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Torn Between Two Lovers: A Vampire's Tale by alicia and anne
Chapter 10 : I am a Half-breed
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A/N hello!!! sorry about the long wait but I have a good explanation for it :-) i've just recovered from surgery but i have lots of time off of work now so i can update the stories :-). Anyway enough about my excuses. Hope you enjoy this chapter

Disclaimer: we own nothing apart from the plot and Lucida

“Now now young lady, there are  ...rumours…going around that he –who-must-not-be-named has returned”


“It’s all true!”


“Well …miss...Valenteen” Umbridge spat


“It seems that I shall have to drill the message into you…just like I did to Harry Potter”

Lucida suddenly thought of Harry’s scars on his left hand…




“it’s too late now miss Valenteen, you have forced me to do this, if you all just listened to me, then I wouldn’t have to punish you all”


“Well you’re wrong!” Lucida said, a few students gasped. Just as the bell went for the end of the lesson


“I want you to stay here…now…before you run away for help” Umbridge smiled that sickly sweet smile”


“And that goes for all of you!”


Ron and Hermione exchanged worried looks and Harry began rubbing his hand, before slowly rising out of his seat


“no no Mr Potter, you and your friends are to leave now, Miss Valenteen is quite safe with me” Umbridge said Ron, Hermione and Harry had no choice but to leave Lucida alone with Umbridge, they all gave Lucida meaningful looks before they left the classroom.


"Follow me please Miss Valenteen"


"Why can't we do the detention here?" Lucida asked still sat in her chair


"I don't want us to be disturbed now please follow me" Umbridges voice was almost commanding.


Lucida stood up and followed Umbridge up to her office, upon closing the door behind Lucida Umbridge indicated a vacant seat which she wanted Lucida to sit in, casting a glare towards the kittens and cats lining the defence against the dark arts teacher office walls Lucida sat down.


"You are to be punished" Umbridge said placing a quill and some parchment in front of Lucida.


"For what? Speaking the truth?"


"No! You are lying! Potter has filled your head with lies and I will not have the likes of you running around Hogwarts terrifying people into believing that he who must not be named has returned"


Lucida was stunned at her words she was certain that Umbridge was assuming that Lucida was using her Vampire powers to terrify other students, but she couldn't prove it.


“This is just because I’m a half breed isn’t it” Lucida spat


“Well...if that’s how you feel, then I believe that we should let everyone else know…” it suddenly dawned on Lucida what Umbridge was going to do


“You can’t do that” she said in a quiet voice and Umbridge laughed


“Oh my dear…of course I can! I am the high inquisitor of this school”


“Professor Dumbledore wo….”


“What Professor Dumbledore doesn’t know…won’t hurt him…now…pick up the quill”




The smile on the high inquisitor’s face twitched


“If you don’t do it…there are ways I can persuade you to…” she said, reaching and picking up her wand, looking at it thoughtfully


Lucida couldn’t think what…and then she thought of the imperious curse…’no’…but then again…


She snatched up the quill.


“Good girl…” then Umbridge laughed


“Now begin to write….I am a half breed”


Lucida stopped. The quill hovering over the parchment… and then...she began to write...


*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *         


more then two hours later Lucida stormed into the common room, too stubborn to back down from Umbridge or admit that she was wrong Lucida had caused herself more pain then necessarily, angry at herself and Umbridge she threw her bag down by the sofa where Ron,

Hermione and Harry were sitting facing the fire unaware that Lucida has even entered the room until the loud banging against the sofa was heard. They all turned to face her.


"Oh Lucida you're back!" Harry exclaimed standing up


“What did she make you do?” Hermione asked jumping up form her place by the fire.


“This!” Lucida said yanking back the sleeve of her robes


“This is what that hag made me do!”


“Oh Lucida!” there imprinted on her left hand were the words “I am a half breed


“That’s ….”




Lucida turned round


“Now everyone will know” she said holding out her hand to Harry to look at.


“Great now everyone’s got one, it looks like a fashion statement” Ron said trying to lighten the mood


But a glare from Hermione suggested otherwise.”


“What am I going to do?” Lucida said, falling onto the sofa, clutching at her hair


“We should go to Dumbledore” Harry said


“No I’m not going to worry him with this…I need to see Snape


“But what can he do?” Ron asked


“Its past curfew she’ll find out if you go to see him”


They all fell silent


“Harry…..can she use your cloak” asked Hermione after a few moments


“The cloak?” he asked a little taken aback


“Oh yeah and you’ve never used it when you’ve been in trouble”


Harry nodded


“Fine ….I’ll go and get it”



Snape looked up from his desk when he heard the door open and close but no-one was there, slightly confused he slowly slid his wand out of his pocket


“Who’s there!” he called to the darkness


Lucida pulled the invisibility cloak off of her and Snape put his wand down


“Lucida” he said


“What are you doing here?”


“Its past curfew, you’ll get into trouble”


“I needed to see you”

”can’t it wait until the morning when there’s less chance of you getting caught out of bed”


“No I need your help”


And before Snape could say another word to her she had rushed forward pulling her sleeve back and thrusting her hand into his face


Focusing his eyes on her hand he noticed quite clearly the red lines of “I’m a half breed” gouged into her skin


“Oh my god” he gasped taking hold of her hand,


“I’ll see what I can do” and he quickly leapt up from his desk and went to the back of the room, rummaging through his many potion vials, within moments he had found a vial with a pale blue liquid inside, rushing back over to Lucida he grabbed her hand and poured some of the liquid over her wound, she winced as it began to sting.


