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The Art of Breathing. by AC_rules
Chapter 6 : Bad Day.
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A/N - Hello my lovely readers! Did I ever mention I love you all? Well I do some much so because you ROCK. Right... to business.
Finally, enjoy...

“Mary! Mary!” A small voice yelled. “S’easter!” It exclaimed and I blinked my eyes open to see Johnny’s tiny two year old cherub like face.

“Come on now Johnny boy, leave your sister alone,” Mum’s voice said pulling him up at me.

“Eggs! Eggs!” he announced and a grin broke out on my face as I pushed back my daisy covered duvet off myself and stood up.

“Slow down there Mary,” Dad said as I ran to the doorway and hit his legs.

“Easter!” I said excitedly jumping up and down.

“What’s so good about Easter then?” He asked bending down to my level.

“EGGS!” Johnny yelled.

“That’s right!” Dad said holding out two eggs.

“No,” Johnny said, toddling over to where he stood and attempting to knock the eggs out of his hand. “Chocolate eggs!” He protested, and I nodded.

“Not those eggs,” I agreed and he grinned at us.

“Well, the Easter bunny may have left some chocolate eggs in the kitchen-”

“MINE!” I yelled sprinting past dad, down the stairs and into the Kitchen.

“No!” Johnny protested.

“Don’t run down the stairs!” Mum yelled after us. Dad followed us down quickly and mum followed us down even slower.

“No chocolate before breakfast,” Dad reminded us, but we’d both already half devoured one of the perfectly shaped eggs.

He just laughed.

I woke up suddenly, feeling shaky and climbed into the shower even though it was some ridiculous time in the morning.  I turned the water and the pressure up to try and wash away the memory.

Dad hadn’t laughed like that in a long time; maybe it had affected him more than he let on. I’d thought he hadn’t cared, that he moved on, that he never looked back but maybe, just maybe he cared just as much as I did. If not more. He loved her, and he just needed someone to cling on to.

Tears built up in the corners of my eyes and I let them.

Suddenly I wanted to write long detailed letters to them, I wanted to feel close to them again, I wanted to go back to that.

I climbed out of the shower and wrapped myself in a fluffy towel and sat down next to my trunk trying to find my photo album.  I pushed past my clean clothes, my unclean clothes, my toiletries, parchment, books, shoes and other junk until I found it at the very bottom of my trunk. Untouched since Karen had packed it for me last year.

This fact, which hadn’t even gotten near to making me feel guilty for a very long time, now stirred up a pit of guilty pain that had been locked in my stomach so deep I’d never realised it was there. It made me feel sick, I dreaded opening up the album and seeing the faces smiling less sincerely with every page, but I had to. I needed to look at those pictures again.     

First were a couple of pictures of mum and dad in their young years of romance, their faces twisted up into smiles that were only a little posed for the pictures. Then came Becky, even then not the cutest of children, but they doted over her as if she was a princess with perfect airs and graces. Then came me, staring out at the camera in a wide-eyed interest. There were a lot of pictures of me as a baby: when my first blonde locks grew; when I began toddling around in my flowered sandals-

“Mary, what are you doing up?” Charlotte Jones’s voice came out, as she drew back the curtains. I stuffed the photo album back into my bag and jumped back on to my bed.

“Nothing,” I said pulling the covers over me and trying to get back to sleep and failing miserably. So I just lay there in the dim light of the moon outside. Wanting more than anything to get up and open that photo album, but being too scared to all the same.


I got up for the second time that day in an equally fowl mood, only now my sadness had turned to pure annoyance, which my roommates noticed the second they saw me. Despite them knowing little about me, they knew when I was annoyed, because I would sigh more, over exaggerate, look pissed and I would sometimes yell at my reflection when my eyeliner refused to go right.

I felt exhausted and had to literally drag myself from the warmth of the covers and change out of my wonderfully comfortable pyjamas into my cold school uniform. Due to the fact I had been tossing and turning for a long time, and that I had gone back to bed with wet hair, my purple locks were sticking out in a variety odd directions, none of which were the direction I wanted them to go – down.

