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Mistakes Worth Making by Eridanus
Chapter 5 : Five
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Disclaimer: I still don't own Harry Potter

Chapter Five

‘Alright then ladies, down to business,’ Molly Weasley said as she set another tray of food on top of the already full kitchen table. In fact, the table, actually seemed to be bowing slightly under the weight of the huge amount of food and drink.

‘Everyone is here, aren’t they?’ Hermione fretted.

‘Of course we are Hermione, I think we’d realise it if we weren’t,’ Ginny smiled at her friend’s worrying. ‘I’m here, what about the rest of you?’

There was a chorus of ‘yes’s and a few groans from the younger members of the party. Adults always thought they were so funny.

‘Well, that’s us ready to start then, Molly.’

‘Wonderful, Andromeda. Let’s get the bothersome bits out of the way first. You’re happy enough with having it in the garden, aren’t you sweetheart?’

‘Of course, Gran.’ Dominique was sitting near the end of the crowded table beside her cousin Molly and if she was honest, she was wondering why she was even here. She didn’t mind that much about the aesthetics of the party and all she was going to be used for tonight was to settle an argument over whether purple streamers would look better than blue.

She observed the table, it was quite clear that the adults had it under control. Her grandmothers were sat at the top of the table along with Teddy’s granny fussing like mother hens; Aunt Hermione was nodding along to all that was said and writing it down in a little notebook; Aunt Ginny kept suggesting a disco, something which had already been shot down for both Victoire and Teddy’s seventeenth birthdays; Aunt Audrey was fretting over Percy and his head cold, dear love that woman; and her mum was listening to the family’s plans trying to feign delight. Whilst they did this Molly was tucking into a selection of buns, Victoire was sitting sullenly in the corner and Dominique was trying to pay attention to what was going on. They really were in for the night of their lives.

‘Well, I think we should ask Dominique, after all it is her party and I’m sure she would love it. Dom, what do you think of a disco?’ Dominique laughed inwardly. There was no doubt about it, James’ seventeenth was definitely going to involve a disco.

‘I’m not much of a dancer, Aunt Ginny. I’d prefer something a bit quieter.’

‘I told you so, Ginny! I told you she wouldn’t want a disco.’

‘Well, I would’ve killed for a disco at my seventeenth, mum!’ Ginny said.

‘Don’t get shirty with me, madam. Hermione never caused such a fuss about any of her birthdays did she? And Fleur never complained once when her wedding was hijacked by Death Eaters! You were just too demanding.’

Nobody was paying very much attention to the argument Ginny and Grandma Molly were having, but Fleur felt the need to intervene just so that they could get something done.

‘I am sure zat a disco would be wonderful, Ginny, but since eet ees not what Dominique wants I do not theenk that it would work. What do you theenk of these napkins?’ She said waving a few green and pink polka dot napkins in the air.

‘Ooh, they’re lovely Fleur.’

‘Zat ees what I thought, ‘ermione,’ Fleur said smiling graciously at Hermione for assisting her in changing the subject.

‘And do you know what else I think would be gorgeous…’ Andromeda said. Dominique couldn’t face the chatter any longer and so she tuned out, not that she didn’t like Andromeda, because she loved her; she just didn’t want to discuss the finer points of paper lanterns.

She looked up and saw Victoire watching her, so she chanced her luck by sending her a smile. She could tell that her attempt had fallen disappointingly flat when Vic stared her down and turned to look in the opposite direction. She could understand why she was upset, but really, enough was enough. Molly nudged Dominique in the ribs to try and draw her attention back to the table.

‘They’re talking about what they think you like, meaning they’re going to drag an opinion out of you soon,’ she whispered.

Dominique was about to reply when Aunt Audrey called down the table to her as the others looked on expectantly.

‘Guests, Dominique! What about guests?’

‘Sorry, what about them?’

‘Who’s coming? Have you invited any of your friends?’ Audrey returned.

‘Obviously, we know that everyone ‘ere ees coming with their cheeldren and such, but who else, ma chérie?’

‘Well grand-mère, Callum and his sister and parents are coming an-’

‘Ah, of course! How did we forget Oliver and Katie Wood?’ Hermione laughed.

