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A Moments Notice by a_prophecy_untold
Chapter 4 : Somebody Told Me
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Disclaimer: it isn’t mine, at all. Although it would be sweet if it was. 

As promised I am going to write about two characters, and the lucky winners are my own characters, Gemma and Riley. The two are pretty much always seen together, and you probably won’t ever see or hear one without hearing or seeing the other one. 

We will start with Gemma Albershire. Gemma has long black hair and blue eyes. She is short, being around 5’2”. She is very outgoing and adventurous, and she wants to try out for the Quidditch team this year, as seeker. She’s very blunt, and can be bitchy to people she doesn’t like. She likes to tell little white lies to see how people respond, so her close friends stopped believing most of what she says. She generally has a good sense of character, meaning she can sum people up pretty easily and know if they are just using people or if they are being genuine. She comes from a large family, most of whom are trouble-makers. She has a brother who is a seventh-year Ravenclaw, a sister who is a fourth-year Gryffindor, another brother who is a third-year Gryffindor, as well as a four other siblings who either already graduated or who are still at home. 

Riley Campbell has short spiky brown hair and brown eyes and she is the tallest of the three friends. She always over exaggerates and she tells good stories. She is excellent at lying, which is probably a good thing since she is a bit of a troublemaker. She is uber clumsy, always falling down and running into stuff. She can be shy if she doesn’t know the person, but it usually depends on her mood if she talks to someone or not. Her family includes a brother who is in Ravenclaw and another brother who already graduated. There isn’t really much more to say about the two of them that I can think of right now. It’s short, I know, but on to the story… 

Rumors, how do they even start? Does someone just sit around all day and think up nasty things to say about other people? One simple day spent with James and Sirius, and suddenly Lily found herself the topic of conversation on the train ride to Hogwarts. She could understand why people were interested. She knew it wasn’t the best kept secret that she despised James and James was practically in love with her. Most of the school had heard at least one of their numerous fights in person, not to mention hearing about the others from their friends. But to still be talking about it three weeks later, that is what she found frustrating. Not to mention some of the things they were saying about her. This was why she was apprehensive about people knowing that she stayed at the Potter’s all summer. If they knew that she stayed there, the rumors would fly even faster and become wilder than the ones now. She didn’t want to think about that, at least not now. 

“OI!?!” Lily smirked to herself. Perfect timing. James and Sirius came into the compartment soaking wet and glaring while Lily put on an innocent face. 

“Aww, what happened to you two, why are you all wet? Did you finally decide to shower? Cuz if that’s the reason, you know you’re supposed to take your clothes off before stepping under the water,” she said with an air of innocence and concern. 

“As if you don’t know, Lily Evans,” James replied while glaring at her. 

“Oh, it’s on now, Red. You think that you can get away with pulling a prank in front of all of these people without any retaliation whatsoever?” Sirius asked. 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Sirius. Do you think that I would do this to you? I’m not nearly smart enough let alone brave enough to pull a prank on you two,” Lily responded to Sirius, trying to keep the smirk off of her face. 

“Y’know, we were coming in here to save you from being all by your lonesome, but I think we changed our minds. Let’s go find someone who doesn’t pull a prank on us every chance they get,” James said before leaving. 

“Yeah, if you ever decide to stop pranking us, come and find us,” Sirius said while shaking out his head like a dog. He left without another word and made her feel slightly guilty. It wasn’t as though they couldn’t dry themselves off with magic. She didn’t make them stay soaked for the whole day like she originally planned. 

Not able to stand having a guilty conscience, or to have Sirius mad at her, she decided to try and find Sirius and James to apologize to them. Along the way she found Riley and Gemma laughing at something. 

“…this is gonna be good, I can’t wait to see her-oh hey Lily. Where have you been?” Gemma was saying as Lily walked up to the two of them. Lily narrowed her eyes. 

Something was up. Riley was whispering something in Gemma’s ear that sounded kind of like purple hair before they both started laughing again. 

“What are you two planning?” Lily asked warily. Usually when the two of them tried to plan a prank without her chaos followed, not always planned chaos either. 

“Nothing. What makes you think that we’re planning anything?” Riley asked innocently.
“You were whispering something before and when I came in you both stopped talking. You better not be planning another prank…” 

“Aw, come on Lily, you know that it’s tradition! No one ever blames us anyways, they always blame the marauders, whoever they are. I still don’t believe that the marauders are students from Ravenclaw like everyone says, they’re all too stuffy and book oriented,” Gemma interrupted. 