“Now it won’t make the scars fade entirely but it will reduce its appearance, so it’s less obvious.

Lucida nodded.


“there’s not much I can do about it now, come and see me in the morning and we can talk about it” Lucida nodded again and mumbled a thank you as she rolled her sleeve back down, grabbing hold of Harry’s cloak she threw it over herself and opened the door again.


“You should be proud of that” Snape called after her retreating form


“It’s nothing to be ashamed of”


                        *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *                      *


The next day Lucida and Snape were by his office discussing what they couldn’t last night, giving Lucida a lollipop he smiled down at her,


“As long as you’ve got me, she can’t get to you and she won’t hurt you” he was about to say something else when he sensed someone coming down the corridor, he caught Lucida off guard


“Put it away!” he suddenly hissed and yanked the lollipop out of Lucida’s mouth


“Sev….!” She began to protest




Turning round she realised why her lunch had been taken away


“Professor Snape”


“Yes Dolores” Snape said coldly, quickly taking a step in front on Lucida


"What do you think you are doing?" Umbridge asked Severus in her sweetly voice as she tilted her head to the side observing Lucida.


"I am..."


"You are conversing with a student I see that" Umbridge finished for him "but for what reason are you conversing with her?"


Snape wasn't able to answer quickly enough for her


"I believe that this isn't an educational matter Severus"


"I was just helping..."


"But helping her private life out is not your concern is it Severus? She has nothing to do with you"


Snape felt his eyes narrow


"This girl will no longer be allowed anywhere near the dungeons unless it is to go to potions. I believe that this is the fifth time I have spotted you two together, if I see you two together again then I will get the ministry involved Severus"


"What is that supposed to mean?"


"I think you are taking too much of an interest in this girl Severus. Therefore you are banned from seeing each other outside of Potions"


“What?” Lucida said stunned


“Banned miss Valenteen” Umbridge tutted “you would have thought someone with your condition would be able to hear well, but I am sorely mistaken”


“You can’t do that” Lucida cried angrily


“I believe I can!” Umbridge rose her voice “with my new decree I am forbidding any teacher from discussing anything with other students which doesn’t have anything to do with their chosen teaching subject”


Lucida looked to Snape who was standing behind Umbridge a solemn but loathful expression on his face as he glared at the back of Umbridges head


“Now go” Umbridge said in her sweet but sickly voice


Lucida stood where she was “but I need to tell sir…”


“Detention misses Valenteen” Umbridge interrupted


Lucida’s mouth dropped open “but…”


“I have banned you Miss Valenteen and you are now going against my new decree now if you

Don’t leave this vicinity then I will get Filch to personally escort you away”


“If I see you two together again when there isn’t a good enough reason then I will see that one or both of will be leaving this school”


Lucida glared at her defence against the dark arts teacher before turning and walking off muttering “you shouldn’t be allowed so much power”


“I think that will be another detention miss Valenteen” rang Umbridges voice through the corridor as Lucida carried on walking.


Later that evening Lucida had found herself walking towards the great hall for dinner with Ron, Harry and Hermione. She was still angry about Umbridge banning her from seeing Snape and she was yelling about it every opportunity she had.


“Why doesn’t she just go back to the hole that she crawled out of?” Lucida yelled angrily as she kicked out at passing animate objects as her, Ron, Hermione and Harry walked down the corridor


“calm down” Ron said soothingly grabbing hold of her shoulders and steering her away from a group of first years she was angrily heading towards, walking down the moving staircase they made their way into the great hall sating themselves down at the Gryffindor table in silence they sat down as they waited for the food to appear in front of them.


“That foul creature!” she growled as Umbridge looked down at them from her position at the teacher’s table.


“Have you seen what that monster is trying to do to me?” Lucida growled her finger running over the writing gouged into the skin in her hand


“Go to Dumbledore” Harry said picking at his toast, the others all nodded


“But that’s the thing” Ron exclaimed “you can‘t go to Dumbledore can you? There’s nothing he can do. Even then ministry will turn a blind eye”


“That’s why I’m glad we’re in the ‘DA’” Ron added as an after thought


“Ron” Hermione warned turning her head to look at the students sitting near them to make sure no-one was listening to their conversation


“What? I thought you wanted people to know about our ‘rebellion’” he said before spooning his porridge into his mouth


“Yeah well not when Umbridge is on the warpath at the moment, the slightest thing will get anyone into trouble”


“Guys stop it” Harry said warningly causing his two friends to shut their mouths both with determined and angry faces, he knew that they wouldn’t be quiet on the subject for long.


Turning to Lucida he asked the question he asked her often


“Why aren’t you in the ‘DA’ Lucida?”


Lucida looked up at him “because I don’t want to give the toad anymore ammunition, she’s already looking for a way to get me out of the school”


“Cheer up” Harry up said putting an arm around her comfortingly


“We have a Quidditch match this afternoon”


“Don’t remind me” Ron muttered


“We can cheer you up by kicking Slytherin’s arse, we usually do”


Lucida nodded and started to eat some of the food Ron had piled onto the plate for her. Turning to look at Ron who was sitting with his head down, she grabbed for his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.


“Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll win” she said

A/N: so what do you think?

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