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Living a Lie. by Miss Haggan
Chapter 5 : Chapter 4: Talks, Meetings and Revelations.
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"Were home" Harry and Hermione called as they entered their Mansion. They heard a small pitter patter of tiny feet and suddenly there son appeared from the kitchen, with Lily trailing behind him.

"Sirius was at the bathroom and James wanted some juice" she said at Harry's questioning stare.

"Mummy, Daddy" he squealed as he ran to Hermione, she bent down and picked him up, giving him a huge kiss, Harry also leaned over and gave him a kiss.

"And how has my big boy been, did you behave yourself?" Hermione asked her son.

"Yep" he replied, nodding his head. She was about to ask Lily when Sirius spoke up.

"Of course he has" he said, whilst he walked down the stairs. "So how did it go?" he asked them.

"Really well, we have an extra bit of news to tell everyone so we need to invite Remus and all around for dinner". Harry said

"What happened?" Lily asked curious.

"We'll tell everyone over dinner" Harry replied and walked into the living room with his son whilst Hermione and Lily went into the kitchen.

"Harry doesn't seem to be taking us being alive too well does he?" Lily asked as Hermione browsed there store cupboard looking for something to make.

"This isn't something Harry can cope well with, you two were his hero's, he looked up to you two, always did things to make you two proud of him. He has always had an anger problem so I’m surprised he has remained so clam" Hermione said as she picked out chicken, veg, potatoes, pre-rolled pastry and gravy.

"Do you think we done the wrong thing?" Lily asked as Hermione got out the tools she needed for cooking.

"You done what you needed t..."

"I asked of you think we done the right thing" Lily said cutting across her.

"Honestly" Hermione said stopping what she was doing and turning to face Lily. Lily nodded her head and Hermione sighed. “I think you made the wrong choice, and that’s not just because Harry is my husband, it's because I'm a young mum, and I could never imagine leaving little James"

"We had to" Lily said, tears forming in her eyes. "He would've died if we didn't"

"What if Voldemort had have succeeded in killing him, what would you have done then?" Hermione asked, when Lily didn't answer Hermione walked out of the kitchen and into a packed living room.

"Oh hello Remus, Dora, Teddy" Hermione greeted as she entered the living room closely followed by Lily.

"Lils meet Remus' wife and son" James said to his wife.

"Yo-you have a son?" Lily said shocked as she looked at the young boy who resembled both his mother and father.

"Yes he's five" Remus said as he ruffled his son's electric blue hair.

"My goodness and you’re married" she said still shocked.

"To Nymphadora" he said proudly.

"Well congratulations" she finally said.

"Harry is his godfather" Dora beamed.

"You never told us you had a god son" Lily said to her son, as she watched Teddy and Little James play together.

"There’s a lot I haven't told you" he replied. "What’s for dinner love?" he asked Hermione.

"Chicken and vegetable pie, with mashed potatoes and onion gravy"
"Sounds lovely" he smiled. "Would you like some help?"

"No I’m sure Lily, Dora and I can cope on our own" she smiled "Would you like to help Isobella?" she asked kindly

"Yea sure" Isobella replied shyly, and followed the women into the kitchen.

"This is weird" Sirius said as the men settled into an uncomfortable silence.

"You said it" James replied watching his grandson playing on the floor.

"What part is weird for you?" Remus asked him.

"The fact that I have a thirteen year old daughter and a two year old grandson. I never imagined that when I saw Harry again, he'd have a wife and a two year old son".

"Yeah, our Harry grew up so fast" Sirius said as he fondly ruffled Harry's hair.

"I had to" Harry replied "Voldemort never made it easy for me, and then as my life finally settles, this little terror makes an appearance" he said tickling his son who emitted a squeal.

"Is he a handful?" James asked, pleased that he was talking normally to his son.

"He's hyper from the moment he wakes up, until the moment he goes to sleep."

"Remind you of anyone James?" Sirius said.

"Yes, I know" he replied looking at Harry who looked awkward.

"He even has your eyes" Remus commented.

"I know he does. What about Quidditch skills?" James asked.

"He has the best Quidditch skills, he's Harry Potter's son after all." Sirius boasted.

"He's going to be a great seeker" Harry said fondly looking at his son.

"What about you Sirius, no wife or kids?" James asked.

"No, I've got Harry, Hermione and James and thats all I will ever need" Sirius answered honestly, Harry turned to him and smiled and he gave a wink in reply. James watched this father, son type exchange and felt an overwhelming sence of jealousy.