‘And my friends Clara and Sophie. Oh, and Luna too. And Adam.’ The mention of Adam wasn’t an afterthought; she was just trying to put off the reactions to his name that she knew were inevitable.

‘Who’s Adam?’ Said almost everyone gathered in the kitchen of The Burrow. Molly just sat there knowingly as Dom tried to fight the blush gathering on her cheeks. Victoire was trying and failing to look uninterested, but she would have known about Adam too if she hadn’t been so pissy.

‘He’s just a friend of mine. I sit beside him in charms.’ The heat of the kitchen wasn’t helping Dominique in her quest to conceal her embarrassment.

‘A friend who’s a boy? Like a boyfriend?’

‘No, Aunt Ginny. He isn’t her boyfriend, he’s just a friend who happens to be a boy,’ Molly said disdainfully..

‘Molly Weasley, don’t talk to your aunt like that!’

‘Sorry, Aunty Ginny. Sorry, mum.’ Molly mumbled her response before pulling a face at her mother when she looked at Ginny to apologise for her tearaway of a daughter.

‘Anyway, about this boy that ees a friend or a boyfriend or a pen pal or whatever ‘e is-’

‘I’m going to have to barge in here, because it’s perfectly possible just to be friends with a boy. Look at me and Harry.’

‘Yes, but look at you and Ron.’ Dominique loved her Aunt Hermione for trying, but her grandmother had an answer for everything.

‘Well, when did you eenvite this Adam character?’ Her other grandmother asked. They were like some sort of unstoppable force of evil. They were bloody Voldemort, but before Harry.

‘On Thursday.’

‘And ‘ow did you manage to do zat? You were out with Teddy,’ her mother joined in.

‘Oh goodness, wait. He’s not that boy that was in the picture with you is he?’

‘Yeah…’ Dominique had quite literally turned puce.

‘He was gorgeous! His clothes were very trendy too.’ Ginny said.

During the fuss Victoire’s chair had gradually edged closer to the table and at the appearance of the word “trendy” she smiled and caught Dominique’s eye. It was a peace offering of sorts. She and Dominique always laughed at adult’s use of the word trendy in an attempt to be cool, when it only made them even more their age. Dominique couldn’t help herself as she grudgingly returned the smile. After all, they had been fighting for awhile and if they couldn’t make up in the warm atmosphere of Granny Molly’s kitchen and over as ridiculous a word as “trendy”, well, they were a lost cause.

‘Teddy didn’t seem too fond of him,’ Audrey added.

‘That was a stupid misunderstanding. Teddy does like him.’

The truth was Audrey had hit on a bit of a touchy subject. Teddy had been rude to Adam and the whole meeting had dampened his mood, meaning that they had returned home not long after. He was overprotective of Dominique to an extent that made her want to slap him. Well, that or send him a very nasty howler. Yes, a very nasty howler whilst he was out with a girl.

‘Leave her be, mum.’ Fleur was so shocked at Victoire’s defence of her sister that whatever she had been about to say flew right out of her head.

‘I think we’re all done here,’ Hermione declared just as the clock struck nine. If Dom was honest it had all gone faster than she’d imagined it would.

‘Too right, Hermione. I’m shattered,’ Andromeda said.

Everyone then rose from their chairs and began retrieving their belongings, most of which were in a quite different places to where they had been left. Goodbyes were shared, and just before Dominique flooed home, Molly called across the room to her, yelling that Dominique had to come to her house at one o’clock on Tuesday. Dominique called back asking why, but Molly had already disappeared out the back door. She’d have to remember to owl her about it.

At five to one on Tuesday, Dominique flooed to Molly’s house, despite the hatred she felt towards that method of transport. Her choices had been either flooing or being brought by side-along apparition, and as the latter was a rather embarrassing prospect for a witch nearing seventeen, flooing it was. She almost missed the right house, but luckily was spat straight out of the fireplace into the stately-looking living room that was Uncle Percy and Aunt Audreys’. There was no one around and so she decided to take some time to straighten up before going to hunt for Molly; unfortunately, Uncle Percy was the first to find her.

‘Well, look who it is! My favourite second oldest, half-French niece!’ he guffawed while Dom smiled back at him politely. ‘Been enjoying your little dalliance in the spotlight have you?’

