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Teddy & Victoire: A Love Story by SiriuslyNot
Chapter 1 : Teddy & Victoire: A Love Story
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I looked up, even if I knew who it was. "When will you stop calling me 'kiddo', Teddy?"

Teddy grinned, and fell down beside me in the grass. "When you grow up."

"Very mature," I muttered, pulling another strand of grass and rolled it between my fingers. "Harry giving you a hard time?" I joked.

Teddy laughed, and his usually black hair turned red, as red as Aunt Ginny's. "Sure, sure," he chuckled, and scratched his stomach - such a Teddy-ish thing to do.

I sighed, and leaned my elbow against my knee, so that I could rest my chin on my hand. The summer had only begun, and it was boiling hot - I was literally sweating like a pig, and people should avoid me for their own sake - yet, Teddy didn't. It was both annoying and butterflies-fluttering-in-my-stomach. I hated to not look good around him. I hated how he always tucked my blonde hair behind my ear, and trying to push the corner of my mouth up into a grin. Usually, it worked just fine. Teddy always made me smile; he was my best friend in the whole wide world.

I sighed again, and glanced at Teddy, watching his red hair slowly turn black again. I secretly wondered if he had got some influence from Harry, because as of lately, his hair was almost always black, or dark brown.

As I found myself admiring the perfectly straight nose of Teddy's, and the shape of his lips, I had to mentally bitch slap myself. I shook my head wildly, letting my hair fall down as a thick curtain in front of my face, perfectly hiding my blush. I hated how he made me blush. It was so embarrassing.

Teddy didn't know this, but I had a small crush on him. Okay, so it wasn't small - it was huge. Enormous. Gigantic. Humongous.

How many fell in love with their best friend after several snogging sessions, which were all caused because of utter boredom? Zero.

Well, one; me.

"What are you thinking, kiddo?" Teddy asked, brutally throwing me back to reality.

You, I thought.

Teddy reached towards me, pushing my hair behind my ear. I blushed furiously, gaping at him like a goldfish. How the hell did he do that!?

"Actually," I said, clearing my throat. "I'm thinking about Rose."

He raised his eyebrows, looking curiously at me. "Little Rosie?" he said.

"Yeah," I said, and looked away from him, frowning down at my flip-flops. "Albus said she's become very friendly with that Scorpius bloke - you know him?"

What a stupid question to ask.

"Scorpius? Scorpius Malfoy?" Teddy laughed. "Oh, leave it to little Rosie to mingle with the losers - last time I heard of Scorpius was when James tried to drown him in one of the toilets. James takes this entire Gryffindor/Slytherin thing wildly out of proportion!"

"Can you blame him, having both Harry and Ron encouraging him?" I pointed out, grinning at the memory of seeing both of the adults leaning over poor James, giving him hints.

"Sounds like my godfather," Teddy said thoughtfully.

There was a silence, as we just stared at each other. "So... you're going to the party tonight? You know, Harry and Ginny's anniversary and all...?"

Where do I come up with these stupid questions?

"Of course!" Teddy said, and huffed loudly. "D'you think either of them would let me live if I didn't?"

"Be nice, Teddy," I laughed, nudging him playfully. I stood up, and met Teddy's quizzical look. "What?"

"Already leaving?"

"Well, yeah," I said, shrugging. "Mama wants to do my hair, and Dom is being a royal pain in the ass as always... I'm obliged to take part."

"Oh," Teddy said, and leaned back on his hands, letting the wind play with his hair. "So I'll see you tonight?"

"Not if I see you first," I said, and smiled.

"Touché, Weaslette," Teddy said, and smiled his signature crooked smile.

}) i ({

I sat in the corner, moping.

The anniversary party had started two hours ago, and I hadn't seen one glimpse of Teddy. I even hunted down Harry, and asked him if he had seen Teddy around - which he hadn't. He told me not to worry, but that wasn't the case - I was furious.

"Maybe he's just late," Ginny tried to reassure me, giving me a small smile - I could tell she was as annoyed as I was. "He used to have such a good timing with things!"

I downed my fifth Butterbeer, watching the couples sway to the lame song. It wasn't a formal occasion; Harry disliked them. It was kind of amusing to watch people sway to Frank Sinatra in their jeans, but still kind of adorable, especially mama and daddy. Daddy offered to dance with me one dance, but I refused - I was too old for that. Dom, on the other hand, had her turn on the dancefloor with daddy, while mama danced with Harry.

Aunt Ginny's face was worth a million galleons.

"Want to dance?"

I looked up in shock, my mouth wide open, as I stared straight at Aaron Longbottom.

"Aaron!?" I said in shock, my face slowly turning into a grin. "Aaron, oh my God!"

I embraced my old Hogwarts friend, laughing loudly. It was kind of awkward, considering how I towered over most people - except Teddy, who towered over me. Aaron hadn't changed much, though. The babyfat he had once had was still there, but didn't make him look or act as awkward as back in Hogwarts. Last time I danced with Aaron Longbottom, he very nearly crushed my toes.

"The song is almost over," Aaron pointed out, nodding towards the dancing couples.

"Let's go then - I want to see if you're still as bad as in Hogwarts!" I joked, and led the way to the dancefloor.

We started swaying awkwardly, while talking about complete nonsense, such as Quidditch, our nutty families, what our plans were now when Hogwarts was behind, and if we had seen any other of our Hogwarts friends.

