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My Sister's Fiancé by HPsmartone32
Chapter 8 : Chapter Seven: Help
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Chapter Seven: Help

I am so sorry to hear that that happened to you! I mean, I guess I could have assumed that Vic would be less than thrilled to hear that you were pregnant with Teddy’s baby, but still, I’m sorry.
I’m glad that Teddy has at least grown a pair and began to help you; Merlin knows he’s fucked up enough for two lifetimes. Yeah, yeah, it’s not just his fault, etc., etc… bollocks. He was the adult and you blame yourself for everything. Anyway, other than that – how are you? How’s the baby? What are you, like three and a half months now? Damn – I can’t imagine you fat. You have to come at see me! Our first Hogsmede weekend isn’t until Halloween, but by then you’ll probably be too fat to go out in public unless you’ve announced it by then, so how about we meet this coming weekend? I can take that path under Honeydukes and meet you Saturday at about three? Sound good?
Well, I am writing this letter in Transfiguration and the old witch is giving me a stern look. She might have realized I’m not taking notes. Shit. So see you Saturday.
Take care of yourself and my little godchild (RIGHT?!),

I fold the letter up and stuck it into my locker. How the hell am I this tired when it’s only Tuesday morning? Unsurprisingly, that was one of the only non-threatening letters that Teddy or I had received in the past three days. My sister took hardly anytime to tell Dad and Maman about my condition, so Teddy had been ostracized and threatened so much by not only Victoire but also Maman and Dad that he moved in with Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny, half for protection, half because he needed a place to stay. 

I truly didn’t know how many other family members knew, but Aunt Ginny, who had been over everyday for dinner, told me that Maman and Dad weren’t spreading it. However, the family was beginning to suspect that something was wrong; as I may have said before, it is hell to try to keep secrets from the very large and very nosy Weasley family. It was only a matter of time.

“You okay?” Emmelyn walks up beside me as I am debating beating my head on my locker door.


“Are you still sick?” she asks as she taps her locker with her wand and it spring open.

I shake my head, “Not really,” I look up, “I am exhausted, though, and apparently caffeine and/or pepper up potions are not good for the baby.”

“I’m sorry,” she says sympathetically as she puts on her oh-so-appealing uniform.

I shrug. Everyone is sorry nowadays – including me. What else is new?

“Ready?” she asks once she has her uniform on and notes ready.

I shrug again and follow her to the infancy ward. Yes, following the maternity rounds, I was assigned to watch the day old little buggers. Fantastic, I know; at least I had Emmelyn with me this time. Well, actually I don’t know how much of a blessing that is. She loves to pick out the babies that she thinks mine will look the most like. Who cares if they all look like little pink nuggets with a head and limbs? Or if my kid’s hair will probably be changing colors while hardly any of these pink things even have that much hair? Not Emmelyn, that is for damn sure.

We report at the front desk of the floor and the attending healer gives me a strange look… again. I hate that my own pregnancy is becoming more obvious, especially to these doctors who are trained in all things pregnant. I’ve been wearing the shirts Aunt Ginny gave me everyday – the ones that hide the fatness. However, as Aunt Ginny explained, because I was so skinny and fit to begin with, it’s to be expected that I will start showing before average-sized people do. She said that people were asking her about it when she was three months and now that I’m approaching my fourth in about two weeks, I was a goner.

Because all I needed now was the media to catch wind of this and my life would be in the cauldron.

“Dominique?” Emmelyn hits my arm and brings me out of my horrific thoughts of magazine headlines.

“Oh, sorry, what?”

“Come on, we’re in the newborn ward again today.”

“Lovely,” I grumble. The newborn ward was probably the most annoying place on the planet. Sure, one baby alone was fine. Hell, I could handle two or three and be happy. Unfortunately, the infant room held, oh, probably about twenty to thirty fresh-out-the-uterus infants that never slept.

Why did they never sleep, one might ask? Well, because one of them starts crying. That one wakes up the two next to it so they start screaming. Then the three surrounding each of those two wake up and screech… and so one and so forth until I feel like pulling my hair out.

I walk into the nursery behind Emmelyn and see the Healer is making rounds, checking the babies’ heart, lungs, etc. She hears us enter and smiles up at us, not saying anything because no one is crying at this moment. However, I see that one of the little nuggets is squirming around in its swaddling and blinking its eyes.

