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Fading in the Shine by HeavensWeather_HellsCompany
Chapter 4 : Chaos of Crys
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                                                               Chapter 4:
                                                            Chaos of Crys

As I came in through the back door from running for a few hours, I smelled Di’s bacon and maple syrup combining and wafting in the morning air together.

“Back just in time for Breakfast, Sap.” Di smiled at me, and placed two pieces of bacon on my plate, that already had three fluffy-looking pancakes on it. “When did you leave this morning?”

I took my usual seat at the table, “I think around 5 o’clock. I didn’t wake anyone did I?”

“Oh no, I was just curious. I usually hear when you leave and I just didn’t, that’s all.” Di passed the coffee pot to Don. “So Crys said she was going to come by after the morning rush at the store. So that’s gives you…” Di looked up at the clock on the wall, “An hour and a half to get ready to go.”

“Do I really have to go? I mean I don’t need a dress if I don’t go to the ball, you know.”

“You don’t want to see me get my award, Sappy?” Don pouted his lips at me.

“You can show me when you get back home Donnie!”

“It’s not the same.” I rolled my eyes at Don’s childish way of getting what he wants.

Well two can play that game, “I don’t want to go!” I pounded my fists into the kitchen table.

“Merlin! You two stop it this instant!” Don and I looked over at Ruby, who was shaking her fork at us. “Now, Sap you are going to get your dress and go the Ball with us as a family. And you Don, you are going to be a father soon. Start acting like it.” Don and I slowly turned back towards each other, and started laughing. We were laughing so hard we had to hold on to the table for support.

“Alright you two don’t be mean. Ru, honey please don’t try to take my job of controlling them.” Di said with a wink to Ruby, “Because its hard enough for me.”

Don and I sobered up, “I think its best I take off for work now. Sappy find a nice one, but not too nice because I don’t feel like beating boys off you with my wand.” He walk over to Di and bended down and gave her a kiss on her rosy red lips. “Bye Love!”

“Bye Sweetie! We are having Dinner at the Weasleys’ tonight at 7, don’t be late.” Di said right before Don was gone with a ‘pop’

I finished up the pancakes on my plate and took off upstairs two at a time for a shower and to get ready for another shopping trip. Oh joy! Note the sarcasm, please.

I decided on a blue tank top and dark blue jean shorts and I can’t go anyway without my running trainers. I sat at my vanity and did the drying spell for my hair. I then proceed to brush out the tangles. A knock was at my door.

“It’s unlock.” I called out and in stepped Ruby.

“Sapphire, I think I hear Crys’ car.” I listened intently, and indeed I heard the roar of Crys’ car. “You are so lucky!”

“Then you go in my place.” I stood up and went down the stairs, “Di!!” I tried to protest one last time.

“Go now Sap.” Di pushed me out the front door. I dragged my feet down the path to the driveway, where Crys’ car was. A dark red mustang with flying and cloaking capabilities, that belonged to our Dad. The driver’s side door opened and there sat my independent, flashy, man-loving, busy body, bossy, both a Healer at St. Mungo‘s and runs our Dad‘s Wizardry Antiquates Shop also known as the “junk shop” located near Flourish & Blotts Books, 20 years old sister; Crystal Gioielli a.k.a Crys. The only one of my Parents’ children to have a normal name, yet acts the least normal.

And I all I could do was just stare at her, “What’s wrong Sap? Is something on my face?”

“Do you have to make people stare today, Crys?” She was wearing a quilted skirt of all different colors and shades and a very low cut, short sleeve purple shirt.

“Why you on your period or something?”

“Ewwww….Crys that’s personal! And stop answering my questions with questions.”

“Aww but that’s no fun. Now get in the car, I’m might have the day off at Mungo’s but that doesn’t mean they won’t owl me to come in.” See! What did I tell you? BOSSY!!
I shook my head, but obeyed never the less and got in the car. “Why can’t we apparate, I do have my license you know? Or we could take the floo network!”

“I want to drive, so get over it.” Crys rolled out of the driveway and down the dirt road. Crys had the music blaring, it sounded like the Potion Mixers; it usually is though since its her favorite wizard band. And the top was down, she was going so fast it seemed as if we were flying on the ground with the dirt clouds not far behind us. “So ready for your last year at good old Hoggy Warts!?”

“I don’t really know. I mean I want the classes and schooling to be over…”

“Yeah that is the worst part of school.” Crys chuckled to herself

I continue “But I know it won’t be the same with all my friends after I leave. I probably won’t see most of my year-mates ever again. And that kind of scares me.”

