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The Adventures of the Next Generation: The second year by demongurl
Chapter 7 : Missing Persons
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Missing Persons

Sophie had been right. Every time a Slytherin saw a Gryffindor in the halls they would try and curse them. It was entertaining to see the amount of times people tried to curse Piper, Colette and Dylan because they were directly related to the troublemakers. Dylan had received a curse that made his body break out in spots but no one succeeded in getting so much as a scratch on Piper and Colette. Holly, Kevin, Charisma and Nick managed to get away with helping Filch restore the dormitories they had practically destroyed. The Hufflepuffs and Slytherins were on tender hooks and they looked like they were ready to curse the heck out of each other at the slightest. It was entertaining to watch sometimes.

“We got a Quidditch match this Sunday, Yeah!” Sophie said dancing around.

“Why isn’t it a Saturday?” Harper asked.

“Hogsmeade trips.” Dylan said. They were in history of magic and not caring about keeping their voices down.

“Who are you playing against?” Harper asked.

“Hufflepuff. They’re going to be easy though.” Dylan said. “And Sophie’s getting a LOT better at catching the snitch so I think we’re going to win”

“I still miss the snitch.” Sophie said modestly.

“No, you haven’t missed the snitch in four weeks. You’ll be great, we’re going to win again this year.” Dylan said happily.

“Yeah, I hope we do” Sophie said. Dylan smiled and stared at the front of the classroom. They were now being taught about Goblin rebellions, none of it was very interesting, partly because as a form of Revision Piper used to recite the entire wizarding history to Dylan, even when he was four. She had done it every year she was at home without fail.

“And then in about 300 bc Mr Oliviander opened up his shop to buy wands from and it’s been doing really well ever since-” She would go on and on. Dylan didn’t think he needed to come to this class but he was forced to. Rachel was sitting on the desk in front bopping her head to some invisible beat and tapping the desk with her fingers.

“Rachel, shut up.” Said a Hufflepuff girl in front.

“Sorry.” Rachel said, “But don’t tell me you’re actually listening?” Rachel asked.

“I’m trying to sleep.” The girl said. Rachel grinned and continued to bop her head but stopped tapping the table. Fraser was actually asleep and Sophie had decided she was going to do more drawing.

“Oh, look an article on James Potter.” Harper said as she flicked through her Witch Weekly that she had stolen from Colette.

“What does it say?” Sophie asked, not really paying attention.

“New band, Gringotts Raiders are causing a storm in the Wizarding world. Drawing upon many different musical backgrounds both Muggle and wizard for their music. All four boys in the band of six are very charming but none more so then Lead singer and guitarist James Potter.” Harper read out quietly. “Son of the famous Harry and Jenny Potter it doesn’t come as a surprise that James Potter has talents and looks. Our reporter met up with James Potter in the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. Unfortunately for those of you out there and are single James Potter is no longer available and apparently never was. When asked about his current relationship status he replied

‘Well, I’m actually in a really steady relationship right now, so steady I think I’m going to be getting married next winter.’ He said with a dashing smile-”

“Shut up Harper!” Rachel said throwing a ball of Parchment at Harper but she wasn’t deterred in the slightest though she did skip a long section of article.

“-As mentioned earlier in the article James Potter is the lead singer and lead guitarist in his band, Gringotts Raiders. When asked where they get their new sound and style of music from James said this

‘Well we get a lot of our inspiration from Muggle music. As my mum is a famous singer in both the magical and Muggle world I used to travel around with her a lot in the holidays, picking up various styles. Kendra came from Africa so we try and include some of her music into it and Dre has this whole Rap thing going on. So we just kind of mash it all up together.’ James said.” Dylan was actually starting to find Harper’s reading annoying, probably because she was trying to do an impression of James’ voice as she read out his quotes. “The Gringotts Raiders, after a very successful three months will be taking a break for the members to go and visit family and friends. They will be back after Halloween to release more sons. When asked what he was dong for the Halloween break James said.

‘I’m going over to Hogwarts to spend some time with my fiancé, it’s the one bad thing about this job, I don’t get to see her enough’ though we probably think it might also have something to do with her still being at school.” Harper finished.

