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Everything She Wants by nisalurve
Chapter 1 : Cupid's Arrow
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   Everyone knew about James Potter and Lily Evans. Who couldn’t? When everyone else in Hogwarts was still trying to study for their OWLs, the two had somehow hit it off, and Hogwarts had thrown off balance ever since. True, it was common knowledge that James Potter had fancied Lily Evans ever since he saw her, but no one knew that Lily would actually ever return his feelings. And who would’ve guessed that a carrot top could start dating the reigning Gryffindor king, the one who had never managed to miss the Snitch? The couple was well liked and well received, though not without envious glares. And on Valentine’s Day, the gifts never stopped. Girls could just not give up on James Potter, despite his current relationship status.

    “Ouch, watch it will you! That thing could put an eye out!” James yelped, as Lily tickled him with her quill. The two of them, plus the rest of the infamous Marauders lay around the base of a tree trunk. It had become their territory. Only one had ever dared to enter without permission, and that was a poor first year Slytherin that had the misfortune of introducing himself to James by stealing his favorite nappy place. Needless to say, the red checkered boxers hanging up on the tree the next day were most definitely his. The boy transferred the next year to Durmstrang or something of the sort. Ever since then, the tree was unofficially there's, guarded quite strongly by James and Sirius, who never seemed to run out of pranks at all.  

   Lily rolled her eyes at his babyish behavior and tossed back her brightly colored hair. 

      “Oh give it a rest, James; it’s a feather, not Venomous Tentacula.” She crossed her arms across her chest, her signature move that she used whenever she was irritated. lt was usually reserved for James Potter, but Sirius had received it a number of times, after all, he always made jokes about Lily. James and Sirius were nearly identical of each other in that manner. Lily huffed, while the pair rolled her eyes. Though she was kind and gentle, Lily was a goodie two shoes, and by being one, there were few people other than the Marauders who could truly tolerate her. “Why would I try to hurt you, James? You’re my boyfriend. If I wanted to hurt you I’d ask Severus to put an eye out. But seeing as I’m a Mudblood, I’m guessing that he’s too high and all mighty to speak to me,” Lily muttered darkly. Their friendship had not been in the dark, either, but it had ended when Snape had insulted her. James found that fact particularly amusing. 

      “Don’t worry about Snivellus,” James laughed. “We’ve taught him a good lesson or two, don’t worry. But there are plenty of reasons why you could be mad at me. Let’s see. . . “He tapped his chin while Sirius and Peter snickered. They were the two main henchmen in his attacks. Remus just leaned against the tree bark and exchanged an apology look with Lily. The two were probably the most sane of the group. Sirius was as much as a nut case as James, only slightly more wild and handsome, while Peter had no charisma whatsoever but an eagerness to obey. Remus and Lily usually read each other poetry while the three of them rampaged through the school grounds. 

     "Don't talk about Sirius like that," Lily said sternly. "Just because we're not friends doesn't mean you have the right to rag on him like that. He was a good friend to me for a while." She gave James the onceover while he blinked, surprised that Lily was leaping to her old friend's defense. Everyone knew that Snape had called her the dreaded M word, and it had cut Lily pretty deep. For a few days after that, she had lost all the energy to even insult James Potter and his gang. James just couldn't believe it. Even after what Snape had said, he was still being criticized for insulting him. Why was Lily doing this? Obviously Snape had gotten what he deserved. James cleared his throat to change the topic and picked off of their last conversation.

      “Ah, that’s right. . . “James laughed. “Did you never discover the condom in your Potions book?” 

       Peter chortled while Sirius rolled around on the ground, laughing hysterically. 

   “Oh ha ha,” Lily remarked. You could read in her eyes that she thought they were amusing, even though there was a quivering frown on her face. She used the quill to cover up her smile. “Yes, I happened to see your little gift, James, but don’t think that I accept the offer. I’m sure you’re used to girls throwing themselves at you, but with me, the rules are quite different. See, I respect my body as a woman and I am not going to be James Potter’s toy, God forbid what he does with his toys. . .” 

      Sirius gasped for air. 

       “. . . But I’d rather not be one. I’m not having sex until marriage, which I think is a decision that every girl should make. You should make it too James, I’d respect you a lot more if you did.” Lily frowned. She was a prude, and really, it was quite annoying. Though she was right in what mattered, her opinions had a way of being shoved down other people's throats.

