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To Melt a Heart by brunettelily
Chapter 4 : Answers, a Map, and a Surprise
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“Now, I’ll ask you again. Where did Dumbledore take Harry?”

“To a lake.  He said something about Horcrux hunting.”  Despite her efforts to resist, the Veritraserum forced the information out of her mouth.

“Interesting.  Anything else?”

“N-the lake was related to your younger days in the orphanage.  Grrr.”

“Ah… I know exactly where that lake is.”

“Of course you do.  You’re the one who hid the Horcrux there,” she spat.

“True, true.  The question is ‘Did they find it?’”

“I don’t know that.”

“I was quite sure of that.  Shut up, insolent girl.  I need to think.”

More than gladly, she did as she was ordered.  She watched warily as he contemplated the new information.  “That will be all for today.  Go back to your quarters.”

Hermione turned to leave but then she realized that she did not know how to get back to the room she was staying in.  “Ummm… I’m not quite sure how to get to my room,” she said timidly.

“Naricissa, show Miss Granger to her room immediately,” he ordered.  “Oh, and give her a map of your manor.  We don’t need her becoming lost, now do we?”

“Of course, my lord.  No, my lord.”

Hermione and Narcissa once again hurried through the ever winding hallways.  Mrs. Malfoy opened a door, revealing Hermione’s living quarters and said, “I will have a house elf bring you a map so that you can acquaint yourself with the manor.  I suggest restricting your wanderings to certain designated areas that will be marked on the map.  We wouldn’t want you knowing more than you need to, would we?”

“No ma’am,” Hermione replied, and she closed the door gently. 


For the rest of the day, Hermione wandered the dimly lit halls of Malfoy Manor, examining many rooms along her way.  Her favorite had been the grand library which was even larger then the one Hogwarts housed.  The huge room was divided into three different sections - one for fiction, one filled with historical and scientific references along with books on magic, and one area that she assumed was filled with books of dark magic - with some areas partitioned into small sitting rooms.  Many cherry bookshelves contained many more books than a Muggle shelf would have held.  Hermione was surprised to find that several Muggle novels lined the shelves.  Comfortable chairs and couches were squeezed into every square meter that was not needed to house books or provide space to walk.  This was heaven for a book lover.

Another particularly fascinating room was the ballroom.  The great hard-wooded room was almost as large as the library.  The swirling white walls and colossal windows added even more space to the open room and filled it with beautiful sunlight.  She could easily imagine grandly dressed men and women of wealth and power gliding across the polished floor while a wonderful orchestra played a marvelous waltz.    Across the room she could see a door slightly propped open, revealing what appeared to be a dance studio, complete with mirrored walls and a barre.

Feeling hungry and worn-out, Hermione headed back to her guest room.  She opened the door to find a male with his back to her, removing his shirt.

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