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The End of the Beginning-The Beginning of the End by Marc
Chapter 30 : Where's Ginny?
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Harry stood there with his hand on one of the post at the foot of his bed.  He stood there, thinking of all that had happened since his first night at Hogwarts.  Coming to a decision, he took our his wand, pointed it at his bed for the last six years, closed his eyes and cast the last spell that he would in that room.  “May whoever has the good fortune to get this bed have a safe, fun, and successful seven years here,” Harry whispered as he turned and stepped through the door for the last time.

When he reached the common room, he saw that all of the furniture had been pushed off to one side.  “Harry!  Come on.  We’re doing one last picture of everyone in Gryffindor,” Denis Creevey called to him. 

He stepped forward and was pulled into the center of the group to stand next to Ginny.  Hermione was next to her and Ron stood next to her.  The portrait portal opened and Luna came in with a fairly large camera that she had borrowed from her father for this one picture.

Luna pointed the camera at them and said, “Say peas.”

All of the students in the picture said peas at one time.  A great flash of light gave everyone there, blue dots in front of their eyes but everyone had smiles on their faces. 
The seventh year students started to move toward the portrait portal, when all of the rest of Gryffindor house started to clap.  It had been started by Bonnie and quickly picked up by the rest of the house.  It was their way of telling the senior class how they felt about them.  The students that were leaving stopped and looked back at this group of students giving them a round of applause.  Hermione broke down, with tears in her eyes, as well as several others, including Ron.

“Ron, are you all right?” Ginny asked her older brother.

“Yeah! Never better.  I’m going to miss this school.  It’s been a lot of fun,” he admitted to his sister.

Harry came down the last stairway with his arm around Ginny.  He looked into the Great Hall, one more time, to say his goodbyes.  When he went to step toward the main door, he was intercepted by Kreacher, “What does Master wish Kreacher to do? Shall I stay here or come to Grimmauld Place?” he asked.

Harry thought for a minute, “Why don’t you stay here and help out with getting the school ready for the next term.  I’ll call you when I need you.  I’m going to spend some time with Ginny at the Burrow,” he informed his elf.

“Very well, Master.  May I make a request?” Kreacher ask with a bit of trepidation in his voice.

“Of course, Kreacher, what is it?” Harry wanted to know.

“The other elves wish to say goodbye, before you take your leave,” Kreacher explained.

“I would be honored,” Harry told his elf.

Seconds later, four columns of house elves came up the stairs from the kitchen.  Winky came forward and bowed.  “We wish to thank Harry Potter for everything he’s done for us.  We want him to know that he will always find friends here at Hogwarts if he should ever need us,” she told him as she bowed.  The rest of the elves joined her and for a second Harry, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron were looking at the entire house elf staff of Hogwarts giving their farewell respects to them.

Harry stepped forward and bowed in return.  The elves stepped towards him and merely touched his hands, arms, or hip.  They then, silently filed back down the stairs, leaving the four students in stunned awe.

“Bloody hell!  Sometimes the things that happen around you, just don’t have words to describe them,” Ron whispered to his friend.

When the four friends stepped out of the main doors for the last time, they were met by Hagrid, Head Mistress McGonagall, and most of the other professors of the school.  Harry was happy to see that even Professor Trelawney had come down from her living quarters to see them off.

“Harry, I see great things in your future.  Stay with this young lady, she will give you great happiness,” Sybil told him as she shook his hand vigorously.  

“Thank you, professor.  That’s just what I intend on doing,” Harry told her as he stepped away, down the stairs.

Hagrid wrapped his arms around Harry and hoisted him completely off of the ground.  Harry put his arms around Hagrid’s neck and held on.  Of everyone here he would miss his conversations and time spent with his large but so gentle friend.  Hagrid put him down and patted him on the head.  He turned to Ginny and lifting her off the ground with his hands and gave her a whisker filled kiss on the cheek.  He placed his hand on Hermione’s shoulder and patted Ron on the back so hard that he almost knocked him down.  He waved them off before he would break down and cry in front of everyone there.