“Bloody hair,” I mumbled trying to pull it into something I could call a style, but eventually giving up and instead deciding on some interesting make-up. Then came a dilemma I hadn’t faced yet, but should have predicted: I own a fair amount of make-up, but it was only when rummaging through the eye shadows when I realised nothing, I repeat nothing, goes with purple. I had pink, green, orange, purple and blue eye shadows but when paired with my purple hair they contrasted horribly and made my skin look bad.

“I’ll have to go nude then,” I muttered stuffing the eye shadows back into my bag angrily

“No!”Alice said staring at me as if I’d grown an extra head. “Your school uniform doesn’t look that bad, wear some clothes!”  I looked at her in shock for a few seconds before working out what the hell she was on about.

“I meant eye shadow wise!” I exclaimed looking down at my uniform. “And what’s wrong with my uniform?” I asked suddenly self-conscious. Alice turned bright pink and stuttered something incoherent before claiming she had to go to the loo and shutting herself in.

 “What’s wrong with my uniform?”

“Nothings wrong with it really, it’s just...” Lily began looking at me critically.

“Your skirt's too long,” Charlotte began, counting points off on her fingers. “Your tights are too black, your shirt's too big, your jumper's too light and your robes are too... old fashioned,” she finished.

“Maybe just... roll your skirt up a little?” Rachel suggested.

“Why? So hormonal boys can look up my skirt whenever I walk up the stairs? Fat chance.”

“You roll up your skirt, or we’ll give you a complete make-over,” Charlotte said sweetly.

I rolled up my skirt.


“Jeremy Wood is looking at my legs,” I complained as Lily and I walked to breakfast.

“Really? Wow.” Lily said sounding impressed. “You could be on to a winner there.”

I snorted and she gave me an odd look.

“Really Mary, I don’t see what the big deal is, you always used to roll your skirt up,” I gritted my teeth. “And you wore the right tights and jumper and... Oh hi Sarah!” Lily said talking to a girl I knew by sight who sat in front of me (and next to Sirius) in potions.

“I’ll just go sit down,” I said, only to be ignored, and walked the rest of the distance to the Great Hall on my own.

“You on your own Mary?” Alice asked when I approached the Gryffindor table.

“Yeah, I guess,” I said feeling foolish.

“Come sit with us,” She said gesturing to a space. Wedged right in between James and Sirius. No fucking way. Not a chance in hell. Never.

“Okay,” I nodded. No one wants to be a loner. No one, people stare at you and think gee, what a saddo sitting on there own. I sat down warily, and I thought I was safe for a few beautiful seconds. Sirius had his arm wrapped around Rachel, so was otherwise distracted. James was busy conversing with Remus, so I thought that I would be left in peace and then...

“Hey Maz! How’s my favourite bitch?” Sirius asked grinning at me. “Come to join us I see!” His voice echoing around the hall loudly, so everyone turned to look. “Hope you have a nice breakfast!” He said before ‘accidently’ tipping his pumpkin juice over in my direction. I jumped up quickly so only the bottom of my skirt got soaked. “Nice legs!” He said smirking at my rolled up skirt. “Trying to bring Peacock’s attention back are we? My my, we are getting desperate...” he said quieter this time. I chose to ignore him and instead looked over to the door where Lily was, heading in our direction. ‘Save me’ I mouthed, but she just shrugged and sat down next to Alice at the end of our group. Damn.

Sirius then got bored of me, (thank god) and instead started making out with Rachel. Brilliant. Fantastic. What an amazing start to my day.

“You recovered from your bad mood yet?” Lily asked me.

“Oh yes, now I feel positively enthused to be in school!” I commented my voice dripping with sarcasm.

“In a bad mood eh marry?” Sirius asked breaking away from Rachel again. He was obviously in a brilliant mood this morning.  

“Yes.” Charlotte commented. “Very bad mood. Stood there muttering angrily at her reflection.”

