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Hogwarts Confessional by Looney Loopy Laura
Chapter 7 : Celebrations & Revelations
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A/N: Hey guys, thanks for sticking with me! I just had midterms so sorry for the wait... anyways, here's the next chapter! Let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything! This is all J.K.Rowling



Chapter 7

With one more exam to go, I was finally beginning to calm down. History of Magic would be easy. It was only a matter of memorizing dates and names. Pippa, unfortunately had not paid attention for ninety percent of the classes we had been to so I had been designated as her personal tutor. Though I gave her a good long lecture about paying attention next year, I actually didn’t mind too much as it gave me a chance to review also.

We were in the middle of eating lunch in the Great Hall and reviewing when Sirius dropped into the seat next to me. I noticed Pippa’s hazel eyes widen before she quickly absorbed herself in my notes on the particularly boring chapter covering the goblin rebellion of 1612.

“Ladies,” He acknowledged before helping himself to the sandwich on my plate.

I snapped my book shut and turned in my seat to face him. “What do you want, Black?”

“Ooh, feisty,” He said smiling and he bit off a huge piece of my sandwich. “I wuff wonderin’ if you ‘ould ‘elp me wiff hifftory of maggick.”

“Swallow, Black,” I demanded, continuing to stare at him with a blank expression. This was the first time he’d talked to me in a week. I watched him, with some amusement, as he tried several times to swallow the sandwich. Finally, he was successful.

“I need help studying,” he said.

I pretended to think about it for a minute. Of course I would help him, but it was more fun to make him bed.

“Please, Lily?” he pleaded pushing out his bottom lip. “I’m sorry I’ve been a bugger to you this last week, but Remus said he explained it to you.”

Pippa looked up quickly at me with a questioning look and I shook my head slightly, indicating that I would fill her in later.

“I am sorry, Lily,” Sirius pleaded. “I was just upset, that’s all. I’m not anymore. Help me?”

“Fine, Sirius,” I gave in. “But you owe me…”

“Well, tomorrow after our exams are all finished, we’re swiping some more firewhiskey if you ladies care to join us…” Sirius offered, his eyes sliding over to meet Pippa’s gaze. She looked at me then, silently begging with her eyes for me to accept.

“Count us in,” I sighed. Truth be told, I was glad that Sirius and I were on good terms again.

“Excellent,” he said, his gray eyes sparkling with anticipation. “Now help me. I haven’t paid attention at all in class for the past nine months…”

Sirius pulled out his book and his notes, and I quickly perused his notes for some indication of just how much tutoring he’d need.

“You spelled ‘rebellion wrong, Black,” I sighed, reading through his notes.  “And you’ve misspelled Nagnok’s name several times as well.”

“Spelling’s not my best subject,” Sirius muttered absently as he flipped through his book.

Pippa visibly scowled. If there was one thing she couldn’t tolerate, it was bad spelling.

*                                               *                                               *

History of Magic passed quickly and simply enough. Although Pippa and Sirius struggled to retain all the information I threw at them, they seemed to be pleased with how it went afterwards. Marley was practically dancing with excitement down the hall after we got out of the exam and Emilie was making bubbles come out of the end of her wand and blowing them through all the corridors. Her antics weren’t appreciated, however, by the students who still had their last exams the next day. The sixth year Gryffindors were free for the summer and the Marauders had already disappeared to store up on firewhiskey for the night and probably pull some last minute pranks on the Slytherins who were still studying.

Emilie and Marley had enthusiastically agreed to partake in the night’s festivities when Pippa brought it up. After a quick dinner with Chris, we all headed back to the girls’ dormitory to “get ready”, whatever that meant. Chris said he was busy studying for his Potions exam the next day so I was free anyways.

I followed my friends back to our room and the air was suddenly full of clothes being tossed across the room at each other along with various makeup tools. I was perched on the end of my bed and amused myself by watching Pippa run her wand over her hair again and again muttering a charm to straighten it out. When it finally lay flat she wandered over to my bed and pulled me off.

“What should I wear? And why aren’t you getting ready?” She asked as she pulled a few shirts out of her trunk.

I shrugged and leaned back against the bedpost. It wasn’t like I needed to impress anyone so I didn’t think I needed to get all dressed up and put on makeup.

“Come on, Lily,” Marley danced over to me with an open tube of mascara in her hand. “When do we ever get to party? Or dress up?”

“It’s just the Marauders. I’m not trying to impress anyone,” I said.

“Who said anything about impressing anyone? Come on, Lils. It’s just fun and games. Besides, if we’re all dressed up and you’re not, you’re going to look stupid,” Emilie said grabbing my arm and pulling me into a chair in front of the mirror. “I’ll do your hair if you want.”

