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We Are Family! - Next Generation by macerinut
Chapter 2 : More Introductions
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“I’m glad to see so many familiar faces,” greeted the Head Boy Zatch Davies. He was a Ravenclaw and was incredibly smart and sweet. He was one of the most wanted boys in the school, surpassed by only James and Sirius who were both younger than him. He had short blonde hair with bangs that often covered his kind dark brown eyes. His father was a well-known Quidditch player and his mother, a beautiful blonde Veela, was a famous model.

Peri stifled a yawn as she sat next to Chris on one of the benches. It was slightly squished in the compartment, especially once James and Raoul sat on her other side. She felt a slight blush redden her cheeks as she was pushed almost on top of her best friend.

Ever since she had met him on the Hogwarts Express five years before, Peri had fancied him. He was one of the sweetest boys she had ever met and was soft-spoken, a result of his “Pureblood” upbringing. But when they were alone, just hanging out somewhere quiet on the grounds, he made her laugh until tears stung her eyes and made her feel like she was on cloud nine when he put an arm around her shoulders or complimented her when she needed it the most. He was her best friend and that was the only thing keeping her from telling him how she felt.

Well, that and the Trandys.

The Trandys, whose nickname had been created by Charlie after she had given them all a bloody nose back in her third year, were triplets and sixth year Slytherins. Hence the ‘T’ in Trandys. There actual names were Miranda (Mandy), Sandra (Sandy) and Candia (Candy) Davies. Hence the ‘andy’ in Trandys. Mandy was cruel, a perfect Slytherin that took advantage of her slightly younger sisters who were dumber than the Crabbes and Goyles that had once walked Hogwarts’ halls. The three had long, golden hair and baby blue eyes, having inherited their mother’s Veela looks and seduction skills unlike their brother.

Chris had been crushing on Mandy since their third year. It was all Peri could do to not cry when he would describe to her all of the other girl’s wonderful qualities. But what always got her the most was the gleam of happiness in his eyes when ever he saw her or how in love he sounded when he talked about her.

Peri stiffened as the other Slytherin Prefect walked in. Chris averted his eyes and suddenly became interested in looking through the window at the passing scenery. Raoul shot them both a sympathetic smile before turning his attention back to the Heads.

“You’re late Reggie,” said Kira Bell, the Gryffindor Head Girl, “again. I don’t even know why the Headmistress even lets you be a Prefect again. I honestly don’t.”

The seventh year ignored her and took a seat on the bench directly across from Peri. She felt his eyes on her and fidgeted, unconsciously moving closer to Chris. His lips curled in a small sneer as he looked at his younger brother.

Reggie Knott was the bad boy of the school. He didn’t pull pranks, he taught lessons. Respect and fear were the same things to him, thought Peri. All of the girls flocked to him, wanting to change him and poke and prod until they found the big softie they were all sure he was, deep down inside. His hair was black and shaggy, his bangs covering his eyes. It was a good thing they did too. His eyes were so dark they seemed black as well and were always cold and emotionless. Once, Peri had thought she had seen fierceness in them too, a need to prove himself when they were on the Quidditch pitch fighting against the other team. He was Quidditch Captain and Keeper for the team. He always ignored her when he insulted and picked on Chris if she was there and always left with his minions when it was his turn to come back with an insult after she insulted him. It confused her to no end.

“Is he still looking at me?” she whispered.

“No,” chuckled Raoul. “He’s flirting with Talia Somers.”

Peri immediately felt relief although there was a strange feeling that settled like a heavy stone in her stomach. Talia Somers was sixth year Hufflepuff with short, curly strawberry blonde hair and light baby blue eyes. She was very quiet, not the type of girl she would’ve thought he’d go for.

“Per, you okay?”

“Y-Yeah,” she said as Chris slung an arm around her shoulders. “I’m perfectly fine.”


“I’m bored.”

“You’ve already said that,” said the twins in a bored voice.

Charlie turned over on her side and grinned at them. “Wanna go torture Ollie?”


“Wanna stun some Slytherins?”


