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Double Trouble by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two: First Lasts
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Chapter Two: Last Firsts
By: Chaos


News spread quickly through the Hogwarts Express that Regulus Black had been attacked by his older brother and Sekhmet Croft. Lily and James, being Head Boy and Girl, were called to the scene of the crime. Both, as were already apparent, were unable to undo Sekhmet’s hex. Lily made an excellent showing of pretending to loudly reprimanded Sirius and Sekhmet. Even the Slytherins knew she did not mean a word of what she shouted, but they could not prove otherwise.

Once the fiasco was settled and the students sent back to their compartments, they were finally able to settle down in their own compartment. Sekhmet looked around the compartment, rather amused at how everyone had settled. Sekhmet had settled herself once again next to Remus, but Sirius and Lily had switched positions and Isis had made no protests. This also did not go unnoticed by Lily either.

Lily watched on as Sirius settle protectively near Isis though keeping enough of a distance as not to upset her. Eventually Isis calmed down and Sirius no longer looked so worried. Lily found Sirius’s protectiveness towards Isis rather cute. The train had a ways to go, and as the conversation dwindled, they either read or, once again, drifted off to sleep.

James had fallen asleep at some point. He could not remember when, but when he opened his eyes the compartment was dark. Looking around, the only person awake was Sirius, Isis sleeping peacefully against him.

“She’s going to be pissed when she wakes up,” James laughed quietly.

“Yes, and undoubtedly she will blame me.”

“She’s your Lily.” James said, glancing at Lily who was asleep against Sekhmet. Sirius would know what he meant, that Isis meant as much to Sirius as Lily meant to James.

“Why do you think I never made fun of you?”

“Because I’m your best mate.”

“Well, that’s part of it.” Sirius laughed.

“At least Isis doesn’t hate you.”

“Lily doesn’t hate you,” Sirius reassured.

James gave Sirius a skeptical look. “She thinks you’re an egotistical jerk, but she has never said that she hates you.”

“I know, but this is my last year and I don’t know how to convince her that I actually do love her.”

“I know, James, I know.” Sirius looked down at the sleeping girl in his arms.

The train slowed as it pulled into Hogsmeade station. As Sirius and James had predicted, Isis was furious when she woke up in Sirius’s arms. She yelled at him all the way to the horseless carriages and refused to sit anywhere near Sirius.

As the horseless carriages came to a stop in front of the front doors, Sekhmet shot out of the carriage and flew up the steps, making a bee line for the Great Hall. Isis and Lily followed close behind with the boys brought up the rear.

“Food!” Sekhmet yelled, sitting down at the long table belonging to Gryffindor house. “Wait, we have first years this year don't we?”

“There are new first years every year,” Isis commented, taking a seat across from Sekhmet.

“Damn those first years; if they didn't have to sort them, I could eat right now!” Sekhmet whined and threw herself onto the bench taking up four or five seats as she stretched out.

“Don't you think you should sit up? I mean, other people do have to sit down.” Just as Lily said that Sirius, not paying attention, sat down right on Sekhmet’s stomach.

“AHHH! Get your fat arse off me!” Sekhmet punched Sirius’s side. Sirius gave a startled yelp and fell to the floor. “Merlin, you weigh more than an elephant!” Sekhmet started to fake coughing winking at her sister. “Can't.... breathe…lungs crushed…” Suddenly Sekhmet’s head went limp and she stopped breathing. Everyone stopped to look.

“Sirius, she's not breathing and she's turning blue!” Isis yelled in apparent panic.

“What!” Sirius jumped up off the floor.

“If you killed my sister Sirius, so help me!” Isis yelled, jumping up.

Sekhmet’s eyes shot open as she burst out laughing, “You should…have…ahahahaha...seen your.....ahahaha....faces!” She then rolled off the bench, laughing hysterically “Ouch!”

“Serves you right. You shouldn't have scared us like that; I almost had a heart attack!” James scolded, taking a seat next to Sirius.

“Oh, yes. I can see it now. James Potter the youngest wizard to ever have suffered a heart attack! What’s next? Sirius losing a beauty contest to Snape?”

“Hey, I’m far better…”

“Yes, we know. Far better looking than that greasy haired, crooked nose... I got it!”

“Oh, yes. The great and handsome Sirius Black! He makes girls swoon while Snape makes them throw up,” Isis added dramatically.

“Look who is finally admitting I am handsome!” Sirius flashed Isis his best smile.

“Did you not notice the sarcasm? Or is your ego so big that…”

“Snape looks like the swamp thing,” Sekhmet mused, interrupting Isis’s and Sirius’s argument. “Well, except he doesn't have green swamp goo coming out of his ears.” She paused for a moment then smiled. “That’s it! Prank time!”

“Wait, you lost me. It went from Snape to a prank; I mean, I know he's the perfect victim.”

“Do you know a spell that will make green slime spew out of his ears?” Isis shook her head. “How about you guys? I mean, you are almost as good as I am when it comes to pranks.”

“What do you mean by ‘almost as good as you when it comes to pranks’?” James asked.