Harry and Ginny had taken only a few steps when the two first year students intercepted them.  There were no words spoken, Daniel threw his arms around Harry’s waist and gave him a hug as a younger brother would his older sibling when the elder was going off to school or war.  Bonnie came over and gave Harry a hug as well.  Harry picked her up and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Don’t forget we expect the two of you to join us the week of July 23rd.  Enjoy your summer.  Remember Daniel, what we spoke about the other night,” Harry told him without elaborating more on what had been said.

“You have my word, Harry.  You remember what I asked you,” Daniel said as he stepped away and wrapped his arm around Bonnie’s waist.  The two friends nodded to each other as the older students stepped toward the main gate of the school.

The next empty carriage came up and stopped for them to get in.  The thestral walked them slowly away from the castle that had been their home for the last seven years.  They had only gone half way to the Hogsmeade train station when they spotted a large group of centaurs standing off at the edge of the woods. 

As one, all of the centaurs raised their bows and let a flight of arrows loose.  Hermione, Ron, and Ginny ducked down as the arrows fell upon them.  Harry sat there without flinching.  Every one of the arrows fell around the carriage and thestral without touching anyone.  Harry watched as Bane lifted his bow over his head in salute to Harry.  Diana was standing next to her mother, waving as vigorously as she could.  Harry just raised his hand to acknowledge the honor that had just been bestowed upon him.  The centaurs turned and faded into the dark of the forest that they called their home.

“I thought that we were dead,” Ron admitted.

“We were safe.  Don’t you remember at Dumbledore’s funeral?  They did the same thing.  I saw then, that their aim is always dead on.  It has to be, when it’s the way that you feed your family,” Harry pointed out, as the carriage reached the train station.

When they were all about to climb aboard the Hogwarts Express, Ginny turned and looked back at the castle, in the distance.  “I wonder when we’ll ever come back to visit,” she said in a soft wistful voice.  

“We’ll come back and visit whenever you’d like,” Harry told her as he closed the door to the train car that they would travel home in.

Once all of the rest of the students had boarded the train from the school, it started off on the last trip that the four of them would take as students.  Harry knew that a few students were going to stay with their parents in Hogsmeade for the summer and that they had not gone to the train station with the others.  Where ever they were, Harry wished them good luck, as the castle faded from view.

The Express had made it half way home when the sweets trolley lady came around.  “Would anyone like anything from the cart?” she asked.

Harry reached into his pocket and, pulling out a handful of Galleons, “we’ll buy the lot,” he told her, as he pulled the entire cart into the compartment.  Seeing that she no longer had anything to sell, the sweets lady backed out of the compartment and left them to their sweets.

As the train made its way back towards London, Hermione cleared her throat and caught Harry’s attention.  “I have to ask you something Harry.  The other day, when Rachael and Greg got married, I saw you step to the door and point your wand at the clouds.  Within a few minutes the sky cleared up.  I didn’t know that wizards had the power to influence weather.  How did you do it?” she asked.

“I tried to cast as powerful of a warming spell as I could.  To be honest with you, I think that it was just coincidence that the rain stopped.  I don’t think that I have the ability to affect weather.  The best that I could have done would be to cause the rain to warm up a bit,” Harry admitted.

Satisfied with the explanation, Hermione rolled up on Ron’s lap and settled down for a warm nap with her loved one.

Ginny stood up as the train was about to reach the station in London.  Her jaw dropped opened when she saw the huge crowd of people waiting on the platform for the train to arrive.  She took Harry by the arm and pulled him into the corridor so that he wouldn’t see what was awaiting them until the last second.

The Express bumped to a stop within minutes.  The compartment doors were flung open and Harry walked out into the awaiting crowd.  The assembly parted to allow the students of Hogwarts to step away from the train.  When Harry moved forward he was met by Minister Shacklebolt and several members of the aurors department.

“Harry! Welcome home!  How did you do on your examinations?” Kingsley wanted to know.

“I won’t have the results for a few days,” Harry told him.

“Perhaps you don’t!  But I do,” the Minister said as he waved a sealed letter, that he held in his left hand.

