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The new Girls by ginnyfangrl
Chapter 1 : A Mysterious Sight
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Hey, sorry for the delay on the story, my cpu is a dinosaur and I haven’t had time to write it out either I will try to update soon and please review and when you do just state your honest opinion about it. You can be mean I need it, just don’t be mean if you are being mean just to be mean.

   James Potter stood with his family at Kings Cross Station between platforms 9 and 10. He stood there with his brother, sister, and mother, who was pacing the floor mumbling,

   “They are supposed to be here by now. Ron, you cannot rely on him to be on time for anything, but getting his kids to the train on time was something Hermione would kill him about. She must be at work.” She kept mumbling to herself occasionally glancing up, in hope that she might see them, “ Well,” she finally said, “ I guess we will have to go without them. James go ahead, I’ll send Albus and Lily in a sec okay.”

   James walked through the wall that led him to platform 9 ¾, it would lead him to the train that would take him to his seventh and final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

   As he was standing there waiting on his brother and sister to come through the wall with their mother, James noticed a girl he had never seen before, she had dark caramel brown-blonde hair that reached just below her shoulders and glistening bluish green eyes, and her smile made him melt, she was perfect in his eyes.

   “James,” Albus said, “Earth to James. Mother, I think he finally cracked.”

   “Shut up, idiot”

   "Nope he’s good.”

   “Boys get over here the Weasleys finally made it.”

   James and Albus walked over to where their Uncle Ron, and his children Rose and Huego, and his Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur’s daughter Victore, who had already graduated, stood. Victore said her goodbyes and ran off as fast as her heels would let her.

   “What she in a hurry for?” his mom, Ginny asked

   “Teddy Lupin” Ron added

   James edged closer to Albus and said, “See that girl over there?” he pointed to where the girl was.

   “Sure I see Kali”

   “You know her?”

   “Sure Kali Collins my ex girlfriend, remember, she broke up with me when she caught me helping Alicia out with some transfiguration homework, she thought I was cheating.”

   “Not Kali the caramel haired girl over there, the drop- dead gorgeous one” James looked at where the girl was but she was not there

   “ I knew you nuts but this, man you have finally cracked haven’t you?”

   “No, she was right there, she had caramel hair and blue-green eyes, she was like a dream.”

   “Dude she was a dream, she was your dream and she is gone and the train will be gone too if we don’t get a move on.”

   While he was talking Albus, James hadn’t noticed that the platform was nearly empty. He and Albus ran to the train in enough time to tell their mom goodbye and get a seat before they got to school. James had looked in every compartment and at every passerby but had no luck in finding the girl. On the whole ride her image kept flashing in his head, her silky hair, sparkly eyes, and melting smile. Her lips looked soft and kissable, oh, how he longed to kiss her, he imagined it would be wonderful, he imagined her voice, pure and velvety, of the soft touch of her skin. He loved her, he knew that he loved her and he had to see her again . He had to! It would kill him if he didn’t.

   As he arrived at Hogwarts he looked at all of the tables, even the teacher tables and he still didn’t see her. Then their headmaster, Professor McGonagal stood and said,
“Before we begin our feast, I have an announcement to make.”

   hey I hope you like my first chapter if you did not tell me and don't stop reading my story and all reveiw!!

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