"So Hermione do you have anything to tell me?" Dora asked her close friend as she busied herself in the kitchen.

"As a matter of fact yes, but you’ll just have to wait until we are all eating dinner" she said slyly.

"Hermione" she whined.

"Is it exciting news?" Isobella asked


"How exciting?" asked Lily.

"Very" Hermione replied.

"She's not going to tell us" Dora said in defeat. So instead she turned her attentions to Lily and Isobella. "So Isobella is it?" she asked, the girl nodded shyly. "How old are you?"


"Are you going to go to Hogwarts?"

"Yes, I start in September"

"Hogwarts is cool, we all went there"

"I know" the girl said.
"What about Harry, you glad he's your big brother?"

"Yeah, and little James is so cute."

"Little James is really cute yeah, and Harry he's a really cool guy"

"I know I wish he'd talk to me more though" she said sadly.

"We all do sweetie" Lily said, Dora ignored this and went on talking as if she wasn't interrupted.

"Don't worry, he'll come round you'll see, Harry doesn't like things being kept from him. Isn't that right Hermione."

"Indeed" she said as she busied herself with the potatoes.

"He has a bit of a temper, which can be scary at times, but it's good when it comes to fighting, because that means that he isn't afraid to protect people he loves".

"But he doesn't love me" Isobella said sadly.

"He does, you just need to give him time to show it" Hermione reassured her.

"Has he told you this?" Lily asked coldly.

"No, but I know my husband better than anyone" Hermione replied just a coldly.

"Isobella, why don't you help me set the table" Dora said cutting in. She led Isobella away from the conversation.

"He is my son" Lily snapped.

"Yes, but in case you have forgotten you haven't been here in the past twenty years, whereas for the past eleven I have, so I think I know him better" she hissed back. She went and got the boys for dinner and came back into the kitchen.

"You know why I wasn't there, I couldn't be. It doesn't make me a bad mum"

"No it doesn't, but you walked out on Harry when he was little, then you come back five years after he defeated Voldemort, with another child might I add. Which was a pretty big shock for someone who thought his parents was dead, then when he found out you were alive and you had another child, to him it was like you carried on with your life and forgotten him. You said you did it to protect him, yet when he was being verbally abused by his fat uncle, or when he was fighting for his life year after year in school instead of being a normal child, you and James weren't there for him. Sure he had Dumbledore protecting him, Sirius and Remus also, but that was only from his third year because Remus was shunned from the wizarding world and he was too scared of hurting Harry, Sirius was framed for your murder and shut in Azkaban for thirteen years, but he escaped when he found out Harry was in danger from Pettigrew, then it wasn't until Sirius received a full pardon from the ministry two years later Harry found happiness. So if you went through that would it not be hard for you to forgive the two people who are supposed to protect you from everyone" she argued then started putting the dinner on the table.

Soon enough everyone was tucking into their dinners. There wasn't much conversation, but everyone sensed a tension between Lily and Hermione.  As soon as everyone finished there dinner the questions started about the news Harry and Hermione had.

"So tell us all the exciting news" Dora pleaded.

"Well I'm pregnant" Hermione blurted out.

"O, My, Merlin" Dora and Isobella screamed and they rushed forward to give Hermione a massive hug.

"Congratulations" James said, whilst Lily looked like she was chewing a wasp.

"So how far gone are you?" Remus asked, after he gave her a kiss.

"Three months, but there's more" she said. Harry grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze."When we went for the scan today, we found out that we were having twins" she continued.

"Twins?" Sirius said in a squeaky voice.

"Wow" Remus and Dora said, whilst little Teddy giggled at his parents shocked faces.

"I know, they are two separate eggs, that were fertilized on the same day”

"What a handful that would be" James said.

"We know it would be extra work, we would spend more money and it would be harder, but we couldn't be any happier. We defiantly have the money, we will have the time and we defiantly have the love for two babies." Harry said.

"Well, if you’re happy I’m happy" Sirius said. He gave Hermione a kiss and Harry a pat on the shoulder.

"Same here" Remus added, whilst Dora nodded her head.

"I can't wait to be an aunt again" Isobella said excited.

"Is it really a good idea?" Lily said. Everyone looked at her, then at Harry and Hermione, who looked livid.

"I think it's time, we went to play, come on, Teddy, James and Isobella" Dora said.

"Do I have to" Isobella whined.

"Yes love, I'm sure little James wants to play with you" James said.

"Why wouldn't it be a good idea?" Sirius snapped, when the children had left the room.

"They are so young, Harry you have your whole life ahead of you. You already have little James and he's only two. Do you really want to make another mistake?"