The Minister handed the letter to Harry as the crowd on the platform became silent in anticipation.  Harry slit the envelope opened and pulled the folded piece of parchment out.  Ginny wrapped her arm around his waist and read the grades along with Harry.

Except for Transfiguration, he had Outstanding for all of the other grades.  He received an Exceeds Expectations for the Transfiguration grade.  Harry stood there with his mouth hanging open.  He knew that he had done well on the test but he had no idea that they were this good.

“All of that time we spent studying, paid off after all,” Ginny whispered in his ear.

“Well Harry I can’t see any difficulty with your request to join the Auror's department.  I’ll expect to see you in my office at nine tomorrow morning,” Mr. Proudfoot told him as he shook his hand. 

“Can’t he have at least a couple of days to rest?” Ginny asked Kingsley.

“I’m sorry Miss Weasley but we need Harry with us as soon as possible,” Mr. Proudfoot told her.

Kingsley tapped Proudfoot on the upper arm with the back of his fingers.  Proudfoot looked at the Minister and relented.  “All right, I’ll give him two days.  He’d better be in my office two days from now or I’ll send out a couple of my men to bring him in,” he said in a half joking way.

“Knowing Harry, you’d better send the entire department, if you want even a chance of bringing him in,” the Minister told the head of the group of Aurors that was there that day.

Three of the Aurors there, had had a run in with Harry the night of the awards at the Ministry and had no intention of trying to take him in by force.  Each man came forward and offered Harry their hand in congratulations on being accepted onto the force.  The crowd opened up as several newspaper photographers and a reporter in a green dress and horn rim glasses stepped forward.

“Harry! How nice to see you again.  I wonder if I could have a few words with you about your acceptance onto the Auror's team,” Rita Skeeter asked, as she took out her quick quote quill.

“You want a few words from me?” Harry asked her as he stared into her eyes.

“Ah, yes if possible,” she hesitated.

“I’m glad to be on the Auror team and can’t wait to help out,” Harry finished and walked passed her with his arm around Ginny’s waist.  He didn’t give her a chance to ask any other questions and tried to meet up with the others that were heading for the barrier to the muggle world.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were awaiting them near the front door of the station as they usually did on the last day of school.  Ginny was engulfed in a major hug from her mother.  “We have so much work to do now.  We only have a month and a half to plan out all of your wedding,” she whispered into her daughter’s ear.

The realization that her wedding was so close sent a chill of anticipation down her spine.  Ginny leaned away from her mother and was gently enwrapped in one of her father’s soft, warm hugs that she had missed so much while she had been away at school.

Molly grabbed Harry and gave him his customary hug.  She turned and grabbed both Ron and Hermione and held them as well.  Harry couldn’t hear what she was saying but what ever it was, made Hermione blush until the tips of her ears glowed red.

When Harry reached the main door to the train station his attention was caught by a young man in a neat trench coat standing by the departure gate.  “Dudley! What are you doing here?  It’s good to see you,” Harry greeted his cousin.

“Harry I found out that you where coming home today.  Mom and Dad didn’t want to come and greet you, but after the last time we were together, I felt that I owed it to you.  I know now, how much danger we were in.  Dad can’t or won’t see it, but Mom knows.  I owe you my life, even after I treated you as badly as I did when we were kids, you and your friends kept us safe.  I felt that I had to tell you that,” Harry’s cousin stammered out before he shook Harry’s hand and walked away.

Ginny and Harry stood there stunned by what had just happened.  Harry watched his cousin step across the street and get into the car that Harry recognized as the old car that his Uncle used to drive.  When the car disappeared around the corner, Ginny tugged at Harry’s arm and led him out to the awaiting Ministry car.  Within minutes, all of the luggage had been packed into the boot of the car and it was on its way to the Burrow. 


Harry awoke the next morning to two girls jumping on his bed.  The red head wrapped her arms around him and gave him a good morning kiss that made him happy to be alive.  The brunet pulled his blanks up and started to tickle his feet.  Within seconds, Harry was laughing so hard that he couldn’t talk or move.  He finally caught his breath when Hermione went off to awaken Ron with his good morning kiss.

“Good morning my love, what do you want to do today?” Ginny asked him with sparkling eyes.