“Finally.” Rachel muttered in front. Sophie laughed slightly and Harper put the magazine down.

“James Potter is so fit.” Harper said looking at the picture wistfully. “Your sister is so lucky.” She said, directing the comment at Dylan.

“Hmm.” Dylan muttered. He peered at Sophie and tried to get a glimpse of what she was drawing. Sophie moved her hand and showed a cartoon Harper looking at a buffed up James Potter. Dylan smirked.

“Let me see” Harper said.

“No, it’s really bad.” Sophie said rolling up the parchment and stuffing it into her bag. The bell went and the class left. Professor Binns didn’t even seem to realise that the bell had gone and went on in his monotonous drone.

“Well that was a thrilling lesson.” Harper said sarcastically. “I want to go to Hogsmeade now.”

“Only because you’re like some glory hunter.” Sophie said. “You just want to see James.”

“I spent the summer with him.” Rachel said offhandedly.

“So did I.” Sophie said, “He’s really funny and he’s really sweet-” Harper launched herself at Sophie and put a hand over her mouth.

“Are you trying to make me jealous?” Harper asked. Sophie smiled.

“Yef” She said, her answer muffled by Harper’s hand.

“Oh and he gave us like these private performances.” Rachel continued. Dylan started laughing slightly and Sophie was chuckling as Harper looked quite annoyed.

“Why do you get to spend your summer with famous people and I’m stuck with my stupid family?”

“You spend a lot of time with the editor of the daily Prophet.” Fraser said.

“He’s not as good as the Potters, Weasleys, other famous people!” Harper said.

“Whatever Harper, you’re just a glory seeker.”

“I am so not, I just have a crush on James Potter.”

“Did you know he’s my Godbrother?” Dylan asked casually.

“I KNOW!” Harper said loudly. All of them started laughing and went to have dinner. The next day was a Saturday and lessons were over. Dylan could sit back, relax and try and avoid sleep. Well actually he had to go to the hospital wing to go and get some sleeping draught from Madame Pomfrey. It was a dreamless draught and it worked so Hermione, Dylan’s mum, had requested that it was given to Dylan when he wanted it. No one in the school had enough power or influence to deny the request, something Dylan was grateful for. He had managed to have at least a week’s worth of god sleep.

“I want to go to Hogsmeade!” Harper complained. “It was so fun going with Piper and Colette. They showed us all these secret passages and these really cool things.”

“I know where all the secret passages are, it’s not really anything big.” Dylan said, “Everyone in the Potters and the Weasley’s know all the passages and all the shortcuts.”

“You have that really funky map don’t you?” Rachel asked. “Can we see it again sometime.”

“No.” Dylan said with a smile. “Only when we need it.”

“Fine.” Rachel said.

“Hey, guys wait up.” Said someone behind them. They all stopped and saw Steve Jaundice running towards them with Matthew Stanton following him.

“Hey Steve.” Fraser said.

“Hey. Um, Harper, I was wondering if I could talk to you in private?” Steve said awkwardly to Harper. Harper smiled.

“I don’t know, I’m really hungry and-”

“We’ll go to the great hall then. Do you want to sit next to me?” Steve asked quickly. Matthew looked like he was going to start laughing. Sophie was chuckling Steve’s uneasiness.

“Um, ok.” Harper said. She turned to Dylan and the others. “See you guys later. I want to talk to you about the homework.” She said pointing a finger at Dylan.

“Fine,” Dylan said. Harper smiled and she and Steve walked off towards the great hall.

“About time!” Matthew said with a relieved sigh. “He’s been fumbling around since school started.” Rachel smirked.

“Well he did kind of give away that he liked Harper in Herbology.” Rachel said.

“Yeah. Oh, Rachel I was wondering-”

“No.” Rachel said before Matthew could finish his question.

“How did you know what I was going to ask?” Matthew asked.

“Not interested, sorry.” Rachel said.

“Fair enough.” Matthew said with a shrug. “Lets get to Dinner.”

“Sounds good.” Sophie said.

“Should be funny watching Steve.” Fraser said with a smirk.

* * * * *

“Piper, get me some chocolate.” Dylan said as he saw Piper heading for the portrait hole.