“I’ll get that one,” I say quietly to Emmelyn.

Baby Alexander Meyer
Name: David Edward
Birthdate: Sept. 8th
Weight: 8.02

So this little guy was only a day old; I read his chart and notice that he hasn’t been fed in a few hours so he’s probably hungry. The green checkmark on the paper means that the attending Healer has already okayed this baby and the chart also directs that the mother is breastfeeding, meaning that to eat, David needs to be taken to his mother. I sigh and kick up the stops on the wheels to the little cradle-like thing the babies all lie in and begin to push him out of the room.

As I push him down the hall and to the appropriate room, he gets more and more angry. He begins his pathetic little cry just as I knock on the door. I hear a soft ‘come in’ from the other side and slowly wheel the baby in, “Hello, Mrs. Alexander, I’m Dominique Weasley,” I introduce myself to a tired-looking lady who obviously just woke up. “It’s time for your son to eat.”

“Oh, nice to meet you,” she smiles at me. I notice that she’s not very old, only a year or two older than me. She has shoulder-length dark brown hair and a splattering of freckles across her nose. She’s pretty enough. “But I’m not married – I’m Allison Bradley.”

My face heats up as I approach her bed, “I’m so sorry,” I say, “I shouldn’t have assumed.”  Really, I shouldn’t have. Hell, I’m having a baby and I sure as hell will never be ‘Mrs. Lupin,’ even if I do give my kid his surname.

“It’s fine,” she smiles as I hand her her son. She looks at him with such adoration and love that it amazes me. I mean, seriously, the love is practically visible in the air. How can it be so strong already? When, at most, she’s spent maybe ten hours with him while he wasn’t inside of her?

“Are you okay?” she asks me suddenly, breaking my train of thought… again; I’m spacing out a lot today.

“What?” I ask and, to my surprise, my voice cracks. I bring my hand up to my face and feel something wet; was I crying?

“Are you okay?” Allison asks me again as David latches on to eat.

“I’m fine,” I say, my voice still thick. What in the name of Merlin am I crying for? I hate being pregnant and not in control of my emotions.

“It’s not that he won’t have a father, you know,” she says, making me blink in confusion. That was random. “Just because I’m not married doesn’t mean that my son can’t have a perfectly normal childhood, you know.” She sounds almost defensive now; but not only that, it’s like she’s trying to convince me and herself of this fact.

“Oh, I know,” I say, collapsing into a chair near the bed, suddenly sure that my legs wouldn’t hold my body up any longer.

“His dad and I are just not together – that doesn’t mean we both don’t love him,” she says firmly.

I nod. Will Teddy love our baby? Even though it’s not with my sister? It’s still his; he has to still love it, right? I feel the tears running down my face again.

Why the hell did I have to pick this baby to take care of? I should have let Emmelyn handle him.

“Why are you so upset, then?” she demands and it finally makes sense. She must have been thinking that I was crying for David – that he wouldn’t have the life he should because Allison was potentially raising him alone. That was a huge conclusion to come to, though, on her part.

“I wasn’t crying because of you. Or your son,” I say, pointing that out. “I don’t even know you.”

She blushes and looks down at David, “Oh. Right.”

“Why would you think that?” I ask her, honestly just wondering though it might have sounded a bit rude.

“I don’t know,” she answers quietly. “My hormones are still messed up,” she offers. I look at her now and see worry etched into her face. “Well, and everyone else seems to be judging me. You know, the barely twenty single mother – doesn’t sound very good, does it?” she admits.

And I couldn’t help it; I burst out laughing. I laughed harder than I had laughed in a very long time. She thought her situation sounded bad? HA! Being a twenty-year-old single mother sounds like heaven to me! My situation makes hers look as if she’s freaking Albus Dumbledore for all she’s doing.

I stop laughing when David starts crying and Allison says, loudly, “Can you stop, please?” I notice that she is glaring at me. “I’d appreciate it if you would leave. You’ve humiliated me enough today.” If looks could kill, I’d be dead many times over.

“No, no, no,” I gasp. I have to explain myself before she decides to write me up and I get fired; that’s the absolute last thing I need. Yet, as I sober up, I can’t really decide what to say. I don’t know this girl from Eve and I’m about to tell her my life’s story? Doubtful.

