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The One by 2envy
Chapter 3 : The One with the Problem
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Chapter Three
The One with the Problem




 “HAYLEY! WAKE UP!” Mum yelled from downstairs, for the second time. I frowned, and heaved myself out of bed.  I walked over to the mirror, checking to see if my appearance was still the same. It was an old habit; I had gotten used to waking up and finding my hair in weird colours or having one eye missing or a mushroom growing out of my head. I still had my black hair, which reached half way down my back; I looked at my eyes closely making sure they were still a deep blue.


“Hayley- don’t worry, we didn’t do anything,” James said, leaning against my doorframe. He was fully dressed in his muggle clothes. He had half a waffle in one hand and a piece of bacon in the other. I looked at him in disgust, as he shoved the waffle into his already full mouth.


He swallowed the waffle and continued, “It’s nearly time to leave; get dressed.” He stared at me for a second longer then walked off.


I walked over to my wardrobe and picked out something to wear. I glanced at the large photo frame beside it that Remus had given to me for my last birthday. It was crammed with several photos. The first one was of James and I. We were eight and I was twice the size of him. I smiled at the thought of me beating him in an arm wrestle. The photo next to it was one of me and Jason (my totally cute neighbour). Underneath it was a photo of Sirius pulling my pigtails. The next one was of Kate (my best friend) and me. She had blonde hair, and blue eyes. We wore matching clothing- denim miniskirts, tight tops and four-inch heels. I tore myself away from the photos and quickly got changed before Mom or James had the chance to yell at me. I managed to fit a few more needless things into my trunk, I tapped it with my wand to zip it up and hauled it downstairs to the kitchen.


James grinned at me as I came down the stairs, my trunk rattling behind me, “What?” I snapped at him.


“You are a witch you know?” He grinned.




Nobody’s POV



The compartment door swung open.


“Hey Kate,” Sirius grinned, as she came and took a seat beside him. Kate and Hayley had been best friends since first year. They were practically inseparable. Kate was like a princess, with long swishing, golden hair, rosy lips and bright, blue eyes. Except she didn’t wear the long beautiful gowns - even though she could afford them - instead replaced the gowns with short, tight skirts and little, stretchy tops. Not that was a bad thing, many boys seemed to appreciate it.


“Hey Sirius, where’s everyone else?” She asked, looking around at the empty compartment.


“Prefect meetings,” Sirius shrugged, “Where’s Hayley?”


“Hanging out with Carlos,” she replied casually, she got up and sat opposite Sirius. She flicked her legs up and rested them beside him. Sirius ignored her. The compartment door swung open again.


“Hey Padfoot!” Peter squeaked as he took a seat beside Sirius.


“Hey Wormtail. Where have you been?” Sirius asked, not looking at Peter.


“Oh… you know me, got lost,” Peter said nervously, “What do you wanna do?”


“Nothing,” Sirius snapped.


“Oh,” he shrugged.


“I didn’t know they were going out?” Sirius asked curiously.


"He wants her… I dunno… it’s very confusing… they’re probably just having a make out session…” Kate drifted off.


“I might go check on her-“ Sirius stopped as the compartment door swung open again. Remus, James, Lily and Anne stepped inside.


“Who are you checking on Padfoot?” James said taking a seat next to Remus, he grinned as Lily took a seat next to him.


“No one, no one… just you know…my elbow,” Sirius said quickly.


 James scowled, “Has it got that pus bubble thing you had last year?”


“No!” Sirius defended himself, as Kate edged away from him, “That was a mosquito bite!”


James examined Sirius’ elbow, “It looks fine to me.”


“Remember the last time you said it looked fine?” Sirius asked, James thought for a moment and then shook his head, “Well, I’ll go check it up, just in case.”


James smiled, “Padfoot, seriously, who are you checking up on?”


“Hayley,” Kate answered before Sirius could.


“Why, what happened?” James asked.


“Nothing, I told you… something’s up with my elbow,” Sirius said before Kate could cut in.


“But you shouldn’t interrupt Sirius, they could be busy,” Kate giggled.