“Ok.” Piper said. She was on her way to Hogsmeade. She was still a bit annoyed with Dylan for prophesising her death and she had no doubt told James. Dylan knew she was going to go and see James and spend the day with him. Dylan also thought he’d heard Colette say that he was coming up to the school for a while. Dylan turned and lay down on the sofa and began to read his book. As usual he had finished his school work and he had nothing to do.

“Hello.” Sophie said popping out of nowhere. She sat down on Dylan’s abdomen and looked at him happily.

“Sophie!” Dylan said, putting his book down.

“Sorry, I’m bored. Harper and Steve have wondered off. Rachel is helping Fraser with his Transfiguration and I’ve got nothing to do.”

“Read?” Dylan asked.

“I have nothing to read.” Sophie said.

“Did you have to jump on my stomach though?” Dylan asked. Sophie smiled.

“It’s really comfy.” She said bouncing up and down on him.

“Sophie!” Dylan said slightly more annoyed.

“Sorry.” She said. “So, you know that thing a few months ago, with Harry Potter and everything, well. I was wondering if he’s better yet because I spoke to Nick and he said that Harry’s still a bit ill.”

“Yeah, he’s a bit off still. You’re really heavy” Dylan said.

“What!” Sophie asked, “I am not heavy!”

“You’re heavier then Rachel.”

“How would you know how heavy Rachel is?” Sophie asked standing up and letting Dylan sit up properly.

“Because we had some strange contest a few days ago.” Dylan said. “When you were doing your seeker practice. Harper tried to carry Fraser but failed. I had to give Rachel a piggy back around the school.” Sophie looked at Dylan suspiciously. “What?”

“Why didn’t you tell me this?” Sophie asked.

“I thought you knew?” Dylan said.

“No, I feel like doing something.” Sophie said sitting down.

“You want to go exploring?” Dylan asked.

“Yeah ok but where is there to go?” Sophie asked.

“Well I want to find this room that Piper keeps talking about. The room of Requirement. She said it’s somewhere on the seventh floor I think.” Dylan said.

“Ok.” Sophie said.

A few hours later Dylan and Sophie found themselves walking through a door in the same floor as the Charms classroom. They walked into the room and Sophie closed the door carefully. There was a small trapdoor in the floor and it looked as through it hadn’t been opened in a while. Dylan and Sophie looked at each other and went to the trapdoor. Carefully they opened it and it clanged to the floor loudly, throwing dust into the air. Dylan took a step back coughing. Sophie was also coughing and was waving the dust away. Once the dust had settled they looked into the trap door. There was a smell coming up from below that reminded Dylan of the greenhouses. It smelt of peat and wet plants.

“Urgh.” Sophie said. “Lumos.” She pointed her wand down the hole and below they saw a mass of soft springy tendrils and long vines.

“Oh, didn’t we see one of those in Herbology once?” Dylan asked.

“Yeah, what was it?” Sophie asked.

“Devil’s snare. What’s one of those doing in the school?” Dylan asked. “They’re supposed to be dangerous”

“Well the trap door seemed to keep it in check.” Sophie said. The plant looked like it was slightly cramped in the room below them.

“Wait, which corridor are we on?” Dylan asked.

“Third corridor” Sophie asked. Dylan thought for a moment. Something at the back of his mind told him he knew something about this corridor. Dylan felt a sharp pain go through his head and he lost his balance and fell through the trap door.

“Dylan!” Sophie shouted. Dylan’s head pounded as he opened his eyes. The Devil’s Snare had wrapped it’s vines around him and was squeezing him.

“Don’t struggle!” Sophie shouted down. Dylan didn’t really want to struggle. Images from one of his visions came back to him, he wasn’t sure which one it was though. He saw Piper, Colette, a tall woman who Dylan realised was Bellatrix Lestrange. He screwed up his face in pain as a few blue flames fell into the room from above. The Devil’s snare shrank away and Dylan fell onto the floor breathing heavily.

“Dylan!” Sophie shouted.

“I’m fine.” He called up. He got to his feet and looked at where the plant had retreated to a corner away from the bluebell flames that Sophie had conjured.