Crys did a rare thing and gave me a smile full of empathy, “Just try to make it the best year you can. And try to remember to write everyone you are close with.”

I smiled back at her, which was the wrong thing to do with Crys, “Alright now, enough of this girly-gushing moment! I can’t wait for the Ball. I know for a fact that they is going to be some many sexy, streaming hot guys there. Don said all the new recruits are very fit!"

“Of course they will be. Isn’t that a requirement to become an Auror?” I teased my boy obsessed sister.

“Well then won’t you be the lucky one when you start your Auror training then? Around sweating, buff, handsome young men and at the peak of their physical strains! Oh Merlin, I better stop before I make myself blush!”

I laugh at my sister, “You making yourself blush? Impossible!” Then it dawned on me, “How did you know I enter the Auror training program? I just sent in the forms.”

“Please our house is similar to Hogwarts in many ways and one being the word is spread like wild fire.” I didn’t even realize we were flying until I glanced out my window. We should be in the Shopping District in minutes.

As if reading my mind, Crys said “Do you have any ideas for a dress?”

I shrugged my shoulders and said “A nice one?”

“Oh this is going to be fun.” I sensed her words dripping with sarcasm.

“Well, do you know what you want then?” I argued with her.

“Yes actually. Something dark of shade. Maybe a burgundy or midnight blue. And deep neck line and of course nothing longer than my knees. You need to have a plan before you set out Sap!” There Crys goes criticizing me again. She’s really good at it, almost a pro by now. 

“Why dark colors?” I asked

“They accent my features. My face is sharp and my eyes are light. Darker shades of colors begin out more of my nature beauty.” She does have a sharp nose and her dark brown hair with her bright blue eyes are in great contrast. “Now for you, your hair is a soft golden blonde, just as Mum’s hair was, and you have dark green eyes with soft facial features so maybe a bright red or orange would look best on you. And most likely a short dress since you have great legs from running all the time. As for the rest we are just have to do trial and error, I guess.” Crys sounded almost like an expert, if she didn’t have her hair in pig tails I might agree with her too.

Crys started to park the car on the ground, “I don’t really understand why I have to go still!”

“Di likes having us together at these type of things. You should know that.” Crys got out of the car and stepped up onto the sidewalk.

“To show us off, right?” I rolled my eyes.

Crys turned around so fast she almost hit my face with hers. Her expression was a bit more livid than normal. “Yes to show us off, but not in the way you think. Its to prove that we, the Gioiellis, are strong and we can’t break down that easily! Even if they try, someone will be there for revenge!”

I took a step back from Crys, trying to fully understand what she just said. “Are you trying to say that Mummy and Dad were murdered!?”

Crys’ face went from angry, to clam, to panicky in ten seconds flat. “I didn’t say that. I don’t know how you got that idea in your head.” She walked down the sidewalk until she came to rest at dress shop. “Let’s go in here.” She pointed and walked in the shop.

I know she didn’t say that they were murdered, but it sounded very close to that. To think logically, why would my parents be murdered? My Dad was ‘the Junk Shop’ owner and my Mum was a housewife. Nothing that screams out of the ordinary, does it?

Before I could think anymore, Crys shoved me into a changing room that had at least fifteen dresses hanging in there. “Try each one on then come out and show me.” She ordered me to do.

Shrugging my shoulders and knowing if I didn’t do what Crys said there would be trouble, I tried on the first dress which was a hot pink halter knee length dress with pinkish jewels around the cleavage area. I looked ridiculous! I think the brightness of the dress made me look almost sickly white, but never the less I came out to have Crys look.

Crys was looking at some dark violet dress that had a simmer to it, she glanced over at me and said “No. Next one.” I huffed but went back in to try on another Merlin-awful dress that was just as bright as the last. But at least it was red this time. It was a strapless one that was short in the front but long in the back. I honestly didn’t look that bad, but I didn’t look good either. I stepped out yet again for Crys to inspect me. She was still looking at that violet dress.

“Crys?” She turned around then went back looking at the dress in her hands. She just shook her head. And said “Next one.”

And it carried on like this until dress number 32, which was a soft yellow dress with two simple straps and flared out to my knees. And had a black belt to accent my waist. I was absolutely tired of this bizarre game of dress up. I stepped out and I heard a gasp and a clang that indicated something hit the ground. I looked up at Crys and noticed that it was her that the noises came from. She dropped her dress, the violet one, on to the ground and was bug-eyed staring at me.