I want to thump her but I can’t because it’s not her fault she’s blunt with no tact – she’s just like that. It’s just the way Charlotte is.

“In fairness, I’d spend hours muttering angrily at my reflection if I looked like that,” Sirius said and there was a chorus of laughter that I was sure must be faked. Or they were all just meaner than I thought. That wasn’t exactly out of the question...

“Oh look, the post!” Alice said sounding uncomfortable. She and Lily hadn’t laughed, and I’ll love them forever for that, even though it was more likely to be a reason for Lily to glare at James than out of loyalty. I should have been a Hufflepuff. They’re nicer.

“Oh great,” I muttered bitterly as I saw my family’s owl fly towards me. You see, after forth year when they had sent me a letter with my owl and I hadn’t replied due to circumstances beyond my control (as in, I had better things to do) then Karen had discovered she was pregnant, and wasn’t able to contact me. Therefore I only found out when I arrived home and found her big fat four month pregnant stomach, let’s say I wasn’t too pleased.... Since then they keep an owl at home which always flies back as soon as it deposits a letter.                      

“Mary’s got a letter!” Sirius said, grabbing the parchment from the owl and inspecting the envelope. “I’ll just make sure there’s no bomb in here,” He said cheerfully and began ripping it open.

“NO!” I yelled trying to pull it out of his hands, knowing that if he read that letter he would know that I was dying and I didn’t want him to be the first to find out. Hell, I didn’t want him to find out ever.

“That’s mine!” I claimed trying to pull it out of his hands. He chucked it over my head to James. “GIVE IT BACK!” I yelled as he grinned and chucked it to Peter. Peter threw it to Remus, who threw it back to Sirius. As I desperately tried to attack them to get it back.                        

“GIVE ME MY LETTER!” I screamed standing up.

“Why should I?” He smirked.

“BECAUSE IT’S MY FUCKING LETTER!” I screamed grabbing the jug of pumpkin juice and pouring it over his head. Then I grabbed it out of his hands and slapped him round the face. “NEVER read my letters!” I said fiercely and he looked up at me in mild shock.  Then I burst into hysterical tears.

Brilliant. Fucking great.

WHAT is going on here?” McGonagall asked coming over angrily.

I was now hyperventilating due to the tears and the shock that he had been so close to finding out my secret. The others were all looking at me as if I was an alien, but the surprise was most evident on Sirius’s face.

McGonagall turned to Lily and Remus, the prefects, for the answer to the question.

“Sirius was teasing Mary because she was in a bad mood and then-” Remus started.

“-Mary’s letter arrived and he was going to read it and he wouldn’t give it back. Mary was yelling at him to give it her back, and then she chucked her pumpkin juice over him, grabbed the letter back, slapped him round the face and burst into tears.” Lily finished interrupting him in the belief that Remus would give a biased account.

“Right,” McGonagall said with a blatant bigger understanding of why I was upset due to the fact all the teachers knew I was dying. “Well, Mr Black: double detention for upsetting another member of your house and twenty points from Gryffindor.”

Any trace of Sirius’s good mood had now vanished.

“And Miss McDonald, ten points from Gryffindor for language and improper behaviour,” I was too overcome by tears at this point to care. I was still sobbing as if my life depended on it – shaking and unable to breath.

“Maybe you should go and get a calming draft from-” McGonagall suggested but I decided it would be much preferable just to run and get out over there as quickly as I could.


After spending another good forty minutes crying in my comfiest hoody and binging on chocolate, I had calmed down enough to reapply my make-up and head down to my first lesson. Even though it was about to finish in ten minutes – screw lateness; I had to at least make an appearance. So now I was walking down the stairs towards transfiguration dreading all the whispering that was bound to occur the moment I pushed that door open.

Still I didn’t have a choice. So I took the plaster option.

“Quick and painless,” I muttered to myself over and over again. “Quick and painless.”

So without even pausing to think (I had done enough of that for the next few years), I walked into the room holding my head up high... and fell over.