“Whatever you want to do, my love,” Harry told her as he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a warm slow kiss. 

The two of them were interrupted by a clearing of a male’s throat.  “If you two are quite done, breakfast is ready downstairs,” Arthur told them before he walked away from the door to Harry’s room.

After breakfast Harry and Ginny disapparated to Diagon Ally, so that they could do some window shopping.  It was as if all of Hogwarts was there.  Harry ran into most of the members of the DA.  Ginny stopped to talk with several of her friends that stepped out of one of the shops, as they walked by.

Harry walked Ginny over to Madam Malkin’s robe shop.  When the proprietress stepped out from behind the counter, Harry gently pushed Ginny forward.  “If you remember last year, you had asked if we were here to buy our wedding robes.  I had told you at the time that it wasn’t time, but when it was, we would see you.  It’s time!  Could you do something nice for this beautiful lady?” Harry asked her.

“Mister Potter, go away, come back in three hours,” she said, as she shooed him away. 

Harry kissed Ginny and stepped out of the shop.  He made his way over to the new ice cream parlour for one of his favorite sundaes.  He was joined by several of the Hogwarts students, once he had seated himself.  Within twenty minutes, the entire establishment was filled with customers.  Everyone had pulled their chairs around him and a fairly loud conversation entertained the other shoppers of Diagon Ally.

Some two hours later, Ginny came over and joined them.  The boys made a path for her so that she could sit next to her fiancé.  The crowd finally broke up as the sun was setting.  The last few couples came over and wished the two of them good luck and best wishes on their upcoming wedding.

They apparated back to the portal of the Burrow, just as the sun was setting over the western hills.  Harry didn’t go in right away, but rather, took Ginny for a walk, as he had done so many times the summer before.  Ginny noted how relaxed he was compared to last year.  She was about to comment on it when that same squirrel ran across the path again.  Harry yanked her behind himself and had his wand in his hand before Ginny could react in any way.    

“Well, it’s nice to see that you haven’t lost your touch when it comes to squirrels,” Ginny told him as she wrapped her arms around his waist and continued to walk along the path.  Harry just gave a nervous chuckle.

The end of the evening found them sitting on the front porch swing, lost in each others arms.  “Miss Weasley, I have something very important to ask you,” Harry told her in a most serious manner.

“Oh!  And what would that be Mister Potter,” she teased back.

“Will you marry me?” Harry asked her as he pulled her into a much tighter embrace.

“Humm, let me think about it,” Ginny said as she looked up at the stars overhead.  She glanced down and came eye to eye with two very green eyes.  The intensity of Harry’s stare sent a thrill through her entire body.  She leaned in, until her forehead was pressed against his.  “Yes! Mister Potter, I will marry you.  After all someone has to take care of you.  If it’s not me, then you could never be sure that your socks are properly washed now, could you?” she whispered into his ear.

Her answer, the warmth of her breath on his ear, and the soft whisper tickled Harry until he couldn’t help but light up with that great elusive smile that he would only give Ginny or his other two best friends.

Harry picked Ginny up and carried her into the house.  He stopped off in the parlour to say good night to Mom and Dad and then carried her up to her room.  He pushed the door opened with his foot and slowly walked over to her bed.

Ginny was surprised when Harry placed her on the bed and slid on top of the covers with her.  “Harry?” she only had time to ask as he covered her lips with his.  The two of them shared a warm lingering kiss.  She softly ran her hands through his hair as he continued to kiss her.

After several minutes, Harry pushed himself up on his right elbow and placed his finger on her lips.  “Don’t say anything.  I just want you to know that you’ve become all that’s important to me in this world.  I bless the day that we kissed in the Gryffindor common room.  I consider myself to be the luckiest man in the world.  If I was to die tomorrow, it wouldn’t matter because I know that I’ve been blessed by knowing you.  I love you, Ginny Weasley.  I never want you to forget that, and if I should ever be stupid enough to forget it myself, please remind me.  All right?” he asked her in such a serious manner that she realized how important this one minute in their life was becoming.

