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Words of Wisdom by Sprite Sparkle
Chapter 6 : Family Secrets
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AN: Once again I am sorry for the wait. I hope you enjoy this chapter and please review, I want to know how you think the story is going so far. Thank you.

Charlotte closed the door and closed her eyes. The sun was just beginning to rise and the shops were stirring. He face was pale from fear and exhaustion. Her dark red hair was ruffled and knotted, her dark eyes wild. She crept along the alley, making sure that no-one saw her. She made it to the Leaky Cauldron unnoticed and quickly found her way back to muggle London. 

She kept walking, not knowing where she was going but just walking as fast as she could. After an hour she reached a rundown back street somewhere behind a large building. The stitch pulling in her side and the burning in her lungs forced her to stop. She pressed herself against the wall and tried to control her breathing.

She couldn’t get those words out of her head. So much had changed. Voldemort was dead! Killed by his own spell rebounding on himself, ironically. It had made her want to shout with glee, until the old woman had told her more. Callidora Black was wizened old woman with dark black eyes that always looked dangerous. She had once been a member of a great family and lived in a large house, her son was a death eater, she’d had status. That was until her son was killed, then she was rejected by the pureblood community.

Charlotte had never before met her grandmother in her memory; her mother had always kept them apart. Now she knew why. Charlotte’s uncle had been a death eater, the pride of the family. Charlotte’s mother had been, in her grandmother’s words, ‘the slut who never cared about their family.’ Callidora had refused to say a word about her daughter’s death. All she would say is that anyone of her daughter’s blood would always be an enemy of the purebloods, of the supporters, of the death eaters.

Callidora was not kind to her only grandchild. She had told her to leave soon after she had asked about her mother, but not before she hinted strongly that the death eaters were still going strong. Not all of them believed Voldemort was gone and the cause was still alive in their view. No matter if the main battle was over, they would always be there, hiding, waiting for their chance to rise again.

Charlotte composed herself gradually. Voldemort was gone, she should be safe. Callidora’s gleeful warning rang loud in her ears, she was an enemy of the death eaters, death eaters that still existed. Her daughter was a target, could she really risk returning to the magical world? Tom didn’t even know.

The only way she could make sure she was safe to return was to find out how strong the death eaters were, the only way she could do that was to check the ministry’s records. All she had to do was work out a way of doing it without being discovered.


Hermione looked over the records again as she sipped her tea. Harry was sat muttering with Ron about how Sirius had never said anything and that his mother was right his father was a prick. Ginny ignored her husband’s mutterings and focussed on Hermione. 

“So?” Hermione frowned. 

“Well, whatever was going on James didn’t seem to know. There are no records for any other Lattery’s other than a Theodore Lattery five years earlier. It seems that he and Elianna were brother and sister. I had a quick look in the ministry’s records and he’s a convicted death eater.” Ginny raised her eyebrows and put a protective hand over her stomach. 

“So I’m guessing Elianna wouldn’t have been popular in her family.” Hermione nodded but leant in closer.

“But that’s not all Gin, after a bit of digging I found that Elianna was a Longbottom, her mother was Callidora Longbottom nee Black.” Ginny felt her blood run cold. Sirius’ family, of course! They were well known for their connections with Voldemort.

“But, then couldn’t Sirius have known?” Hermione shrugged.  

“I doubt it. He moved in with James as soon as he could and I hardly think his mother would have wanted to keep him informed of his family’s scandal.” Ginny took a deep breath and sighed. 

“Hermione, how do you get this information?” Hermione gave her a weak smile.

“Patient records.” Ginny stared at her agape. 

“Hermione Granger!”

“Weasley actually,” she interceded.

“You broke the law! What has my brother done to you?” Hermione blushed guiltily.

“Ginny, you know I would never break the law unless it was necessary. Harry’s sister is a Potter and that’s not the safest name to have, even now. You know the revival movement are still relatively strong, if we could find her we could make sure she was safe.”

Ginny’s eyes darkened. “Harry spends most of his time at the ministry trying to track down the scum. Seriously Hermione, if I was not pregnant I would go out there myself and kill every last one of them.” Ginny clenched her fist around her wand and Hermione’s eyes widened as she saw sparks come from her fist.

“Gin, calm. It doesn’t matter what you would do because you are pregnant, and stress is bad for the baby.” She sent Ginny her stern Healer look and Ginny relaxed slightly.

“So, where do we go from here?” Hermione looked over her shoulder to where her husband and her best friend were cursing Harry’s father.

“We try to find her.”


Charlotte’s fear disappeared when she opened the door to find Grace sat at the table in the kitchen, Tom trying, and failing, to not burn the toast. “Mummy!”

Tom’s head snapped round and he closed his eyes sighing in relief. “Charlotte, my word you gave me a fright. I woke up and you weren’t there. I thought for a moment you had up and left.” Charlotte felt guilt knot her stomach. No matter how much trouble she was in Tom would always love her.

“I’m sorry,” she said, taking her daughter in her arms and smelling in the sweet smell of her curls. “I had a... a family emergency.” It was as close to the truth as she would dare. Tom’s eyes narrowed but it was obvious that she was forgiven when he wrapped his arms around her and Grace and pressed a long, hard kiss onto her forehead.

“Don’t ever do that again to me, please. I thought I was going mad. I woke up and Grace was drawing random scribbles that I thought I saw moving! Then I thought I saw a flock of owls go past the window. Don’t ever go without telling me, you keep me sane.” Charlotte smiled, trying to look reassuring. Underneath she was panicking. Owls, moving pictures, this was getting too much, especially now that Grace was having those dreams. She needed to find out how safe they really were, and decide how on earth she was going to tell Tom he’d married a witch.

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Words of Wisdom: Family Secrets


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