“Yeah, we’re the best when it comes to pranks,” Sirius added, puffing up his chest.

“No, I am. I mean, come on. Look at me. Cute and innocent on the outside, but absolutely horrid on the inside. I mean, I’m not a goddess for no good reason, beautiful but deadly.” Sekhmet crossed her arms proudly.

“Sek, you aren’t really a goddess.” Sekhmet opened her mouth, but Isis interrupted. “And no, no one in their right mind would think of you as a goddess.”

“But I am perfect!”

“You didn't make a Prefect,” Lily reminded her.

“No, I am perfect.” Sekhmet stressed the syllables. “You see, nobody is perfect, and well let’s face it I’m, in a sense, a nobody. Therefore I have to be perfect, duh.”

“Once again the skewed logic of Sekhmet,” Isis shook her head.

“It’s not skewed at all! It’s just a unique way of looking at life.”

“This coming from the girl who thinks everyone is out to kill her, yet at the same time believes she can take over the entire world,” Isis rolled her eyes.

“Oh, look. Here come the first years,” Lily commented.

“Goodie, new victims,” Sekhmet smiled evilly.

As usual, after dinner Dumbledore gave a closing speech before sending the students off to bed. “Why must he always make speeches when we just want to go to bed!” Sekhmet whined as they made their way out of the Great Hall with the rest of the students.

“And if he made the speech before dinner, you would whine then too,” Lily pointed out.

“No, I…” Isis raised an eyebrow at her sister. “Ok, I would.”

“Is there anything you don’t whine about?” Sirius asked.

“I don’t know, maybe.” Sekhmet shrugged. “I…”

“Good evening, Isis.” Regulus stepped in front of them as they walked into the entry way.

“What do you want?” Sirius growled, grabbing Isis pulling her behind him. Remus, James, and Sekhmet all pulled out their wands.

“I just wanted to say hi.” Regulus pretended to sound hurt.

“How the hell did you break my hex?” Sekhmet asked pissed. “It was supposed to last for twenty-four hours!”

“Guess you’re not as good as you think,” Regulus sneered.

“Then how about a curse!” Sirius whipped out his wand, pointing it between his brother’s eyes.

“That’s enough Sirius!” Lily stepped forward, pushing Sirius’s wand aside. “Regulus, go to your common room now.”

“Or what?”

“If you want to play Quidditch at all this year, you won’t push me. You forget I am the Head Girl.” Glaring at Lily, Regulus joined his waiting friends.

“Lily Flower, you were amazing!” James said, obviously impressed.

“And you should know better,” Lily rounded on James.

“What?” James looked confused.

“Resorting to violence! That is not how the Head Boy is supposed to behave.” Lily brushed past James and went to Isis.

“I can’t win,” James sighed.

“Come on. Let’s go to the common room,” Sirius said. He looked back at Isis, but other than very irritated, she seemed alright. The boys led the way to the common room while the girls chatted quietly behind.

“I could really use a pick me up, and I am not talking alcohol,” Isis said, looking pointedly at Sekhmet.

“Then how about we get a one up on the boys,” Sekhmet suggested.

“What do you have in mind?” Lily asked.

“You’re on board then?” Sekhmet asked.

“As long as it doesn’t break too many rules,” Isis and Sekhmet laughed.

“Actually, for once it doesn’t break any.” Sekhmet proceeded to explain her plan.

Once in the common room, they boy immediately sat down on the chairs and couches near the fireplace. Isis and Sekhmet went to join them. Lily hung back.

“I can’t believe it,” Lily said sadly.

“Lily, what’s wrong?” Isis asked and Lily began to cry. This caught James’s attention immediately.

“Lily, what’s the matter?” James asked, getting to his feet.

“I just,” she cried a little harder. “That was our last first password ever!” Lily threw her arms around Isis, whose eyes widened with realization and began to cry as well.

“That was…our last…sorting ceremony!” Lily and Isis clung to each other.

“I may hate first years, but I’m going to miss them!” Sekhmet said, tears streaming down her face.

“I just can’t believe this is our last year!” Isis tried to wipe her tears away as Sirius walked over to Isis and pulled her into a hug. Quickly Isis pushed him away, “Figures you would try to take advantage of my emotional state!” Isis sobbed while Sirius stood, shocked.

“It’s our last first night in the common room, and you guys could care less!” Lily buried her face in her hands.

“How can you boys be so cruel and....and...heartless?” Sekhmet yelled. Sirius, Remus, James, and Peter stood shocked. “You’re nothing but dogs!” Sekhmet ran up the stairs to the dorms and as she did, Lily and Isis broke out into laughter. Sekhmet rejoined them, barely able to walk down the stairs as she was laughing so hard.

“You should have seen your faces,” Lily laughed.

“It was hysterical!” Isis supported herself against the wall.

“Good night, boys!” Sekhmet blew a kiss to the boys as the girls walked up the stairs laughing.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed the changes to the chapter! PLEASE REVIEW!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you to Jazzi @ TDA for the beautiful chapter image!
Beta Phoenix_Flames

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Double Trouble: Chapter Two: First Lasts


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