I sighed and gave in. Once the Clique got going, it was hard to stop them.

“And you should wear this,” Pippa tossed me a bundle of clothes from my trunk. I looked them over and found she had given me a dark pair of jeans a cream colored top that hung off the shoulders.

“And I’ll do your makeup,” Marley sat in front of me and tilted my face towards the light from her bedside table. “Look up, please.”

“I feel like I’m on a bad makeover show or something,” I grumbled as Marley applied liberal amounts of mascara to my eyelashes and Emilie wrapped my hair around her wand, forming loose curls.

“Nice try, you’re doing my hair next,” Emilie laughed.

“And I need something to wear still,” Pippa called from the other side of the room.

With the common room still full of students studying for their last exams tomorrow, we had some difficulty figuring out how we were going to get to the boys’ dormitory unnoticed. In the middle of our discussion on how we were going to get there, Pippa chucked a stink bomb into the fireplace resulting in a minor explosion and a lot of smoke creating a diversion so we could sneak across the room and up the boys’ staircase.

Marley knocked casually on the door, which swung open at once to reveal the Marauders’ room. Surprisingly it looked a lot like our own room. Sirius, Remus, and Potter were standing at the far end of the room with their backs to us, discussing something in lowered voices. Peter was the one who had answered the door and was now retreating back to his friends.

Remus turned when he heard us enter and welcomed us to the room, telling us to make ourselves at home. Pippa immediately kicked off her shoes and crawled onto the end of Sirius’s bed, sitting cross legged. I followed and sat next to her while Marley and Emily took over Remus’s. Sirius came shuffling over with four bottles in his hands, handing each of us one of them.

“Firewhiskey mixed with pumpkin juice. It sounds strange but it actually tastes quite good,” He explained and the rest of the Marauders joined us around the beds with their own bottles clutched in their hands.

I eyed Potter warily. The last time we’d been in close contact I’d caught him making out with a Hufflepuff in a closet. I knew I should be mad at him still for the lake incident but I couldn’t quite identify what emotions I was feeling at the moment. All I knew was that it wasn’t anger.

“Here’s to the end of another year,” Sirius toasted and we all took a drink. The firewhiskey burned as it when down my throat but the taste was pleasant. Sirius lowered his bottle and took in our appearances. “Damn, you girls clean up good.”

I choked on the drink still in my mouth and Pippa laughed, thumping me on my back. Marley blushed a little and Emilie flipped her honey-colored hair behind her shoulder.

“Or course we do,” she said. “We’re the Clique.”

Potter moved into the center of our circle and raised his bottle. “I propose a little game,” he said, his hazel eyes flickering over to me. “It’s a rare opportunity that both the Marauders and the Clique be present in the same room that’s not the Great Hall or a classroom and as groups that are both renowned around Hogwarts, I think it only natural that a little friendly competition ensue.”

He paused and looked around at us all. Receiving an encouraging nod from Sirius, he continued. “Have you ladies heard of ‘Never-Have-I-Ever’?”

“Of course we have, Potter,” I said giving him a coy smile. “Who do you think you’re talking to?”

“As I thought,” Potter smiled back at me. I looked away quickly, unnerved by his stare. “Well, I’ll explain for propriety’s sake. Also, I’m pretty sure Peter has no idea what we’re talking about…”

We all looked around at Peter, who’s drink was foaming and he was trying desperately to get it to stop.

“As I was saying…” Potter continued, chuckling slightly at his friend. “We’ll go around the circle and each person must say something that they have never ever done. If anyone in the circle has done said thing, take a drink. If only one person drinks in any given turn, a story or explanation must follow. First group to run out of drinks is the loser and has to chug an entire other drink. Winners will also get another drink to enjoy at their own leisure.”

“James, we’re going lose. They have Marley” Sirius complained as he sat down on the floor. Pippa and I followed his lead and moved to the floor so that we were leaning against his bed.

“I’m not that much of a goody-goody,” Marley argued.

“Yes you are,” Pippa, Emilie, and I said all at once. With a small “humph” Marley slid to the floor with Emilie.

“Well, you have Peter,” Pippa quipped and Peter looked up from his foaming bottle, excited at the unexpected attention.

“Shall we get started then?” Remus suggested sitting down next to Sirius. “Prongs, start?”

“Ok,” Potter sat on Sirius’s other side and furrowed his brow in concentration. “Never have I ever been on an airplane.”

I took a drink, along with Marley, Emilie, and Remus.

