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Oh what a tangled web we weave... by Shinigami777
Chapter 1 : There She Goes
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With the weekend Hogsmeade trip fast approaching, Harry schemed of brilliant and romantic ways to ask Callista to spend the day with him. He was staring at the back of her head thinking of a plan involving some magical fireworks when Professor Snape asked him what the key ingredient in a hair growing potion was. Callista and Hermione turned in their seats to attempt to mouth the answer to him.
“Miss Mason, if I even dream that you or Miss Granger was attempting to help Potter cheat, it would be 50 points from Gryffindor.” Snape said coldly.

"I’d never help anyone cheat, Professor Snape, you know that.” Callista said in a scandalized voice, as she turned around in her seat.  Hermione shrugged and turned as well.

“Potter, I’m going to ask you again. What is the key ingredient in a hair growing potion?” Snape asked.

 "Frog liver.” Harry said. Callista and Hermione turned around so fast that Callista nearly knocked their cauldron over. Snape stared for a moment, shocked that Harry had gotten the answer right.

 “That is correct.” Snape said. All of the Gryffindors waited for Snape to find some reason to deduct points from them anyway, but he merely continued his lecture on hair growing potions.  As the end of the class drew near, Snape cleared his throat and said,

 “Professor McGonagall and I have been speaking, and we’ve decided that in order to foster friendships between our houses, each Gryffindor will be paired with a Slytherin for the remainder of the semester. “ Snape smiled as the mouths of the Gryffindors dropped to the floor of the dungeon.  

 "Professor Snape is that really necessary? Can’t we just move our tables in the great hall closer together or something?” Seamus asked. Snape looked thoughtful for a moment.

“Actually, Mr. Finnegan, that’s an excellent idea. In addition to being paired together, you’ll also be enjoying your meals much closer. You can thank Mr. Finnegan for his excellent contribution.” Snape said with a cruel smile. All of the Gryffindors glared at Seamus as they packed up and prepared to leave.

  “At least we have all weekend before this new plan goes into action.” Callista said in an attempt to brighten up the moment.

“Yea I really wanted to spend the entire weekend dreading being paired up with some foul Slytherin.” Ron said as he stormed off toward the Great Hall. Hermione shrugged and followed him. As Callista turned in that direction as well, Harry saw his chance to ask her to spend the day with him in Hogsmeade. 

“Callista, I’ve wanted to talk to you.”

“You need me to tutor you some more in potions? Maybe do some practice ones?” Callista said brightly.

 “Oh that’d be great, but…” Harry started to say when Callista interrupted him and said,

  “Cool. Well I’ve got to get in the great hall. Fred said he wanted to ask me something at lunch, I can’t wait to find out what it is.” She rushed off, and Harry followed also very interested in what Fred could want with Callista.

Callista took her usual seat between Hermione and Ginny.  Fred came into lunch shortly after and squeezed in between Callista and Ginny. He tucked her thick, glossy brown hair behind her ear and whispered something to her. Everyone was straining to listen when Callista gave Fred a huge smile and a kiss on the cheek.  She continued smiling as she turned and whispered something to Hermione, who immediately started smiling and giggling too. Harry and Ron looked at each other, and shrugged. Callista and Hermione got up and left for the girls’ dormitory and Ginny tagged along. Harry watched as the girls walked away, and then turned in time to hear Ron asking Fred what was so funny to the girls. Fred smiled slyly and said,

“Nothing much, but don’t expect to be seeing much of Callista tomorrow in Hogsmeade.”  Ron laughed and said,

"You asked Callie on a date? And she said yes?”  Harry felt his insides freeze as his plans came crashing down around his ears.

“Er…I didn’t know you were interested in Callie.” He said slowly.

“There’s quite a bit you two don’t know. Like the fact that you pal around with one of the best looking girls in Hogwarts and every guy is just waiting for you to stop hovering long enough for them to say something.” Fred said as he grabbed a roll and left the great hall. Ron scoffed and said,

  “Who thinks Callie is the best looking girl in Hogwarts?” Dean Thomas leaned over and said,

  “Every guy but you two.”

