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Notion. by awishuponastar
Chapter 6 : Ain't No Rest For The Wicked
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Chapter 6: Ain’t No Rest For The Wickedaintnorestforthewicked.png Chapter 6: Ain't No Rest For The Wicked picture by hplouise
thanks so much to dare4distance @ TDA, she's a doll :D

Disclaimer: It's all Jo's.

If the stench of the Gryffindor sixth year boy’s room didn’t kill you, the mass of dirty clothes certainly would. It was a room that stank of firewhiskey and man-sweat from hours of obsession on the Quidditch pitch. The instant I squeezed myself into the room (and I was by no means fat) I felt as though I was wading through snow as I pulled my feet from the clothes that clung desperately to my legs. Evidently the house-elves no linger dared visit the room.

I feared what was below the top layers of shit that I could see; the floor clearly had not been seen since the start of term. I admit, my own dorm room wasn’t exactly spotless (especially when you placed Annie and I in the same living quarters), but compared to this pig-hole, our dorm room was practically worthy of a cleanliness award.

The worst part of the whole stinking room was not the fact that it was only November and it looked this bad (and we still had 8 months left at school), nor was it the fact that I was quite sure that I saw some sort of rodent run past me (though it might just have been Black), it was the fact that I was there. Standing in that nauseating room, gagging at the stench, whilst I tried my hardest to not touch anything (I’d heard the stories, however much I tried to avoid the four pricks), fearing what exactly they had in store for me.

‘Well you’ve made a real effort boys,’ I muttered sarcastically, stopping in the middle of the room (I feared that if I went any further I’d never get out).

‘We’ve seen that pigsty you and Annie call a dorm Stebbins, ours is in no league with yours.’ Replied Black crossing his arms over his chest, as he, Potter, Lupin and the weasel Pettigrew stood in the only clear space in the room.

‘And it’s definitely better than this time last year.’ Muttered Potter shoving his hands in his pockets as he looked around the room.

‘How did you see my dorm room?’ I asked suddenly, ignoring Potter’s mutterings, I found it better to simply ignore what the boy said rather than try to decipher his words.

‘Through the window.’ Black shrugged nonchalantly.

‘Pervert.’ I muttered offensively.

‘Only when you have your shirt open Stebbins.’ Smirked Lupin, inclining his head to me, as though it was something I should be proud of.

‘Well my dorm room is nowhere near as bad as this.’ I said defensively, eager to change the subject as I saw the identical smirk pass from one of their faces to the other.

‘There’s more of your kinky bra’s and knickers on your floor though.’ Smirked Pettigrew.

‘Probably because you boys don’t have any girls up here to have kinky underwear left on your own floor.’ I smirked.

That boy was too easy to put down, his replies, and attempts at sarcasm and what the marauder’s perceived to be humour, was so weak that I wondered why he even bothered to open that little rat-trap of his. If I was any of the other three boys I would refuse to even allow him to be in their ludicrous group, though maybe the other three were so thick they didn’t even realise the little prats stupidity, Potter’s own stupidity surely outshone even Pettigrew’s.

‘Just because you lose every single piece of underwear you own in the Slytherin common room,’ Smirked Potter stepping closer to me so that I had to look up at him, after waiting for any sort of reply from Pettigrew.

It really was pathetic that Pettigrew could not even think of even a remotely witty comeback, and that his boyfriend had to reply with a humourless one-liner.

‘Just because you’ve never seen any underwear other than your own,’ I replied stepping closer to him, refusing to loose face ‘and of course when you’re taking off Black’s.’

‘I have.’ Snapped Potter defensively.

I raised an eyebrow in surprise; I wouldn’t have thought a line so obvious as that would affect him so much. Though intelligent sarcasm was lost entirely on those four boys.

‘And there certainly has been kinky underwear on this floor Stebbins,’ Black smirked bending down to the floor and reaching for a pair of blue and white polka dot knickers, identical to a pair I owned, ‘I believe these are Isla’s.’

‘Leave it Padfoot,’ I heard Lupin mutter, not daring to look at either Black or I.

The bigoted, brain-dead, bastard was doing it again, taunting me with crude connotations of his and my sister’s relationship, a relationship I detested, and one that I wished to know as little about as possible. The incriminating piece of lingerie was dangling from his index finger in a most crude manner, swaying slightly as he stood smirking at me, urging me to react.

But he was not going to get a reaction out of me, I had already felt the urge to hurl as soon as I entered the stinking pit, but now I could practically feel the bile burning my mouth. For all these years he had never gone so far in his mocking of me, trying to get the higher ground in our arguments, but now, as that underwear dangled on his finger he had gone too far, far too far. His lewd manner was sickening, detestable in every way, no longer subject to just me and Evan, but even Isla, his own girlfriend (if he even called her that). I gave him one blazing look before storming from their repugnant dorm, not allowing Black to see my eyes burning with tears.

But luck, as always, was not on my side, because by the time I had reached the bottom of the stairs I noted that lessons had ended, and all the despicable Gryffindor’s had returned to their common room before heading down to the Great Hall. As I reached the last step, trying to put as much space between the Gryffindor golden boys and I, I felt the entire common room’s eyes upon me, scalding my bent head with looks of questioning speculation. They all knew that I spent time in their common room (they had seen me often enough), but to see me, Callie Stebbins, hater of the marauders and girlfriend of the Slytherin king Evan Rosier, walk down from the boys staircase was evidently going to spark interest and gossip. And I’m pretty sure they all knew to who’s dormitory I had just exited.

