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Truce by Accio Malfoy
Chapter 1 : Truce
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Hey i was just sitting in front of my computer screen when this idea hit me please review and tell me what you think ...i don't own anything HP related but i do own the storyline. Written from Lily's POV

I walked through Hogwarts, my shoes making a quiet tap tap against the stone floor. Looking around I caught myself marvelling at the beauty of it, the way the sun bounced off of the Lake, the way the cheerful cries of many students echoed across the grounds the joy of many radiated across the whole school. The last exams had been taken yesterday and now it was time for everyone to wind down and relax in the last few weeks before the summer break.

It upsets me to think that in a few short weeks I would leave this place for good I would soon have to go onward and live my life. Become an adult and make my own imprint in the world, even as a child I had always said I would make a difference and now my time to do that was drawing nearer I could not help but shy away from the outside world the world where mum and dad would not be able to fix everything where the decisions I would make would not only affect me but others if that was not enough to make someone nervous I do not know what would.

But as the saying goes every cloud has a silver lining and mine goes by the name of James Potter.

A few years ago ok, ok to tell you the truth it was only a few months ago I hated the boy and the urge to kill him burned deep into my soul it still does sometimes.
But only sometimes.

It started when we came back from our sixth year holidays no not the hating the truce. 

We both stood on the platform saying goodbye to our parents, mine telling me to do my best and that they were so proud of me, James’s telling him to try and behave himself in his last year and that if they got anymore letters from the head teacher he would be grounded for the whole duration of the Christmas holidays. James pretended to listen to them but you could tell he wasn’t his eyes were darting everywhere not that I was looking or anything.

He caught up to me on the train I was reluctant to talk to him but he persisted and as we talked I realised we had both matured and become the people we had trained for last six years to become he was still the best prankster Hogwarts had ever seen but he had calmed down a lot, I was still a follower of the rules but I could now take a joke and let my hair down (metaphorically).

So we decided on a truce. He said goodbye to me and flashed me a genuine quirky smile I smiled a small smile back and we parted ways. Me to patrol the corridors him to his fellow Marauders as him and his friends liked to call themselves little did I know I would soon join with them too.

Over the next few weeks me and James exchanged many moments like that always accompanied with a smile.

And so I have decided… 

Love begins with a smile.

As I walked I looked for a place to sit and ponder I found it, mine and James’s bench it was hidden away tucked into a small corner often overlooked and that was why we liked it. I slid onto it and lent against one arm my feet on the other my eyes closed and I enjoyed the feel of the warm sun against my closed lids. As I lay/sat there I thought to what this bench meant to me, it held so many memories for me and James this was the bench we shared our first kiss on…

It was a cold December day in the middle of the Christmas holidays, Hogwarts was virtually empty and only a few had remained at the school over the break the marauders were (for use of a better word) sadly included in that group so I decided to escape the reign of terror they had over the common room and go out on a walk, snow had fallen in the night so the ground crunched as I walked I saw a bench in a corner of the courtyard ,I could not remember seeing it before and as such I walked to it brushed off the snow and sat down looking around at the pure white snow that littered the ground. I felt a small drop of wet fall softly onto my face I looked up towards the sky and smiled, it was snowing again.

“Can I sit here?”

It was James and he was gesturing to the seat next to me.


We sat in silence and the cold slowly crept through my school robe and Goosebumps ran up and down my arm. I turned to ask James how long he was planning on staying here without realising he had also turned towards me, our faces ended up a few millimetres away our eyes locked as he leant in to kiss me and I didn’t object. He pulled away too soon for my liking and muttered sorry. I looked at him.

“Don’t apologise.”

I leant in for another kiss. 

I smiled at the memory that was one of the best days of my life.

“Can I sit here?”

I looked up and saw my star, my hope, my dream and my everlasting love, 


His wry grin lit up his face.


I sat up and as soon as he sat down I leant onto him and nestled my head into his chest he wrapped his arms around my shoulders.



