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The game by BlackDaisy4U
Chapter 1 : Getting back to school
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This is my first fanfic, let me know what you think and please be nice. Remember it’s my first and I’m not English but I hope I got most of it right and that you will oversee my mistakes. I hope you like it, enjoy!

I don’t own the characters that I used in my story. It belongs to J.K Rowling. I wrote this for fun and to practice my English, no money is being made with it.

Chapter one: Getting back to school

“Harry! Ron!”

Both boys turn around by hearing their names and look straight at Hermione’s “coup d’explosive”. Her hair looks like she tortured a stray cat and put it on her head. Hermione hugs Harry and in the rush of the moment she even hugs Ron. (Everyone who has read the second Harry Potter book knows she doesn’t normally do that. Just think of the moment when she was un-petrified and saw her friends again for the first time since this horrible experience.)

“I’ve missed you both so much! How were your summers?”

“What happened to your hair?” Is all Ron can say and you can see on his face that he is growsed out!

“Nothing Ron!” Hermione answers a bit angry, “I was late this morning and I didn’t have enough time to take a shower and I had to run to even catch the train so the wind made it even worse.”

“Yeah the wind made it worse alright”

“Why don’t we just go look for a compartment”, Harry suggests when he sees that Hermione is getting redder by the minute, not in the mood for Ron’s comments.

“Yes good idea both said in unison.”

But finding a compartment isn’t an easy thing to do. Usually it’s no problem but since they wasted so much time standing in the passage way most compartments are already taken. Finally, when they get to the last one of the train, they can finally sit down because this one is empty. But of course it was too soon to be happy because behind them they hear the voice of Draco Malfoy saying, “you didn’t think you could go in there did you?”

“What do you mean Malfoy” Harry answered.

“I mean that it’s mine and you should just go find yourself another one.”

“There is no other one and we were here first” Hermione says who takes this opportunity to get all her anger over the morning out on him.

“I wouldn’t care even if there were another you filthy little mudblood.”

“Why don’t you just jump of this train if you can’t find a compartment of your own!” She turns around and storms into the empty compartment. She sits down, crosses her arms across her chest and doesn’t even care how childish she looks doing so.

Draco follows her and stands in front of her using the difference in height to seem more convincing. “Get YOUR ass of MY bench and out of MY compartment cause I need to change into my robes and I can’t have you here staring at me while doing that.”

“Don’t worry Malfoy, I wouldn’t look at you anyway, not that there is anything to see anyway.”

“Now you did it Granger!” Draco pulls out his wand and points it at Hermione. No one, absolutely no one can say something that will hurt his pride that much and get away with it. Draco is stopped by Harry and Ron who were faster at getting their wand since they both knew what he would do after Hermione’s commend even before he did! But Harry and Ron aren’t the only ones with their wand pointed at Draco. Behind them stands professor McGonagall.
“Put your wand down mister Malfoy, you too she said pointing at Harry and Ron. What seems to be the problem?”
“This is the only free compartment left” Hermione says “and Harry, Ron and me were here first and Malfoy wants to kick us out.”
“Well the only solution seems to be to share. I hope you all paid attention in kinder garden when they thought you how to share?”
“But..?!” they all say.
“No buts! There just doesn’t seem to be another way and it might be good for you.” “Puh! Yeah right!” Draco whispers to himself but of course McGonagall heard and repays him with a disapproving look. “I’d better go, I have more things to do than to listen to you all complaining.” Draco wishes Crabbe and Goyle weren’t coming to school two weeks later. He has to spent the trip to Hogwarts with the trio he hates most.
“Oh by the way, miss Granger, Mr. Malfoy, professor Dumbledore wanted me to give you these” and professor McGonagall gives them both an envelope. These are her final words and she walks away. “What does it say Mione?” Ron asked her and sits down in front of her and Harry does the same. She opens and reads the letter to herself first. It’s the same letter Draco received. Draco finds himself a place as far away as possible from the legendary Gryffindor trio and opens his letter as well.

Dear Mr. Malfoy,

As you know Hogwarts chooses every year a head boy and head girl from all students in seventh grade. I’m proud and honored to inform you that you have been selected to be Hogwarts head boy this year. You will be sharing a dormitory with the head girl as you probably know. I’m sure you’d like to know who this girl is. This year’s head girl is Gryffindors Hermione Granger. I expect you both in my office right after dinner to discuss your responsibilities and duties. I hope you will take these duties and responsibilities as seriously as the rights that go with it.

Professor Dumbledore,

Headmaster of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry

Draco and Hermione both look at each other, not knowing what to say for once in their lives. “What is it?” Harry asks.
“I’m head girl” she answers but she doesn’t sound exited even though Harry knows Hermione really wants it.
“But, that’s great!” Ron says. “Isn’t it?”
“No it’s NOT because I’m head boy!” Draco yells and jumps up. “This is a nightmare!” Hermione doesn’t know what to say, she just looks at both her friends. Ron looks disgusted, she can already read his mind, probably something like: poor Hermione how could she survive with that ferret all year in one dormitory?! They will be practically living together!. Harry looks a bit worried though she can’t exactly say what he is thinking. He is a lot better at hiding it.
“And I thought sharing a compartment in this train with the three of you was the worst thing that could happen to me, guess I was wrong!” Hermione shoots him a nasty look but she doesn’t say anything. It just isn’t worth it. She needs time to think about this. Nobody says anything the rest of the trip and Hermione decides to comb her hair since it is still a mess.

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