“So for homework you will complete a three foot essay on... are you okay Miss McDonald?” She asked as I picked myself up again. There was a chorus of laughter echoing around the class room and I just nodded and looked for my seat before realising it was right next to Black.

Fuck my life.


I was itching to go and see Nate, to spill my heart out to him like I used to over every single letter, but it was different now. I’d always been way to emotional for my own good, and the minute I start talking about something that matters to me at the present I start bawling like a baby. All last year I had hoped and wished that Nate would come here to Hogwarts, but the increase in his presence in my life felt a lot more forced than I could have expected. 

I liked how I could just go away to a quite corner and write to him at the end of every day, like a Diary that answered back, everyone assumed I was writing to some member of my family and so I could keep it a secret. My friendship with Nate was my own private thing that no one knew anything about, yet he would always be there as a stable constant in my life.

Yesterday I had tried to go and talk to him, but a swarm of giggling fifth year girls came in claiming to have ‘injured their legs’ he spent a good fifteen minutes trying to work out what was wrong with the leg, by prodding it at several points, rubbing several potions on them and such the like before concluding their legs were fine. Then one of the more outgoing girls claimed she has a severe pain in her right breast. He gave her some painkilling potion, and sent them on their way looking flushed.

I hadn’t talked to him properly in days and it made me edgy, I really should be relaxed, sitting out here in the sunshine doing some light (fat chance) homework. Heavenly. And then...

“Pads, I am surprised at you, we’ve been sitting out here for ten minutes, and you’ve haven’t complained your bored yet,” James said, punching Sirius on the arm to get his attention.

I, on the other side of the tree, was guessing most of these actions, but they always acted the same way, so it wasn’t hard. I silently cursed whoever gave me the worst luck ever, to be sat so close to the Marauders. Well, I wasn’t bothered about most of them. Just Sirius.

“Well, complaining of boredom never got us anyway if you remember?” he said.

“Oh come on Prongs that was ages ago!” Pete piped up. One day, someone was going to teach him some tact, most probably with their fists. I would volunteer, but my hands would probably fall off. Hmmm... Peter and Charlotte would be a perfect match.

“James is right Sirius, you hate the sun, and sitting around doing nothing,” Remus said and Sirius shrugged. “So what are you thinking about then?” he asked and Sirius sighed.

“My newly acquired enemy,” he replied and James nodded in comprehension.

“What is with that?” He asked. “She just suddenly turned on you,”

“It was scary, you only said one thing and then...”

“Erm...” he interrupted them. “There was slightly more to that story,” I said and they all raised their eyebrows, they could see were this was heading...

Even better for me! I get to be here when Sirius starts retelling that delightful story.

“You slept with her?” Remus asked. I shuddered, and Lily cocked her ear up in interest. Apparently even she thought that was within the realms off possibility. Great.

“No!” he said shaking his head. “Well... you know that party? Like, last march?” he asked and they all nodded, re-positioning themselves on the grass to listen to the story. “Well...” he began. “You know what it was like, the music on insanely loud, pumping out the walls, everyone drinking?”

“Wait a sec, was that the party you disappeared in, for like an hour?”

“Er... yeah,” he said.

“Was that the party were someone spiked Lily’s drink, and then made out with her?” James asked sounding really angry, at which Lily also clenched her fists. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who thought that was the worst party ever.

“Was that the party were Rachel Moss-?”

“Guys, we’re getting off the point!” he protested and they all murmured their apologies. “Well, I hadn’t really drunk much, just a bit and then...”

“And then what?” Pete asked and James punched him to shut up.

“Then Mary comes over,” he continued. “Then I grabbed her wrist and made her dance...”

“I remember that,” Remus said.

 “Well yeah, then she put this lip balm on-”

“I see where this is heading,” James said wryly.

“And it was mango and papaya,”

“Uh-oh,” Remus added in.

“And then I grabbed her, pulled her off the dance floor, into a cupboard and snogged her, a lot...”

“Sounds like something you’d do,” Pete said conversationally.

“Pretty much,” Remus said, agreeing.

