compartment wasn't as bad as I would have thought. Hazel seemed a bit distressed, but she punched my arm and thanked me for kicking Draco in the....well, you know where. Alice and Jasper weren't bad either; maybe Alice had seen that everything would be okay. I was now leaning my head on Demetri's shoulder, and the train was almost in London. Hazel was next to me, her notebook still wide open, and Alice and Jasper were on the opposite seats, looking outside. My eyes became heavy and started to droop. Things were great, and Demetri's cold skin felt good against the heat on the rest of my face. ... Wait! Heat, but it had been cloudy all day! My eyes flew open, than closed just as quickly. There was a bright blinding light that filled the compartment. As my eyes peered open a strange sight was before me. Demetri, Alice, and Jasper were sparkling! No, I don't mean like a light shimmer, it was a full blown sparkle, as if they were made of diamond or something! I looked over to Hazel to see her expression. Her head was down, her hands flying over the paper trying to draw the scene before us, trying to get the light on paper. My eyes were than on Demetri, he looked at me apologetically.

            "You can see why I don't go to all the Quidditch games." He said smiling; even his teeth seemed to shimmer. I smiled back at him.

            "Yeah, that would be a slight head turned." I said; it made him laugh. I don't think I could ever get used to that sound. Just than three things happened at once. The clouds covered the sun again, the train came to a halt, and Alice screamed. No, not a surprised squeal because the train stopped short, but a bloodcurdling scream. The kind you only hear in bad muggle movies. Jasper was holding her instantly. After a moment her gaze became clear again and she locked her eyes on Hazel.

            "Come on," she said, shaking her head, "We have a plane to catch."




            I don't think I have ever been more terrified in my life. The only thing that could compare was my first Quidditch game, and that was nowhere near as bad. We were in Seattle in a small Volvo; heading towards Forks, Washington.

            The plane ride had been cool, it was my first time. It would have been better though, if it wasn't for the complete silence that laid heaving on us. I had tried a few times to start a conversation, but all hope was dashed after Alice's vision on the train. She still wouldn't tell any of us what she saw, but she continued to throw worried glances at Hazel every few minutes. Now I only had about a half hour until we reached the Cullen's home. Demetri sat in between Hazel and I, Alice and Jasper were in the front. I looked up at Jasper in the drivers' seat. His brow was creased in concentration, trying to calm us all down. The only problem was it wasn't really working. People were always telling me I was worrying too much. I tried to concentrate on music to calm me down, it always worked. Für Elise, Minute in G Major, and Phantom of the Opera ran through my head. I stuck with the last one, picking Think of Me and letting my fingers glide over the invisible keys. A light sound started to fill the car. Think of Me was now playing from the C.D. player in the front. I looked up, Alice was smiling at me.

            "You play piano?" she asked humming the song.

            "Not well." Hazel burst out laughing at this.

            "She's really good," Hazel said, "Just modest." I sighed and started to sigh, Hazel and Alice joining in.

            "We never said our love was ever green, or was as changing as the sea. But please promise me that sometimes, you will think of me." The car stopped than, and Hazel and I froze; we were already at the house. It was large, white and secluded from anyone else. A yellow Porch was the only other visible car in the path. Alice saw where my gaze was.

            "My baby," she said lovingly, "Now let's go!" before I could blink she had opened our doors and was waiting for us. I slid out, and instantly went to Demetri's side. He wrapped his arm around me and walked towards the white door. The house was not what I had been expecting. It was large, open and bright. Not the dark black rooms lined with cobwebs and blood I had in mind. It was almost a disappointment, almost. There were four people, well vampires, lined up inside. A tall man with blonde hair who looked about twenty. A woman with chocolate brown hair was next to him, her arm around his waist. Next to them was a large strong looking boy with dark curly hair. The size of his muscles terrified, he looked like he could crush a bolder, and he probably could. Next to him was the last vampire. She was tall, with long blonde hair, and a sad look on her face. Her gaze almost held a type of pity, as if this whole thing was a big mistake. I was starting to think it was, when Demetri spoke.

            "Hazel, Mirra, this is Carlisle," The tall blonde nodded, "Esme, Emmett, and Rosalie." I sighed in relief. From what Demetri had said Emmett was really nice. Maybe looks were just deceiving.

            "It's nice to meet you two." Carlisle said. His voice was sweet and I felt myself trusting him instantly, with no help from Jasper. "It's great to see you again Demetri," He continued, "How was school?" Dem chuckled

            "Good, I think I only gave out a few heart attacks," Emmett laughed at that but Esme looked at him disapproving.

            "You better be joking Demetri. The last thing we need is one of those yelling cards again." This got Hazel and I laughing.

            "You mean Howlers?" I asked. Esme sighed

            "Sure, call them what you will, all I know is I don't want a letter to speak!" I couldn't help it; I burst out in a fit of giggles. Hazel was joining me in a matter of seconds. Our Muggle Studies teacher had told us how funny it was to have a Muggle try and understand Wizarding things, but this was better than I could have pictured. The Cullens started to laugh with us too, making the atmosphere light and fun. It was then when I saw the large white thing in the corner of my eye. I turned to see a white Grand Piano in the room. Growing up, I had always dreamed of playing something like this. Hazel had a small keyboard, but this was the thing of my dreams. Demetri turned to see what was holding my attention.

            "Go on, play something!" he said, pushing me towards the keys. I sighed, but took a seat at the bench anyway. I found myself playing Music of the Night from (Guess what) Phantom of the Opera. I smiled brightly as the pure notes sounded.

            "This is going to be a great summer," I said as Demetri and Hazel started to sing.



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