"Lily" James shouted outraged.

"How can you say that about your own grandson" Harry replied, temper rising. "James was the best thing that ever happened to us, and so are these babies. I don't care what age we are, we are having these babies whether you like it or not.Was that all I was to you, a mistake?" He yelled.

"No" Lily cried.

"Where did u get that idea from?" James asked.

"Well you were both twenty when you had me, and you abandoned me when I was one. So I must've been a mistake" he seethed.

"We didn't abandon you, we had to leave" Lily wailed.

"Liar" Harry screamed.

"Harry" James pleaded. He got up of his chair and knelt beside his son. "Harry look at me" James pleaded. Harry did.

"We did what we thought was right at the time, it broke our hearts to leave you. You were our life, you meant everything to us. You weren't a mistake and neither was you having little James" he said. Harry shook his head tears rolling down his cheeks.

"You left me" He whispered.

"Were sorry, please forgive us" James pleaded.

"I can't" he shouted. He jumped up and ran out of the kitchen, Hermione followed.

"Nice one" Sirius snapped to Lily and he and Remus followed Harry and Hermione out.

"What's wrong with you Lily?" James asked.

"I was just trying to help" she cried.

"By telling him his son was a mistake and making him think he was a mistake".

"I didn't mean to" she whimpered.

"We were actually making progress and now we are right back to square one". He whispered and walked out of the kitchen leaving a sobbing Lily on her own.

"Can I talk to you Harry?" Lily asked an hour later. She had sat in the kitchen thinking about what she had said to her son, and how she had hurt him. She didn't mean to, she just thought that her son was too young to settle down and should be out partying not sitting in looking after, soon to be three, young babies.

Lily knew that she and James had Harry to young; if she and James had waited a few years then maybe they wouldn't have had to leave Harry. Then again if they had have waited then Voldemort would still be at large and terrorizing the whole wizarding world.

Harry, who was playing with James, gave his son a kiss on the head and told him he'd only be outside the door if he needed him.

"K, Dada" was the cute reply he got from his son.

"What do you want?" Harry rudely asked, once he had shut the door.

"Please Harry, I'm sorry. I was just trying to help; I didn't want you settling down to have a family so young. I wanted you to be out enjoying life."

"I am enjoying life. I have an amazing wife and a son who I love to bits. I didn't think I could love anybody, more than I love Hermione, but then James was born and the love I have for him overwhelms me. You can't tell me how to live my life, you gave up that right years ago. I live my life the way I want to and not the way you want me to" Harry argued.

"I'm sorry Harry, I just want what’s best for you" Lily sobbed.

"How do you know what's best for me, you don't know me" Harry shouted.

"I'm your mother" Lily shouted back.

"You haven't been here for the past twenty-one years, the people who do know me were delighted when they found out about James, because they knew that after years of heartache, I finally had the family I had always dreamed of. Now if you don't mind I’m going to play with my son" he snapped and walked back into the playing room. Lily walked into the living room and found her husband and daughter sitting side by side watching the muggle TV.

"Where is everyone else?" Lily asked as she sat beside her husband.

"Well since no-one is talking to us, they are all of doing their own thing. Hermione received an owl from someone called Molly Weasley saying that her and some of the family would be visiting tomorrow, and since Harry didn't feel like going out, she and Sirius are away shopping. Remus, Dora and Teddy all went home, and Harry is in the play room with little James."

"I know, I just tried to say sorry to him, but he got angry again"

"Why did you do it mum?" Izzy asked.

"I just wanted what’s best for him"

"Who's to say that him having a family young, isn't what's best for him. Lily love, we can't tell Harry what to do anymore; he lives his life the way he wants. All we can do is be there when he needs advice, or help."

"I know" Lily sighed. "I just want my baby boy back"

"So do I, sweetheart, but he's an adult now, we can no longer tell him what to do".

"I suppose" she sighed again.

"Anyway at least we still have control over our baby girl" James smirked and threw an arm around his daughter.

"Yes, but she's going away to Hogwarts, which means we only get to see her at holidays" she sobbed, hugging her daughter tight.

"Mum I can't breathe" Izzy gasped and broke free of her mother’s tight grip. "I'm going to Hogwarts not joining a convent" she said.

"A what?" James asked confused.

"It's a muggle thing, Lucy told me about" Izzy shrugged.  "Anyway, I’m really looking forward to it. Hermione has told me so much about it.”

"It is a great school" Lily agreed.

"And the headmaster is fantastic" Harry said from the doorway, scaring everyone.