“How are you going to get back up?” Sophie asked. Dylan pulled his map out of his jacket and looked at it.

“I solemnly swear I am up to no good.” He said tapping his wand against it. The map of the school appeared and he saw a small dot with his name. He looked at the map and saw a small word appear above the dot. Dylan repeated the word and he felt himself float into the air and out of the hole. He landed roughly on the dusty floor. Sophie hugged him tightly.

“What happened?” Sophie asked.

“I saw some of my vision.” Dylan said. He looked at Sophie worriedly. “The one with Piper and Colette”

“Her death?” Sophie gasped. “You don’t think it’s coming true do you?”

“No, she’d be with James. She wasn’t with James in my vision.” Dylan said getting up and dusting his clothes. “I think we’ve done enough exploring.” Dylan said shakily. He was thinking what Sophie had just said, even if he told her that it wasn’t true. He was worried that Piper could die. Dylan bit his lip nervously and left the room with Sophie. They walked to the main entrance, intending on stopping off by the kitchen to go and get something to eat when someone came marching into the castle.

“Dylan!” said James Potter. Dylan turned to see James Potter walking towards him determined to talk to him. “Where is she?” James asked, coming to a stop.

“Where’s who?” Dylan asked nervously. James looked quite angry and rather pissed off.

“Piper and my sister, where are they? You had those stupid visions, tell me where they are.” James said.

“What are you talking about?” Sophie asked.

“Where are Piper and Colette? They were supposed to meet me but no one has seen them since they left the castle this morning.” James grabbed the front of Dylan’s shirt. “You had those damned prophecies predicting their deaths, tell me where they were!” James said.

“I don’t know!” Dylan said “I can barely remember the dreams let alone know where they are!” James looked at him dangerously and put him down. He looked at Dylan slightly annoyed, “Piper’s missing?”

“And Colette.” James said. “Give me the map.” Dylan gave James the Marauder’s map. “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” He said. His eyes scanned the map but he couldn’t find their sisters.

“Shit.” James said. He threw the map back at Dylan and crossed his arms. “Where is she?”

“Oh shit.” Dylan said. He looked at Sophie. “It is coming true” Dylan said.

“What is?” James asked.

“No.” Sophie said, “No, you said yourself-”

“James isn’t with them.” Dylan said. Sophie and Dylan both looked at James and set off at a run for McGonagall’s office.

“Professor!” Dylan shouted when they came to the stone gargoyle.

“Professor McGonagall!” Sophie said. The Gargoyle moved and the Headmistress came down the stairs looking slightly annoyed.

“What is it?”

“Colette and Piper have gone missing professor.” Sophie said.

“How do you know?”

“James is downstairs. No one has seen them all day. I think one of my prophecies are coming true. If it is then Piper’s going to die.” Dylan said nervously. Professor McGonagall looked at him seriously then nodded.

“Please return to your dormitories. The students will be counted and your parents will be informed. Dylan. If you get anything else come and tell me, the password is Rictusempra” Dylan nodded. He didn’t move. Professor McGonagall looked at him and sighed. “I can’t tell you it’ll be ok Dylan. Go back to your dormitory and let the adults try and find your sister. You’ve done all you can.”

“But Professor-” Dylan started to say.

“Dylan.” McGonagall said sternly. “I will keep you informed. Now you’ve done all you can. I will contact the ministry to see if Piper and Colette have truly gone missing.” Dylan nodded slowly. “Twenty points to Gryffindor for informing me of this.” Dylan gave her a weak smile and he and Sophie turned slowly. Sophie hesitantly took his hand and looked at him sympathetically. Dylan looked at Sophie as she took his hand.

“It’s ok. We’ll find them before anything happens to them,” Sophie said.

“No, you don’t see. I had a-” Dylan stopped and tried to fight back the tears. He hadn’t just seen what had happened he remembered a certain element of fear in his vision, her remembered some of the pain…wait, he remembered the prophecy! He knew there wasn’t anything he could do. Dylan let Sophie lead the way back to the common room.


A/N:- Hello Mes readers, i'm in a really wierd english/french mood. So review already! I might not be able to update for a while but i'll try.

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