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The Potter Legacy by TessaMSE
Chapter 1 : James
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chapter image done by SwissMiss thank you so much!

I looked in the mirror at my reflection. My brown eyes stared back at my freckle littered face. A bit of my black hair fell in front of my eyes blocking my view for a moment before I quickly brushed it away. I threw my hat back on and exited the bathroom into the noisy club. The pulsing music surrounded me, and my conquest for that evening, Emma, or Emily; I couldn’t remember was quickly by my side. I lifted my drink up toward my cousin Fred who was in a corner with his hands all over some girl. It was good to be James Potter.


    I woke up that morning to my phone blaring some music. Emma (or Emily) was snoring softly next to me. “Hello,” I murmured into the phone.

    It was Lily. “You are late," she stated.

    I checked the clock, which said it was ten fifteen, “Am I? I thought I was supposed to be there at 10:30?”

    “Yes, but I suspect you are still lying in bed, so if I didn’t call right now you were going to be late,” she giggled to me.

I laughed. “I’ll be there Lils. Of course, I have to see you off.” Even though I did not attend Hogwarts anymore everytime Lil returned or went off I made the trip to King's Cross to see her. I loved Lily; she was my best friend in the entire world. For a sixteen year old she was incredibly smart in the ways of the world. And all the boys at Hogwarts already chased her around, which worried me quite a bit; at least I still had Albus to watch out for her this year. Carefully, I shook the sleeping form next to me. I whispered in her ear, “I’ve got to go.” She rolled her body on top of me, which I was not amused by, “I really have to go.”

“Does that mean I have to go? Your bed is so comfortable,” she said to me.

“Leave your number on the kitchen table. I’ll call you sometime,” I answered back to her. I wasn’t going to call her. I never called any of them, except for Odette. Odette Delafote had been my steady girlfriend since I was fourteen. I am now twenty. I had met her through Victoire the summer after my third at Hogwarts. Now, she was a famous French model, and I was her boyfriend. There was this kind of obession between Odette and me, somewhere between passion and revulsion. We loved to toy with one another. I didn’t doubt that she knew I slept around, because I knew she had slept with other people since we got together. Six years was a long time to be in a relationship, especially a long distance one. She was at Beauxbatons while I spent my years at Hogwarts. We would write to each other every other day, and for a while it was enough. In my sixth year I bought a cell phone and we would talk for hours. I didn’t get much sleep that year. I knew she was expecting a ring soon. I just liked my single lifestyle right now. I pulled a t-shirt on. Emma (or Emily) threw her clothes on than strutted out of my bedroom. I wasn’t really interested in her, but she was a good lay. I put a cigarette between my lips and walked Emma (or Emily) toward a taxi. I gave her some muggle money for the taxi, than lit my cigarette, found a pretty hidden corner, and apparated near King’s Cross.

There she was, Lily, she looked great, too great, maybe I could transfigure her appearance to make her less attractive to the boys of the world. She would kill me. I was a lot more scared of her than anyone else on the planet.

“Jamesie! There you are lover boy,” Lily yelled toward me. She threw her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear, “Whom were you doing?”

I laughed, “You don’t know her, love. Are mum and dad there?” I asked her as I pushed her hair out from behind her ears, “You know you look a lot prettier with your hair in your face.”

“Actually, people have told me I look prettier when they can see my eyes,” she said as she touched me lightly on the nose.

I narrowed my eyes, “What kind of people?”

“You know, people,” she smiled at me than pointed over toward the car she had jumped out of it, “Look there’s Albus.”

I grabbed her hand, “Wait one second little lady. I have a present for you.”

Her eyes lit up, “A good present?”

“I’d say so,” I said shaking my head up and down.

Her eyes opened wide, “Better than the invisibility cloak, because you know that is the best birthday present anyone has ever given to me.”

“Perhaps, here check it out.” I pulled the piece of old parchment out of my pocket. “Point your wand at it and say, ‘I swear I am up to no good.’” She followed my instructions. I smiled as I saw her amazement, “Yes, that is the real McGonagall you see pacing in the headmistresses' office.”

“Is this the Marauder’s Map? I thought you were going to give this to Albus.”

I shrugged, “I like you more than Albus. He can be a bit boring at time. Now, you, I never get bored of having you around.” She smiled up at me.

Albus interrupted our conversation, “What are you two up to?” Albus is a bit straight lace, always trying to get everyone to love him, a bit too much for me, but in the end he is a good lad.

Lily flipped her head around to look him in the eye, “Oh Albie we are doing nothing. I saw you put those cigarettes in your pocket this morning, can I have a few for school?”

I was a bit taken aback, “You smoke Lils? I didn’t know. I have a pack you can take, so you don’t have to bum off of Albie. He needs his own to get through seventh year.”

“Don’t you think you shouldn’t support our younger sister smoking?” Albus scrunched his eyes in the same way that mum did when she was mad at us.

Out of nowhere we heard a familiar voice, “Hello dearies!” I saw a flash of blue hair that was followed by the good-looking tan face of Teddy Lupin, “And how are we? I saw you got that nice little Emily,” So it was Emily, “Congratulations my friend.”

“So you were with a girl last night?” Lily asked.

James put his finger to her lips, “That’s beside the point. How’d you know about Emily?”

Teddy through his hands toward the sky, “Heard it through the grape vine. Fred told me.”

“Fucking Freddie. Did he also tell you that he went home with the daughter of a guy in parliament?” I punched him lightly in the shoulder.

Teddy grabbed the cigarette out of my hand, “He did in fact. Give me a light. Not you Lily. I don’t approve of you having a lighter Miss Thang.”

“You aren’t my father,” Lily said narrowing her eyes in her menacing way.

“I might not be, but that wizard over there definitely is.” Teddy pointed his index finger toward our parents.

Harry Potter, my father, was walking toward us with his hand in my mother’s, Ginny Potter. Lily quickly stuck the lighter in her pocket. My father put his hand on my shoulder, “Good of you to make it James. Theodore, you didn’t have to come. You must be relatively busy with all the planning for the new baby. I am going to be a grandfather all over again, crazy.”

Albus shook his head, “If we want to speak literally you aren’t actually a grandfather.”

Lily snorted, and I tried to suppress a laugh before saying, “Albus, you might be the smartest one in our family, but you sure are awkward.”

As usual, Albus’ cheeks turned their normal shade of beet red, “I didn’t mean it this way. I mean I know you consider dad and mom, I know they helped bring you up, I’m just saying that…”

Teddy interrupted him, “Albus, it is completely fine. No offense taken. You two better go. Both of you are prefects aren’t you? I am so very proud. And look who it is, the Weasley bunch.”

Hermione and Ron led their children Rose and Hugo toward us. Rose and Hugo were both very smart, Rose even smarter. Rose was pretty, but she was also pretty stuck up. The Weasley bunch was a little too big for my liking. There were sixteen grandchildren in all, seventeen if you counted Teddy, which I did. I was more surprised when I saw the person walking behind Rose. There was Odette. Why was she here? Then he saw Bill and Fleur and their children Dominique and Louis. Surprisingly there was Victoire. I did not really pay it any mind. Odette walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek, “We’ll talk later,” she whispered in my ear with a foreboding tone. We walked toward platform 9 ¾ where we met up with George, Angelina, Roxanne, Percy, Audrey, Lucy, and Molly Weasley. And of course there were my grandparents watching over their flock. I kissed my grandmother on the cheek and shook my grandfather’s hand. I saw a seventh year girl that I had gotten to know a little better this summer and winked at her. Fortunately, Odette didn’t seem to have noticed. Maybe she had, but I was a Potter. And it was good to be a Potter.

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