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The New Malfoy. by life_writtendown
Chapter 16 : 16
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Hermione practically floated back to the Head’s dormitory. She giddily hummed the Gryffindor fight song and skipped up to a large portrait of a lion and snake.


“Hmm… how appropriate!” Hermione laughed and shouted the password.




“Be careful not to shout that to loud Granger, I don’t want any members of my fan club to come in at night and try to shag me.” Draco drawled and Hermione’s gleeful mood was immediately simmered and replaced with a deep burning sensation. Hermione gulped, remembering what happened on the train. She would not turn to face him, afraid that he would see her flushed cheeks.


“I wasn’t aware you had a fan club” Hermione spat quickly shuffling quickly through the adjacent portrait hole.


Her face cooled, well at least she thought so and she spun around only to see that Malfoy’s jaw had dropped in awe as he looked at the room before him. He quickly looked down to her face and smirked at her red hot cheeks. Happy to get that sort of reaction, Draco walked slowly towards Hermione. Her eyes widened and she backed clumsily into a large black sofa. Flattened against the black cool velvet Hermione had lost her breath. Success! Draco practically shouted but quickly shut his jaw and reached a hand to help the poor breathless girl up. She hesitantly grabbed the hand not wanting to stir the blush that just waited to pop out from underneath her pale cheeks. That’s exactly what Draco Malfoy was, under her skin. Hermione quickly sat up and lifted her head to take in the magnificent room before her.


 The ceiling was tall and  adorned with great skylights that sent sunshine cascading through the painted glass showering the red and silver room with a mix of gold and green light. The perfect blend of colors for a Gryffindor and a Slytherin As for furniture goes; the room had a minimalist feel with black modern furniture, which was a surprising departure from the normal small slightly claustrophobic rooms with huge baggy stuffed furniture. Hermione sighed, stood up, and began to explore the wondrous room which she now called home.


There was a library! Hermione squealed and shrieked and Malfoy ran into the room to see what she was fussing about now.


“Granger, what is your problem?” Malfoy yawned and leaned against the doorway, his shirt tightened against his broad muscles and Hermione gulped and turned back to searching the shelves.


“Oh!” Hermione shouted. “They even have muggle books!”


Draco sighed and slipped out of the room.

That Granger and her books, she’ll probably keep herself cooped up in that room for hours!


Draco decided to explore the rest of the room himself which he found to include; a fully stocked kitchen, a small movie theatre, two bedrooms, one bath (ABSURD!), a common room, library, and a large bay window with a seat built in. He looked around the room and gave a satisfying nod. It was nothing compared to what he had at home but he could tell that McGonagall had really tried to make it feel like home for the both of them.


Draco looked down at his watched and rubbed his hand over his eyes. He could not remember when was the last time he felt tired at 9:30 pm, but he sure did now. He blindly stumbled into one of the rooms and fell onto the plush red comforter. Wait? Red? He was too tired to get up and pushed the thought out of his mind that he was just about to fall asleep on Hermione Granger’s bed.



Hermione sighed and left the library reluctantly. It seemed like she was doing a lot of that lately, sighing. She climbed the stone stairs and blindly pushed through the large oak door marked Head Girl. Hermione squinted her eyes barely seeing the outline of her trunk. After she stripped down into her underwear she slipped into the sheet. She slept in just her underwear, which would may or may not be a great thing when you happen to be slipping into a bed with Draco Malfoy.

I have FINALS Im CRAMMED...sorry better chapters will be along as soon as my hellish finals are done with :(

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