“Harry, I’ve loved you since I’ve been five years old.  To have you hold me in your arms like this and hear you say that to me, is like a dream come true.  I want you to know that you’re the only one that I would ever want to be with.  I can’t wait for the next seven weeks to go by so we can exchange our vows,” Ginny told him as she gently kissed his cheek.

Harry leaned his head down on her pillow for a few minutes.  He slowly pulled away and sat up on the edge of her bed.  “Goodnight my love, until the morning,” he whispered as he turned and gave her a last kiss before he went to his own room.


Harry walked through the doors of the Auror's office three minutes before his start time.  The Minister was there to greet him and give him a tour around the offices that he would be working out of.  Twenty minutes later, Harry was sitting in front of Kingsley’s desk when Mr. Proudfoot came in.

“Well Harry, has the Minister given you the three sickle tour?” he ask as he plopped himself down in the other empty chair, to Harry's right.

“I’m ready to start.  What do you want me to do?” Harry told him.

“You’re going to be placed in the newest training class that just started.  We have ten other students.  It’s going to take nine months to a year to get you up to speed.  The next two weeks will be conditioning and technique training.  When we think that you’re ready, I’ll assign you to one of the older aurors as your senior partner.  They will be responsible for refining your techniques in the field and they’ll also be responsible for teaching you how to fill out all of the paper work that’s coming your way,” Proudfoot told him.

With this said Kinsley came around his desk and shook Harry’s hand.  He walked the two men to the door of his office and wished him good luck.

Mr. Proudfoot walked Harry downstairs to the department that he would be a part of for a very long time.  The next half hour was spent with introductions and explanations of the operating procedures for the department.    

Harry was invited up to the Minister’s office for lunch.  When he walked in he found Dad Weasley waiting for him.  The three of them had a light conversation as they finished their sandwiches that Molly had prepared for them.  “Yes, Harry I think that it’s going to be great having you work here.  After all, with you here, I get more of Molly’s great sandwiches,” Kingsley joked.  The three men spent another few minutes talking until Harry realized that he was going to be late getting back to the office if he didn’t leave right away.  He stepped up and disapparated from the Minister’s office back to the main conference room in his new department.

He had no sooner apparated into the room when two men unleashed several spells at him.  The first one knocked his wand out of his hand as he pulled it out of his pants leg holster and the second sent him flying backwards.  Harry raised his left hand up as a second series of spells were cast at him.  Both spells stopped some several centimeters in front of him.  With a crack they rebounded at the two attackers.  Harry opened his right hand up and his wand jumped back to his hand.  He jumped to his feet just as Mr. Proudfoot stepped in and yelled, “Stop!”

“That was very impressive Harry.  I stopped you because the only way that your two fellow aurors would test you, is if I promised that you wouldn’t throw a spell back at them.  Your reputation for the power of your spells precedes you,” he told him.  “Let me introduce you to Mike Kilpatrick, and Paul Pullman.  They’ll be two of the instructors that will be working with you until you get out into the field,” Proudfoot told him.

Harry came forward and shook hands with the two instructors.  The four men made their way to one of the classrooms off of the main corridor for the first of many lessons. 

“Harry, if you don’t mind, could I ask you where you keep your wand.  I noticed that you didn’t have to reach behind yourself to pull it out of your pocket.  It was in your hand even with the speed of the spell that I had thrown at you,” Kilpatrick observed.

“I had noticed, from an old western movie, that the good guy had a holster on his leg and it made it much faster and easier to pull his weapon out when he needed it.  The mother of one of my friends put a holster in each of my pants legs.  I can keep my wand at my finger tips all of the time and no one will know where it is until I pull it out,” Harry explained.

Paul turned to the other aurors there, “I think that our Mister Potter will be teaching us some new tricks in the next several months.  I can’t wait to see what you can really do.  What you did back there was impressive, it’s going to be interesting,” he told Harry as they all sat down for a very long meeting about what was still happening with the pseudo death eaters.

Harry apparated to the willow tree where Fred’s mausoleum was, he stood there and just looked at the Burrow in the distance.  It gave him a sense of calm knowing that the one girl that he loved above all else was waiting there for him.  He slowly walked toward the portal.  The front door of the Burrow flew open and a red headed girl came charging out to meet him. 

