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Remember by Emilyinlove
Chapter 26 : Graduation
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Disclaimer: I do not own J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter books, characters, movies, series or anything related to it.

Author's Note:
Hey everyone!! So this is Chapter Twenty-Six of Remember. I still have to write more of the future chapters, but I promise they'll be good ;) So I'm going to keep this short, so don't forget to leave a review! How about letting me know your favorite character, pairing or moment or something like that? Anyways, read on my readers!

Chapter Twenty-Six: Graduation

NEWTs had ended thankfully, and they were horrible, let me tell you that. But I think I did pretty well. And now we only had two days of school left, and all the seventh years were looking forward to the Graduation Ball, which was tonight. We were having a large dinner, and a ball with live music and entertainment. All the girls were squealing excitedly while all the guys were probably wondering if they could get out of this.

We had the actual ceremony yesterday where we all received our diplomas and other awards. When Sirius' name had been called, he refused to get up, causing a lot of whispering and such, before we found out why. None of the Marauders would go up when there name was called, so when they finally got to Potter, they gave up and called all of them up together. As soon as they stepped onto the stage a huge fireworks show started and a banner came down from the ceiling saying "The Marauders are Forever". Everyone was clapping loudly for them when this happened, their last prank at Hogwarts.

Lily and James had proceeded as Head Boy and Head Girl made a speech, saying what a great year it had been for all of us, and how we had all changed so much. James then proceeded to apologize to anyone he hurt, one person in particular who I found out to be Severus Snape, because he was ashamed of what he had done.

Right now, Marlene, Lily, Rebecca and I were all in the seventh year Gryffindor's dorms getting ready for the ball tonight. Marlene had taken the liberty of doing my hair and make-up for the night. She made my hair fall down my back in big, soft spirals, and pinned it up so that it looked like a formal type of messy bun with some loose strands falling into my face. I placed the tiara that belonged to my mother gently on top of my head. Marlene had done my make-up very simple by using some mascara, glittery white powder in the corners of my eyes to make them "pop" as she said, a brush of blush on the apples of my cheeks and some clear lip gloss across my lips.

"Before you put your dress on Elle, we have something for you to put on underneath," Rebecca said, smiling mischievously. "So put this on," She pushed a plastic bag into my hands before leading me over to one of the stalls in the bathroom. "And come out to show us." I went into the stall and quickly changed before coming out for all of the girls to gasp.

"Damn, if only you could wear lingerie to class," Rebecca said before turning me around so I could look at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a black, lacy bra that made my breasts look slightly bigger than they usually did and pushed them up. I was also wearing an almost see-through, black pair of underwear that had a slim design. The long scar going down my stomach was still very visible, having not faded at all since acquiring it, but I couldn't help feeling really good about myself and my body.

"So why do I have this on?" I inquired.

"Well, we think that tonight might be the night for you and Remus," Marlene said in a coy voice, which should've given me a hint right there but it was so vague that I didn't really understand what she meant.

"You and Remus might have sex tonight for the first time, Elle," Rebecca said bluntly, causing me to blush, and Lily and Marlene started giggling uncontrollably.


"Anyways, we wanted you to look good under your dress as well because this could be a very special night for the two of you," Lily said, hugging my shoulders.

"Oh," I said, thinking about what that meant to me, and if I was ready for that as I went back into the stall and put my dress on.

I walked down the steps of the Entrance Hall to feel like all eyes were on me. I was wearing a gorgeous, light orchid purple dress that was strapless, reached the ground and had a beautiful design on the torso in clear beads. As soon as I took the last step, Remus took my hand and held onto me protectively as we all waited to enter the Great Hall. No one had seen how it was decorated because we had been banned from it since lunch.

Suddenly, the doors burst open and Professor McGonagall was standing there in her tartan dress robes, smiling happily, and almost sadly at the prospect of this being on of our last nights.

“Seventh Years, you may come in now," McGonagall said to reveal the Great Hall which was like a fairy tale castle. The floors were shiny and silver; there were trees along all the walls decorated with multi-colored lanterns and sparkly lights. All the tables were different colors and had enough room at each to fit about ten people. Our group went and sat at one of the tables closest to the front.

Everyone was now sitting at their tables, patiently waiting for Dumbledore to speak. "As the last day of your years at Hogwarts approaches, all of you are taking another large step towards becoming adults. As scary as the world looks from here, I'm sure all of you, with the help of your family and friends, will be able to make it through this long and hard journey called life. Now, tuck in!" Dumbledore announced for menus to appear at every table. Everyone looked around in confusion before watching Dumbledore.

"Lamb chops," He said after clearing his throat, and they appeared on his plate. Everyone now knew how to do it, so we all started saying what we wanted. Dinner was probably the most delicious I've eaten since I've arrived at Hogwarts, and it ended soon to make way for the dancing part of the evening.

Remus and I made our way to the dance floor and were having a blast. A lot of the guys were asking me to dance, but Remus always answered for me, telling them "no" because I was all his. The only other guys who were allowed to dance with me were the other Marauders, because he obviously trusted them not to steal me away from him. I didn't mind really, because he was just being protective of me, which was really sweet and cute.

Remus signaled that he'd be back in a second and walked up to where the band was and talked to them quietly before taking hold of the mic.

"Most of you know me as Remus Lupin, or as one of the Marauders, which are both things that describe who I am. And some of you may know that standing up here, addressing such a large group of people isn't something I usually do. Over the past year, I've had the pleasure of getting know the most wonderful girl, Elle Knightley. And a couple of months ago, Elle and I became boyfriend and girlfriend, which was probably the happiest thing in my life. Elle, I've been in love with you since the very first day I met you. So I was just wondering," Remus said, getting down on one knee and holding out a velvet case that had a diamond ring inside of it, "will you do the honor of marrying me and becoming my wife?"

Everyone in the crowd started "aww-ing" and I nodded, feeling tears streaming down my face. I walked over to where he was and he placed the ring on my fingers and kissed me really softly.

"Why am I crying? I'm not sad," I said through my tears.

"You're crying because you're happy," Remus said, wiping the tears away gently with his thumbs before enveloping me in a hug.

A slow song came on and we were very close to each other when Remus leant down and kissed me. I started kissing him back with all the passion I had in me, and probably more. Before either of us knew what was happening, we were leaving up to Gryffindor Tower. We were in the boys' dorms and kissing very heatedly on his bed. He was on top of me, with a leg on either side, his hands entangled in my hair, that was once perfectly styled, was down and a complete mess, I imagined.

His hand that was on my back, slowly unzipped the back of my dress and he slowly pulled it off, his mouth never leaving mine. As I pulled away to take a breath, his eyes looked over my body.

"Wow..." He breathed before kissing my neck and shoulders. "Are you sure you're ready?" He was centered on his knees above me as he asked this, the gold in his eyes shining more than ever.

"Yes," I breathed and before we knew it, the rest of the clothes were flying everywhere and the heated kissing turned to much, much more.

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