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Double Trouble by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three: Love Letters and Make-Over’s
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Chapter Three: Love Letters and Make-Over’s
By Mystic Phoenix


The next morning around seven-thirty, Isis slipped silently out of bed, and after getting dressed made her way downstairs to wait for the others. Unfortunately for Isis, she was not the only one up early. Lounging on the couch closest to the fire Sirius sat reading his Defense Against the Dark Arts book. The creaking of the stairs alerted him to Isis’s presence before she could turn around and go back to her dorm.

“What are doing up so early?” Sirius asked, looking up from his book.

“I am always up this early. What's your excuse?” Isis asked.

“Couldn't go back to sleep. Peter snores like a dragon!” Sirius commented. Isis gave a small laugh as he continued. “Unlike you, my dear goddess, who sounds like a little kitty cat.”

“So I’ve been told.” Isis rolled her eyes, taking a seat in the chair across from Sirius

“So tell me, Isis,” Sirius asked, standing up and walking over, leaning down next to her. “What kind of kitty are you?”

“One who’s leaving.” Isis walked out of the common room.

“Sirius, my dear boy, you are losing your touch. That was the worst pick up line I have ever heard!” Sekhmet ridiculed, coming down the stairs.

“Your sister is just stubborn. She'll see the light soon.”

“Right, and Snape will get a girlfriend.”

“You are mean,” Sirius glared, sitting back on the couch.

“Yes, I am.” Sekhmet then walked out of the common room.

Later that afternoon Sekhmet came running into Professor Slughorn’s classroom, gripping a letter in her hand. She ran straight to where her sister and Lily were sitting.

“Isis, I got another one!” Sekhmet threw the letter on the desk.

“Again?” Isis opened the letter and read it. Remus, who had seen Sekhmet burst through the door, walked over.

“Again what?” Remus asked, looking over Isis’s shoulder.

“Sekhmet got another love letter,” Isis answered, still looking at the letter.

“But it is only the second day of school,” Remus said, obviously confused.

“She was getting them last year too,” Lily added, taking the letter from Isis.

“But we never bothered to figure out who or where they were from.” Isis shrugged.

“I just don't have the time or the attention....Shiny object!” She grabbed at Remus’s pocket watch and played with it while sitting on Remus’s lap.

“Alright, class. Settle down,” said Professor Slughorn as he entered the room, “and Miss Croft, get off Mr. Lupin's lap.”

“Yes, sir.” She took the pocket watch with her and continued to play with it.

After several annoying questions from Remus about who it was and the “what’s going on” questions from Sirius and James, Isis and Lily decided that it would best to look over the all the letters in the library away from the prying eyes of the boys. Sekhmet was not excited about going into the library because, as far as she was concerned, the library was evil. However, her curiosity won Sekhmet over and she tried to convince Isis and Lily to just skip class, but they refused. So Sekhmet had to settle on after dinner.

“Ready to head up to the library, Sekhmet?” Lily asked as Sekhmet finished her chocolate cake.

“Why, we finished our homework?” Lily gave her a look. “Oh yeah! Right!”

“Let’s get this over with,” Isis sighed, leading the way to the library. The girls were well aware of the boys’ prying eyes as they left the table.

“So who do you think it is?” Lily asked as the girls looked for a private table in one of the library’s corners.

“No idea. All I know is that whoever it is knows a lot about potions. They seem to always allude to them.” Sekhmet shook her head.

Sekhmet pulled out the letters and laid them on the table. There are at least fifty. “Wow! There are a lot of them. Well, dig in!”

“Okay, so who do we know that is in our year, but not in our house,” Lily began as Sekhmet started jumping up and down listing off different names, “and loves potions?”

“That, and is obsessed with her,” Isis pointed at Sekhmet.

“Good point,” Lily added.

“Hey!” Isis and Lily laugh as Sekhmet looked insulted.

“The thing that gets me is how obsessed with potions they are,” Lily commented, looking at some of the notes. “I mean, look. This person compares her beauty with the beauty and smell of different potions.”

“Oh no!” Isis covered her mouth.

“What?” Lily asked.

“Who do we know that is that much into potions?” Isis asked.

“Not him!” Lily gasped.

“WHO?” Sekhmet asked when Isis and Lily fell silent.