He caught her and spun her around, as she planted a kiss on him.  “Did you miss me?” she asked with a little pout on her bottom lip. 

Harry started to laugh at what she was doing.  “I’m sure that all you did today was to sit around and pine for my return,” he kidded her, as he wrapped his arm around her and walked toward the Burrow.

“Mom took me back to Diagon Ally so that I could try on my dress.  Oh, Harry it’s so beautiful I can’t wait for you to see it,” Ginny told him as she gave him a hug with the arm that she had around his waist.

This became the set procedure that they would go through each day when Harry came home.  After supper they would go out and sit on the front porch swing and talk about what they were going to do with the rest of their life together.

Ginny received a letter from the Harpies, asking her to attend a special meeting on the following Monday for a special tryout that Gwenog had set up for her as she had promised.  The night before, Ginny was so nervous that Harry took her up and spent almost three hours zooming around the Burrow’s wards.  When they finally landed, Harry brought her into the parlour and cuddled up with her on the couch.  She drifted off to sleep some time later.  Harry carried her up to her room and tucked her in bed for the night.  He kissed her on the forehead since he knew that if he kissed her on the lips she would awaken.

Ginny was awakened by a soft kiss the next morning.  She opened her eyes to find Harry kneeling on the side of her bed.  “Good morning sleepyhead, did you sleep well?” he asked.

A flash of fear crossed her eyes when she realized that she would be trying out for the Harpies that morning.  She kicked the covers off of herself and sprinted past Harry to the bathroom.  He went downstairs when he heard the shower turn on.  Some twenty minutes later, Ginny came down the stairs with a towel wrapped around her hair.  “Good morning my love, thank you for waking me up this morning,” she said as she kissed him before she sat down to her breakfast.

Harry escorted her to the Harpies’ training field.  He gave her a kiss and pushed her toward the field where all of the other members of the team where waiting for her.  He sat in a small boxed off area and watched as his love joined the others in making a speed lap around the field.

The first lap, Ginny was set in the center of the pack keeping even with the rest of the team.  When she flew by, Harry yelled for her to kick it into high gear.  She tucked her head down and took off on a full tilt race around the field.  Within a few seconds the rest of the team fell back since they couldn’t keep up with her on the broom that Harry had purchased for her last summer. 

After she had blasted around the field for the third time, Gwenog called her in and threw her the Quaffle.  Ginny grabbed it without thinking what she was doing and bolted for the nearest goal hoop.  The rest of the team members raced after her but she got there first and put the ball through the hoop before anyone could stop her.  Ginny impressed them by shooting down and around and catching the Quaffle that she had just thrown.  She zoomed back in front of the hoops again and sent it through the second hoop there.  All of the members of the team sat on their brooms with an appreciative smile on their faces. 

Gwenog headed for the center of the field and when all of the members had landed and joined her, she came over to Ginny.  “Well Weasley, it seems flying with Potter has made you a very dangerous player.  Welcome to the team!” Jones told her as she patted her on the shoulder.

Ginny was so excited that she jumped up and gave Gwenog a hug.  The other girls started to laugh at the reaction of their newest member.  Each came over and congratulated her at being accepted onto the team. 

“I’m not sure yet where I’m going to put you.  You’re either going to be our seeker or one of our chasers.  Either way, you’re on the team.  I haven’t seen anyone who can fly as fast as you in a long time.  I’m sure that the new broom which your fiancé bought you is a big help.  Welcome,” the captain of the team told her. 


For the next two weeks, Ginny and Harry would leave the Borrow at the same time and would return at about the same time.  They would have their supper with Ginny’s parents and would sometimes go over to the Grangers to visit, since Ron was staying there for the time being.  The last Friday evening that they went over to visit, Ron took Harry over to the side for a quiet discussion.

“Harry, George and some of our mates from school want to throw a bachelor party for you next Friday.  They had thought of just grabbing you and pulling you to the Rusty Cauldron but I reminded them that it would be a bad idea to try to grab you by force.  We are giving you a bachelor party and there is nothing you can do about it,” Ron told him in as forceful a voice as Harry had ever heard him use.