“And who do you think it is, then? A lot of their pranks use advanced magic, and have used advanced magic since, like, second year. There’s no way it’s anyone in our class, unless it was someone from Ravenclaw, cuz they’re the only ones who could’ve figured out some of that stuff. Hell, I don’t even know how they made it rain pumpkin juice in the Great Hall last year. Even some of the professors couldn’t stop it,” Lily responded, completely forgetting how they got on this subject in the first place. 

“And how do you explain the prank from second year, when they managed to charm all of the suits of armor to follow around the professors and confess their love for them. That took a week before Dumbledore finally put a stop to it. The only reason he stopped it then was because of the damage they caused when they fought over Pomfrey in the infirmary.” 

“If the Marauders are still at Hogwarts then that leaves it to be someone from the class above or below us, or our own class. I don’t think it would be anyone from below because the armor trick was way too advanced for any first year to pull off,” Riley responded. After a moment’s silence, the silence was broken again. 

“But speaking of pranks, have you guys seen James or Sirius? I feel guilty for the latest prank I’ve pulled on them and I wanted to apologize. I don’t like having people mad at me, even if it is for a dumb reason,” Lily said after remembering her initial reason for being in their compartment. 

Riley and Gemma caught each other’s eyes before quickly looking away, both trying to keep their faces composed. 

“Yeah, I think I saw them walking past our compartment. I’m not sure where they went, though,” Riley answered. 

“We aren’t doing anything now so we’ll come with you,” Gemma told Lily, who happened to miss the wink that she threw to Riley. The three left the compartment, Lily in the lead and the other two whispering quietly behind her and laughing the whole way. 

Upon spotting James and Sirius in a compartment by themselves, Lily made up her mind on what she was going to say to them. She had come to the difficult decision that if the boys didn’t like her pranking them, then she would stop, or at least she would try to stop. 

She opened the door and wasn’t sure how to begin. The two boys were talking as though they didn’t know she was there. She felt like a first year all over again. After catching their attention, she nervously began talking. 

“James, Sirius, I…I’m sorry. If you guys don’t like me pranking you then I’ll try really really hard to stop. I might not always succeed but I will try. Unless if you deserve it, cuz then I’m making no promises,” she stated. 

They looked at one another before grinning back at Lily. 

“It’s alright, Red, we’ll forgive you this time. We weren’t really mad, we just wanted to make you feel bad. And not to mention Jamesy-boy here loves seeing you all sheepish and apologetic. He thinks it’s cute or somethin’ like that. Come sit,” Sirius replied while patting the seat across from him.  He ignored the glare James threw his way. 

“Want a pasty?” James asked her innocently while holding out the sweet. 

“Umm…sure, I guess,” she responded while grabbing the sweet and looking at it somewhat suspiciously. This wasn’t like James or Sirius. Normally they would play it off like they were still mad at her, at least until after they pranked her back. Then they would act all goofy to make sure she was unable to stay mad at them. Still a little suspicious, she bit into the pasty while thinking about it. Had she been paying attention to her surroundings she would’ve noticed James and Sirius grinning even more and Gemma and Riley laughing silently in the corridor. It wasn’t until she was finished eating her pasty and Riley let out a rather loud snort that she tried to keep quiet that Lily realized they were laughing at her. 

“What are you laughing at,” she asked, confused. “I didn’t get anything on my face, did I?” she asked her friends. 

“s’not it… it’s just… hahaha, nevermind… you were so busy thinking that you missed something funny,” Riley chortled. 

Not really believing her answer but not wanting to question it any longer, Lily decided to ignore their laughter. 

Lily looked around suspiciously. Riley and Gemma were still standing in the corridor instead of joining them in the compartment. It almost seemed as though they wanted a better view of her or something. She looked down at her clothes and didn’t see anything different about them. Maybe she really did miss a good joke or something. 

After a few silent minutes in which everyone else in the compartment were still smiling, Lily decided to try for a conversation. “So are yo- oh what the bloody hell is so funny?” she asked exasperatedly after James let out a chuckle. 

“Nothing, nothing. Still just thinking about that joke that you missed,” he replied while trying to stop laughing. 

Noticing that they weren’t going to fill her in on what happened, Lily decided to leave. 