"Oh, Harry, you scared us" Lily said jumping up from the sofa.

"Hermione is back and James wanted to play with Isobella" he said, looking away from his mother.

"Oh, ok" Isobella said jumping up and taking her nephews hand. "Shall we go and play with your train set?" she asked

"Yes" he said happily, nodding his head.

They both exited the living room and went into the play room, and having no reason to stay in the living room Harry made a swift exit and went into the kitchen.

"Hey hunny" Hermione said as her husband entered the kitchen."What's wrong?" she asked as she looked at her husband’s saddened face.

"Lily tried to apologize to me, but I ended up just getting angry with her.

"You'll come round to the idea of them being here soon enough, you'll see" Hermione reassured.

"That's the thing, I don't know if I will. Our James is already so close to them, and Isobella is such a great kid, but at the minute, I don't see myself adjusting to them being my family. I accepted years ago, that my parents were dead and I'd never know that special love you'd get from a parent. Now when I finally rebuild my life with you and James, they come back and disrupt it all again.They say Voldemort was the reason the abandoned my and the reason they didn't come back, yet when I killed Voldemort, the reason they didn't come back was Isobella, she wasn't ready. It is so easy for me to hate them right now, but I can't hate her. I love her to pieces".

"I know you do, Harry. I'm positive that in time you won't hate your parents and you'll grow to love them." Hermione reassured. "I've told Isobella that you love her, but she doesn't believe it. You need to show her."

"I can't, what if I start letting them in, and they leave again. I couldn't cope with that".

"We would never leave you, not again" Lily sobbed from the doorway. Harry and Hermione both jumped at the sound, they turned around to find James and Lily standing there.

"How long have you been there?" Harry hissed.

"Not long, Harry. We just wanted to talk to you". James said.

"About what?"

"How long are you going to keep this up for?"

"For as long as I want, you abandoned me, I have the right to be angry" Harry shouted.

"We didn't abandon you, we had to leave" Lily wailed.

"Stop saying that" Harry screamed. "It's all lies"

"That's enough Harry" James said storming forward to Harry, who quickly stepped back, banging into the wall.

"Harry" Hermione screamed, fear in her eyes.

"Me and you mother, choose to leave you thinking it was the best choice, we made the wrong decision. That does not mean we love you any less, if we could change anything we would. Now me and you mother are here to stay whether you like it or not, got it" James seethed.

"Get out of my face" Harry said in an angry whisper, his face was red and his fists were curled into balls.

"James I suggest you move" Hermione whispered, but James wouldn't listen, he still stood in front of Harry with the same angry expression his son wore.

"I said, get out of my face!!" Harry yelled, James quickly stepped back slightly but Harry was still trapped. Suddenly the lights began to flicker and crackle, which in turn caused Sirius to walk in to the kitchen to investigate.

“What the hell” Sirius yelled when he saw Harry pinned to the back wall by James. “Get off my Godson” Sirius shouted and pulled James away from Harry and through him across the room. James got up and made a beeline for Sirius, but Harry stopped him.

“What the hell did you do that for?” James angrily said

“Well if I come in to find you attacking my Godson, I'm going to defend him”

“I would never hurt Harry, I'd die for him”

“No James because if you loved Harry that much then you wouldn't have left him”

“I had to in order to save his life, every single day I wished I had've stayed and died trying to protect him”

“Sirius leave it.” Harry said and walked out. He decided to take head of what Hermione had said and he went to spend time with Isobella.

"You do not touch my Godson" Sirius seethed.

"He's my son Sirius"

"I love that kid and I would go to hell and back for him, I would die for him and I will not stand for anyone threatening my Godson."

"Sirius, come on you know me I would never in a million years hurt my own child" James protested.

"I thought I knew you James, but I don't. You left your son and if that's not called hurting him then what is?" James stumbled back shocked at what his once best friend had just said to him. Sirius walked over to Hermione and gave her a kiss on the cheek and left with out another word.

The next day saw everybody rushing around preparing for the Weasley's visit, it was twelve and they were due to arrive at quarter past. Hermione was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches to the massive buffet that she had spent all morning preparing.

Not many of the Weasley’s were visiting, there was the usual Mr and Mrs Weasley, Ron and Luna and special guests George and Angelina who had been travelling the world for the past six months and were home for a visit. Normally Harry and Hermione would be very organized and ready for the Weasley’s, but with the added pressure of James, Lily and Isobella whom the Weasley’s didn't know about, plus James was acting up. Harry and Hermione hadn't had a moment to themselves and were still rushing about in their nightwear.