“No?” she asks, threateningly. “Do I need to call the attending?”

“No!” I say immediately, almost scaring the baby again. “I mean, let me explain. Please.”

“You best have a damn good explanation, then,” she threatens.

“Oh, I do,” I tell her. “I just don’t know how much I should say.”

“What, are you afraid I’ll alert the media?” she asks sarcastically.

I give her a look that plainly says, ‘yes, that is exactly what I’m scared of,’ and she looks to my nametag and a look of comprehension dawns on her face.

“I’m trained to be paranoid,” I sigh. I really feel the urge to just spill my guts to Allison, a girl who is in a somewhat similar situation to mine yet is in no way connected to me otherwise. I like the fact that, to her at least, this will not be the worst news she’s ever heard in her life. And I think it was this that convinced me to tell her.

“Okay,” I start. “I do owe you an explanation, but I swear to Merlin and all other powerful wizards, including my uncle, the Harry Potter, that if this ends up in the news I will hunt you down.”

“Hold up, I’m just a new single mother, I’m not out for blood,” she tells me, running a hand over her son’s nearly bald head.

“Good,” I sit back on the seat near the bed. “Well, first of all, it all started when I graduated Hogwarts last June –”

“You’re only eighteen?” Allison interrupts. I glare at her, “Most interns are,” I tell her. “Do you want to hear the story or marvel at my young age?”

She sighs and looks back to her baby – I take it that she wants to hear the story. “So, as I was saying, I graduated and my Grandma Weasley – Molly Weasley – decided that it was a good time for a party. I really wasn’t in the mood for one, but I really didn’t have a choice. You don’t know my family well – they like parties.” She had looked up and was interested now, David still eating.

“So as you have probably read, my sister is engaged to Teddy Lupin. Well he was naturally at the party and Victoire and he had a fight that resulted in her calling off the engagement –”

What?” she gasped. “I hadn’t heard that!”

I absolutely loathe being from such a well-known family. Almost everything you do is news and if you happen to say something that hasn’t been in the news, people freak out as if it’s their right to know. “If you’re going to keep interrupting, then I’m not going to tell you the story. Can you please act like you don’t know everything about my family?” I ask, exasperated.

“I’m guessing this story ends badly?”

I nod, “I’ll just skip to the end: I’m almost four months pregnant with Teddy Lupin’s child.”

Her mouth falls open with an audible pop. “See why I was afraid you’d tell the media?”

She silently nods. “You won’t, will you?” I ask her desperately.

She shakes her head and seems to be coming back after I shocked her silent, “Damn. I guess you do win, then.” She said with a small, tight smile. I smile, too, having accepted my fate.

“Yeah, we told Victoire on Friday and she told our parents who now hate me and Teddy, of course,” I say looking at my feet. “Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny are being pretty cool about it, considering. They’re letting Teddy stay with them for now.”

David starts wiggling and Allison naturally readjusts him and begins to carefully burp him. I marvel at how natural she is with her son, even though she’s only been out of her uterus for a day. Hopefully I’ll know what to do with my baby…

“I’m sorry …” she trails off apparently unsure what to call me.

“Dominique,” I smile. “And yes, everything is terrible right about now. But hey, at least I’m not puking every day anymore. Now I just have to figure out how the hell to do that when the baby is born.” I gesture to her motherly actions.

She laughs, “It’s actually easier than I thought, now at least – it comes pretty natural. I was scared to death that I would just get this little pink thing and not have a clue about what to do with it.”

“You sure look like you know what you’re doing,” I tell her.

“I just hope he thinks so, too,” she nods towards the tiny baby on her shoulder.

We sit in silence for a while before I remember that I’m technically still supposed to be working. “Oh hell,” I curse as I stand up quickly. If the attending and Emmelyn noticed how long I’ve been gone – nearly thirty minutes – I’m in for a talking-to.

“What’d wrong?” Allison asks.

“I forgot I was at work!” I say and laugh.

She laughs too, “Well, you better get back to it, then. Can David just stay here?” she asks, weary as if she’s afraid to be alone with her child. Hell, I would be too! What if I broke it?

“Of course he can stay with you; you’re his mum.”