      “Oh, he’s already broke that promise. What'd you do with the condom?” Sirius laughed. 

         "I threw it away." 

         "Should've given it to a first year!" Sirius howled. 

        James glared at him with dislike for spilling his secret. His eyes then traveled round. He was quite unaware of the number of girls watching him and the pile of growing presents next to his knee. Every five or so minutes a group of girls would come giggling by and deposit presents. Most of them were for Sirius, but a fair number were for James, a few for Remus and one crumpled package for Peter. He seemed to stare straight through all the girls, who had all straightened their hair and polished their makeup for them. James was rather daft. Sirius noticed, of course, but he never really took up to an interest in girls. He had dated a girl one, for a whole year, and it had ended badly, leaving Sirius with a love life in shambles. Remus always seemed to busy to make time for girls, and none ever approached Pete, but that was just as well, if James was a girl he would certainly stay away from his semi smelly friend as well.  

      A first year nervously approached the group. James and Sirius began their stare down, which had become a tradition. It was a competition to see who could make the first year cry. It was a girl this time, who still looked like a naïve little girl, with her blond hair in two springy pink scrunchies and a pink scarf tied around her neck. She held out a red envelope in her shaking envelope. You could already see the fat tears starting to well up in her eyes. She offered it to Lily, who took it with a smile.

       “Cupcake?” Lily offered kindly. They were gifts to James from some girls, but he didn’t care much for them. The first year glanced down nervously at the temptations of pink frosting and then Lily, and gingerly took one before running off to her friends, who looked like they had formed a prayer circle. Sirius and James called crude remarks after her regarding purity, and Lily slapped the two of them on their knees and attempted to shove James in the dirt. She did it jokingly, of course, but James knew that he should stop. He had stepped over the line many time's before, and Lily had no tolerance for it. It was Valentine's Day, and he had decided that he best stay on her good side unless he wanted to be without aid on his Charm's homework.

      “Be nice,” Lily remarked sternly. She regarded the letter with curiosity. “Is this your present to me, James? Gee, maybe you actually managed to string a few sentences together for a change. Maybe you spelled my name right?” She neatly sliced open the cherry envelope with her wand. Lily always had to be precise. Another one of her annoying traits that James had learned to live with.

        “She got you there,” Remus smiled. Lily turned and smiled back at him. The two shared a special kind of friendship. 

“It’s a poem,” Lily’s eyes widened as she said the words. Everyone knew why. Everyone knew that James Potter lacked the brains to write anything right. He was unlike Sirius, who was just too lazy to try. James couldn’t normally process what happened in the most basic potions, so how could he master words to form a love poem? His reports were usually made up of snide, crude remarks about the teachers, especially if they were female. His best piece of work was probably a D, and the only one who could match him in the intelligence area was Peter Pettigrew, who could rarely match James in anything. It wasn't to say that Peter didn't try, he did, but James usually pulled ahead, his grades being his only real sore spot. And of course, Lily Evans.  

       “Her heart is made of the warmest glaze
       My mind bends to the softness of her ways.
         So tell me dear, love, paint me a picture 
       And my heart will be there to guide the hand.” 

        Several people turned their heads and stared. It was a beautiful poem, and the majority of them were jealous girls, but several of them were guys, who had stopped to snicker at James. Writing love poems, after all, isn’t something that most considered manly, and even for girls, it seemed a little silly. However, within seconds, Lily had already wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him hard. James had been eating a chocolate cupcake on the time, openly received her, so the kiss was sloppy. Lily didn’t seem to mind the fact that his chocolate covered lips were touching hers as the two moved together in rhythm, their hands fitting in every crook of each other’s bodies. Usually, Lily Evans was not so shameless, but it was Valentine’s Day after all, and Slughorn, who adored her, was the only teacher out on the grounds. The poem remained on the green grass as Sirius made retching noises behind James's back.

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Lily exclaimed, almost breathless when they were done. “That was amazing James, so much better than some material thing like a necklace. It was amazing and I’m so glad that you wrote it and on nice parchment, even! And you’re handwriting is actually neat, this must have taken you ages!” She hugged him again and nestled down in his arms. 