I was inhaling the musky scent of his cologne as I always did.

“Lily stop sniffing me and look at me.”

I forgot that James had the uncanny ability to tell when people didn’t want to be disturbed but he would disturb them anyway -  it’s in his nature.

I turned to face him his hazelnut eyes bored into mine.

“You know I love you always have done and always will do.”

“Yeah James and you know that you are my life now I don’t know what life was like before we got together.”

“Horribly boring and empty.”

“Yeah something like that.”

I closed my eyes again. I felt James move his arm and pull something out of his pocket it was probably something silly and dangerous that he and the guys had come up with.

“Lily, open your eyes.”

I opened them and saw a small open square box inside it sparkled a beautiful heart cut diamond with rubies on either side of it. My jaw dropped... was James…

James turned me around to face him.

“Lily Evans… Would you mind dreadfully if I asked you to spend eternity with me.”

“What yes I would mind I mean no I mean…”

“Lil yes or no.”

“YES !!!!”

He slid the ring onto my finger and I squealed like a child.

He brought my hand to his mouth and softly kissed it a huge smile on his face mirrored my own. I flung my arms around him and kissed him for all it was worth.

Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss. 

                                                *********Five years Pass*********** 

Me and James have been married four years now and we have a beautiful baby boy we named him Harry James Potter, he has James’s hair and my eyes never have I been happier than I am now. Sirius recently brought Harry a miniature broom and he has been terrifying the cat, every time he does this James just laughs but I worry constantly that he will fall and cause himself damage. Admittedly we are being hidden from Tom Riddle but I have full faith in Dumbledore and Peter, I know they will keep us safe.

The rocking chair creaks as I rock gently back and forth the small body of my son wrapped in a blanket in my arms. I hum a lullaby I learnt from my mother when I was a child.

I hear a thudding of footsteps on the stairs. 

Typical James always thudding around. 

Smiling I go to call out to him to quieten down but before I do he shouts my name and six words that tear my world apart.

“Lily, Peter betrayed us. He is coming.”

I instinctively pull my son’s body closer to my own and run towards the door just as James flings it open.

“Lily take Harry and go I will hold him off.”

“James no you’ll die.”

“As long as you and Harry are safe I don’t care.”

He pushed me into the landing just as a loud bang came from the kitchen.

“He’s here.”

James pulled me back into the nursery and I stood in the far corner James in front of me his wand out, I drew my own.

“Lily what?”

“If we are going down then I will go down protecting my son.”

“I love you and Harry so much. When you get a chance, run and don’t wait for me. Promise me you will try and get out.”

Tears threatened to fall. As I promised him I would.

“Ah romantic what a shame neither of you will get a chance to run.”

A cruel cold voice cut through the nursery. Harry’s eyes opened.

“Get out of my house Riddle.”

James shifted on the balls of his feet moving so that he was completely in the firing line while also blocking me and Harry from Riddles view a hero to the end.

“Voldemort to you Potter.”

James shot a spell at him, while screaming at me.

“Lily run save Har…”

James never finished our sons name.Voldemort had struck him down.

Before I could react Voldemort turned to me, my mother’s survival instinct started to kick in at that point and I clutched Harry as close as I could.

“Give me the boy and you will live.”


A teardrop fell down my cheek. At the thought that I would be leaving my poor baby to the mercy of this man.

I raised my wand higher. Preparing to defend my son to the death as I knew that I would surely die but what death is greater or nobler than dying for someone you love. I stood straighter and looked the man that had caused so much pain to enter into this world in the eye.

“You will have to kill me first.”


Opening my mouth to curse this vile man into oblivion I found I was too late. A burst of green light and it was over.

My final thoughts…

Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop. 

And how rightly so.

What do you think ? Love it hate it please review and tell me !!!
 The Sequal Love me Forever is now out but it can also be read on it's own !

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Truce: Truce


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