“That’s not the worst bit,” he said anxiously.

“Oh dear,” James said and he nodded.

“Next day at breakfast...”

“Oh fuck!” James said, clasping a hand over his mouth. “I remember!” He said and he nodded, ashamed. “You go, pass us the bacon Amanda!” He announced.

“Amanda?” Pete and Remus asked.

“Amanda.” James said, nodding knowingly.

“You called her Amanda?”




 “Oh come on guys, shut up! It wasn’t that big of a deal!”

“To a girl like Charlotte maybe not, but Mary’s nice!”

Was nice,” James corrected.

“She’s still nicer than most,” Remus pointed out.

“She’d probably never kissed anyone before,”  Well... that was a load of crap.

“Not everyone’s a slut like you!”

“Guys! Don’t make me feel worse!”

“You should feel worse, you should feel terrible!”

“I actually don’t think she cared!” He protested. “Because she just said, my name is Mary and you can go get the bacon yourself, and then all the post arrived, and there was a lot of it because...”

“Because it was mother’s day,” Remus finished.

“Fuck.” Sirius said hitting himself on the head. “Her mother’s dead.”

They all sat there in silence for a good ten minutes.

“If she cared, she would have said something right?” Sirius asked and there were no answers. “She would have screamed at me,”

“But Mary isn’t like that Sirius. She wouldn’t yell, or scream or say anything; she’s too quite and timid.” Pete said finally.

“Well, she isn’t like that anymore,” James said. “But I don’t think that was why she changed pads, because she would have changed straight away if that were it.”

“Mary, we can move and sit somewhere else?” Lily suggested as I was shaking with anger and probably looked quite menacing but I shook my head, I wanted to here the rest of this story from his twisted point of view.  

“It’s fine Lily. I’m fine. I don’t care.” I said, dipping my quill back in the ink. “You wanted to sit outside, and this could be the last day of summer I ever see so...”

“What?” Lily asked quickly.

“I meant this year,” I rectified, and she nodded, and I tuned into the conversation that was going on the other side of the tree.

“Was she a good snogger then?” James Potter asked.

“Yeah, I guess,” Sirius answered. “Well no, no guessing...”

“Small tits though,” one of them said, and that was it. I cracked. I stood up quickly, smacking my head on the branch above my head.

“Oh fuckity fuck!” I swore loudly and all four boys’ heads looked around, and saw me jumping around in agony.

“You all right there Mary?” Pete asked.

“Oh I’m bloody brilliant, Amanda,” I said and he looked confused for a minutes about being addressed as Amanda, before he realised. Idiot.

The others sat there, mouth open. Again idiots.

“And Black, don’t flatter yourself,” I said and he looked confused. “If you think that I would, no, that anyone, would care enough about you to be bothered by a stupid little thing like that? Then you’re even more deluded than I thought! You aren’t half as hot as you think you are, and I was drunk that night. Impaired judgement? And being dragged into a cupboard? Yeah, that was all you and sure, I try not to think about it, but only because I was snogged by a leech.”

“A leech? I’ll have you know I could get every girl in this school to fall in love with me! I just chose not to, because none of them are interesting enough. They’re all too average.” He spat venomously.

“Well, that’s good for the female population of Hogwarts; they don’t have to put up with you being all lovey-dovey on them.”

“Well at least I could get someone,”

 I pulled out my mango and papaya lip-balm, and bent down to his level. “But remember, it was you who kissed me, and you who thought it mattered to anyone,”

I put the mango lip-balm on, with my face hovering a few centimetres away from his. “And remember Sirius,” I said as he looked at my wide eyed, and like he was having an internal conflict. “I hate you,” I finished then I stood and began to walk away.

“Well at least my hairs not purple!”

I decided to do the sensible thing, and ignored him...

Who am I kidding?



“Mary,” Lily’s voice piped up the epitome of calm, “I think your head is bleeding,” I lifted my hand up to where I had wacked it off the tree; I’d forgotten I was so damn weak.

“Wow, you bleed really easily,” James commented.