“You four have fun laughing at whatever you are laughing at. Try not to break a rib from laughing so hard.” 

She left the compartment and after passing a couple of more people who burst out in laughter upon seeing her, she decided to go to the loo to make sure she had nothing on her face. When she walked in the loo at first she thought there was a painting on the far wall. 

“Those dirty bastards,” she whispered to herself. That’s what they were laughing at. 

The ‘painting’ turned out to be a mirror, and in the mirror she saw what looked like a clown, only the clown had bright purple hair instead of red, a green nose (which she found kind of ironic, being a muggleborn witch), a blue mouth with a neon pink tongue, and pinkish-purple colored cheeks (with the rest of her face made paler than usual). 

Her outfit was even more unusual. It was the usual big dress-like robe, only instead of white it was a fiery orange color. The big buttons down the front of the dress were changing colors every few seconds. Her shoes were slightly darker than a neon green color. 

She couldn’t believe it. She just got done apologizing to them and this is how they repay her? How the hell did they pull it off so that she could only see what they had done to her by looking in a mirror? It was an awesome prank, and she had to admit that she admired them because of that, but oh, it was on. She told them she would stop pranking them unless if they deserved it, and they definitely deserved it. She just wasn’t sure how to get them back. It would have to be public, and humiliating, or at least embarrassing, and she would need help. Maybe she could recruit Riley and Gemma… 

“I can’t believe them, they wouldn’t be a part of this, would they?” she whispered to herself in the mirror. 

When she walked into their compartment, Riley and Gemma were laughing about something and she assumed it was one of their chaotic pranks. Maybe she was wrong to assume that. Maybe James and Sirius recruited them into getting her to go to their compartment. They did say something about purple hair, didn’t they? 

“Damn them, they’re gonna pay too,” she said with a vengeance. 

She was going to have to think about this one, and she was going to have to recruit some people to help her pull it off. Maybe Remus and Peter would help, or even Mason, Fitz, and Pip… 

Where were Remus and Peter during all of this? They had to have known about it. There is no way they weren’t a part of it. She was going to have to include them in the pranking as well. 

If she were to have anyone besides her four newest friends and her two best friends, she would have Fitz, Mason, and Pip. Fitz and Mason were bloody geniuses when it came to this kind of stuff. They would know what to do. And Pip was turning out to be a little mastermind as well. It must have been her innocent looks or something but the chit could get away with murder. 

Feeling more confident now that she had a plan, Lily left the loo after trying (and failing) to change her appearance. She needed to find Mason, Fitz, and Pip to see if they were up to helping her. She found Mason and Fitz in the same compartment with some of their other friends. The group roared with laughter when they saw her. After talking with them for a couple of minutes and after they agreed to help, she went to find Pip. She felt like she passed the whole school while trying to find Pip. At some compartments there were even large groups of people trying to take a picture of her.  She laughed good-naturedly since it was a decent prank. After finding Pip in the last compartment and after she agreed to help, Lily decided to go back to James’ and Sirius’ compartment to see if they would remove the spell. 

When she returned, she noticed that Riley and Gemma were still there and that Peter
and Remus had joined the compartment. Lily was blinded by cameras flashing when she walked in. She didn’t care all that much to have her picture taken, especially when she thought of what she had planned for them. 

The seven stayed in the compartment for the rest of the train ride, and it wasn’t until they reached Hogsmeade that James and Sirius decided to reverse the spell. And even though she asked numerous times, she still wasn’t sure whose idea the prank was. She just wanted to learn how they created it. 

When they came to the horseless carriages, Lily left them saying that since there wasn’t enough room she would ride with someone else. After hopping in the next carriage she laughed with the three people who sat inside, and they began to plan.

Author's Note:  
6/11:  I know, I know.  Instead of adding new chapters to this story, here I am editing old ones or creating new stories all together.  Please forgive me!  Even after editing this chapter I still don't think that I like it.  That's actually kind of sad when you think about it.  If I don't like it I shouldn't expect you to like it either, should I?  

Anyways, on the up side I do have a tiny, tiny portion of chapter 6 written.  Since it's taking me forever I'll let you know that chapter 6 includes the prank Lily is beginning to plan in this chapter.  

Let me know what you like, dislike, and all of that good stuff.  It helps me know if I should change my writings at all.  

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it,

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