“Never have I ever broken a bone,” Sirius said staring straight at Potter when he said this. Potter took a drink and Emilie took another one. Potter being the Quidditch captain I could only assume he’s been smashed by a bludger at some point or another. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Pippa thought hard for a moment and then smiled. “Never have I ever jumped in the lake. On purpose.” She cast a sideways glance at me and reluctantly I took a drink. Unfortunately no one else did.

“Story time!” Potter said happily and every pair of eyes in the circle rested on me.

I sighed. “It’s really not much of a story. Second year, someone dared me to jump in the lake in my uniform so I did.” I elbowed Pippa in the side and she giggled. “And I honestly can’t believe none of you have,” I said gesturing across the circle to the Marauders.

“We’re smarter than that, love. We know how cold the lake is. You couldn’t pay us enough to jump in there,” Sirius smiled. “Your turn.”

I thought for a moment. There wasn’t much I hadn’t done…well, that was appropriate to say out loud. “Never have I ever gotten detention.”  Everyone except Marley and I drank.

The game continued for a while with trivial topics like cheating on a test, stealing, and sneaking out of Hogwarts after hours. Finally, Sirius let out an exasperated groan.

“Can we get to the good stuff already?” He asked impatiently. I swayed slightly as I attempted to sit up straight. I had done the last ten things said and I was definitely feeling the firewhiskey. The drink was definitely stronger than I had originally thought.

“What good stuff?” I asked, turning to Marley. “What’s he talking about?”

“I dunno,” Marley giggled and leaned back, hitting her head on the base-board of Remus’s bed, making her laugh even harder.

“Merlin Black, what’d you put in this stuff?” I said jabbing my half empty bottle at him.

“We may or may not have added some extra ingredients to the drinks,” Sirius said innocently looking over at Potter.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were trying to get us drunk,” Pippa accused before she dissolved into giggles also.

“As I was saying,” Sirius said, rolling his eyes at Pippa. “Let’s move on to some more interesting stuff. Remus, I believe it’s your turn.”

Remus, who had risen from the circle to get Marley a pillow for her head, settled himself back into the circle and scratched his chin. “Never have I ever kissed a boy.”

Sirius let out a bark of a laugh and the four of us girls raised our bottles. I saw Potter’s grip tighten around his drink and I quickly shifted my gaze to Sirius.

“Damnit, Moony I was going to say that,” Potter huffed as he swirled the contents of his half-empty bottle around. “I’ve never gotten back together with someone who I’ve previously dated.”

Sirius took a quick swig from his bottle with a guilty smile and Emilie quickly did the same.

“Alright,” Sirius said. “I’ve never been in any given relationship for more than a month.”

I took a drink and so did Marley and Remus. I was surprised when I saw Potter lift his bottle to his mouth as well. Irritation flashed through me. I had never realized he’d had a real relationship before. But why should that bother me? I took an extra sip from my bottle before putting it back down in front of me.

“I’ve never kissed more than two people in the same day,” Pippa stated and I watched, irrationally irritated again, as Potter lifted his bottle along with Emilie and Sirius.

“Emilie!” I hissed when I realized what it meant that she was taking a drink.

“What?” she asked innocently. “It was that day when Jared Bennett and Anthony Marsh both put love potions in my tea but I was also dating Ryan Gardner. Totally not my fault.”

I laughed along with everyone else, trying to ignore the stabbing jealousy I felt when I applied the same thoughts to Potter.

“I’ve never met the parents of the person I’m in a relationship with,” I said quickly, firing off the first thing that popped into my head. Marley took a quick drink along with Remus.

“I’ve never slept with anyone,” Marley blurted out. We all fell silent for a moment.

Now we’re getting somewhere,” Sirius said appreciatively as he took a drink. I watched with building apprehension as Emilie and then Potter took a drink. My guts twisted into a thousand tiny knots and this time I couldn’t ignore the raging jealousy I felt. My drink stayed set on the floor in front of me. I saw Potter’s eyes flicker from my bottle up to my face and then quickly away. I felt Pippa tense up next to me.

“I’ve never been in love,” Emilie said simply. It would be a simple question for her. She’d never seriously dated anyone. I watched again as Potter raised his bottle. I was the only one who joined him.

Pippa then raised her bottle and drained the last of its contents, slamming it down to the floor when she was done. She hoisted herself up off the floor and without a word, walked out the door. We all gazed after her, speechless.

A/N: Hey Everyone! Not many changes again here, just a bit of grammatical stuff.

If you like this story you should go check out my newest one, If Wishes Were Fishes! The first chapter just went up!



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