‘Not really, Uncle Percy. It wasn’t exactly the most complimentary piece.’

‘Nonsense, nonsense, what a load of balderdash! Any press is good press, that’s what I say.’

‘That’s one way to look at it.’ She replied doubtfully.

‘Sit down, sit down, Dominique. I expect you’re here for my Molly, she’ll be along in two shakes of a cat’s tail.’

‘Have you got any idea what she has planned?’ Dominique asked as she perched herself on the edge of a stiff-backed contraption that was meant to pass as a chair.

‘Who knows what that girl has up her sleeve, she’s always planning something. She’s definitely prefect material that girl. Most definitely. It was a bit of a farce that you didn’t get prefect wasn’t it, Dominique?’

‘There were plenty of girls who deserved it too, Uncle Perce.’

‘Ah, yes, yes, but you were the first one of the children not to get it. Must’ve taken that one hard, did you?’

‘Well, it has been a year. I think I’ve gotten over it by this point.’

‘That’s the spirit, chin up.’

The door to the living room opened for a second time and Molly bounced in not a moment too soon, to save Dominique from the clutches of her father.

‘Dad, we’d better be off now.’

‘Of course, Petal, of course. Have a good time now and don’t go getting yourself in any papers, Miss Weasley! That could apply to either of you, you know…’ Percy chuckled once again at a wonderful “joke” of his own making and waved to them as he trotted out of the room.

‘Merlin, are you all right? I didn’t even know you were here until I heard Dad laughing through the door.’

‘Don’t worry about it, Molls, I managed to escape unscathed.’

‘What was he saying?’

‘Just how terrible it was that I hadn’t managed to get prefect.’

‘Oh God, again?’

‘Again,’ Dominique laughed and Molly joined in, thinking about her father’s foolishness.

‘I may have been trying to get rid of him there, but I was serious. We need to get going.’

‘To where exactly?’

‘Madame Malkins! I thought you’d have worked that one out.’

‘How in the name of Salazar was I supposed to work that out? Do you need new robes or something?’

‘You can’t really be that daft, Dom, what were you planning on wearing to your party?’

‘I don’t know, my green dress robes, I suppose.’

‘Merlin help us! It’s your seventeenth, Dom, you have to look half way presentable.’

‘There’s nothing wrong with my dress robes,’ Dominique said defensively. She had bought them in her fourth year and they fit her just fine.

‘You’re hopeless… Come on, we’re flooing over there now.’

‘Get out of those bloody changing rooms now, Dominique Weasley!’

‘I can’t! I look utterly ridiculous,’ Dominique hissed back at Molly from behind the curtain in Madame Malkins. They’d been there for an hour already and Molly had just made her try on the most hideous set of dress robes ever.

‘Dominique, you have no style. Let me be the judge of whether they’re ridiculous or not.’

‘I’m not coming out.’

‘Then I’m coming in.’

Having given Dom what she considered fair warning, Molly yanked back the curtain and waltzed into the changing room. Unfortunately, in her haste Molly entered the wrong changing room and found herself confronted with an old hag, who promptly beat her back out of it.

‘Sorry,’ she called, before gathering her wits and entering Dominique’s changing room. ‘I got a bit of a treat there.’

‘I know, I heard,’ Dominique laughed. ‘So, honestly these robes are not going to work.’

‘Aaah, I can see that now,’ Molly said as she surveyed Dom’s current outfit. It was hot pink, with ruffles, a high neck and a flowing skirt. ‘I think it’s a bit too catwalk.’

‘You don’t say, Molly.’ Dominique said swishing the ruffled skirt around wildly and dissolving the two girls into a fit of giggles.

‘I’ve got one more set out there for you to try on.’

‘No, Molly, please don’t make me… I feel like I’ve tried on the whole shop already.’

‘That’s probably because it’s very likely that you have. I swear they’re the last ones.’

‘You said that for the last twenty sets. I’m not likely to believe you now, am I?’

‘You’re trying them on, Dom,’ Molly said, shoving yet another set of dress robes at her and exiting the changing rooms.

‘Are you done yet?’ she yelled a few minutes later.



‘I’m not sure.’

‘Thank Merlin, I think that’s the most positive response I’ve gotten all day.’

‘Ha, bloody, ha.’

