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Dreamy tendencies. by Accio Malfoy
Chapter 9 : Crying girls aren't really my forte...
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Hi just a note i don't own anything HP related but i do own the storyline so hands of.

Chapter 9

She let me go. She let me go………. Mental celebratory dance………….Mmmmmm that food smells nice. 
Luna waltzed into the Great hall unnoticed by everyone but Ginny and…

Oh there’s Ginny.

Luna changed her direction and headed towards Ginny. Ginny stood up as her friend reached her they hugged and sat back down together.

“Luna she let you go.”

“I know I was prepared for having to spend another day in there but as it was only a bad sprain.”

“I would have come up it’s just Harry said the Ferret was there and he was tutoring you…”

Ginny’s face scrunched up in disgust at the thought.

“….Please tell me it isn’t true please tell me that both Harry and Ron fell over and knocked there heads.”

Why would they have fallen over?

“Sorry unless you want me to lie to you it is true. And anyway Draco’s not that bad….”

“Did you just say that?”

Luna squealed in fright as she heard the voice behind her swinging her body round, seeing Ron there calmed her heartbeat but then when Ron moved to sit by her revealing Harry behind him her heartbeat shot straight up. Ginny went straight back to interrogating Luna.

“So Malfoy and you were studying.”





Ron’s face was going redder and redder each time Luna innocently answered a question.

“Ginny where is this going it’s just I actually want to be able to eat some breakfast.”

“Ronald you already eat enough.”

Hermione’s voice cut through the groups talk.

“Hi you guys.”

Hermione’s eyes scanned the group.


Hermione glared at Luna. Luna smiled back infuriating Hermione more.

“Hi Hermione.”

Hermione made a point to sit as far away from Luna as possible.
Everybody else in the group sensed the angry tension radiating from Hermione and ate quietly. But nobody felt it more than Luna.

Why does she not like me, she is like Draco always assuming and believing in stereotypes but at least, well I think Draco can get over stereotypes whereas I think Hermione can’t. I am sick of her making me feel like I don’t or shouldn’t belong, with her snooty glares and cruel words and actions just because I have a little bit if faith and I am open minded and the only thing she believes in is books. It’s just not fair. I have put up with it for long enough.

Hermione sent another cruel look in Luna’s Direction.

And you know what I can’t stand it any more!

Luna stood up. Leaving her plate and goblet full of their contents.

“I don’t feel too good…Ginny tell Hagrid I’m sorry but I won’t be able to make his lesson.”

Tears strained at their restraints threatening to fall. Luna turned around and fled from the great hall.

Come on you can’t cry in here everyone will see you.

She ran into the nearest empty classroom flinging her bag onto the floor she fell down onto her knees letting the tears take control.

Draco sauntered out of the great hall feeling full and satisfied he had already taken twenty points off of Gryffindor. 

The students in the Corridor parted to make room for him. He turned a corner and came upon an empty corridor, his shoulders slumped his smirk vanished and he didn’t strut. This was the real Draco Malfoy.The Draco Malfoy without the cruel façade his father, mother and many others had painted onto him from a young age the façade of expectation, greatness, achievement, power and above all complete adoration towards the great Lord Voldemort. 

He hated the façade, the mask, but he was forced to wear it in front of everyone his family, peers, associates, staff and strangers. He and his family could not afford for it to falter or fall. For he knew the price they would pay if it did.

Ginny’s head turned and she followed Luna’s progress out of the hall with her eyes.

I am sick of Hermione’s attitude towards Luna it’s not fair on her and why should she leave, she’s the better person, Hermione should leave. Wait a minute why am I just thinking this. I’m going to tell Hermione what I think of her.

Ginny turned to Hermione and seeing Hermione’s smug expression her temper rose.

“Does it make you happy to know that she is now going to cry her heart out in an empty classroom somewhere and then because she is such a lovely and fair and kind person she won’t say anything foul towards you…? Is that why you are such a pig towards her because she’s an easy target, do you think if you pick on her people will think of you as more of a person and less of a human dictionary well I’m sorry to burst your bubble Hermione but bullies don’t get anywhere in life no matter how smart they are I mean she wasn’t doing anything to you and you go and shoot death glares at her and cold shoulder her. It’s not fair on Luna Hermione she has as much as a right to be here as anyone else. I’m sorry but I can’t speak to you any more.”

Ginny stood up doing the mature thing and turned to go when Hermione spoke up.

“Your wrong Ginny she won’t cry her heart out and anyway she doesn’t belong her and her stupid fantasies about what is real and not it’s stupid she acts like a three year old and talks like a crazy person. I’m jut saying what you all think.”

Ron and Harry looked at Hermione with open mouths both digesting what she had just said.

Ginny quicker than the others turned around to face Hermione her hand raised. A loud slap soon echoed around the hall. 

Silence followed and every head turned to face the four.Hermiones hand went to her face where an angry red mark flared.

Harry stood up next knocking over his goblet the orange juice staining the white tablecloth but he didn’t care. His hands shock and his face was tense.