Harry was touched by what his friends wanted to do for him but he knew what could happen at these parties and didn’t want to do anything to hurt Ginny.  “I don’t know Ron, I don’t want to hurt your sister by going out on her when she’s going to be home,” Harry told him.

“Don’t worry about it Harry, when we go out, Hermione’s taking her out with the girls from Hogwarts.  If I know the girls, their party will be much more interesting.  Shall we say,” Ron whispered so that the girls couldn’t hear him.

“All right, but only under one condition,” Harry told his friend with emphasis.  “No witches!  Understand!” Harry told him as he locked his eyes with his friend.  Ron stared at him for a few minutes and nodded his head.

“All right Harry!  If that’s what you want.  I hope that my sister realizes how lucky she is to be getting you,” Ron told him as he walked him back into the kitchen where the others were.


The following Wednesday, found Harry fighting his way through the obstacle course at the Ministry’s training facility.  He had taken on three of the other aurors in a wand duel.  His opponents were wearing protective vest so that Harry’s spells wouldn’t hurt them. 

They had found on the second day that the adrenalin that Harry was working on in the obstacle course made it hard for him to control the amount of power he was giving off with each spell.  His teammates that were working as his attackers were quickly learning what it meant to go up against Harry when he was on.  The first two were still on the disabled list from the pounding that they had endured at Harry’s hands.  No matter how hard he tried, it was almost impossible to reduce the amount of power he used.

Mr. Proudfoot realized that he would have to work with Harry on better control before he could unleash him on anyone that the Ministry felt had committed enough of a wrong to be brought in by the aurors.  He had tried to attend each of Harry’s training runs.  What he saw terrified him.  Harry had such power that he doubted that any of his men could match Harry in a one to one fight.  It made him glad that Harry was on the Ministry’s side.

Harry had just finished his last practice run when Arthur Weasley came running in to the testing facility.  “Harry! We have a problem!  We just got a call from the Harpies.  It seems that Ginny disappeared from their practice facility about an hour ago.  Mom and I have been trying to find her but she’s no where to be found.  Harry the hand on the clock reads in mortal danger,” Arthur told him, just as Harry disapparated from the training facility.

Seconds later, he came running through the front door of the Burrow.  “Mom, did she say anything about going anywhere, after practice?” Harry wanted to know.

“No Harry, she was going to meet me at Madam Malkin’s Robe shop for another fitting.  She never showed up there,” Molly told him.

Harry charged out of the front door of the Burrow and out of the portal.  He pulled his wand out of his pants leg and, holding it flat in his hand intoned, “Where’s Ginny?”  The wand turned in his hand and pointed north.

Harry disapparated away until his wand vibrated in his hand.  He appeared in a large opened list.  Harry didn’t have to see them to know that he was surrounded by very powerful wards.  There, some five meters in front of him, was a pillory with Ginny chained up to it.  Her hands were chained up high enough so that she had to stand on her tip toes to reduce the pressure of the metal shackles on her wrist.  Another chain was wrapped around her throat and her feet were chained to the sides of the wooden post.  

There were seven Death Eaters standing around the front of the pillory.  The largest of the men had his wand out and had it pointed at Ginny.  “Potter, at last.  You’re just in time to watch your little girlfriend die,” he said as he lifted his wand.

Ginny turned her head so as not to see her death coming.  Harry twitched his left hand and a three meter by three meter chunk of ground jumped up as the spell left the intoners wand.  The curse burnt a large hole in the patch of dirt but Ginny was left unharmed.

Harry waved his hand again and the post broke at the base and fell backwards.  Before she knew it, she was looking up at the stars that had come out a short while before. 

“Kreacher!” Harry yelled.  A pop to his left side told him that his elf had heard him.  “Get Ginny out of here.  Bring her back to the Burrow.  NOW!!” Harry yelled as he stepped forward to engage the seven Death Eaters.

The elf moved much faster than his old age would suggest that he could.  He placed his hand on the girl and both of them along with the log disappeared from the list.

