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Love Me, Kill Me by LostInnocence
Chapter 1 : Love Me, Kill Me
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Love Me...Kill Me...


Disclaimer: Don't own HP, settings, characters...etc. I own the plot and my own typed/written words.

A/N: Please do not tell me that the characters are 'OOC'. You'll only be stating the obvious. I don't care if they're OOC, as long as I love writing it, and that's what matters. Actually, it's practically AU. So, be forewarned. If you don't like OOC or AU, go back right now, because I am in no mood to deal with flames. The last time I dealt with flamers, they turned out to be wrong and looking incredibly foolish because I earned 300 reviews from it :)

Summary: BadEvil!Hermione is controlled by Draco to mingle into a dangerous plan to have him get the guy he wants. But guess who falls in love in the process? There's nothing like love to fuck you up. Hermione/Harry/Draco. Heterosexual fic, but some slash ahead.


kiss me, fuck me, break me, thrash me, crash me, turn me, burn me, win me, love me...

kill me.



"You know I wouldn't keep anything from you," Hermione said, her voice sincere and caring. Harry looked up at her, examining her with a suspiscious glance.

"You're sure?" He looked up, his emerald eyes boring into hers. His voice was tentative, curious.

"I am sure," she answered. "It'll be okay. Everything's going to be okay now," Hermione whispered, still clutching him, cradling him in his arms. Her hands soaked into his hair, feeling the softness of it. He sighed softly against her bosom, his forehead against her warmth, dozing off into the faintly admiring fragrance of her; the smell of cherries and apples. His eyes drooped forward, and several moments passed by before he finally fell asleep in her arms, contented.

"Thank God," she whispered, pushing him promptly off him in disgust. She looked at him in severe distaste. "Aw, sleeps like a baby," she cooed mockingly at him. His eyes flickered slightly, but they were kept tightly closed.

"Finally, is he asleep?" a drawling voice said beside her. Hermione felt hands on her shoulders. She bit her lip, looking at Harry carefully - he did look alarmingly asleep.

She shrugged. "I guess so."

"You guess so?" His voice was indefinitely enraged. "I told you, Granger, I want this done right."

"It will be done right," she said snappishly through gritted teeth. "Just fuck off, will you? And get rid of that Invisibility cloak I can't see a part of you."

"What if I am naked?" he teased. Hermione turned around, her arms folded over her chest.

"Then I'll have nightmares tonight," she said, yawning for dramatic effect.

"Bitch." He was obviously immensely annoyed she was one of the few girls who didn't yearn for him in a physical state.

She smiled innocently, and within a few seconds, Draco Malfoy's head appeared, along with the rest of his lean body, his boyish smirk, complete with his handsome artistic features. He casually pushed away streaming strands of silver-blone, eyeing her lazily.

"When are you going to do this, anyways?" Draco asked her, raising an eyebrow impatiently.

"Whenever the hell I like it," she spat. "Don't order me around like I am some kind of whore."

Draco murmured something indistinguishable, something that sounded remarkably like 'but you are one', and turned away from her, stepping in front of Harry, gazing down at him doubtfully.

"You've taken good care of him?" he asked Hermione with a sidelong glance as his hand pondered Harry's hair with a gentle caress.

"Yes," she automatically retorted, examining her fingernails with utmost interest.

"You've been in character?" he said, watching her shoulders tense.

"Yes," she responded curtly. "Of course."

"And you've been sleeping with him?" he said, smirking testily.

"Yes, of course," she said in a dreamy voice, then jerked her head upwards, frowning. "That was not fair!"

"Either you weren't paying attention or you were paying very, very good attention, Granger," Draco told her, his mouth quirking.

"Shut the fuck up, Malfoy."

"Tell me again, when did you start to curse, Granger?"

"Look, I am doing this for you, not the other way around," Hermione said, avoiding the question uneasily.

"Au contraire, not true, Granger." He stepped forward, grasping her upper arms. She squirmed in his tight grip. His fingernails dug into her skin. She made a noise of pain, gasping as he scratched her in the process of pulling away in a long, agonizing way.

"You know what you get for doing this, Granger," he notified her with relish. He was feeling resentment toward her; and a bit satisfaction that she had recoiled away from him in fear.

She closed her eyes, opening them again.

"You do know what you're getting for this?" Draco whispered, clutching her chin with the tips of his fingers, urging her face to tip forward so he could look at her. His hand slithered onto her knee, sliding into her calf and up her skirt, hitching it forward. She let out a whimper as he scratched her skin, his nails sharply edging into her flesh, gnawing at it, then slowly pulling away after a gentle prodding. Her brown eyes seemed to lock onto his for several moments before she turned away in defeat. His delicious smile clearly said 'You want me, but I'll never want you...'

"Tell me," he said harshly. "Are you even listening?"

"Yes," she mumbled. "Yes...I know. I know."

"Good. I am glad I am appreciated," Draco said, pushing her away from him. Her eyes flashed angrily at him as he went toward Harry, and leaned over, his lips brushing against Harry's forehead for just a second before his head jerked back to Hermione, who was watching quietly, a bitter expression on her face. Draco laughed.

"Don't worry, love," he said with mock-enduringness. "If you're good, you'll get a kiss too..."

She snorted, but took the hand he offered, flinching slightly at the tingling sensation that ran through her whole body as their skin met. Draco, however, seemed to be unaffected.

"Let's go before he wakes up," Draco said quickly. They both left the room, making sure their footsteps were quiet as they shut the door softly behind them.

As they did, Harry Potter opened his eyes and sat up, a smile crossing his face.


chapter finished at midnight. or 12:05...whatever.



*hippie dance*'s questions to ponder:

1) What would make Hermione help Draco? What does SHE get in return? No, no, not sex... *disappointed reviewers cry* But don't worry...I don't know either...*reviewers joyfully do Cherokee for no damn reason*

2) Heh...why does Draco like Harry? I have no idea...I've been reading too much's all Aja, and Michael Serpent's fault! Their stories are so tempting! *humph* But don't worry, it's still Hermione/Draco...also, go read Burn...*sad* I like that story, but I got a small amount of reviews for it.

3) Don't take the A/N up seriously, and don't get pissed. It's true that I think the highest priority of a writer is to pleasure his/herself...okay, that sounded really, really wrong *reviewers smirk*. But I meant, love writing it, of course!

4) Am I truly, truly insane, or am I just special? *does hippie dance once more*. Alright, I admit it, I am high on coke...

Don't flame, don't flame, don't flame, don't flame....

*five years later*

Don't flame, don't flame, don't flame, don't flame...



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