“I guess I am,” she chuckles as if she likes hearing that more than she thought she would.

“Well, I’ve got to go,” I say heading towards the door.

“Check back in later,” she smiles, “if you want.”

“I will,” I smile back as I exit the room. For some reason, I really liked Allison. Enough to forget I was working and talk to her about my personal issues for nearly half an hour. I pick up the pace and jog down the hall.

Rounding the corner faster than was safe, I ran into a tall, muscled man and fell to the side. I lost my balance, stumbling to the other side of the hallway and then taking an empty hospital bed to the stomach. I fall on my arse then on my back then finally knock my head on the floor. My head throbbed, my back screamed at the impact, but nothing was as bad as the painful stab of pain that echoed throughout my lower stomach. I wrap my arms around my stomach and scream “BLOODY HELL!” before everything goes hazy. Then everything slowly went black.


“ – she won’t like that at all,” I heard someone say as I was coming to.

“I don’t care how much she likes it,” I hear another voice answer. “The healer said that because she is over twenty-four weeks pregnant and because she hit not only her lower stomach but also her head, she has to stay for twenty-four hours and that is what she is going to do!”

I groan as I realize that they are talking about me, “I’m not staying here for twenty-four hours,” I say as I blink open my eyes.

Damn. It’s really bright.

“Oh yes you are, Dominique Weasley,” answers Aunt Ginny in her authoritative voice. I notice that Emmelyn is sitting in the chair by my bed looking at me anxiously. I try to sit up to properly fight with my godmother, but Emmelyn holds me down, “You can’t sit up – you have all sorts of wires connected to you and they’re threatening bed rest.” She tells me.

I groan, “I’m fine!”

“You most certainly are not!” Aunt Ginny marches over to my bedside. “You best watch where you are going, Dominique. You can’t afford to be clumsy now that you are pregnant; you could have just killed the baby with that fall!”

Worry coursed through my veins and my chest constricted, “Is that baby okay?” I ask.

“As far as they can tell,” Aunt Ginny answered. “But since you were found with your hands wrapped around your stomach they are assuming that you were in pain and want to keep you overnight to make sure.”

“Wait,” I say, my mind now calming down now that I knew the baby was okay. “Does the whole hospital know that I’m pregnant now?” I look to Emmelyn, who looks at her hands in her lap. “Em?”

“I had to tell them,” she bursts. “They probably would have found out any way, but you know that trauma isn’t good for the fetus and what if something had happened because they hadn’t found out soon enough?! I didn’t tell them who was the father, though, I swear!”

I throw my head back on the pillow. Great. Now probably everyone in the hospital knew I was pregnant. “I’m sorry!” she says sincerely. And I can’t really be mad at her, anyway. She did the right thing.

“It’s fine,” I sigh. “I’m glad you told them. At least now the baby is okay.” I wildly wondered when the baby’s health became such a huge worry for me, then I wondered how it hadn’t been before. I subconsciously brought my hand to my stomach and felt, as Emmelyn had said, many wires and chords. Lovely.

“How long before someone found me?” I asked, trying to keep conversation. If I was going to be stranded here for the next twenty-four hours, they were going to have to entertain me. “And how did you find out?”

“The man that you apparently ran into when you rounded the corner began immediately screaming for help and I can running,” Emmelyn explained as Ginny paced the room anxiously. I wanted to tell her to calm down, but I liked that someone was worried for me and my baby. “He actually mentioned that you kind of looked pregnant – said a friend of his just had a child so he kind of knew what to look for or something. I called for help then owled Mrs. Potter’s house.”

“Damn kid won’t leave now, either,” Aunt Ginny suddenly begins muttering. “Thinks it’s his fault.”

“What?” I ask turning from Emmelyn to look at her.

“Oh, he’s still out in the hallway. No matter how many times I tell him that both you and the baby are perfectly fine, he won’t leave. Conjured a chair out there and everything; probably just because he saw your nametag,” she rants, “though he didn’t seem to say anything about that.” She looks annoyed with this guy. I’m not sure what to think, it’s nice that he’s so worried, anyway. Obviously more so than the damn father of the baby that is obviously in peril.

“Who was it?” I ask, wanting to know who I ran into that would possibly care that much. Was it someone I knew? Shit, was it a reporter?