“SHUT UP JAMES!” Lily yelled, before realising he hadn’t actually said anything offensive.

“Bloody typical,” I muttered. “Now I have to go to the hospital wing again!”

“Because we all know how much you hate it there,” his said his eyebrows wiggling.



“For Merlin’s sake Mary!” Nate said as I walked in to the hospital wing clutching my head. “Can you manage to go through a day without almost knocking yourself out?” he asked and I shrugged and sat down. He sighed. “What’s up then?” He asked while he started doing something to my head.

“Flaming Sirius Black!” I said angrily.

“Oh,” He said seeming to find it amusing. “It’s funny, you’d never mentioned him before this year, and now it’s always about Mr Black,” He said wiggling his eyebrows.
 “Don’t do the eyebrow thing! It makes you look like Black,” I said and he laughed again. “Anyway, I did mention him, only he had a code name.”

“He was guy A?” He asked eagerly.

“No,” I said shaking my head. “Not him, guy B,” I corrected and Nate’s eyes widened. “Don’t you say anything!” I said standing up. “Not a single word!”

He was fighting a smile, but also looked angry at the same time.

“You said I could beat him up for you last year?” He suggested and I shook my head and sighed.

“It’s fine, fantastic, whatever; I need to get to class.”

“Yeah,” He agreed and I gave him a brief wave before exiting the hospital wing.


“Hello,” I said walking into Muggle studies.  We were still having muggle lessons to ‘develop more empathy with muggles’ today we were doing languages, A.K.A. French.
“Es bonjour,” our muggle teacher reprimanded me (in a terrible French accident) and I shrugged and sat down at a spare desk.

Two minutes later, Sirius walked in.

“Hi,” He said lazily.

“What do you say? You’re late!” Our teacher snapped, admittedly, half the class wasn’t here yet so she had every right to be annoyed. 

“Je suis vraiment désolé,” he apologised, sitting down. For a second I looked at him shock, before I realised he was from a pureblood family and I had been told by various people they all knew French, but I’d never really believed in what was said about them. I tried to ignore most rumours.

Turns out they had more truth in them than I thought.

“Due to your lateness, you will sit there,” the teachers said pointing to the seat next to me.

“I’m sorry miss, there’s someone sitting there,” I protested and she raised an eyebrow at me. “Well, there’s this bacterium there, like we learned about last week, and even though its infectious and could probably kill thousands, I think it deserves the seat more,” I said sweetly.

 “And,” Sirius butted it. “The bacterium is far better company for Mary here due to the fact that she can relate to it more,”

“Oo, witty,” I said sarcastically.

“I thought so,” Sirius commented happily.

“Well you thought wrong,”

“Sit down.” The teacher said sternly, and Sirius slid into the seat next to me.

“Do you always do what people to tell you to then?” I asked bored.

“No.” He answered stiffly.

“I bet you do,” I smiled, knowing how to annoy him by this point. “I bet you do exactly what your beloved parents tell you to,” I said smirking.

Sirius’s fists clenched.

“So if they say go be an arrogant dick, you just do it. Maybe it isn’t your fault that-”

“And I suppose you’re the right rebel?” he interrupted.


“So I suppose your parents are the type to say, be a nice girl my little Mary-flower, and you go along and do the complete opposite.”

“Why don’t you stick your oversized and slightly crooked nose out of my business?”

“There’s nothing wrong with my nose!” He claimed. I tilted my head back and laughed hysterically for a few minutes before looking at his utterly bemused face.

“Oh, you were being serious!” I said faking dawning comprehension.

“Shut up parrot-face,”

“Shut up no-face, oh! Wait a sec; is that thing you’re talking out of not your arse? Cause it looks like it.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment. I mean, it means my arse is still more attractive than your face...”

“Yet, if that thing on your neck is an arse, I have to wonder where the hell your dick is?”

“Yet I don’t have to wonder at all to see yours!” he exclaimed staring at my forehead.

“Oh shut up.” I said crossing my arms and moving my chair to the furthest point away from him under the desk.