“Snape,” Isis says.

“Umm, say that again?” Sekhmet asked.

“Snape,” Lily repeated.

“You’re joking right?” Sekhmet asked as Lily and Isis shook their heads. “No! No, no, no!” Sekhmet nearly fell out of her chair as she ran crying from the library.

“We had better follow her.” Isis and Lily grabbed the letters and ran after Sekhmet.

Back in the common room, the boys sat around the fire discussing new pranks. James and Sirius were doing the most of the planning while Remus added to the conversation every now and then, telling them how stupid something sounded while Peter just listened.

“Sounds like a good plan, Prongs,” Sirius said, using James’s nickname.

“I’m wondering, though, if we shouldn’t add-” Sirius was interrupted by the sound Sekhmet’s screaming.

“NO! THIS CAN’T BE! THIS ISN’T FAIR! MY LIFE IS OVER!” Sekhmet flung herself onto the couch across from James and Remus.

“Sek, what is wrong?” Remus asked.

“She found out who was giving her the love letters,” Isis answered while she and Lily entered the common room.

“What love letters?” Sirius asked, but the girls ignored him.

“And it is not good,” Isis added.

“It can't be this bad,” James motioned to Sekhmet, who was crying hysterically into Remus’s lap.

“Umm, it’s worse than this. She hasn't hit her stride,” Isis commented as Sekhmet’s crying got louder.

“This is a sign, isn't it?” Sekhmet asked, sitting up in Remus’s lap.

“What is?” Sirius asked, looking very confused.

“An evil sign telling me I am no longer pretty and that only filthy gits will ever love me!” She then started crying into Remus's shoulder.

“Who is it?” James asked, but his questions were drowned out by Sekhmet’s ranting.

“This is your entire fault, Isis! You had to be so much prettier than me! I hate you!”

“What are you talking about? We are twins.”

“Yeah, and you’re the twin with the better looks. You got the looks and I got...I got....HIM!”

“WHO IS IT?” James and Sirius yelled, drowning out Sekhmet.

“Snape,” Isis said.

“No!” Remus said as James and Sirius looked on with shock.

“It’s true,” Lily said, sitting down on the arm of the chair.

“MY LIFE IS OVER!” Sekhmet jumped off Remus's lap and ran up to her room.

“This is going to be a long night,” Isis sighed, looking at Lily.

Sekhmet spent most of the night crying. Alice did not have the heart to yell at her this time after hearing what happened; so instead, she put a silencing charm around her bed. Sekhmet finally calmed down around one thirty, deciding she wanted to pull and prank on the boys, the first of the year, and needed Isis and Lily’s help. So at around two in the morning, the girls crept from their dorm to the boys, armed with make-up and stuffed animals.

“Why are we doing this?” Lily whispered, agitated.

“I need a cheering up prank, and this is a good one,” Sekhmet answered matter-of-factly.

“But why do I have to help? Besides they haven’t even done anything yet.”

“Come on, Lil. Don't you want to see Potter humiliated and know that you caused it?” Isis asked.

“Well, maybe a little.”

“That's the spirit. Plus, we’ll be the first ones to pull a prank. Now let’s go.” Sekhmet quietly opened the door to the boy’s room. “Okay. Lily, you take Potter, Isis you get Black, and I get Lupin and Peter.”

“We had better put a silencing spell around Frank’s bed,” Isis added.

“Good idea,” Lily agreed and Isis whispered the spell. “No need to wake him up.”

The girls walked to the different beds, pulling back the curtains.

“Great. Just what I needed to see,” Lily hissed.

“What?” Isis asked in a whisper.

“James sleeps in his boxers! Ugh!”

“Great. So does Black!” Isis complained.

“Would you two stop complaining and hurry up,” Sekhmet climbed into Remus’s bed. “Wow, Remus has a nice body. I’m surprised.”

“Shut it. Now how to go about this?” Isis asked, examining the sleeping form of Sirius Black. She could not help but notice that Quidditch had done his body good. Thankful that the room was to dark for the others to see, she was blushing. Isis quickly looked away.

“Just sit on top of him. I mean these guys could sleep through a war,” Sekhmet answered, straddling Remus who merely grumbled. Making sure she didn’t put too much weight on his torso Sekhmet got right to work applying make-up to Remus’s face.