"Izzy, will you look after James?" Harry said to his sister, Hermione had just put the finishing touches to the buffet, so it was time for her and Harry to get ready.

"Sure thing Harry" Izzy said, taking her nephews hand in her own. She opened the back doors and too him to the playground they had in their back garden.

"Don't let him go near the mud" Hermione called to her sister in-law.

"Anything we can help with" Lily asked timidly, as she and James sat alone at the kitchen table.

"No, I can't think of anything" Harry answered. He grabbed Hermione's hand and dragged her upstairs to get ready.

"Good to see you" Harry and Hermione greeted the Weasley’s as they entered their home.

"Harry dear, lovely to see you, as always" Mrs Weasley said crushing him with a big hug.

"You to Mrs Weasley" Harry gasped when Mrs Weasley had released him.

"Hermione and James" She said as she crushed them.

"Mrs Weasley, Mrs Weasley, Ron, Luna, George and Angelina, Welcome to our Mansion" Hermione pleasantly greeted.

"We have a few shocks in store for you so, we shall take you on a small tour of our home, then we shall go into the dining room for the buffet" Harry said.

"Sound's wonderful, Harry dear" Molly said. "We have some news of our own" she continued with a smile at Ron. Another ten minutes saw the troupe standing outside the dining room.

"Right before we go in, I just got to say that what's behind this door is pretty shocking, so brace yourself" Harry said.

"Harry I don't think anything..." Ron was stopped in the middle of his sentence, when he saw who was on the other side of the door. "O My Merlin, Harry it's your twin" Ron said pointing from Harry to James.

"Everyone, this is my parents, James and Lily Potter, and my little sister Isobella" Harry said pointing to each person as he said their name. "Everyone else, this is, Mrs Molly and Mr. Arthur Weasley, Ron and Luna and George and Angelina".

"Nice to meet you all" Lily said to the gob smacked family.

"Bloody 'ell" Ron said which made Luna elbow him in the ribs, causing him to shout. "What was that for?" He angrily asked.

"There are children in the room, Ronald" she hissed.

"Oh, sorry" he apologized, going bright red.

"I think we all need a cup of tea" Mrs Weasley said.

"I'll help" Hermione said and the walked into the kitchen.

"Wow" The Weasley’s said when Harry had finished the story. "Well I hope it all goes well for you" Mr. Weasley said.

"Thanks" Hermione replied. "Well you said that you have some news, so care to share" Hermione inquired.

"I'm pregnant, Ronald and I are going to have our first child" Luna beamed.

"Oh congratulations, how far gone are you?" Hermione squealed.

"Three months" Luna beamed.

"Awk, how lovely" Lily said.

"Do you know what it is?" Hermione asked.

"Yes it's a boy" Ron replied.

"Congratulations" Harry said patting his back.

"Well, I pregnant as well" Hermione beamed.

"Wow, we can go to classes together and measure how different our pregnancies are" Luna said excitedly.

"Yea well, I'm also three months gone, but already my pregnancy is different from yours"

"How so?" Luna asked.

"Well, were having twins" she beamed.

"Oh congratulations" The girls squealed whilst the boys patted Harry on the back.

"How did that happen?" Angelina asked.

"Well, it was two separate eggs that were fertilized at the same time” Hermione explained.

"Is, it boys or girls" Molly asked.

"Well this one" Hermione said patting the left side of her stomach. "Is a boy and this one" she said now patting the right side. "Will be our fist girl" she beamed.

"Oh, how lovely" Molly said giving her a not so tight squeeze.

"So there in two different sacks?" Angelina said.

"Yep, we think they were created on the same day but just at different times"

"The nurse said it's possible that it happened seconds apart" Harry said at the cheeky looks they were receiving.

"Well, we must go now, but it was lovely to see you, and the food was simply delicious" Molly said standing, and the others followed suit. "Oh that reminds me, Lily, Isobella, Angelina and I can all organize a joint baby shower for the both of you" she beamed.

"Oh, thanks that would be wonderful" Hermione smiled.

"Yes, and here's a challenge for you, the shower will be in two months’ time, so by then you have to come up with names for the babies." Mr. Weasley said.

"Will do" Hermione said, and she closed the door.

"Right lets go and play with, Izzy and James" Hermione said grabbing her husband’s hand and dragging him into the living room.

 A.N Yes the Weasley’s has a lack of reaction to the news of James, Lily and Isobella, but their return isn't really significant to them. Molly and Lily do clash over Molly's overbearing mothering of the young Potters, but it's nothing major.

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