“One-Nil to Sirius Black-the-sex-god!” 

I chose to ignore him, but kicked his chair over while he was trying to distract me. He landed on the floor with an ‘Oof!’

“What appears to be the problem here?”

“Poor little Sirius just fell over didn’t you, can’t keep his balance, how sweet!” I said patronisingly. “Let me give you a hand!” I said presenting my arm to him to grab hold of. He, stupidly, took it, and I dropped him back to the ground again. “Oopsy daisy!” I said holding out my hand again, this time he pulled me on top of him.

“SIRIUS GERMS!” I exclaimed rolling off him as quickly as I could.

“Mary,” Sirius said standing up, “If you wanted me, you’d could have just said! You didn’t need to go jumping on me-”

“Ha! Like anyone would ever want you!”

“Just ask my girlfriend,” He smirked sitting back down. I sat back down too as the teacher glared at us.

“Two-one to Sirius-the -sex-god!” He whispered.

“Répète,” the teacher said waving her arms about. “Rouge,”

“Rouge,” we all repeated feeling foolish (at least I did)




“Violet.” We chorused, and it went on and on...

“Maryyyy, can’t you do the work?”  Sirius asked in the most annoying voice possible. “You’re so stupid!”

“Do you know what else is stupid? Your face!”

“I’d say it’s rather an intelligent face,” He commented stroking an imaginary beard.

“Just because you say something doesn’t mean it’s true, in your case it’s generally the opposite,”

“All right. You’re a wonderful attractive person who is nice and fair to everyone and insults people really well,”

“Sorry, I didn’t hear that,” I said looking confused.

 “I said... you’re a wonderful attractive person who is nice and fair to everyone and insults people really well!” He said louder.



“Two all,” I said smiling “Hey!” I said flicking through the text book. “I didn’t realise you were famous!” I said pointing to a large picture of a cow.

He grabbed it off me and scowled when he saw the picture.

“Three-two to Mary McDonald the goddess of beauty and intelligence !””

“Old McDonald had a farm e-i-e-i-o!” Sirius sang under his breath as the teacher shot us both a death glare. “With an oink! Oink! Here and an oink! Oink! there. Here an Oink! There an Oink! Mary’s everywhere!”

“Anyone ever told you you’re really funny?” I asked and before he could answer I did it my self. “That’s because you’re not.” We sat in silence for a while until my curiosity got the better of me. “How do you know that rhyme anyway, its muggle,”

“I tend to do things that displease my parents,” he answered simply. “Such as playing with the muggle children.”

“I tend do things that annoy my family too,”

“Well, that’s the only thing we have in common then.”

“Nope, we have another thing in common,” I said grinning. “We’re both female!” I announced.

“Funny,” He commented sarcastically.

“I am the personification of funny; you should know that by now.”

“Oo! Look, there’s a flying pig,” He said sarcastically.

“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit,”

“And you’re the lowest form of humanity, but it doesn’t mean you’re not funny. To look at I mean...”

What a big headed bastard.


“Who’s that?” Rachel asked, and I looked over to see a tall brunette give Sirius a flirty look.

“Amanda Brocklehurst,” Charlotte said looking up Charlotte always knew everyone meaning she was useful to have her around. “She’s a Ravenclaw prefect, a strong contender for Head Girl next year, she’s on the Quidditch team, she got straight O’s in the OWL’s and she’s dated Thomas Davis, Amos Diggory and Matthew Tyler. She’s overly nice and friends with all the Ravenclaw,”

“What the hell is she doing flirting with my boyfriend?!?” Rachel asked hysterically, and you could see why, it was tough to get a complement from Charlotte, and she had a full list of them.

“She’s sounds perfect,” Lily said disgustedly.

“How annoying,” I commented. “And she looks like a model,”

“She’s got nothing on you though,” Lily said, turning away. “Sirius only has eyes for you Rach, don’t worry!”

“Yeah, perfect’s so boring...” I put in. Lies. Such lies.