“Goody goody,” Isis grumbled, following Sekhmet’s lead. “Thank Merlin he is asleep.”

“Agreed,” Lily hissed, getting to work

The girls quickly and quietly applied the make-up to the boys’ faces. Occasionally one of them would say something in their sleep. James made Lily cringe when he whispered the nickname he used for her, Lily Flower, and Isis had to resist smacking Sirius when he mumbled Kitty. Sekhmet, on the other hand, was surprised when Remus uttered “kill Snape” and “love Sekhmet” but thought nothing of it. When Sekhmet began working on Peter, he kept talking about power and “showing them all.”

As Isis finished up with Sirius and Sekhmet, working quickly on Peter’s make-up, Lily, who had finished with James’s new look, had attempted to get off the bed when he suddenly rolled over. The other two, not knowing what happened, heard a small squeak from across the room.

“Lily?” Isis whispered, walking to James’s bed.

“Help!” Lily pleaded as Sekhmet joined Isis by the bed.

“Now, this is just funny,” Sekhmet had a hard time not bursting into laughter, for when James rolled over, he had taken Lily with him, and his arm was now holding Lily tightly to him.

“No, it’s not,” Lily whined, trying to get loose.

“You know, if we leave her like this James will wake up thinking he had died and gone to heaven,” Isis commented, looking at her sister

“You two wouldn't do that, would you?” Isis and Sekhmet smiled wickedly at each other. “Oh, Merlin. You would. Come on. Please help.”

“You know, she is the Head Girl,” Isis said after a few moments.

“Yeah, she does have a rep to protect.”

“Let’s help her out.”

“But just this once.” With some difficulty, Sekhmet and Isis managed to free Lily.

“I am never pulling a prank with you two again.” Lily marched towards the door.

“Don't forget the stuffed animals,” Isis reminded Sekhmet.

“Oh yeah!” Sekhmet grabbed a bag sitting by the door a quickly went from one bed to the next, muttering spells.

Isis quickly removed the silencing spell from around Frank’s bed and the girls hurried back to their rooms.

The next morning Isis shook Sekhmet awake so they could wait downstairs to see the boy’s reactions. Sekhmet went to wake Lily up, but Isis stopped her. Sekhmet grumbled but followed Isis downstairs none the less.

“Let's hope their reaction was worth getting up this early,” Sekhmet grumbled, curling up in the closest chair.

“Oh, it will be. Besides, this was your prank.”

“Fine, fine. Now why didn't we wake Lil up again?”

“One: she will be down in like two minutes, and two: they would know she was in on it.”

“And we protect her why?”

“Head Girl.”

“Right, that again.”

“Morning,” Lily and Alice said as they came downstairs.

“Morning,” the twins chanted together.

“Pulled another prank, huh?” Alice asked, sitting next to Isis.

“How did you know?” Sekhmet yawed.

“Because you are never up this early unless you pulled a prank.”

“Good point and....” Sekhmet was interrupted by the boys yelling from upstairs.


“And here they come,” Sekhmet finished, sitting up.

Sirius, James, Peter, and Remus came storming downstairs looking like a group of drag queen clowns with stuffed animals hanging off of them. Sirius had a pink dog sitting on his head that barked and wagged its tail. James had a pink fluffy teddy bear hugging him around the neck that kept saying “hug me.” Remus had a pink penguin sitting on his shoulder that kept saying “I love you,” and Peter was holding a dolly that said “Mommy” over and over again.

“Get rid of it now!” Sirius stormed up to Isis, pointing at the dog.

“No,” Isis said, standing up and folding her arms

“Lily, please make them take it off.” James pleaded with Lily.

“Let me think about it...No. I’m enjoying this way too much.” Lily smiled evilly.

“Okay, those two had this coming,” Remus pointed to Sirius and James, “but why us?”

Sekhmet walked up to Remus with a smirk. “You can't prank just one Marauder. Now, can you?”

James and Sirius let out a yell of frustration as the rest of the Gyrffindors began to file into the common room. Peter looked like he could cry, Remus threw an excusing glare at James, and Sirius was glaring daggers at the twins.

“You two will pay for this,” James and Sirius growled.

“Oh, will we now?” Isis smirked at Sirius.

“We’ll just see about that.” Sekhmet smiled.

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