       James accepted her gratitude with a smile of bravado and confusion. Sirius glanced over at him. He knew that the poem wasn’t James. Who was Lily kidding? James could never write something like that, no matter how much effort he put into it. Remus arched an eyebrow as well. The three of them had picked the necklace out for Lily. It was a locket, which only James had the key for. It was supposed to be his big surprise, but when Lily mentioned how much better a poem was than a necklace, James hand removed itself from his pocket as James started to take credit for the letter. There was no author on the poem, so it might as well have been James. Sirius arched a brow, surprised that Lily, who was practically a genius, didn't seem to pick up on the fact that James clearly wasn't that talented at anything besides Quidditch.

     “You know, that’s what I do. Write poems and letters in neat hand writing.” The sentences sounded so awkward, and everyone could tell that it was a blatant lie, except for Lily, who was still beaming. 

       “Wait, there’s more. Dear Lily. I never know what to say when I’m around you. You always say the right things at the right times. You’re always witty and poised, while inside, I feel like I’m on the brink of destruction. I can always talk to you about anything, and you make my interests come alive. When the time comes, will you be the one to steady my heart?” 

       Lily folded the letter shut and exhaled. It was obvious that she was in ecstasy. From the outside, it looked as if James Potter had made the independent, hard to get Lily Evans fall in love. No guy had ever succeeded. Sure, every year she got letters from a few Gryffindors, but mostly Ravenclaws, who were amazed by her wisdom and her quickness of tongue. Most everybody admired her, even James admirers, who hated her at the same time. She had the ability to win people over, and it took much for her to be worn over. She always received unique gifts, but she had only ever accepted them from the Marauders and a Ravenclaw named Elliot before. Elliot was the male equivalent of Lily. He always seemed stocked up on knowledge and jokes, but nothing really sparked with them. Still, they were a couple longer than James and Lily had been, and every time Elliot walked by with whatever new girl he had of the week, James would give him a glare and a rude gesture. Usually, the suit of armor in the halls would prevent Elliot from walking by in the corridor (which was probably Sirius’s genius at work). He was hated by all the Marauders, mostly because his wit matched all of theirs put together, with the exception of Remus’s. He had often chided the group for being so pathetic and low, which was often what Lily did, but it was different. There was no kindness in his eyes. 

       “Alright there, Lily?” Elliot called over from the next tree. “I was wondering if you’d like to go out for a drink later on. Or maybe we can skip that part and go to the part where you come to the Ravenclaw common room and we can cuddle on the sofa.” He ran his fingers through his dark hair and winked at her.  

       “Watch your mouth!” James shouted, and he stood up in a hurry, his wand out. Elliot laughed. James could never take Elliot on. There were a number of jinxes that James could do, but Elliot’s Shield Charm would deflect every one of them. James was forced to just glare while Lily pulled him to sit back down, brushing the hair out of her eyes. 

         “I’m fine, Elliot, thanks,” she called. James glared at her and pulled out of her arms. 

       “I don’t even know how you can still talk to that idiot,” James remarked sourly. “He’s a pompous ass. And it still hasn’t clicked that you’re my girlfriend, not his!” 

       “I’m not anyone’s property, thank you very much. But you know that I like you James. What’s the point of letting him get to you?” 

      The two of them began to quarrel. It was not uncommon. Even on Valentine’s Day, they couldn’t go without fighting. But at dinner, they would only be engrossed in each other, and Hogwarts would go back to the balance that it was. They couldn’t fight for long, either, unless they wanted the whole school to talk about them. Somehow, Lily Evans and James Potter’s relationship was much more interesting them engrossing themselves in studying for their OWLS. It was pure gossip, and most of the time not true, but it would keep them entertained. There was a rumor going around that Elliot and Lily were having a secret affair, while James was supposed to be expelled anytime soon. The latter was true; James would probably face expulsion soon for the smoke bombs that he had placed at several intervals along the corridor. 

No one seemed to notice that the poem had mysteriously disappeared. No one seemed to remember or care that it was not James’s hand which had put the ink to paper. In fact, everyone was so engrossed in the powerful force that was James and Lily that they didn’t even contemplate who could have written Lily the love poem. It was a time for the love birds to shine in their natural environment.
But who knew how long that would last? 

Author's Note- Hello there! Thank you for reading. PLEASE! PLEASE REVIEW! If you liked it at all! Dramione is the only thing that gets attention these days. That and next gen ):

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