“What? Are you okay Crys?” I walked over to her and picked up her dress.

“Its just…just…just you…”

“Crys just what? Are you okay? I can’t remember a time you being speechless.” I giggled at my sister.

“You looked like Mum there for a second.” She finally spilled out.

I blinked a few times, trying to remember how Mum looked. “How could this yellow dress make me look like her? From what I remember Mum was the most beautiful person inside and out in the whole World. I can’t even compare to Di, Ru and you, let alone Mum.”

Crys chuckled a little and pushed a piece of my hair behind my ear, “You are very beautiful Sap! I bet you think you are some ugly duckling, don’t you?” Not fully getting her metaphor I just nodded. “Well dear little sis of mine you are nothing like a ugly duckling, because you are a beautiful baby swan.” Crys held my chin so I would look into her eyes, “Now since we both have our dresses for the Ball, why don’t you go change so we can pay for them.” I again nodded and went into the changing room for the last time. Thank bloody MERLIN!! I emerged fully dressed back in my normal clothes and walked over to Crys, who was a the counter with two boxes and a large bag.

“I found some black shoes that will match your belt. Now hand over your dress so the clerk can put it in a bag for you.” I again obeyed Crys.

“How come you only had to try on one dress while I had 32?” I wined

“Because I had a plan of course.” Crys smirked at me. And I proceed to roll my eyes at her. The clerk handed us our bags and boxes after Crys paid her.

As we started to walk towards the car, Crys said “Darn it!”

“What?” I glanced over at her and saw she was looking straight ahead. I followed with my eyes where she was looking and saw four owls with letters attached to their legs on Crys’ car. “Oh! I guess Mungo’s has been trying to get a hold of you.”

“Really? Thanks for pointing that out to me!” Crys is back to her normal self, being a pain! She took one of the letters and shook her head no, then slowly started to look up at me. That can’t be good!

“Yes, you need something?”

“How much do you love me?” Crys replied

“I dunno. What do you want me to do?”

“I have to go to Mungo’s like now, but I was going to the shop and have it open for a few hours. For some reason a lot of people have been coming in lately. So you could, you know?”

“I could what? Run the shop? But its boring! And you are totally lying about people going in there. Hardly anyone goes in!”

“Please Sapphire! I’m completely begging you here!” This is begging me? It sounds more like telling to me. 
“But its Noon and I haven’t ate Lunch yet.”

“I’ll have Di make you something and bring it to you.”

“Why can’t Di or Ru run the shop?”

“You would want your pregnant sister to run the shop and have a heavy box fall on her or something?”

“Well no, but what about Ru? She is really responsible!”

“Sapphire just do it. Take some responsibility yourself.” Crys took my bag and box and stored them in the car’s trunk. “Now look here is the shop’s door key. I’ll have Di drop off some food for you and I will be at the shop before we go to the Weasleys’ tonight. Okay?’

“No not okay…” Crys glared at me, “But whatever I’ll do it.”

“Oh good. You’re a lifesaver!” Crys hugged me and started to get in her car, “ You can apparate over there by that alley.” She pointed over to a small path-looking area.
I looked over there and back at her and Crys and her car were gone.

“Yeah no worries Crys! I’ll go run the shop for a bit!” I said to the blank space where Crys was at. I don’t think I should have said that out loud, because now some people are looking at me like I’m crazy. Great anything else going to happen today? I walked over to the alley, Crys pointed out, and apparated to Diagon Alley.

Now here even if I talk aloud to myself, no one will care. They will think its perfectly normal. I walked past Gambol & Japes and I thought I saw two tall lanky-looking redheads with a long black haired girl in there, but I’m not entirely sure. I shook my head, I can’t play I have to go open the shop, I thought to myself. But fate had other ideas for me, because as I walked past Quality Quidditch Supplies I rammed into a person. Making said person to drop everything they had and for them to say “Blimey on a broomstick!” In a thick Scottish accent.

The person I rammed into was more wall-like then any normal person should be. So as it may have been due to the wall-like force of that said person I fall to the ground. “Are ye ‘kay?” Said the thick accented voice.

“I think so.” I replied, while I rubbed my knee which hurt slightly. “Are you?”