‘Come and show me the damn things.’

Molly only needed to glance at the robes before she nodded affirmatively. The shade of blue complimented Dominique’s eyes perfectly and they were pretty without being over the top.

‘You’re getting them, love.’

‘Am I?’

‘Yes! They’re flipping perfect, so hurry up, get changed, and buy them before I faint from exhaustion.’

‘Alright,’ Dominique smiled. She was delirious with joy that they had actually managed to find something suitable.

Dominique got changed quickly and purchased the robes, meaning that merely minutes later they had exited the shop and were on there way to a café for something to drink. As they ambled down the street they were quite suddenly assaulted by Teddy’s smiling face, in the form of the front page of The Quibbler.

‘Don’t look now, Dom, but Mr Handsome has nabbed himself his first front page.’

‘Merlin, he’ll love that,’ she grinned.

‘Want to see what it says?’

‘Always, Molly,’ Dom returned playfully.

The two girls approached the magazine stand outside Flourish and Blotts and picked up the magazine. The Headline read “Head Boy or Playboy?”
‘More like headcase,’ Molly muttered as she began to flick through the magazine to the pages where Teddy was featured.

‘Girls, this is a bookshop, not a library, so if you aren’t going to buy that magazine you’d better do your swooning elsewhere,’ a grumpy sales assistant said.

‘Keep your knickers on, we’ll buy the bloody thing,’ Molly said, handing over ten sickles and five knuts.

‘Come on, we’ll read it in the café.’

‘Fine, but hurry up.’

Molly and Dominique squeezed through the crowded alley and into a small café on a corner beside the Magical Menagerie. They ordered a couple of drinks from a busy waitress and resumed their inspection of the magazine. Inside it were five pictures of Teddy with different girls; two of them were with him and Dominique and Victoire, another was of him in St. Mungo’s chatting exuberantly to a gorgeous blonde, one was of him smiling at a waitress and the last was a rather old one of him with his previous girlfriend.

‘Do you want to play spot the girlfriend?’ Molly grinned.

‘There’s only a couple of options, but go on.’

‘I knew you’d come round, you always do. We can rule out Holly because that photo is ancient and she most likely sent it in herself.’

‘And me,’ Dominique laughed.

‘No, I’m not ruling you out just yet.’

‘What are you talking about? I’m quite clearly not Teddy’s girlfriend! I mean, I don’t even want to be Teddy’s girlfriend.’

‘Tough luck, ’cause I’m ruling out Victoire next.’

‘Victoire’s probably the most likely to be going out with him!’

‘Oh, wise up. I think we both know that she’d have broadcasted it on the Wizarding Wireless Network by now if she was.’

‘Alright, fine. I’m ruling myself out now, though.’

‘You can do that straight after I rule this waitress out. He’s just ordering something off her, he clearly doesn’t know her.’

‘He’s much more likely to be going out with her, considering that we know for a fact that I’m not going out with him.’

‘That’s absolutely irrelevant,’ Molly dismissed. ‘So, he’s either going out with you or this blonde girl.’

‘Well then, he must be going out with her.’

‘I’m not so sure…’

‘Jesus, then maybe he isn’t going out with anyone.’

‘Now that’s a theory.’

‘I wonder who she is though.’

‘I know! I haven’t even heard him talking about her.’

‘She’s probably just a friend of his, although she is very pretty.’

‘Hmm, why do you think he hasn’t mentioned her?’

‘Maybe it’s because he fancies her.’

‘That would be like him…’ Molly said thoughtfully. The resulting silence was comfortable, but it also made it very easy to listen to the conversations of others. In fact, the girls at the next table seemed to be discussing the exact same topic that they had been.

‘That Teddy Lupin is absolutely dreamy.’

‘And to think, in school I never really took any notice of him because he was the year below.’

‘He’s even more gorgeous now though.’

‘Oh Merlin, I know! He could ravage me any day.’

Molly and Dominique looked at each other and burst into fits of laughter.

‘Had enough?’ Molly choked out.

‘Yes!’ Dominique spluttered. ‘Let’s get out of here.’

Thanks a million to everyone who's reading and reviewing! Everything really helps me and a big, gigantic thanks to my beta madelgranger for making sense of my babble =].

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