“I thought I knew you but now I know I don’t. How could you be so cruel and wrong? Because none of us think of Luna like that.”

Hermione looked at Harry and Ginny. Finally she opened her mouth.

“Did you just slap me?”

Ginny looked at her.

“Yeah and I enjoyed it because you know what Luna is such a good person whereas you…. you are such a hag.”

“I’m the hag have you looked in the mirror recently.”

Ginny lunged for Hermione but Harry grabbed her around the waist and gestured for her to look at Ron. His face was scarlet as he stood up.

“I used to love you. But now I know how truly spiteful and vindictive you are I can’t bear to look at you. And you’re wrong Luna does belong but you don’t. Goodbye Hermione Granger.”

He turned and walked out of the great hall Ginny and Harry only a step behind. Harry’s arm still around Ginny’s waist. As soon as they exited people started to talk discussing what had just happened.

Five minutes then I have to go to Potions.

Draco was leant against a wall his head reclined and eyes closed he relished the silence. The silence lasted for all of five seconds before a muffled sob floated out of a classroom further down the corridor.

What the hell was that?

Draco’s eyes slowly opened and he looked along the corridor and saw a classroom door ajar he walked towards the door and as he did the sobbing got louder. Cautiously he peered round the door. What he saw made him gasp… Luna was on her knees, head down and her hands beating at the floor her loose blonde hair shook with each heart rendering shrug of her body as another sob engulfed her tears dropped onto the floor in a steady stream.

Crap it’s Luna… even bigger crap she’s crying … really bigger crap what do I do? Crying girls aren’t really my forte. 

Draco hesitated at the door only a moment longer and then he found himself walking into the classroom; he dropped his bag onto the floor. Luna’s shot up at the noise her eyes were red and puffy and tears still fell down her cheeks.


“Yeah it’s me Luna.”

Draco carried on walking towards Luna he crouched down in front of her.

“Do you want to talk?”

She nodded mutely and then threw her arms around his neck Draco stiffened but then relaxed and laced his arms around her waist. Her head was buried in his shoulder and he could feel her tears soaking through his shirt but he didn’t care.

Whoever did this to her is going to pay and they are going to pay big time for making her this upset.

He lent back so that he was leaning against the wall and stretched his legs out pulling Luna with him and slowly Luna’s sobs turned to quiet sniffs and she sat inhaling the sweet musky smell that was Draco’s cologne. When she finally felt calm enough to him he started to speak.

“Luna what happened?”

She tilted her head so that their eyes met.

“It doesn’t matter now.”

“But Luna…”

“Draco please.”

She looked at him her eyes pleading him to not push her and he slowly agreed.


She lent her head back and rested it on his shoulder.


This time she didn’t bother to look up.


“Not really but it’s worth it.”

Did he just say that? 
Did I just say that? 
Does he mean it?

Do I mean it?



I sure do…

He lent down and kissed the top of her head.

“Do you?”


“Think it’s worth it.”

She turned her head around and her lips brushed his.

“I’m not in any pain but if I was it sure would be.”

Their smiles mirrored each others. And then their eyes widened in wordless shock.

Did that just happen?

Did I just kiss the cutest guy in school? 

“So what does this mean?”

What does this mean? Well I think I like her and yes I know what this means…

“It means that if you want to….wait that came out wrong Luna would you mind being my girlfriend but bear in mind it won’t be easy and that my family and friends won’t like you and that yours won’t like me.”

“It sounds like your trying to get rid of me Mr Malfoy.”

“No, no I’m not I’m just…”

“Draco I know. I know. It will be hard but I think we will get through and anyway I don’t have that many family or friends.”

Draco smiled and drew her closer.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Wow Draco Malfoy just asked me out WOOOHOOO but wait ….no he can’t just want to date because of….no….he wouldn’t be that mean…would he… 
“Wait a minute this isn’t just a ploy to get to Harry through me is it? Because if it is I am leaving right now.”

“Luna what makes you think I don’t genuinely like you, because I do.”

“Well only yesterday you were being cruel to me.”

“Luna that’s only because I have been brought up to be cruel, narcissistic, predjudice, powerhungry and a load of other selfishly mean traits. But today I was thinking I am seventeen now I should be able to make my own decisions and my decision is to like you and nothing my parents say can ever change my mind on that.”

“Oh Draco. I am so sorry.”

“Luna you have nothing to apologise for.”

And with that he again pressed his lips to her head and kissed it softly. He drew her closer to him just as she reached out and found his hand.

His hand is so cold but how does that saying go…Cold hand warm heart. And he may not know it yet but he does have a warm heart.

Hi everyone i'm sorry about the really big blocks of speech and description and i promise the next chapter wont be as bad .

And to clarify Ginny did slap Hermione and yes Luna and Draco are finally together YIPEE.This was going to be two chapters but because i love you my dear readers and reviewrs i condensed it into one.

please keep on reviewing.And thank you so much to the amazing people who have already reviewed.

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