“Eh, can’t complain. ‘Ere let me help ye.” A hand shot in front of my face before I knew what happened. As I took the hand I glanced up to see Oliver Wood was the thick Scottish accented voice. Meaning he was the one I rammed into. Wood pulled me up in one swift move.

“OLLIE!” I heard from behind me. Oliver and I looked over my shoulder and saw Clover DeLorva and the Weasley twins coming towards us with a few bags that said Gambol & Japes on them, so it was them. “Oh hey Sap! You look a bit different from behind. I barely recognized you.” Clover said as she reached us. She looked down at our hands, which were still together, and back at us with a naughtiness smile. “We aren’t interrupting anything, are we?”

Oliver dropped my hand faster than you can say ‘Bearded Merlin tight rope walking’ and started to pick up his bags from the Quidditch store. “No, I accidentally ran into Wood and I fall over. He was nice enough to help me off the ground.” I said, I was blushing slightly for some reason.

“Oh I see.” Clover still had that smile on though. It made my face seem hotter for some reason too.

“So what are you all doing here?” I tried to change the subject. “I doubt its school shopping!”

One of the twins answered with “I think not.”

While the other finish with “We had nothing better to do, so Mum sent us out until Dinner.”

“Meaning they were causing trouble at the Borrow and Mrs. Weasley asked me to baby-sit them.” Clover translated. Oliver and her laughed as the Twins looked slightly upset.

“It wasn’t our fault!” said one twin. I honestly should try to remember which one is which.

“Then who’s fault was it then?” Wood edged on.

The other replied “If Percy didn’t use our untested rainbow flashing shampoo, his hair wouldn’t be flashing colors!”

“So logically its Percy’s fault.” The first twin finished.

“Yes but who put your untested rainbow flashing shampoo in the bathroom right before Percy took his shower?” Clover questioned them.

“Well we did of course!” The twins said in unison with mischief-looking smiles on their faces.

“So that explains you three. What about you, Oliver? What are you doing here?” I looked up at him and asked.

“Clo ask if I would come long and take a break from practice.”

“So she forced you huh?”

“Yea!” He said while grinning gently down at the smirking Clover, for some reason I got very mad at Clover when Oliver smiled at her. Maybe its because I’m jealous of how tall she is. She and Oliver are both really tall. Their height difference isn’t that great of one. Clover looks about 5’11 while Wood looks at the most 6’5. Clover really shot up this Summer. That has to be it, because I have always wanted to be tall but I’m only 5’5 and I don’t think I’m going to get taller. And now I’m rumbling in my head. Just great!

“What about you?” Asked Clover, while smiling at me. I can’t stay mad at Clover very long. No one can! She just has that face that draws you in.

“Oh I have to run the shop for a few hours for Crys. Oh and I lied to you by the way.”

“About running the shop?” Clover looked almost doe eyed.

“No, I have to go the Ball apparently, I didn‘t know I had to go though. Crys and I just got our dresses for it.”

“Oh that’s not really a lie. But yay! Someone to keep me entertained is going to the Ball.” Clover did a mini victory dance.

“What am I? A broken broomstick?” Oliver asked Clover.

“Well you might as well..” One twin started

As the other finished “Have one up your bum! “

“Hey! I’m trying to…”

“To be picked out by a scout we know Ollie. But you need to have a little fun every now and again.” Clover finished Oliver’s sentence while patting him on his shoulder. Which again sent angry waves through my body.

“I best go open the shop now you guys. I’ll see you two at Dinner tonight.” I said to the Twins, “And I guess I’ll see you two at the Ball on Saturday.” I said to Clover and Wood.

“Okay Sap. Have fun!” Clover said cheerfully back to me and gave me a hug.

“See you at Dinner Sap!” The Twins said.

“Bye Sapphire.” Wood replied.

I waved one last time and started to go to the ‘Junk Shop’ .  As I unlocked the door I realized Oliver called me Sapphire. He always calls me Sapphire too. Not Sap or Gioielli, but Sapphire, ever since 1st year. I know its my name, maybe it just sounds weird coming from him. Maybe because of his heavy accent. And why in the world was I blushing when Clover saw Oliver and I holding hands? Or why was angry when Wood look tenderly at Clover? Or when she was touching him? And when is my food getting here?

A/N: Sapphire Gioielli and her sisters, Don, Clover DeLorva and the plot of this story belong to me while everything else is J.K. Rowling. Please leave a review!!! And I hope you EnJoyed the story! 

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Fading in the Shine: Chaos of Crys


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