“Hayes something,” she answered.

“Is he a reporter?” I ask wearily.

“I don’t think so,” Aunt Ginny says. “He looks pretty nice, anyway. And he wasn’t interested in you per say, just your well-being.”

I nod and turn to Emmelyn, “Is he cute?” I ask, smiling.

Aunt Ginny snorts, but Emmelyn nods, “Jet black curly hair and amazing blue eyes,” she grins.

Even though I can’t see her face, I know that Aunt Ginny rolled her eyes. “I’m going to go tell Harry that you’re awake,” she announces and makes to leave.

“Wait,” I ask, suddenly too curious not to, “does Teddy know?”

Aunt Ginny pauses at the door then looks back, “Yeah, but he’s a wreck right now. Hasn’t gone out of the house at all; I’m sorry,” she says.

I shrug, “Just tell him the baby’s okay.” It bothers me a little that Teddy didn’t care much. Not that I care if he cares about me, but I would like it if he’d show some concern for his child.

Aunt Ginny nods and leaves. A few seconds later, Emmelyn stands up, “I should go, too,” she says apologetically. “Technically I still have another hour of work.”

“Ugh, don’t leave me!” I groan. “I’ll be bored.”

“Why don’t you go back to sleep?” she laughs.

“Apparently I’ve been sleeping all day,” I mutter.

“I’ll send Hayes in, then,” she smirks and exits before I can object.

Shit. I don’t want to see the man that caused all of this – even if he is a concerned, hot man. I most likely look terrible and I have more wires coming from me than a muggle contraption.

Said man knocks twice then opens the door a crack and sticks his head in, “Can I come in?” he asks.

“Yeah, sure,” I say, not really wanting to be alone. I’ll get back at Emmelyn later.

The door opens and he steps in and my first thought was that Emmelyn was a liar. This guy was not just ‘hot,’ he was ridiculously good looking. He was tall, – taller than me which is saying something because I am pretty tall for a girl – blue-eyed and black haired, as Emmelyn had said, but she had neglected to tell me that his hair formed perfect ringlets of curls and that he was tan. If I was being honest, he was even more attractive than Chandler and Teddy… put together.

“Hi, I’m Hayes Landon,” he said bashfully. “We, er, ran into each other, obviously, and it caused all of this. I had to make sure you were okay.”

At first all I can do is stare at this beautiful man that was so adamant about making sure that I was okay, but then when he stopped talking, my brain reminded me that I could probably answer him. “Er – hi.” I said eloquently.

He laughed, “Hi. I’m sure this is very awkward and I can just leave if you want me to,” he said.

“No, no,” I said immediately. “I’m fine and the baby is fine… I think. I haven’t really talked to the healer yet, but Aunt Ginny and Emmelyn don’t seem to be worried.”

“Oh, so you are pregnant then? I wasn’t sure. You look amazing for being pregnant, though. The only reason I suspected was because you were clutching your abdomen and I saw the brand of your shirt was the same as the pregnancy shirts my friend wore when she was pregnant.”

Again, I was stunned by the sheer luck that I would run into such a man and that he would even be talking to me after I slammed into him. And more, I think he just complemented me.

“Oh, well, thanks,” I say, hoping that it was just my head injury that was making it so difficult to speak coherently.

“Your friend said that she had to get back to work and you were stuck here for awhile and might need company. And the redhead, I’m guessing she’s your Aunt, kept giving me suspecting looks, which I can understand given that I’m the one that landed you in here,” he said, still standing somewhat awkwardly against the wall by the door.

“Yeah, Aunt Ginny can be kind of protective,” I nod. “but I’m really fine… I think, at least. But I could use some company now that Emmelyn is gone.”

He nodded. “Can I ask you something that could be a little awkward?” he said after a moment of silence.

I nodded, curious.

“Are you and that other girl, Emmelyn, er… are you two together?”

I looked at him, confused, for about five seconds before I understood what he meant and started laughing, “Nooo,” I answered. “Would I be pregnant if that were the case?” I asked.

He smiled and shrugged, “That happens now.”

I shook my head again, “No, we’re just friends. She’s actually dating my cousin, who is still at Hogwarts.”

He nods, “I’m sorry, but I now know your friend and aunt’s names but not yours,” he suddenly says.

