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Sick by ginny_malfoy22
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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I arrived with Mr Potter outside Azkaban. The boat over had made me feel slightly sick, and I felt slightly better as I put my feet on firm ground. I was glad they didn’t have Dementors at Azkaban anymore. From what I had heard, they were horrible, and I’d be wanting to go back to the boat.

I followed Mr Potter inside the prison, and he signed in  with the on Guard outside. He muttered something to him, and then gestured to me to follow him. I guessed we were making our way to my mother’s cell.

I followed him up several flights of stairs, until we came to the high security cells. My mother was under some serious protection.

“Potter, it’s much too dangerous for you to go in there, let alone a 17 year old boy!” an old Auror exclaimed as we stood outside my mothers cell and Mr Potter was about to open the door.

“Do you really have the heart to deprive this poor boy of his mother?” Mr Potter asked, giving me a quick look to play along. I turned around to look at the other man with a distraught look.

“Sir, I understand my mother was doing something bad, but I Just want to say something to her,” I said, biting my lip. The man grunted and nodded, and we turned around. Mr Potter winked at me, and we went in through the first door.

There were three doors to get into my mother’s cell. When we got in, Mother looked at me strangely.

“Scorpius,” she said politely. I raised an eyebrow at her, and glanced at Mr Potter. He just nodded.

“Mother, this isn’t a social visit. If I could, I would forget that you ever existed. But Rose Weasley is very sick, and she’s going to die. I was had a hope, however misplaced that hope might be, that you might tell me what the fuck was going on,” I said coldly. My mother looked at me scornfully.

“Why do you care about that half-blood scum?” she said scathingly. I reached to get my wand out of my pocket before realising it wasn’t there. Damn.

“Mother, I know you never cared for me, but I’m your son. Your son, does that mean anything to you?” I asked. I was starting to get desperate. Already. Maybe I shouldn’t ever become an Auror.

“Of course it does, Scorpius,” she said softly, trying to act motherly. I knew it was an act.

“Mother, if I matter to you at all, you will tell me what Parkinson did Rose,” I snapped. Mother surveyed me carefully, glanced over at Mr Potter, then shook her head.

“Scorpius, one day you will realise it’s half-blood scum like her that the Wizarding world needs to be rid of. I won’t be here for you to turn to on that day,” she said. I glared at her, and looked at Mr Potter. He was staring at my mother thoughtfully. I stepped backwards, and he walked forwards.

“Ms Greengrass,  your son and your ex-husband hate you, and you are locked in Azkaban, not to come out for the foreseeable future. You will never be seeing Lincoln Parkinson again, he’s in Azkaban for life. If you are agreeable, I may be able to get you out of here earlier than you would be let out. But, what have you got to lose? Nothing. So, you may as well tell us,” Mr Potter said. I thought this was an interesting way to go, and I wondered if it would work.

“Mr Potter, I have my pride to lose, and my beliefs to put in jeopardy. Surely you can understand that? I will not be telling you what Lincoln did to that half-blood scum, not now, not ever,” Mother sneered. Mr Potter nodded, and gestured to me to follow him. We left the cell, and made our way back down to the boat in silence.

“I was no help at all. And meanwhile Rose is lying in the Hospital Wing, possibly dying,” I said sadly. No. Rose couldn’t be dying. Not possible. Not at all.


Rose was in pain. No one could deny that. Every time she saw Rose spasm, Mrs Weasley started crying. Every time Rose woke up, Mr Weasley looked at her hopefully. And every time she fell asleep I gazed at her, thinking about what I could possibly do to save her.

Hugo, Al, and Lily visited plenty of times. But not nearly as much as I did. Rose’s mother was always by Rose’s bed as well, watching her daughter with a frightened expression on her face. Her husband was either next to her, or with Mr Potter trying to talk to Parkinson or my mother.

Three days had passed since I had talked to mother. I could swear Rose was getting worse, but I didn’t want to admit it. Mr Weasley was interrogating Parkinson again with Mr Potter, and Mrs Weasley and I were sitting opposite each other, watching Rose.

“When all this has passed, I’m glad Rose will have you, Scorpius. I don’t think anyone would ever be as good for her as you are,” Mrs Weasley said suddenly. I looked up at her, and I couldn’t take my eyes away from her red puffy eyes. They were the same colour as Rose’s.

“Yes, the son of the woman who tried to kill her is a great catch for her,” I muttered. Mrs Weasley gave a short laugh.

“You’re a lot more than that Scorpius. I can tell you mean a lot to Rose, and that Rose means a lot to you. In fact, I can tell you love her. I could never wish for someone better for my daughter,” she said. Love? Who mentioned love? Ever? But she had a knowing look on her face.

“Thank you, Mrs Weasley,” I said, looking down and blushing slightly. After awhile I started watching Rose again. She looked very peaceful at this point. She wasn’t in pain and awake, she wasn’t having any spasms or convulsions or anything, she was just asleep. She was beautiful.

I had time to reflect on what Mrs Weasley had said. Maybe I did love Rose. But I hardly knew her at all. She wasn’t a good friend, we only really started talking after Parkinson had captured her, but yet I had this overwhelming feeling that she belonged in my life. That she was always supposed to be mine.

I leant forward, and put a hand over Rose’s.

“Scorpius,” she muttered. I only just realised her eyes were open. I smiled at her.

“How are you feeling?” I asked. She shrugged.

“I’m in a lot of pain, and I’m not looking forward to things in a couple of minutes,” she said. We had managed to determine a pattern. She was wake up, have a spasm thing, then collapse, not breathing for a couple of seconds. And each time it got worse.

“I’ll be here. And so will your mother,” I said, smiling reassuringly. She smiled back, and looked over at her mother.

“Mum. Is Dad interrogating?” she asked. Mrs Weasley shook her head, and then came forwards to give Rose a hug. She kissed her quickly on the forehead, then moved away. I called for Madam Pomfrey, who told us to tell her whenever Rose woke up so she could help when the convulsions came.

We watched her, waiting. She was waiting also. Nothing happened. Nothing at all happened, and for the first time I allowed myself to hope. Maybe her body was building a defence against it. Maybe it was going away.

Suddenly Rose went completely white, and starting shaking. I looked up at Mrs Weasley, who was frowning. The shaking was like she was having an epileptic fit. It lasted for about 30 seconds, and it stopped, and she was lying flat on her bed, knocked out. Madam Pomfrey immediately started doing some more tests.

“I think we need to send her to St Mungo’s. But they’re so busy there, they won’t be able to care for her all the time. But they will be able to do more,” she said. I gasped. If she was there I wouldn’t be able to see her. Mrs Weasley nodded, glancing at me quickly, then back at Madam Pomfrey.

“What will they be able to do for her?” she asked. Madam Pomfrey started spouting out some crap about how they had better healthcare because they had a lot of Healers specialised in lots of different areas in medicine. I stopped listening. How would I see her, be sure that she’s going to live, if she wasn’t at Hogwarts?

But, if it was what was best for her, I couldn’t get in the way of that.

I needed to find a way to save her. Fast.

AN~ OH MY GOSH! I am SO sorry for how long it's taken me to update, I should be arrested for negligence, I really should! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. It was definitely a long time coming! Thanks for reading, please, please review.



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