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Time travel by lily_times
Chapter 21 : Chapter twenty-one Sorry and plans
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Chapter twenty-one Sorry and plans 

Lily walked with her head bowed through the halls, it wasn’t every day that you found out that you’re best friend was going to die before her prime. 

As she entered the Gryffindor common room she found Scorpius starring into the fire a scowl on his beautiful face. 

Sighing Lily looked around noticing no one in the common room she slowly walked over, running her finger tips over his shoulder blades she walked around to face him, sitting in his lap, she rested her head on his shoulder. 

Wrapping his arms around her he stated “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have told you what to do” 

Lily smiled, reaching up she kissed him lightly “I’m sorry I snapped at you like that” 

Scorpius smiled slightly “you are a little bossy when you get going” 

Lily pushed him lightly “and you’re a little pushy when you get going” 

Scorpius laughed “ah yes a Malgit trait” 

Lily nodded “I was talking to Caitlyn just before” 

“How is she?” 

“Better, but I think she might be in trouble, do you have your old history of magic book with you?” 

Scorpius nodded “yeah, why?” 

“I think she might be in trouble in the future” 

Scorpius stared at her “your not thinking of changing it are you” 

Lily shrugged “I don’t know yet” 

Scorpius rolled his eyes “well how about we start with finding out about her first, then we make the rash decisions” 

Lily nodded climbing off of Scorpius’ lap, grabbing his hand they walked up the stairs and into the boys dorm room. 

Lily waited while Scorpius dug in his trunk for the book that Lily wanted, pulling out a blue book labelled W.W.II, he handed it to her. 

Sitting on the bed, Lily flicked to the list of names, looking through the columns she spotted C. Smith. Brushing out Lily read “C. Smith died 1980, killed while in the line of fire.” Looking up at Scorpius she asked “can she come back with us?” 

Scorpius frowned “I don’t know I suppose she could but” 

“But?” Lily asked placing the book on the bed beside them 

“but” Scorpius sighed “if we get back to our time there’s no way to make her say, one of the laws of time travel is, once its activated it must go back” 


Scorpius rubbed at his eyes “meaning that she would have to have something from our time to keep her there, time turners work basically the some thing what goes back must go forward” 

Lilt bit her lip “so, if she has something from our time she should be pulled through time with us” 

Scorpius scratched his head “it could work, but it would have to be big, like another human, but it would have to stay attached to her for months if not years” 

Lily kissed Scorpius “can we find a way?” 

Scorpius smirked “kiss me again and I could” 

Smiling Lily kissed him again 

Scorpius nodded “I’ll need your help though, are you prepared to spend nights in the library” 

Lily nodded “if it gets us home and Caitlyn with us then yes I’ll go” 

“Brilliant” Scorpius stated kissing her again 


Albus smiled as he led Caitlyn by the hand through Hogwarts, in a freakish way he was glad that she was a werewolf, it meant that she would heal super fast and she would always need him. 

Lifting her bridal style up into his arms he carried her up the stairs towards the room of requirements, placing her on the ground he kissed her sweetly before pacing in front of the door three times thinking “I need a place for us” 

As the door appeared he opened it before scooping her up again. 

“Albus you don’t have to carry me” Caitlyn stated as she kissed his nose 

Albus smiled kissing her softly “I want to, besides I have planned to spend the whole evening with you resting, that means not moving from the couch, and not doing anything that well strain you in any way” 

Caitlyn hugged Albus to her “what did I ever do to deserve you?” 