“See! He didn’t even turn around!” Charlotte said gesturing to Sirius.

“They’re probably planning somethin-” I began but I was interrupted by a large BANG! Then my seat disappeared and I fell to the floor, where someone threw a slice of cake at my head.

“SIRIUS BLACK!” I screamed standing up feeling mortified, but he’d already disappeared.


“It’s nearly only three days till Saturday!” I announced excitedly. For some reason I had managed to put the disaster that was today behind me to celebrate the fact that it was at last OVER.  We were now sitting on our beds in our pyjamas just talking and laughing. When you share dorms with someone for six years, you either hate them, or just get on with it. We just get on with it.

“Oh my god, what am I going to wear?” Charlotte asked the thought only just occurring to her, though everyone in the room knew she’d been thinking about it in depth since we broke up for summer.

“Your blue top with the weird sleeves, and that black skirt. Shoeswise... I’d go for your blue flats,” Rachel said instantly.

“You going with Sirius?” Alice asked Rachel who looked as if she was about to explode with happiness.

“Yeah. He’s soo hot! And sweet, kind and caring and aha - he’s perfect!” Rachel said dreamily sinking on to her bed.

“Funny, I always thought Sirius was an uncommon name,”

“What are you talking about?” Charlotte asked looking over in my direction.

“Well, you’re obviously talking about a completely different person to the one I know,” I said and luckily Rachel laughed.

“He may seem like a big-headed prat, but when he’s with me he’s so different. We’re a perfect match. It’s like when I’m with him everything else melts in to insignificance... I think this is it!”

“OH MY GOD!” Charlotte shrieked excitedly. “He’s the one! It’s love!”

Gag me.

“Now all we have to do is get me and James paired off and it’s happily ever after city!” Charlotte said throwing her arms round Rachel in an excited girly hug thing. Oh dear...

Lily promptly fell off her bed. “Y... you fancy James?” She stuttered.

“Yes. Why? You got a problem with that?” She asked going into defensive bitch mode.

“No.” Lily said tightly. “But you should know that he’s too completely on love with me to be interested in you!”

“Oh really,” Charlotte challenged her. “And why would he want a flat-chested ginger like you, when he could have me?”

“Because I have substance?” Lily suggested and for a moment the whole common room was silent and tense. “But I really don’t like him, so go seduce him and get him off my back,” She said hurriedly.

“Excellent,” Charlotte said grinning again.

“You got a date then Mary?” Rachel asked, trying to get the conversation going again.

I snorted.

“Well I just thought as you’re so excited about it, that you might...” She trailed off. “You know that rumour that’s going round...? Well...”

“Basically, are you shagging the hot nurse?” Lily put in, sounding a lot like Charlotte for once.


“Just asking, no need to get stressed Mary. What are you going to wear on Saturday?”

“Something that goes with purple.” I suggested stretching out on my bed.

“So... erm... what goes with purple?” Alice asked.

“Grey, black and white.” Rachel put in. “So erm... you don’t have any of the above do you Mary?”

“No. I wear colour. Well... I have a grey skirt and a pair of black Jeans. White makes me look wash-out.”

“Yeah, cause you’re ghost-like skin tone wise. Ever thought about fake tanning?”

“Yes, and I quickly discarded the idea. I’ll just wear something that clashes with purple to make a point,”

“Like yellow? But you can’t wear yellow, cause of your skin tone... It’ll have to be turquoise,” Lily told me.


“Mary, you know when you snogged Sirius?” Rachel questioned after a good ten minutes of complete silence. “Did he do that thing, where we would kiss you, and then get completely distracted by something else?”

“Erm... the first time – no.  Second time – yes because I kicked him in the nuts, and I’ve been told that’s pretty distracting,”

“Yeah,” Alice agreed laughing. I stretched back on my bed feeling oddly content.

“Any gossip then?” Lily asked, and we all waited for Charlotte to start talking again.

“Well, you know Frank Longbottom, turns out that his mother...” Charlotte began and I smiled.

Life was getting back to normal – ish. 

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