I did not stay long enough to hear the beginnings of their mutterings, nor the start of what I was sure to be an extravagant rumour, I hurried past the gaping eyes, freeing myself quickly from a common room that was packed with arrogance. I hurried down the corridor, my already meagre sense of direction immediately lost, not knowing nor caring where I was heading, just as long as I put as much space between me and them.

I found an empty classroom, lessons having finished for the day, in a vacuous corridor, thankful that I was alone and no one could see as I hastily wiped away the tears. He was a bastard. That was all I could say, I had too much pent-up anger to even think of a good insulting name for such a boy, he was –

‘He’s an idiot.’ Muttered a voice behind me.

I whipped round suddenly from the desk at the back of the classroom I had been sitting on, and in my haste to see who the bloody hell had decided to creep up on me, I had twisted too fast and too off-balance, and tumbled to the floor. Hitting my head on the stone floor as I fell. I lay dazed for a moment, desperately trying to regain my vision as a face swam in front of my eyes.

His eyes were a strange colour, almost golden in colour; they were, if I was really truthful to myself, very attractive, though I would never admit it out loud. And his light brown hair, that was slightly scruffy at that moment, fell slightly into his left eye.

Not that his appearance mattered, I still hated him.

‘Are you alright?’ He asked softly as he knelt beside me, looking at me closely.

‘I’m fine.’ I snapped eager to sit up.

But apparently my body would not let me escape so easily, and as I attempted to sit up, my eyes flushed black and I felt instantly faint. But it was his warm hand on the base of my back that shocked me the most, the hand that was supporting me as I felt myself fall backwards slightly.

‘You shouldn’t sit up so quickly,’ He muttered in the same comforting manner, moving closer to me so he could support me.

And so it was through Lupin’s own creeping up on me, and my subsequent fall from the desk, that found me leaning against his warm body, strangely comforted by the hand that rested on my back. I kept my eyes closed, the pain in my head was more subdued when I did, and we sat like that for what must have been at least ten minutes, two enemies for once comfortable in one another’s company.

‘Are you feeling any better?’ Lupin asked quietly looking down at me as he shifted slightly.

‘Yes.’ I muttered, slowly standing up.

He followed my action standing up slowly with me, that hand remaining on my back, supporting me in case I fell again. I twisted as I stood so that I was facing him. He was looking at me closely, in a way that Remus Lupin, the marauder, should not be looking at me, Callie Stebbins. It held no sense of arrogance, or Gryffindor importance, nor did he look as if he was about to curse me.

‘Thanks.’ I said rather awkwardly, realising whom it was who was standing in front of me.

‘Er, no problem Stebbins.’ He said quickly shoving his hands in his pockets and looking away from me.

I looked at him closely (I was later disgusted that I even looked at the boy, evidently all my morals had flown out of my head when it hit the floor), his brows were furrowed as he slowly looked back up at me.

‘Why did you follow me?’ I asked suddenly.

‘I, er,’ He mumbled hesitantly rubbing the back of his neck apprehensively, ‘Padfoot was out of order, I just wanted to see if you were ok.’ He muttered stepping slightly closer to me.

I bit my lip, had he genuinely had a fleeting moment of kindness towards me?

‘Thanks.’ I replied, half-smiling.

‘No problem Stebbins.’ He smiled moving again so that he was closer than I realised.

‘It was quite unlike you to think of my feelings Lupin,’ I smirked feeling myself pulled closer to him.

‘Well maybe I care about your feelings Stebbins,’ He smirked touching a piece of my blonde hair that had fallen from it’s messy bun.

It was a strange action, not only because he was neither my boyfriend nor my friend, and the fact that he was Remus Lupin, but also because even Evan had never done something so, so, tender. He let the piece of hair fall between his fingers whilst he looked at me steadily. I think each of us were waiting for the other to say some harsh, swipe at the other.

‘They’ll kill you,’ I muttered, allowing his fingers fall to my cheeks.

‘Maybe I don’t care.’ Was his reply, his stare becoming slightly unnerving as he looked at me deeply.

I was sure he was playing games with me. Such close contact with a boy as evil as Lupin should never be permitted. I could feel myself biting my bottom lip again, but his soft pink lips halted my action, and my teeth released my lip instantly, letting it fall to meet his own. His lips lingered only for a second, placing a simple kiss upon my lips, before he quickly moved away from me, looking as though he’d seen a ghost, frightened by his own actions.

‘See you around Stebbins,’ He muttered hastily before leaving the room quickly.

But even still I can’t say much,
Because I know we’re all the same,
Oh yes we’ve all got to satisfy those thrills.
Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked – Cage The Elephant

Reader: ahaha, well I hope you enjoyed that, a nice surprise? I'm sure this has taken at least ten days to appear since i posted this chapter. If i'm honest i had posted a chapter on my other story, but it was so bloody awful i saved my readers from it. Which meant i chose to update this story again over my other, again. Though i have written the next chapter to this story which means whilst these two are updating i can write a decent chapter for my other story.
Hope you like it, please read and review

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