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Finding Our Way by ARG
Chapter 9 : Changing
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Sirius was nervous, very nervous. February 28th arrived, which was little more than just his and Mia’s birthday this year. Not only were they turning off age but also it was the day he had decided to come clean. He would tell Mia how he felt for her and that could either mean turn out to be very good or very bad.

The common room was crowded with several Gryffindors – Elizabeth had, once again, made an event out of their birthday. After having been wished a happy birthday several times, patted on the back and offered a shot of smuggled firewhiskey by James, saying it was to help him loose his tongue, Sirius finally managed to sneak though the portrait hole searching for Mia, who had sneaked out just minutes earlier. He found her sitting on the floor just a few yards away from the Fat Lady’s portrait.

“Hey, sitting alone in the dark?” Sirius asked her, taking a seat by her side.

“Not anymore,” she replied with a smile. “I just wanted to escape for a bit. It is too crowded inside.”

“Yeah. They probably won’t even notice we are gone. It’s not our party or anything,” he said sarcastically.

She laughed softly. “It’s just so odd. I don’t feel off age, you know?”

He nodded. “It’s probably because we are at school and we can’t really do much stuff we couldn’t when we were underage. I mean we can’t apparate here, doing magic is something we do every day… well, we could get pissed with firewhiskey.”

She was the sarcastic one this time. “Right, that’s exactly the first thing I want to do after turning seventeen. It just feels the same way it did yesterday or the day before, like nothing has changed.”

Of one thing Sirius was sure – things would change after he told her what he had planned to. “Do you want things to change?” he inquired in a low voice.

She thought for a moment. “Yeah. Change is good sometimes.”

“Well,” Sirius said, a weight on his chest caused by the nerves, “maybe I can help you with that.” He touched her lips with his own. She responded, like always, opening her mouth and letting him in. They kept kissing for what seemed hours in their minds, although in reality it hadn’t passed more than a couple of minutes. They broke apart when they heard the Fat Lady making an outraged sound in the background and complaining about students kissing in the middle of the corridor after curfew.

“This isn’t really a change, Sirius,” Mia whispered, ignoring the portrait’s protests. “It’s not like we don’t do this all the time.”

He shook his head and got up. “Follow me,” he said, stretching his arm to help her up.

She just stared for a few seconds before giving in to the curiosity and accepting the hand, following him. He led her to an empty classroom, closing the door behind them. Mia sat on one of the desks and waited for him to do whatever he was planning to.

He took a deep breath. “Remember that chat we had last December? About that rumour.”

Mia nodded, wondering where he was trying to get with this. Thinking back of that conversation still made her feel awfully embarrassed.

“Well, I’ve been a bit… confused ever since,” he confessed.

“About what?” she inquired.

“About us,” Sirius told her. “About what we are. About why the hell I couldn’t get you out of my head. And then yesterday I talked to James and what he said gave me some… clarity.”

She sat frozen. He couldn’t get her out of his head?! She couldn’t get him out of her head! Where was he getting with that? “What… what did James tell you?”

“That maybe I was in love with you,” Sirius confessed. “And he was right. I am in love with you. I think I’ve been for a long time but I just didn’t know it, maybe because I was afraid or because I’m just really thick. But I am in love with you, Mia. I know it now.”

Mia looked… stared at him in disbelief. She had to have fallen asleep and be dreaming because he couldn’t possibly be telling her he loved her. But she wasn’t asleep – imagining the Fat Lady lecturing them about kissing in the hallway wasn’t something that would take place in a dream of hers. “I… hum… I…”

He took a few steps in her direction, standing only a couple inches in front of her. “Say something, Mia. Please.”

She couldn’t utter a word, so she just climbed out of the table and pulled him into another kiss. But, this time, she made sure it was different from the other ones. Mia tried to put the words she had found herself unable to say in it, making the kiss soft and loving. He tangled one of his hands in the middle of her brown hair and the other touched her back as hers rested on his waist. She hoped he was getting the message as her brain seemed to be too numb to verbalize it. Their lips parted eventually but he kissed her forehead and pulled her into a tight hug like he would never let go of her.

Mia rested her head against his chest and sighed, closing her eyes. She took a deep breath and whispered his name – apparently she could talk again. “You have no idea how long I’ve been in love with you.”

He smiled hearing her response and rested his chin on her head. “So, does this mean I get to have you as my girlfriend?”

She took one step back, her hands holding his, and smiled. “You do know that involves not dating anybody else.”

Sirius shrugged. “I can live with being your exclusive. I haven’t been doing much of that lately, anyway. It’s hard to date a girl when I am always comparing them with you.”