One of the Death Eater’s, realizing that they were out in the open with a really raging Harry Potter, forgot himself and tried to disapparate away.  A loud sizzling was heard as his body hit the western ward and landed with a final thud on the ground.

Harry noticed Ginny’s wand on the ground close to where the pillory had been.  He opened his left hand and the wand jumped to him.  The fact that he had two wands in his hands and that he was going to engage these six men in a duel reminded him of the movie that he had watched with Mister Granger back in the flat in Sidney last summer.

It just felt like the right thing to say at this point.  Harry yelled out as loudly as he could,” Fill your hands you sons of a Bitch!” He stepped forward and started throwing spells in all directions.  The Death Eaters scrambled for the cover that they didn’t have.  The attack that they had planed out so well had turned on them and they were the ones that were now in great danger.

Harry brought down four of the six Death Eaters within a few seconds.  He was dueling the last two men, as a pop to his left side caught his attention.  Ginny had come back by herself.  She grabbed her wand out of his left hand and stepped forward.  Harry got off a fast shot and took out the younger of the two men left.

The last man was the one that had tried to kill Ginny just a few minutes before.  “You want me?  Two of your goons had to attack me from behind.  Let’s see how well you do with me when we’re face to face?” she was screaming at her attacker. 

Harry had never seen Ginny in such a rage.  He could feel wave after wave of power pulse out from her.  Her hair started to stand out behind her as if she was standing in a strong breeze.  The Death Eater lifted his wand but Ginny was there first.  She hit him with Expelliarmus, the bat-bogey hex and stupefy in such a quick succession that he never knew what happened.

She aimed her wand at the body after he had stopped moving and went to cast another horrific spell, when Harry pulled her wand out of her hand.  “Enough!  You made your point.  Anything more would be wrong.  I don’t want you to kill anyone.  It’s not a pleasant experience to kill another person.  The fact that you just kicked the bloody pulp out of him is sufficient, I think,” Harry told her as he wrapped his arms around her to keep her from trying to cast any other spells.

Ginny was violently shaking from her ordeal and the exertion that she had just put forward.  Harry cradled her in his arms and held her until she calmed down.  “Kreacher,” Harry called softly.

“Yes, Master?” his elf asked as he appeared. 

“Please take Ginny back to the Burrow and then go get Minister Shacklebolt.  Bring him here with a team of aurors, please,” he asked him.

Harry was left alone on the list within seconds.  Several minutes later, the Minister and the members of the auror department came onto the list.  “Well, Harry it seems you finished the last of the Death Eater cells that we’ve been looking for,” Mr. Proudfoot told him as he surveyed the destruction unleashed on the unfortunate men, there.

The sun was rising up over the eastern horizon when Harry made it back to the Burrow.  He stepped quietly as possible onto the porch and opened the kitchen door as softly as he could so as not to awake anyone.  He was met by the entire family sitting around the table.  Ginny stood up and came around to him.  She stood there for a few seconds and then collapsed sobbing into his arms. 

“Remind me never to get you mad,” Harry whispered into her hair.  “That was incredible!” he told her.

For her part, Ginny just wanted to be held by Harry.  She had never experienced that type of anger before and it completely terrified her.  Harry led her back to the table and spent the next half hour explaining what had happened after she was taken away by Kreacher.

“Kreacher?” Ginny called.

The elf appeared at once, next to the table where everyone else was.  Ginny bent down and wrapped her arms around the elf’s neck, “thank you.  You saved my life tonight, I owe you a debt,” Ginny whispered. 

Harry’s elf stood straighter than he had ever done.  “Mistress Ginny is very welcomed.  It was Kreacher’s pleasure to keep her safe in a time of danger.  I am Harry Potter's elf, as of now, I am your elf as well,” he told her as he bowed and disappeared.

“I’m so tired,” Ginny admitted.  Harry scooped her up in his arms and carried her into the parlour.  He sat on the couch and wrapped her up in one of the afghans that Mom Weasley kept there to keep warm in.  She wiggled her way down into his arms and when she felt completely safe she whispered one last thing to Harry before she slipped off to sleep.  “I wasn’t afraid, I knew that you’d come to save me.  You always do.  I love you, Harry!”




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