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Life Is Good by Gryffin_Duck
Chapter 5 : Cause There's So Much Yet to See
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Disclaimer- I don't own Harry Potter or Jared Campbell's songs.

Cause there's so much yet to see, that I haven't seen yet
And there's so much air to breathe, yeah
I want to take it in

~Take It In, Jared Campbell

Ten-year-old Rose Elizabeth Weasley put the end of her quill to her mouth and chewed it thoughtfully as she looked up from her parchment. She smiled and dipped the quill into her pot of ink and then wrote 'Elandra Harvard took a deep breath and sat down on the three-legged stool' onto the parchment. Rose set down the quill and picked up the parchment. She looked at it for a moment and then set it down again.

The parchment was a story. A story about a Muggle-born at Hogwarts. Ever since Rose was little, she liked coming up with stories. She used to just tell them to her parents and little brother, but then she got older and began writing them down.

Rose had spent the whole morning writing about Elandra. She supposed it was because Rose herself was going to Hogwarts soon and that was really all she could think about. Although she tried to come up with other story ideas, she just couldn't. All the ideas were about Hogwarts. It was just about the only thing that could sort of keep her mind off her own Hogwarts letter.

Rose had been waiting for the letter all summer. She wished that Hogwarts would send them out in June instead of the end of July. The end of July was sort of late. That only gave a month and a half to prepare to go to school. Rose had been preparing since May, though. She knew she would get her letter this summer, as she would be turning eleven on August twentieth.

Her dad had located her mum's old trunk in the attic and charmed an engraving of 'REW' to replace the 'HJG' that stood for Hermione Jean Granger. The trunk currently sat on the floor in Rose's room. The only thing in it was a cauldron that her dad had found in the attic as well. It was a perfectly good cauldron, so neither of her parents saw any need to buy her a new one. Rose agreed. She kind of liked the old cauldron. There was something to be said about brewing potions in a cauldron that was older than you were.

"Rose!" someone banged on her door.

Rose groaned and got up. It was Hugo, her nine-year-old brother. He probably wanted to play Quidditch or something. Rose didn't particularly like Quidditch. She preferred reading or pretty much anything that she remained on the ground to do.

"What?" Rose asked when she opened the door, "I don't want to play Quidditch."

"I wasn't going to ask you," Hugo muttered, "You're no fun to play Quidditch with anyway. I'd rather just ask James and Al to play. I just wanted to give you this. The post just arrived."

Hugo thrust an envelope into Rose's hand and she caught a glimpse of the Hogwarts crest on the seal. The breath caught in her chest as she grabbed it. "Thanks, Hugo," she grinned.

Hugo made no move to leave as Rose shakily began to open the envelope. "Hurry up!" he said.

"It's my letter," Rose replied and pulled it out of the envelope. Hugo peered over her shoulder as she began to read it.

Rose grinned looked at Hugo. "It's official! I'm going to Hogwarts!"

"And I'll get the house to myself," Hugo grinned, "I can go through your stuff and you won't be able to do anything about it."

"Mum and Dad will be here," Rose rolled her eyes, "And you better not go through my stuff."

"You won't be able to do anything about it!" Hugo gleefully ran off towards his room.

Rose turned the other way and went downstairs in order to find her mum. She eventually found her in the library, pouring over numerous books.

"It came," Rose grinned and sat down across the table from Hermione.

Hermione looked up and smiled. "Congratulations!" She leaned over and kissed Rose's forehead.

"What are you working on?" Rose asked.

"Oh, work stuff," Hermione said as she closed the book, "It can wait. Let me see that letter!"

Rose handed her mother the letter and waited while she read it. Hermione handed it back to her and smiled even wider. "I can't believe you're going to Hogwarts already. Time has flown by! My little girl, all grown up."

"I can't wait, Mum," Rose replied.

"We'll have some shopping to do," Hermione said as she stood up.

"Ron! Hermione! Anyone here?" someone shouted from the living room.

"Uncle Harry!" Rose shouted as she ran out of the library and into the living room.

Harry's face was floating amongst green flames in the fireplace and Rose grinned when she saw him. "Hi Uncle Harry! Guess what? I got my letter!"

"Brilliant," Harry grinned, "Al got his, too. Are your parents home?"

"Dad's working at the London shop, but he's supposed to be back soon," Rose replied, "And Mum's-"

"Right here," Hermione said as she came into the room, "Hi Harry."

"Hey, Hermione," Harry said, "We were going to go to Diagon Alley after lunch. Al got his letter a few hours ago. Want to come?"

"That sounds good," Hermione agreed, "We'll meet you there around 1:30. Ron should be back from Weasleys' by then."

"See you then," Harry said.

"Bye," Hermione replied as Harry's head disappeared and the green flames died down.


A few hours later Rose was standing with her family in front of Gringotts. She tapped her foot and sighed. They were waiting for the Potters, who were never on time for anything. Rose's parents weren't known for being on time either, but Rose had hurried them along.

"Sorry we're late!" Harry shouted as he ran towards the Weasleys.

"James wouldn't wake up," Albus grinned at Rose.

"What else is new?" Rose smirked.

"Where to first?" Harry asked.

"Olivander's!" Albus announced.

"Flourish and Blotts!" Rose said excitedly. She had been there numerous times, but never to buy books for school.

"You're mental, Rose," James laughed, "I say we go to Quality Quidditch Supplies!"

Rose rolled her eyes. James was the one who was mental. He spent more time at Quality Quidditch Supplies than all the other stores in Diagon Alley combined. Half the time he didn't even buy anything. He just gawked at the broomsticks he wished he could have.