Sirius’ eyes narrowed at Kate.


“They?” James squeaked, sounding like Peter, “I think I’ll check on her.”


“There’s no need…” Sirius said, following James out of the compartment, “It’s just my elbow.”


James opened every door which had the blinds pulled down. It was the third door that he opened where he finally found her. She was pressed up against the window, with Carlos’ hands underneath her shirt.


James grabbed Carlos by the back of his shirt, yanking him away from Hayley.


“JAMES!” Hayley yelled. She freed Carlos’ shirt from James’ grip. James gripped Hayley by the upper arm and pulled her back into their compartment, “JAMES! You’re so embarrassing!”


“What happened?” Remus asked, tearing himself away from his book.


“He was forcing himself on her!” James yelled at Hayley, he looked around the compartment,


“Where’s Pete? And everyone else?”


Remus shrugged, “They headed off; but seriously what happened, Hayley?”


“Pete headed off? Where?” James asked curiously.


“He said he had to meet someone,” Remus shrugged.


“Like a boyfriend?” James smirked.


“No,” Remus snapped, “Just because he doesn’t have his head so far up his arse, doesn’t mean he can’t get a girlfriend, “ Sirius stayed quiet, Remus continued, “Now, What happened Hayley?”


“Nothing,” she shrugged.


“Nothing?!” James spat, “If I hadn’t been there, he could have- you know what he could have done!”


“If you hadn't been there I wouldn't be so embrassed!” Hayley yelled, “Why can't you leave me alone!"


“Okay, wait, I’m confused,” Remus sighed, “James what did you do?”


“HE WAS EATING HER FACE OFF!” James yelled at Remus. He sat down next to him, before immediately standing back up, “Hayley, you know better than to make out with some pathetic idiot, who is just trying to get into your pants.”


“Oh, that’s right,” Hayley said, her eyes growing wider, “I’m sorry that I’m so stupid that you have to jump to my rescue every time, I WAS FINE!”




“I WANTED HIM TO TAKE OFF MY SHIRT!” Hayley shouted, before walking out and slamming the compartment door behind her.


“James - leave her alone and stop blaming everything on her…” Remus said


“I’m not,” James mumbled.


“Damn right you are!” Remus said, his voice rising, “It’s not her fault that nearly every guy in the school wants to shag her – and you telling her that she can’t do this and that, doesn’t help!”


“Who wants to shag her?”


“See? Always chasing around “protecting” her, isn’t doing her any good – sooner or later she’s going to want to rebel and then what?” Remus snapped.


“What?” James grunted.


“She’ll hate you, won’t want to see you – “


“I get the point Moony,” James said, “So what should I do? Watch her roam around with sleazebags?”


“No, just don’t say anything. I’m not saying you have to like the guys, let her know you don’t like them – but just let her learn from her mistakes – and when it turns ugly then beat the crap out of the guy.”


“Fine,” James snapped.


James seemed to have calmed down by the time the lunch trolley came around. He bought each of everything and paid the lady two galleons and seven sickles. James threw Sirius a chocolate frog.


“I don’t want it,” Sirius mumbled.


“You wanna play exploding snap?” he asked.


“No,” Sirius snapped.


“Wizard Chess?”




“What’s gotten into you?” James asked annoyed.


“Nothing,” he replied looking out the window.


“Gobstones?” Remus asked.




“Hayley said that-“ Remus started.


“Hayley? Where?” Sirius jumped.


“I was just telling James what Hayley told me,” Remus said, “Are you alright? You seem a bit dazed.”


“I’m fine!”


Sirius drifted off from their conversation, feeling slightly disoriented and confused.


It’s just because of Hayley... You just didn’t like her kissing Carlos because he’s competition for Quidditch… maybe I like her? … HA... nice try… It’s just because she’s James sister… geez… talk about over dramatic.



A/N: Okay.. i know i know i know... it took me FOREVER to get this up.. so i apologise... i hope you'll forgive me and comment? ... please?

edit: 21/04/10


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The One: The One with the Problem


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