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Acrimony by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 1 : The Dawning
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A/N: And, here begins the story of Bria Grant - a reserved, average girl with a serious vendetta against Anastasia Xanthis, her former (week-long best friend.) This is best read as a paralell to 'Polychromatic' (though you can read it alone,) and will be placed under the series (full list found on my author's page) shortly after I finished submitting the chapter. Just as a little note, unlike in Polychromatic, the chapter image at the beginning of a chapter does not signal whose P.O.V. the chapter is in - it only serves to give you guys a nice visual of who you're supposed to be seeing. :D Enjoy.

“I love you, Bria. Be careful, and make friends.” My mother bent down a bit so she could give me a hug.

“I promise, Mummy.” I squeezed back; I did not want leave home. I was not excited to leave my parents, I loved them very much. But, when Mum offered to teach me at home, I turned her down and told her that I needed to go to Hogwarts.

She smiled sadly and waved me off, sending me into the sharks. I was not an outgoing, or confident person. The older kids intimidated me; I felt as if everyone was judging me. That, or that they just didn’t give a hoot about the short, scrawny First year quietly trying to make her way through the crowd.

When I got to the steaming, scarlet train, I unsuccessfully tried to get my trunk onto it. I tried numerous times, and knew that I looked like a fool doing so. I was near tears when someone stepped up to me.

“Need some help?” I looked over at the boy, knowing that I had to hold my tears in now. I nodded silently.

He smiled and said, “My name’s Sirius. What’s yours?”

“Bria,” I said quietly.

“First year?” he asked. I nodded again. By that point he had hoisted my trunk onto the train and offered a hand to help me up. I took it and he effortlessly brought me up to stand next to him. Kindly, he said, “I’ll see you later.”

He waved and walked off down the corridor. He left me smiling, with my back using the wall as support. Wow, was he good looking. Shiny black hair, beautiful grey eyes; and, he was my savior.

I snapped myself out of it, and picked up the handle of my trunk, so I could roll it with me as I went to find a seat. As I treaded down the corridor, I felt as if I was back on my Primary School bus. I had always been intimidated by the older students scrutinizing me as I walked down the row. I felt exactly the same.

Finally, I came across an empty compartment and practically dove into it. I set the trunk down in the corner and collapsed onto one of the red leather seats. Sighing deeply, I rested my hands on my knobbly knees. Yes, my knees were knobbly, as well as the rest of me. Across the way I could see an older, red-headed girl, and blonde girl, and a girl who looked younger than all of them, with short, dark hair.

I bided my time by watching them. The older girls were reading, and the younger girl was bouncing in her seat, looking antsy. At the same time, she did not appear to be nervous. If she was a First year, I didn’t know how. I felt like I needed cough up a hairball or something. Just as a boy joined the compartment across from me, the train jolted and began to move.

No sooner had to train left the station, did a girl open my compartment door.

“May I?” she asked. She looked nice enough, so I nodded. Not only did she look nice, she was dressed nice, as well. Her light blonde hair fell in long ringlets around her shoulders. She had on navy blue, button up sweater. Her white, knee-length skirt put together her polished look.

“My name is Connie Brocklehurst. May I ask yours?”
Wow, I thought. Her manners are nice too.

“I’m Bria Grant.”

Connie nodded and sat down in a very lady-like manner, with her ankles crossed. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

I was about to ask Connie about herself, when a crash and a good deal of shouting came from across the corridor. I got up and slid the compartment door open to see the red-head from the other compartment yelling at a bunch of boys.

Oh, it’s Sirius!  My mind cried excitedly.

He was surrounded by three other boys. I tuned in just in time to hear the dark-haired girl introduce herself as the Dalai Lama. I had enough sense to know that she wasn’t serious. However, one of Sirius’ friends did not.

“Cool, I always wanted to meet that dude,” said the boy with glasses.

“Who the fuck’s the Dolly Llama?” Sirius asked. I was sort of shocked to hear Sirius swear; he had seemed like just a gentleman. But I put the thought away; everyone had their faults.

By the time I had left my thoughts and come back to earth, the Dalai Lama and the red-head were fighting.

The older girl was snarling. “Get-”

“No need to tell me, I’m leaving.” The Dalai Lama grabbed her trunk, her owl and stormed out of the compartment.                         

She scrunched up her eyebrows and looked around in confusion, before Sirius went up to her. “Hey, that was fucking awesome. Wanna sit with us?”