“I’m Dominique,” I tell him, surprised that he actually hadn’t seen my nametag nor recognized me or Aunt Ginny.

“French?” he asks, looking excited.

I nod.

“What a coincidence, I’m transferring here from a hospital in France,” he smiles. “I’m a healer.”

Well, I guess that could explain a bit of why he didn’t know us immediately. While everyone in England knew our faces, usually foreigners needed a last name before they recognized anyone but Uncles Ron or Harry or Aunt Hermione.

“Awesome!” I grin, “I intern here – maybe I’ll see you around, then!” This idea pleased me more than it should. However, he grimaced and I suddenly felt very stupid, “I mean, you know, around work.” I clarified – it was still unsettling to not be wanted by every guy I met. Being part vela usually did that for me, but I guess being pregnant and in the hospital wasn’t very attractive; I guess it was something else I’d have to get used to now that I was pregnant.

“I hate to be the one to tell you this,” he started and I felt a mixture of anger and curiosity. Was he seriously thinking that I was hitting on him? “But usually after such trauma, the healer will recommend that you take it very easy until you give birth, which usually includes taking the rest of your pregnancy off of work.”

I stared at his perfect face, “What?”

“You’re probably not going to be able to work,” he said, coming closer. “But what to I know, I’m a French healer – here in England they might tell you something else.”

I stared at him as my mind began to panic. I had to work! How the hell was I supposed to get ready for a baby if I couldn’t work and get money! How was I supposed to eat and have a place to stay if I didn’t have any way to support myself and my family. How as I supposed to provide for this baby if I didn’t have any money to do so!? I couldn’t ask Teddy to support me – he wasn’t responsible for me. Maybe half responsible for the life inside of me, but not for taking care of me now!

“Are you okay? Are you hurting? Do you want me to call the healer?” Hayes begins to freak out.

I shake my head, “I have to work!” I practically yelled. “I’m the only one that is providing for myself and this baby at the moment and if I can’t work then how am I supposed to eat or get ready for the baby or –”

“Dominique!” Hayes puts his hands on my shoulders. “You need to calm down – both your and your baby’s heart rate is climbing.” I stopped talking and closed my eyes taking deep breaths, the last thing I needed was to be kept here longer because our hearts were racing.

I felt his hands lift and opened my eyes, “Sorry, I’m just freaking out a bit. I’ll be fine.” I say to the man who was practically a stranger to me.

“Now, what were you going on about,” he says as he sits down in the chair Emmelyn had previously occupied.

I sighed, “You don’t have to help me. I’ll be fine – you probably have places to be.”

“Actually, I don’t,” he admits. “I just took the job and don’t have to be anywhere until tomorrow when I start work on this very ward.”

He was going to be the attending on the maternity ward? Interesting. “Then aren’t you hungry?” I asked.

He chuckled, “No, that was nearly five hours ago.”

“Oh, right.”

We sat in silence for a minute, “So do you want to talk about whatever was making your heart race like teenagers on broomsticks?”

I sighed again. “It’s nothing that you should worry about. Just my petty problems.”

“Well, besides the head of the hospital, you’re the only one I know in England, so want to be friends?” he asks, smiling.

I laughed, “You don’t even know me, I could be some serial killer-gone-whore.”

“Hmm, I guess I should check on that, you look the type.”

“Thanks,” I say sarcastically.

“Hey, if anything you can at least tell me about the good places in town to eat and whatnot,” he said. “Unless you have somewhere you need to be,” he added in mock-seriousness.

“Ha, ha,” I say. I look at him again and realize that I really shouldn’t complain. I’m stuck here for at least a day and here is a nice, good-looking man willing to keep me company. Merlin knows I should count my blessings – especially now that they’d all fit on one hand.


A/N: Okay, so I posted this yesterday, but then I decided that it was too short because it ended right before the * so i was like okay, I'll write more because they have had to wait so long. So I did. And I'm posting it today, 4/24. Anyway, I have a BUNCH of excuses and whatnot for why it took so long, most of them legit, but I don't want to bore you with them so I'll just say I'M SORRY! and THANK YOU! for still reading and reviewing. I'll try to update as fast and as I can. Thanks so much, guys. I really appreciate all the support and reviews. Please continue to review!!!
over and outt.

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