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I Love Lucy by XslowlyXfadingX
Chapter 2 : Meeting Scorpius Malfoy
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I got a job at Bertie Blott’s Every Flavored Ice Cream that summer and Lucy began a job at Madame Malkin’s. It started out fun. Lucy got a discount at Madame Malkin’s and I could have as much ice cream as my little heart desired, within reason of course. And so the first few weeks passed by uneventfully. Lucy and I would go to Diagon Alley every day for a few hours of work. Then if it wasn’t too late or we weren’t too tired we went and explored London. Occasionally, we would wander around London alone because the other had to work. And it was on one of these excursions that Lucy and I found ourselves face to face with the insufferable git, Scorpius Malfoy.

It was the first week in July when Lucy and I were walking in the heart of London among the crowded shops and rushing tourist. The sky was exceptionally bright that day and we were enjoying ourselves in a small park with a lush lawn. I was wearing my favorite pair of khaki shorts and the standard navy blue polo shirt with a little ice cream cone stitched where the polo player should have been. My long hair was tied in a pony tail so that it wouldn’t stick to the back of my neck. Lucy’s hair, in contrast, was sprawled across her tan shoulders that were displayed by the baby blue tube top she was wearing. The pink skirt she was wearing was almost too short to be called a piece of clothing and the blue leggings that she was wearing matched her shirt perfectly. Her shoes were pink Vans and I knew, though no one else could see, that her toes had been painted the same baby blue as her leggings and shirt. Trust it to Lucy to have a color scheme.

I laid down in the grass and Lucy sat beside me. There was a nice breeze tickling my skin and I couldn’t help but smile. We stayed there for a few minutes, enjoying the day as time passed us by. But peace was short lived. Lucy hit my stomach rather hard making me sit up against my will.

“Ow, Lulu! What was that for?” I asked rubbing my hurt tummy. My stomach started to churn dangerously from being hit and my good mood was shattered for a couple of minutes. I glared at my ridiculous cousin for a few moments waiting for an explanation.

“It’s Scorpius Malfoy!” Lucy hissed pointing to a blonde arrogant looking young man about our age. It was indeed Scorpius Malfoy. His blonde hair glowed in the sun; his tanned skin glimmered. Her was wearing a navy blue polo shirt like mine and khaki cargo shorts. He was finishing an ice cream cone and his sandaled feet were walking this way. Now to say Lucy had a huge crush on Malfoy would have been an understatement. She was drooling over the guy, yet he showed no interest in her. So what if he was amazing looking? He was a prick and didn’t deserve my cousin’s attention, no matter how gorgeous he was.

“So?” I asked dumbfounded by her crush. I could see that he was attractive but who in their right mind would like the arrogant, selfish prat, Scorpius Malfoy? He was a pompous, pampered fool. I was slightly ashamed to be in the same House as him.

“What do you mean ‘so’? He’s amazing!” she told me sharply. I rolled my eyes and laid back down on the grass. I lowered the sunglass from the top of my head to rest on my nose.

“Rose! He’s coming this way!” she hissed into my ear. To her disappointment I just shrugged and continued looking up at the bright fluffy white clouds. What did I care if he was coming this way? He was nothing but a classmate to me. He wasn’t a friend or even an acquaintance, not really. Sure we were in the same class and we’d been on the same Quidditch team for four years running now. We didn’t really know each other, never spoke more than two words to the bloke. Actually, if my dad had his way, Scorpius Malfoy would be my most hated enemy. And in a way he was I guess. He always tried to one up me in academics and during Quidditch practice. But I never let it bother me. Not outwardly. I laid there comfortably as my thoughts ran awry. Then the sun was blocked from my view and a shadow crossed my face. I frowned and sat up, lifting my sunglasses off my face.

“Hello,” came his voice. It was silky and smooth. I almost didn’t recognize him up close. His eyes were a bright silver and his smile was as warm as the sun. Lucy was next to me sitting and smiling calmly. I could feel that she was about to burst with excitement, but she held her composure which I was grateful for. She didn’t need to embarrass herself or me in his company.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked before smirking what became known as his infamous trademark. I nodded, a bit confused and Lucy smiled even brighter.

“Of course not,” she said before patting the grass beside her. I rolled my eyes at her and she gave me a warning look while he wasn’t paying attention to us. As if I needed the warning. I should put a sign across her forehead saying, “Stop. Will drool if hot guy gets too close”. Still, I looked away from her as Scorpius sat himself with us. It was a bit weird for him to sit with us. I didn’t even expect him to give us a second glance let alone notice us enough to sit down with us.

“So…” I started for lack of words, “What brings you here Malfoy?”

“Just got done from work,” he replied and smirked at me. He was still holding the ice cream in his hand. My eyes scanned him and I raised my eyebrows. On his shirt, near the collar, was a small yellow ice cream cone. He worked at Bertie Bott’s.

“Oh, you work at Bertie Bott’s too? I’ve never seen you there before.” My voice sounded ten times snootier than I intended. I felt like some stuck up brat but he didn’t seem to notice. Lucy on the other hand raised her eyebrow and pursed her lips. I was going to hear it later on.