She let out a frustrated sigh. “Do you want to do anything at all?”

“Let us think for a sec, hmm.... Nope.” Charlie glared at them and layed back on her back again and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes.

“I know! Bring out your new pet Surgks and let’s scare some peoples!” The twins grinned at their bright-eyed friend and took out the shrunken pet carriers from their pockets. They enlarged and Charlie could hear pitiful meowing coming from inside them.

“Alright, just be careful,” Di warned.

“And no sudden movements,” added Art.

“They’re still very young-,”

“- and miss their mother-,”

“- and we aren’t sure if they like to bite people like their father did-,”

“- or try to eat them like their three aunts and five uncles-,”

“-so really-,”

“BE CAREFUL!” they finished and unlatched the two carriers. Charlie gasped, half in awe and half in horror as the two cat-like creatures emerged. Their heads were the size of bowls and their bodies were well-proportioned to it and were only about the length of half a ruler. They were a bright magenta purplish red which varied in shades and tones depending on their mood or on the weather if they were outside. They had long tails that curled gently, forming a complete circle in the air. They had one large eye in their foreheads which was a silverish white with a faint glowing blue in the middle. Their fangs hung out over their bottom lips and when they stretched and yawned, Charlie saw that their tongues were a bright gold flecked with bronze. The two had little silver crescent moon shaped berets on the preferred side of their mistresses to help others keep track of which belonged to which twin.

“I called mine Fortuna as in goddess of fortune,” said Art, stroking her Surgk’s fur fondly.

“And mine’s called Bellona for war goddess,” said Di.

“They’re... cute,” murmured Charlie uncomfortably. “And they’re perfect to scare the pants off of Slytherins!” Stifling another yawn, she got off of the bench and walked over to the compartment door. “You hoo!” she called, sliding it open. “To any pathetic Slytherins out there who want to come and test their pathetic stupidity and idiocy, come and try to get me!” She closed the door with a triumphant smirk and sat back down.

Barely a minute had passed when three smug Slytherin seventh years entered. There was Curt O’Donnell, a Chaser, and his two best friends Mike Parkinson and Brock Riley who were both Beaters.

“Look what the cat dragged in,” Charlie muttered.

“Ahh, Charlotte, fancy seeing you here,” said Curt with a big smile. The two were officially unofficial rivals, on the Quidditch pitch and off.

Charlie gave the dark-haired boy her best ‘get lost’ stare. Unfazed, he took a seat next to her and crossed his legs, acting as if he owned the place. His blueish green eyes gave her the once over and he let out an appreciative whistle.

“My, my, Oak. Has the summer ever been nice to you!” She elbowed him, hard, in the stomach and smiled a little as he groaned in pain. “And yet you’re still as violent as ever.”

“Of course,” she agreed as if talking to a little kid. “And I have a present for you and your boys! You get to be the first to meet the twins’ new pet Surgks!”

The two kittens hissed at the boys menacingly and jumped over to where Curt was sitting. They opened their mouths to bite him but then decided to stop and sniff him. The boy went pale with fright as they sniffed him before jumping onto his lap and emitting loud purrs.

“What a nice present Charles,” said Curt innocently as he bravely stroke Fortuna’s fur. “Isn’t it boys?” His friends nodded and quickly turned so that Charlie wouldn’t see their smiles.

She scowled. “Get out of here O’Donnell before I hex you into oblivion!”

“Well, aren’t we testy today... Really, Char, try to control your anger!”

She grabbed her wand and flicked a bat bogey hex at him. “Get lost before I actually do hex you to oblivion or at least Timbuck Two!” The three boys ran out of the room cursing like there was no tomorrow. The Surgks returned to their mistresses’ laps and fell asleep.

Charlie smiled to herself and turned her attention to the twins who were giggling. “What’s so funny?”

They looked at each other and smiled before looking back at her. “You think Curt O’Donnell is cute.” 

Author's Note- Story updates are now on my author's page. Please review and let me know what you think of the story so far and the characters!

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We Are Family! - Next Generation: More Introductions


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