  “Even the guys in other houses.” Neville said quietly.

“Like who?” Ron scoffed loudly. Roger Davies leaned over from the Ravenclaw table and whispered,

“Literally everyone else.” He patted Ron on the shoulder and turned back to his own table.

“She’s not that great.” Ron muttered.

“No she is that great.” Harry said quietly to himself.



Fred sat fidgeting on the couch in the Gryffindor common room waiting for Callista to come down from the girl’s side. He had never been nervous about going out with a girl before, but Callista was special. He loved hearing her rich, golden laugh when he and George were cutting up. He didn’t mind looking like a total fool, just so he could see her smile. The way her hair fell in front of her eyes drove him crazy. She was perfect and today had to be perfect. By the end of the day he wanted everyone to know that Callista Mason was his girl.

Callista came down the stairs just when Fred was imagining what it would be like to kiss her soft, plump lips. She looked incredible in her street clothes. She was wearing a black mini skirt; a tight red, cowl neck sweater with a black camisole underneath and knee-high black boots.  She smiled and said,

  “Come on, Fred, let’s get outta here.” She held out a hand to him, which he took eagerly.   They were waiting with everyone else outside of the great hall, when Filch cleared his throat and said,

“Professor Dumbledore has cancelled the Hogsmeade trip this weekend, as there has been a murder in town. “ He barely got the words out of his mouth when all of the students began chattering and speculating about the murder:  Who was it? Why? Were they in danger?

 “Well so much for our great day in Hogsmeade, huh?” Callista said with a short laugh.

“You’d be surprised there are a lot of fun things to do right here in Hogwarts.” Fred replied. He took off in the direction of the stairs, Callista smiled and followed. From the edge of the crowd still gathered near the castle doors, Harry watched as Callista and Fred went off alone together.

When Callista and Fred reached the third floor, Fred looked around then pulled open a door to the left of the stair case. There was a small room with squishy, midnight blue pillows all over the floor and sheer, blue curtains with a silver, star pattern hanging from the ceiling. Callista smiled as she looked around.

“It’s beautiful in here. Did you set this up?” She asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yea, I thought you might like it.” He said after he had thought a moment. He actually had no idea how all of this finery had gotten into this room. Last time he’d been here it was just a spacious closet. Callista sat down on one of the pillows and patted a space next to her. Fred sat down too, and allowed himself to get lost in her dark brown eyes. Finally after a few quiet moments, Callista said,

 “Are you gonna kiss me or not?” Fred smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear and slid his hand behind her neck. He savored the softness of her skin against his hand, as he pulled her in for a long kiss. Callista hoped that it would never end. Their bodies moved closer as they stretched out across the pillows. Fred rolled Callista onto her back and carefully lowered himself on top of her. He moved his lips from her lips to her cheek to her neck. He began to bite her gently and ever so slightly harder as Callista arched her back and sighed softly with pleasure. She began trailing her fingers along his spine, and was rewarded as he returned to her lips and kissed her even deeper than before.  Just when things were getting interesting, a loud voice that seemed to be emanating from the walls of the castle spoke and said,

“All students report to the great hall. Prefects, ensure that all the students have evacuated the dormitories and are accounted for in the great hall.” Fred groaned,

“You’ve got to gaming me?”

“There will be time to finish what we started later.” Callista said with a laugh. Fred picked himself up of off the pillow and turned to offer Callista a hand, but she was already standing and straightening her clothes. She looked up, smiled at him, and began straightening his clothes up as well. Once she smoothed the collar of his button down into place they headed for the door. When Callista reached to open it though, Fred pushed it firmly shut leaving his left hand on the door frame. As Callista turned around he placed his right hand on the other side of her. She looked up at him and said,

“What is it?”

 “What…well…are we…?” He stammered. Callista felt herself withdrawing.

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Oh what a tangled web we weave...: There She Goes


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