I was crestfallen. How come Sirius hadn’t offered me to sit with him? He had seemed so nice when he helped me; I would have thought that he would have offered a defenceless, little First year some protection. The Dalai Lama was obviously not defenceless.

A little upset, I sat back down across from Connie. “Well, that was quite a show,” I said.

Connie grimaced. “That was preposterous behaviour. I sure hope they’re not in my house.”

I nodded. The Dalai Lama didn’t exactly seem very nice. However, I couldn’t help but secretly wish that Sirius, at least, was in my house.
After that, I fell back into my shy seclusion. The rest of the train ride, I twisted my mousy brown, stringy hair around my finger, thinking of ways that Sirius would come rescue me, should I be in trouble.

“Stupid Dalai Lama,” I muttered under my breath. As it turned out the Dalai Lama (who I finally knew to be a girl named Anastasia,) Connie, and two other girls named Elena and Alice were in my house. Gryffindor.

Anastasia, once we arrived in the common room, tore up to the dormitory, burst in, and grabbed the bed farthest from the door. I was angry; I had wanted that bad. However, I stayed quiet and instead, chose the bed farthest from the one that she had chosen. Connie took the bed next to mine, and Elena and Alice flanked either side of Anastasia.

“So, anyone have an eventful train ride?” Anastasia asked to the room at large.

Stiffly, Connie said, “No, rather uneventful.”

Alice and Elena, who seemed quite friendly with each other, launched into some story. When they were finished, Anastasia turned to me. She smiled, but not even a smile was going to help her at that point, I already didn’t like her.

As controlled as possible, I said, “No, it was boring.”

Biting her lip, Anastasia nodded and surveyed the room. I hadn’t given her a very warm welcome, and Connie didn’t seem to give anybody a warm welcome. Alice and Elena were chewing her ear off. I almost felt a little bad, but as soon as Sirius’ face swam into my mind, and how Anastasia had whisked him away, I disliked her again.

“Goodnight,” I said, rather loudly, hoping that the two jabber-mouths would take it as a clue to quiet down. Luckily they did. I sighed comfortably and snuggled into my sheets. I was just falling asleep when something bounced off my nose. Grumbling, I picked it up; it was a wadded up sheet of parchment.

It read:


Inwardly, I groaned. It was so much easier to hate a person when they weren’t nice.


By the next day, I had decided that the whole situation on the train wasn’t Anastasia’s fault, and I should try and make amends with her, even if she didn’t know that amends had to be made. I talked nicely to her, and helped her fend off Elena and Alice. She ended up being a good friend.

And in return, she helped me. She tried to loosen Connie up. We had found out that she came from a very prissy background, and was raised in the utmost propriety. She only spoke when she had to, and always looked at things with disgust. However, a few weeks into school, and she began to speak before spoken to.

Anastasia and I made quite the team for the first month or so. Then, our friendship began to go downhill. I suppose, underneath it all, I had been looking for the slightest reason to hate her; so when she announced that she was going to hang out with Sirius and his friends James, Remus and Peter for a day, I freaked out.

She told me to ‘chill out,’ and left to go meet her other friends in the common room.

The next day, she came and apologized for making me angry yesterday. She didn’t, however, apologize for being with Sirius and his friends. I accepted her apology.

For the next few weeks, things went like that. Once a week, Anastasia would insist on hanging out with the boys instead of me. I would get angry, she would apologize the next day. But things like that never last; one day, she didn’t come back to apologize. Or the next, or the next, or the next.

I never would have said anything about it to her, but Anastasia obviously could not contain herself. “Bria!”

I was walking to Charms class when I heard someone yell my name. I turned around to see Anastasia running towards me. “Listen, Bria,” she said as she caught up to me. Inside, I was smirking. She had finally cracked; she was going to apologize.

“This is me, kind of saying that we’re not friends anymore.”

I was shocked. What a witch.

“If you can’t let me go for one day a week, then that’s being clingy. And I’m not apologizing because you’re clingy anymore.”

Anastasia turned to the right and walked around me. I was rooted to the spot; I wasn’t moving.

That was incredibly rude, I thought. I can’t believe her!

And that was the end of the truce between Anastasia and I.

A/N2: There you have it - a further explanation (for you readers of Polychromatic) of why Bria hates Anna so much. The more you read on, the more you'll see why. Updates should be fairly regular, seeing as I've got all but one of two chapters written, so expect this mini-series to be complete within a few weeks. :D

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Acrimony: The Dawning


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