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The Lioness by Caity Evans
Chapter 1 : Dancing in the Dark
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Kate Potter walked up the pebble path, and up the stone steps that she was so familiar with, she looked at the concrete walls and grimaced. They were so bland, though they did compliment the terrible weather that she was subjected to every day. Some days, Kathryn wished she lived in Paris. Then again, she'd rather not learn French. But, for the sun, it would be worth it.

Like most Potters, Kathryn was tall and muscular, with black, flyaway hair. She was well-mannered, and well-schooled in things such as Quidditch and current affairs. However, unlike her brother, she was not graceful or suave unless coached by her mother, who considered such things to be a Science. Gina Potter hadn’t a clue as to how her daughter managed to be so graceful in the air, yet she couldn’t take six steps without tripping.

As Kathryn stumbled through the threshold, a smile formed on her face, and to her amusement, she discovered her brothers singing. Their singing was an acquired taste. There was something about their voices that just made you want to jump in the lake and hope the giant squid ate you. they also did not know the words. They seemed to have figured out how to turn on the Muggle radio. It was playing a song she had not heard in quite some time - Dancing in the Dark

She laughed; Sirius was dancing, his hair flying wildly, with his arms going in various different directions. James was waltzing with a broom, and Remus was singing with an ale mug as a microphone. Sirius noticed Kathryn's arrival and grabbed her hand, twirling her around.

They mumbled something that sounded like what the lyrics should sound like, if it hadn't been her favorite song she would have no idea what they were sining.She began to laugh uncontrollably; the boys just looked so ridiculous, that the only thing she could do was to beam from ear to ear and laugh. From Sirius, she was tossed to James and joined his awkward Waltz with the broom.

James just kept flubbing the words as he ditched the broom and danced with his sister tossing her about, and doing his version of swing dancing.

Remus was in the back round playing the air drums, and Sirius was shaking his tush. Kathryn found herself back on the ground when James dropped her. She was picked up by Sirius, who began to shimmy with her, laughing all the while. Kathryn shook her hips, and danced with a bounce in her step, but she stayed rooted to the ground for fear of landing right back on her ass. As the song began to close, Sirius picked her up and placed her on his feet, as though she was a four-year-old standing on her father's feet, and he moved her about the room gently, still singing.

“ Even if were just dancing in the dark,” he whispered into her ear. the only words he knew

She wrapped her arms around Sirius for fear of falling off. It was one thing for James to drop her - he always dropped her - but it was another thing entirely if she just plain old fell. There was something slightly more embarrassing to that, but Sirius would never drop her; he was her partner in crime, and her protector. Remus and James looked out for her as well, but it was Sirius who really understood that Kathryn wasn't quite as indestructible as she would like to think, and that she bruised like a peach.

She set about her task at hand while shaking her head, she loved her “brothers” - truly, she did/ But it seemed as though, on most days, they where trapped in the minds of fifteen-year-old boys. It amazed her how they could function in society. It would remain a mystery, for she was afraid of the answer. Her eyes wandered about the room, looking at the photographs that littered the walls, all of them Wizarding pictures until a muggle sat near them. Then, they would freeze, due to a lovely charm put on them, all thanks to Lily.

Kathryn stared at one picture quite intently. In the picture, she was sitting on her couch, sleeping, when she was bombarded with owls. Alice, Lily, and Christina had each gone away with their boyfriends (Frank, James, and Remus, respectively,) for a romantic getaway. Without the knowledge of the others, all three men had the same thing on their minds - marriage - and they all proposed at the same time. Sirius had been with her, and was playing with her camera at the same moment the owls descended upon her. Sirius had insisted on putting it up because of the sheer amusement of the photo. She settled down and set about the task before her.

She looked at the papers before her and set to work. An hour passed before she exploded.

“For the love of Merlin, this is insanity! I hate paper work!” she rubbed her temples.

“I’d do it for you but you wont teach me,” Sirius said, appearing out of nowhere.

“There’s a reason for that, love,” she said, sighing, and putting down her quill. It was time for a break.

“I won’t mess it up that bad!” he huffed, crossing his arms and sticking out his bottom lip, making his ‘Padfoot eyes’

“You have the attention span of a four-year-old, and I just don’t have the patience for that,” Kathryn taunted him.

“Well, what seems to be the problem with the paperwork, love?” Sirius asked, ignoring her teasing as he peered over her shoulder and placed his chin on her head, still obviously pouting.

“It just doesn’t add up!” she exclaimed.

“Did you count the deposit you made Moony take up?” he enquired.

“No, I forgot to take that into account. Thanks, Paddy.” She looked up at him and smiled.

“Any time, Katie-kins!” he said, as he placed a kiss on the top of her head.