She felt proud of herself for having that effect on him. “Alright, then,” Mia told him. Part of her was till refusing to believe the last ten minutes of her life had been real and she was actually Sirius Black’s girlfriend.

“Promise me you’ll hex me if I screw this up,” he requested.

“I won’t need to,” she said, pecking him on the lips. “This was really the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten so far.”

“I have to agree with that,” he declared, grinning at her. “I even feel cheerful enough to go back to that blasted party.”

“I feel the same way,” she said. “Let’s not tell any of our friends about this and see which one guesses first. My bet is on James. He’s strangely perceptive. Gave me quite a heads up about you last year.”

“He did?” Sirius asked surprised.

“I’ll tell you about it one of these days,” Mia promised.

“But, well, James doesn’t count. He knows I was going to talk to you today, so I doubt it will take him more than half a minute to figure it out. Let’s leave it to the others. If none of them guesses, we can we just make it more obvious with a bit of public snogging, can’t we?”

She laughed in return as he walked her out of the classroom.


“Are you sure you haven’t seen them?” Elixabeth asked Remus again. “It is their party. They can’t have ditched it.”

“I haven’t seen any of them for a while but the room is full of people. Maybe you just missed them,” he told her.

“I doubt it,” Lily said.

James shook his head from his seat just a couple of feet away. “Just leave them be. It’s their birthday, after all.” Lily stared at him with an eyebrow raised and he huffed. “What? Does wanting to leave them alone make me a prat?”

“No,” she said, looking surprised. “It is actually impressive.”

His face lightened up. “It is? Than will you—“

“Don’t ruin it,” she interrupted. “Just let me believe for a single night that you are not an obsessive git.”

“Who’s the obsessive git?” Sirius asked, approaching them through the crowd pulling Mia behind him by the hand.

“Where have the two of you been?!” Elizabeth shrieked.

“Just outside,” Mia said. “It’s a bit hot in here, isn’t it?”

Glancing at his best friend for a moment, Sirius knew immediately he and Mia had been right – considering the expression on his face, James had already figured it out. Sirius quickly shot him a ‘don’t you dare breathe a word’ look.

“It’s almost midnight. You guys’ birthday is about to be over,” Lily said.

“There will be more next year,” Sirius told her, a goofy smile on his face.

“Yeah, but the year after that we’ll be out of Hogwarts,” Remus pointed out. “It is highly unlike you’ll celebrate it together then.”

“You never know,” James pointed out from his seat, grinning knowingly. Sirius glared at him.

“Oh, come on,” Elizabeth stated. “Considering Mia will be in Healing School and Black will be in… well, training for whatever it is he wants to do, I doubt there will be much time to spend the day with old school friends.”

How thick are they?! Mia thought. Couldn’t they see she was holding hands with Sirius and that they had just arrived to the common room together? “This is just not working,” she told Sirius. “They are too dumb.”

“Who’s dumb?” Lily asked.

“You guys are,” Sirius said, turning to Mia. “Plan B?”

“Plan C,” she told him. He looked at her confused – there was no plan C. “Up in your dorm. It is way too crowded down here,” she specified.

“I wouldn’t do that,” James told them, close to laughing. “Pete’s sleeping in there. You don’t want to scare him to death, do you?”

“Why are you all talking in charades?” Remus inquired with Mia and Lily nodding behind him.

Mia groaned and turned to Sirius. “Just go ahead with plan B or they will never get it.”

He grinned. “I was hoping they wouldn’t,” he stated before kissing her for the fourth time – or fifth, he wasn’t sure – that night.

“Oh Merlin,” Remus murmured, embarrassed.

Lily and Elizabeth were just staring at the kissing couple with their mouths hanging half-open.

They broke apart seconds later and looked at their friends. “Have we not mentioned we are together?” Mia asked, trying to sound innocent.

“You…” Elizabeth started telling Mia. “You’re together? For real?”

“For real,” she confirmed.

“When did this happen?” Lily inquired.

“Twenty minutes ago or so,” Mia replied with a smile on her face. Sirius put an arm around her waist and pulled her closer – better make the most of it now that he could.

“Well, I don’t really know what to say,” Remus told them.

“How about ‘took you long enough’?” James suggested from his seat. “It was a long-time coming, really.”

“It was, wasn’t it?” Sirius asked, a goofy grin all over his face. “Well, I guess it’s better late than never.” 

A/N: I'm never asking my sister to post for me again... Well, hope you liked it. What do you think of the 'changing'? Send some feedback.

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