"So you're dating Lupin?" Aaron asked, as I finished my story of how Teddy and I once almost got caught by some Muggles while flying on Sirius Black's motorcycle.

I blinked at Aaron, looking at him as if he was totally dense. "No!" I called out, laughing nervously. "Why would I date him? He's my best friend, he... he... no, I'm not."

"But..." Aaron said, frowning at me. "You two are meant to be, Vic."

As if.

"Sure, sure," I said and rolled my eyes.

"Everyone knows that," Aaron pressed on. "Why do you think no one asked you on a date in Hogwarts? Mate, you were one of the most beautiful and nicest girls there, and no one asked you out. Ever wonder why? Because everyone knew you were Teddy's girl - he made it pretty clear."

That was the reason? Merlin, I thought it was because I was so tall that it frightened all the guys! This entire situation was starting to get very ridiculous, as I thought about Aaron's words. No way that that was the reason.

Wait, what? 'He made it pretty clear'? As in 'Teddy made it pretty clear'!?

I thought I would faint.

I think it was the fourth song we'd danced to, when we finally stopped. Aaron gave me one last meaningful look, before walking towards the table filled with food. I stood rooted to the spot, gaping after Aaron, as the next song came on, a much, much faster one.

I jumped ten feet in the air, as I felt a warm hand touch my arm. I spun around, staring wide eyed at Teddy, who now had short black hair, and a white button-up shirt, and a tie hanging loosely around his neck.


"This is a dancefloor," he called over the music. "You're supposed to dance."

He made it pretty clear.

"No thanks," I said dazed.

He laughed, and made an attempt to take my hand and make me dance. I pulled away from him, my eyes still wide open. He frowned at me, and took my hand, giving it a gentle squeeze, as if to ask if I was okay.

"Sorry," I said, and dashed across the room, and out through the front door, running past mama and daddy, both of them looking after me in confusion.

I felt tears burn my eyes, as I stumbled and wobbled my way down the road, my only goal being the line where I could Disapparate home. I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that Teddy had practically told everyone to stay away from me, and not told me about it. If I was supposed top be his girl, then he damn right better tell me about it, because hell, I wanted, craved, and dreamed about being his girl, every bleeding second of the day!

"Hey!" I heard Teddy call after me. I looked over my shoulder, walking faster. almost jogging now. "Oi! Slow down, woman!"

I swiveled around and glared at him, making him stop a few feet from me. "Why can't you call me by my name!?" I demanded furiously. "You haven't called me 'Vic' since... since... damn it! I can't even remember when you called me that! Do you even know that I have a name!?"

"What's your problem!?" Teddy said loudly. "I've done nothing, and you act like a freakin' crazy person, bolting around like your arse is on fire! Could you atleast explain why!"

"Am I your girl, or not, Teddy!?"

Teddy blinked a few times, and the look on his face reminded me of the very same one he had had when I had slapped him - on accident, of course. He looked completely stunned, and had no words to say.

"Well?" I said quietly, biting my lip.

"I..." Teddy started. "I don't know, kiddo..."

"I knew it," I whispered, taking a shaky step back. "I knew you only wanted me to be miserable. You never really cared for me, did you? We were never friends, were we? No! Because friends don't mess with their friends, Teddy! That's just bloody sick, you know that!?"

I stomped away from him, wiping my tears away. I recognized the oak tree down the road, and knew I was nearly at the line - soon I could just be home, and eat ice cream.


I froze, and stared wide-eyed at the oak tree. I slowly turned around, seeing Teddy walk stiffly towards me, his hands clenched into fists. He looked like he was about to punch me; his eyes were fierce with anger, or something I else I couldn't recognize, and his mouth was one thin line, as he finally reached me. What happened next, took me by surprise.

He grabbed me around my waist, while the other hand cupped my face, tilting my face up so that he had perfect access to my lips. He crushed his lips down against mine, his fingers digging deep in my hair. I hung like a ragdoll in his arms, as my eyes slowly fluttered shut. His lips were flaming hot, as he pulled me closer to his chest, his lips forcing my mouth open. This was nothing like our previous kisses; this one was different. This one was more demanding, more violent and rough.

And I liked it.

Just as I got the full control of my brain back, he pulled away enough to rest his forehead against mine, his eyes still closed. His nose, the very same I had always adored, nudged my nose, and his breathing hit my face like a warm summer breeze. I could smell the Butterbeer in his breath, and even better; I could still taste it on my own lips.

"I'm sorry I upset you," he whispered.

"It's okay," I whispered back, my eyes wide open.

"No," he said, and shook his head, making our noses nudge against each other again. "That was never the purpose."

"I love you, too," I suddenly said, making Teddy open his eyes.

"Y-you do?"

"Always have," I said, as Teddy pulled away, still keeping me in his arms. "Always will."

He smiled his crooked smile, and raised both of his hands, cupping my face with his huge, warm hands, and leaned down to kiss me. I stood up on my toes, meeting him half-way, and smiled against his lips.

"You're my girl, Victoire."

"I know."

}) i ({

A/N: This is my first attempt of a Teddy/Victoire story, might do some more, or do a sequel - I kinda like how this turned out, though :)

EDIT 6/11/2009: The sequel is up, it's called Teddy & Victoire: A Perfect Date
- Lily xxx

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