“I just started today,” his smirk faltered for a moment before reappearing on his pleasant lips. “It seems ok.”

“Yea, it’s loads of fun,” I remarked with a frown. Sarcasm dripped from my words like venom from a snake fang. It’s not that I hated the place. I rather liked working at the shop. It was the customers that I hated. Every wizarding parent within a ten meter radius of Diagon Alley was dragged into the store by their snot nosed kids. The little brats were insatiable. He frowned and I felt myself regret taking the smile from his lips. Lucy laughed then, to ease the tension that seemed to be created by my negative comment.

“You know you love it, Rosie,” Lucy teased. She was trying to be cute by using my pet name. Not that I minded my pet name but I didn’t want Malfoy to know it or hear it. We had agreed that she wouldn’t call me Rosie and I wouldn’t all her Lulu in public. So what was she playing at? I scowled to show my displeasure.

“I don’t like kids. The shop is just fine, but I can’t stand kids. You know that Lulu.” I didn’t know what made me call her Lulu, but I did. “I’m sure you’ll like it though, besides the brats. It is kind of fun.” I turned the attention back to Malfoy in hopes that Lucy wouldn’t rip my hair out for calling her Lulu. He smiled again.

“I’m sure it will be. Maybe we’ll be on the same shift sometime soon.” He sounded almost hopeful, but I brushed it off. There was no way he was hopeful just to see me.

“Yea, Maybe,” I responded. Then we fell into an awkward quiet. I wanted to break the silence with my knuckles. It was too awkward, too painfully silent. Even Lucy was at a loss for words.

“So…” my voice trailed as I struggled pathetically to think of something to say. Malfoy stood then and smiled crookedly. It was a quirky kind of smile, awkward but cute. It was more pleasant than his smirk and I couldn’t help but smile back at him.

“Yea…um I should go now. My friends are waiting for me. I’ll see you later?” it came out as a question and he looked nervous.

“Yea, I’m sure I’ll see you at the shop sometime soon,” I replied easily. He smirked again then looked from me to Lucy.

“Well it was good to see you, Rose, Lucy,” he said before he walked away whistling. I raised my eyebrow to his nice backside. He was broad shouldered and you could see his fine definition underneath his shirt as he moved. He seemed to have a kind of swagger about him, an air of self confidence that made him hold his head high as he moved. Lucy sighed as she watched him beside me.

“He’s so hot,” Lucy breathed. I laughed silently at her silliness. But I was also silently agreeing to her statement. Malfoy certainly was hot. He was also coming back our way. The quirky smile was back on his face as he approached us again. I hadn’t noticed when he turned around but Lucy was quick to mask her face and make it look as if she was talking to me, not checking him out. I was still watching him as he came back to stand in front of us.

“Actually, a friend of mine is throwing a party at his house. I wanted to know if you guys wanted to come. He’s a, well, you know. He goes to Durmstrang but he’s at his townhouse in London by himself all summer. So it’ll be pretty wicked. You interested?” he explained in a rush. He was talking to both of us but he had been staring at me. He was holding his breath for my reaction. Was he kidding? Interested? In a party with his dumb friends? No. No! No way. No way would I go to an unsupervised party at his friends townhouse. Was he kidding? Mum would kill me if she found out… if she found out…

“Sure. We’d love to go,” Lucy opened her big mouth before I could respond. She was looking at me with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. “Right, Rose?” I felt my head nod, but I didn’t really think about it.

“Well I’ll owl you with the address later. It’s this Saturday around nine. I guess I’ll see you guys there.” Then he walked off for the final time, leaving me dumbstruck and numb. Did I really just agree to go to a party at Malfoy’s friend’s place? I was going to kill Lucy.

“Did I really just say yes?” I breathed in disbelief. Lucy smirked and laid her head on my shoulder.

“You’ll thank me later, Rosie. You need to enjoy yourself more. And Malfoy couldn’t keep his eye off you.” Lucy laughed into my ear.

“I’m going to kill you, Lulu,” but even as I said the words a smirk played with my lips. This was going to be and interesting weekend. “We’re going to sneak out, right?” Lucy nodded and laughed again.

“Shit!” Lucy exclaimed scaring me out of my wits. “I have nothing to wear!” after I glared at her I laughed at her silliness once again. I stood and reached out to help her up.

“We are in London. Why not go on a little shopping spree?” I asked as I looped my arm into hers. And we were off again walking through the streets of London, two girls shopping for outfits to wear to a party. Eagerness bubbled inside of me. Anticipation rolled through my stomach. I was going to sneak out to go to an awesome house party. And I was going to see Scorpius Malfoy. Why the thought of him excited me, I don’t know. Maybe it was the thought of doing something against the rules. Maybe it was because he seemed to have some interest in me. Or maybe it was because he was so off limits in so many ways. I looked to Lucy as she chattered away excitedly. Maybe he was off limits in too many ways. But I was going to find out more about him, off limits or not.

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