Albus’ face turned serious but you could tell he was joking by the twinkle in his eyes “you pissed off the wrong people” 

Caitlyn laughed as Albus placed her down on the floor 

Caitlyn’s eyes when wide as she took in the room, a fire was off to the left built into the wall a small coach was in front of it with two comfy arm chairs to the side the walls were painted a soft yellow and a photo was hanging on the wall above the fire place, she smiled as the picture of her an Albus smiled down at them spinning around she hugged Albus “oh Al, this is perfect” 

Albus blushed kissing her again “I like small and cozy, the manor we live in is a small manor but you can still fit ever member of our family in rooms by themselves and have plenty of rooms to spare, I want just a small place the R.O.R must of picked up on my wish” 

Caitlyn grabbed his hand and led him to the coach snuggling up to Albus she stated “it’s perfect, my family is a pureblood family we leaved in these huge windy manor in winter it was so cold and in spring we never have gardens” 

Albus cupped her cheek “at our house you can have lovely gardens” 

Caitlyn smiled “really?” 

Albus nodded “yeah, our house will have to have at least six bedrooms” 

Caitlyn smiled “and chains in the basement so when I change I don’t hurt you or the kids” 

Albus’ smile grow “two boys and three girls” 

Caitlyn smiled shyly “do you really want that?” 

Albus nodded “yeah” clearing his throat he kissed her forehead “of course we’ll have to get married first and find away to bring you home with me” 

Caitlyn squealed throwing herself at Albus, straddling him she kissed him like her life depended on it. “OH Al I love you” 

Pulling her closer to him Albus stated “I love you to” 

A few minutes after heavy patting Albus lay on top of Caitlyn with his shirt off and Caitlyn with only her bra and panties on. 

Pulling away Albus whispered “we shouldn’t go further, I don’t want to push you when you’re not ready” 

Caitlyn brushed Albus’ hair out of his face, wrapping her leg around Albus waist she whispered “I… I want to do this with you…I’m ready” 

Smiling down at her Albus kissed her “are you sure?” 

Kissing Albus, Caitlyn reached down with shaking fingers and unclasped Albus’ pants. 

Albus moaned, grabbing Caitlyn’s hands he kissed them before placing them above her head “Caitlyn I need to know how sure you are” 

Smiling coyly Caitlyn whispered in Albus ear “let’s work on getting you your first son”
That’s all Albus needed, crushing his lips to Caitlyn’s he pulling down her undies as he stepped out of his pants 

As wormtail walked towards the Slytherin’s common room he jumped at the shadows he wondered how he had gotten himself into such a mess, why oh why had he taken the Dark Lords mark. 

Cowering as the brick wall moved he slithered into the dungeon. 

“Well well well what do we have here?” 

Wormtail jumped as Lucius Malfoy descended the stairs into the common room 

“Malfoy” Wormtail squeaked “what are you doing here did you leave school years ago”
Lucius smirked “it seems you have a message for the Dark Lord, why else would you be down here without your precious Potter” 

Wormtail cowered “I don’t need James to defend me” 

“really?” Lucius asked as he raised an eyebrow 

“Lucius” a voice hissed 

Peter dropped to his knees in front of the head in the fire 

“My Lord” Lucius bowed 

Voldermort ignored him and looked at Peter “you have news for me?” he hissed 

Peter nodded “yes” he squeaked “James son will some how kill you in the future, his kids Lily an Albus are stuck here” taking a deep breath he continued “I think this 
Scorpius they are with is a Malfoy he looks just like Lucius” 

“Really?” Voldermort hissed 

Peter whimpered “yes” 

“is that all Wormtail?” 

Peter nodded “yes my…My lord” 

“Lucius you will send an owl to your grand son asking him to join our forces” 

Voldermort hissed 

Lucius bowed in agreement 

“Wormtail find as much information you can on this girl Lily I want to know her weaknesses” 

Wormtail bowed “yes my lord” 

As Voldermort disappeared into flames Wormtail sighed, looking up at where Lucius was he noticed him gone changing into a rat Wormtail took off back to the safety of the Gryffindor tower and his friends.

Yes I am back…….. Told you my muse will come running back with his tail between his legs….. I think there is only about six chapters left of this story.
Lily times

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Time travel: Chapter twenty-one Sorry and plans


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