"Eyelops!" Lily shouted.

"You're not even going to Hogwarts," Albus pointed out.

"I don't care," Lily huffed.

"Weasley's Wizard Wheezes," Hugo suggested.

"Then it's settled," Harry grinned, "We're going to the Apothecary first."

Rose groaned. The Apothecary was possibly her least favorite shop, next to Quality Quidditch Supplies. It didn't surprise her that Harry chose that store, though. He always did that when they argued. Rose's parents did the same thing.

They finally made it to Flourish and Blott's, after the Apothecary and Madam Malkin's. Rose was the first one through the door and immediately started browsing. She didn't know where everyone else was going in the shop, but she didn't care.

Flourish and Blott's had always fascinated Rose, ever since she was little. There were always at least five books she wanted to buy whenever she went in. Hermione usually bought her one every time they went.

"Rose, are you done yet?" James tapped her on the shoulder.

Rose jumped and looked up from the transfiguration book she was reading. "No."

"Hurry up," James whined, "I want to go get my broom."

"What makes you think you'll get it?"

"I'm trying out for the Quidditch team this year," James told her.


"So?" James gawked, "So? I need another broom! A better one! You'll never understand."

James sighed loudly and then walked away. Rose shook her head and went back to her book. A few minutes later her mum told her it was time to go. It was time to go to Ollivander's, which was what Rose had been most looking forward to.

Rose ran ahead of the group with Albus and the two of them arrived at Ollivander's long before the others. Ollivander had taken their measurements and brought out a few wands for Albus to try by the time the others got there.

Albus smashed the window with his first wand, which Rose thought was incredibly funny. She secretly hoped she wouldn't do the same, though. The next wand chose Albus and then it was Rose's turn.

The first three she tried out weren't right. Although she didn't break any windows, they didn't work properly.

"How about this one?" Ollivander handed her another wand, "Ten and a half inches, yew, dragon heartstring."

Rose took the wand and waved it. Red sparks erupted from it and Rose knew it was the right one. She grinned at Ollivander and he smiled.

Next on the list was Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, despite James's constant badgering about the Quidditch store.

"Ron, Ginny!" George greeted them as they entered, "And Harry and Hermione! You've got everyone with you today."

"Hogwarts shopping," Harry grinned, "Al and Rosie just got their wands."

Rose opened the box she was holding and showed her wand to her Uncle George. Albus did the same.

"Brilliant, both of you!" George said, "And now I shall get you both ready for Hogwarts in the prank department...."

Rose followed her uncle across the shop. The one thing she had inherited from the Weasley side of the family was the love for a good prank. So long as no one got hurt, that is.

"Now, every student needs a Skiving Snackbox or two," George said as he handed Rose and Alubs each a colorful box, "After all, I can't imagine you'll want to sit through History of Magic very often."

Rose smirked. She had heard about Professor Binns and his boring lectures, but she really didn't think she'd ever use a Skiving Snackbox. Well, maybe if James wanted her to watch Quidditch practice, but never for skipping a class.

"And then you'll need some dung bombs," George said as he led them to a different display.

"Last time I checked, those were still forbidden at Hogwarts," Hermione said sternly.

"Oh, I'm sure they are," George winked, "But so long as Filch doesn't find out it was these two who set them off, it doesn't matter."

"George Weasley!" Hermione scolded, "You should be setting a better example for these two! No wonder Fred was in detention every week last year!"

"Lighten up, Hermione," Ron laughed, "Let them have their fun."

"Ronald!" Hermione shouted, "You're even worse!"

A few minutes later, Ron had convinced Hermione to let Rose get the dung bombs and other mischief making products. Hermione didn't look too happy about it, though.

George and Teddy, who had also been working, closed the shop and they all went to the Leaky Cauldron for dinner. Everyone told stories about Hogwarts, which made Rose look forward to school even more.

James's whining finally paid off after dinner and they went to Quality Quidditch Supplies. Rose thought he took far too long to pick out the perfect broom and she was bored out of her mind. James, Albus, Teddy, Ron, and Harry all spent at least a half hour going over the pros and cons of each model before they finally made a decision.

"And it goes from zero to 60 in less than twenty seconds!" James said excitedly on their way to Eyelops.

"I don't care, James," Rose groaned.

"The twigs repel water," James added, "So there isn't any drag when you're playing in the rain or snow...."

Rose ignored him for the rest of the walk and then lost him inside of Eyelops. She knew exactly what kind of owl she wanted. A tawny one. She had always liked that kind of owl.

She found three tawny owls together in a cage towards the back of the shop and she put her hand up to the cage. Two of the owls ignored her but the third one hopped over and rubbed its head on her hand like a cat would. Rose grinned and knew that was the owl for her.

Albus found an owl as well and the group left with two hooting owls. James started telling Albus how he was going to wind up in Slytherin, which was kind of ridiculous in Rose's opinion. Albus then announced that he was going to name his owl Godric.

That was a good name, Rose thought. She looked at her owl and thought about names. None of the usual animal names seemed to fit her owl. Godric, she thought. That was it. She would name her owl after another founder. Rose's owl would be Rowena. She didn't really think she'd be in Ravenclaw, but Rowena was a good name for an owl.

The walk back to the Leaky Cauldron was quiet. Hogwarts seemed closer than ever for Rose. She was ready. She had been ready for this for years. Her mum always told her that she had a knack for learning, and Rose was ready to learn everything Hogwarts had to offer.

A/N: There's one more chapter after this one. It's sort of a combination of all five of the main characters. You'll see next week. Thanks to Moonylupin, LunaLovegood72, hermionieforever, and Luke for their reviews!

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