Kate scowled; she hated it when he called her that, however, Sirius was the only one who could get away with it, for they where a united front. For years, the two were notorious for jumping from relationship to relationship. But, somehow, they always found comfort in each other. She had spent countless nights sitting in front of the fire with Sirius, both complaining that neither could find someone who believed that their relationship was strictly platonic. As her mind wandered, she remembered that she should be doing her paperwork.

In regards to her work, Kate loved being a witch,; with a single drink of a modified Polyjuice potion for house elves, they would take form of humans and could be let loose about the bar. She had orchestrated a way for both Muggles and Wizards to peacefully co- exist in her beloved bar. The place practically ran itself, however, she held some anxiety . . .After all, it was her baby.

During her summers, from the time she was thirteen, she had worked at The Leaky Cauldron, just for something to do. Since she loved it so much, her graduation present from her parents had been The Sphinx’s. She had no desire to join the Order - not that she had anything against it - it simply was not her cup of tea. She was the money man, she was not well adept with Defence Against the Dark Arts, and they already had a Potions master, Severus. Every now and then, she did offer her assistance when it came to healing, and her apartment had become a crash zone for various Order members.

Later that evening she sat sitting in her living room, reading; it was Friday night, but for some reason the pub hadn’t been all that busy. She assumed that since the majority of her clientele were from the Wizarding World people where reluctant to leave their homes because of the inconsistent attacks. Sirius sat with her, playing a game of solitaire. Lily, Sirius, and James had moved in with her recently. They had received from a reliable source that it would be wise for Sirius, James and Remus to lay low. Unfortunately, the reliable source was Dumbledore, which was a reason to believe that the source was credible, and that the boys truly were in danger.

“I’m bored!” Sirius whined.

“Then do something about it,” Kathryn replied, without looking up from her book.

“Alright, we are going dancing!” he replied enthusiastically, standing up and forcefully pulling her into a standing position.

Sirius was much larger than she ever hoped to be, it didn’t matter how muscular she was built, she was still tiny and dainty in comparison to Sirius. She watched his face as his lips twisted into a grin. He was up to no good, there was no doubt about that; she knew that grin, and it usually involved something disastrous. Unintentional bodily harm inflicted on her was the usual outcome.The last time she encounterd this look it involved a drunken game of Quidditch with dungbombs. Kate had been sober and stood below the boys, shouting for them to return to the ground, and somehow she ended up flying with Sirius, who insisted that it was harmless and it was a good idea. Sirius spun around too fast, resulting in Kate plummeting to the ground and breaking her arm before Sirius noticed that she was even gone.

Kathryn gave Sirius a penetrating glare over the top of her glasses, her eyes saying everything she thought about the matter. She danced - not well, mind you - but, she did dance. However, it usually involved many Firewhiskeys, or force. Judging by his returning gaze, it would be a combination of both. They made their way down the steps and as she descended she heard some one shouting her name.

To her great surprise, Kathryn was greeted by Lily and Christina, but not James or Remus. Then, it hit her - there was a full moon. She turned to look for Sirius he was nowhere to be seen. She grimaced. How could she have been so stupid? How did she not notice the signs that morning?

Kate had found out about the ‘furry little problem,’ shortly after James and Sirius had figured it out. She, too, could transform; she became an Mountain Lioness, shortly after their departure from Hogwarts.When Christina was brought into the picture she, was forced to play along with the story they told the girls - that the boys had to have a guys night, once a month. So, in turn, the girls had a girls night and insisted that Kathryn was apart of that. Eventually, they told Christina and Lily the truth, and when James or Sirius could not be there for Remus, Kathyrn took their place. She was stronger than them both (when in her Animagus form,) but at the same token, she was the only one strong enough to calm Christina’s anxiety. The three women talked and danced the night away.


Sirius and James wearily climbed up the stairs to Kathryn’s apartment the next morning, shortly after dawn. They where as silent as possible and they had just dropped Remus off at home. When they opened the door, they discovered both Lily and Kathryn sprawled out across the couches, with Bridal magazines scattered about the tiny sitting room. James picked up Lily and brought her into their room. She was easy enough to lift, as she had curled her body a little, creating the perfect carrying position. Kathryn, on the other hand, had one foot on the table, the other stretched along the couch. One arm was draped over the back of the couch, and she had a magazine clutched in the other hand. She was quite the sight.

Sirius inspected her and decided that the best way to move her would be use magic. He levitated her into her bed, and when she hit the mattress, Kathryn awoke with a start. He rushed to her side and told her to go back to sleep, and she did it without complaint. As he tucked her in he noticed the calender that hung above her bed. James and Kathryn’s birthday was fast approaching.

Maybe, this year will be the year, he thought wistfully to himself. He smiled down on her and gently placed a kiss on her forehead, Sirius gently tiptoed out of the room.

A/N: A big thank you to HarrypotterismyLIFE for she is a fabulous Beta please read and review :) Dancing in the dark is by Bruce Springsteen and the Potter Verse does belong to Jo for if it was mine I would not be a broke student lol

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