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Caught in a landslide by Ivoryrose x
Chapter 7 : Discovered
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Hi, sorry I haven't updated in a while. There's about two more chapters to go. Enjoy! and please reveiw.

Harry came out from behind the tree as the four teenagers gasped and quickly stood.

He looked at all of their faces, Scorpious: annoyed, Albus: frustrated, Claoa: confused, Raymond: shocked, and Rose: afraid.

“Dad” spoke Albus, his voice almost a whisper, “we…..”


“Go back to the house Albus, your mother’s worried sick. Clay, Scorp, Raymond, you too.”


The four teenagers shuffled away from the clearing where they had been standing and headed towards the house, all glancing worriedly back at their friend with appoligizing faces.


Rose looked toward her Uncle to see nothing but a cold expression, it said nothing, it was empty.

“Are you mad?” Rose asked, knowing what the answer was.


“Yes, but I’m not sure who I’m mad at, you or your parents, I thought Ron would have learned by now, he should have hid it better”


“I only wanted to know who I was, you would have been curious too.”


Harry gave her a hard look

“You used underage apparition to go to the MINISTRY disguised Albus as me and went through hundreds of confidential files trying to find out who your mother was.”


“You did worse when you were my age. “


Harry sighed, “Yes I suppose I did, but didn’t it ever occur to you that you could just ask,  Rose?”


“I thought anyone I spoke to would blow up on me.”


“Your probably right, but it might have been a better way of dealing with things.”


“Were they ever going to tell me?” asked Rose


“I believe they planned to tell you when you were sixteen, your mother was, and still is,  very nervous about it, Hermione, I mean, if you would rather I called her that.”


"We better go" said Harry, turning around.

“Is Ron my Dad?” Rose suddenly blurted out.


“You’ll have too ask him yourself.”


“No!  I can’t!” Rose started to step back.


“You can and you will, now come on we better get back to the house or we’ll both be mincemeat.”


Rose started to walk in the direction the others had gone and Harry followed her. What happens now? Rose thought, she was so confused.


“Rose!” Hermione breathed a side of relief as Harry and Rose emerged from the trees. She ran over and engulfed Rose in a bone cracking hug.


“Hi Mum.” Rose chocked as she struggled to breathe.


“Where did you go? You’ve been gone for hours! Albus came back with your friends ages ago.”


Hermione looked over her daughters head, trying to catch Harry’s eyes, but he just sighed and shook his head.


“Mum?” Rose asked, “I need to talk to you and Dad, now.”


Hermione’s for head creased “Sure Honey, what do you want to talk about?”


“Its important. Please, can we go somewhere… Private?”


Hermione looked worriedly at Rose, then called over her shoulder in a wavering voice, “Ron! Rose would like to talk to us.”


Ron emerged from the house and walked quickly over to his best friend, wife and daughter.

“Rose!” He grabbed Rose and squeezed her hard, “Where did you go?”


“I’ll tell you Dad, but please, it might be a good idea if you’re sitting down when I tell you.”


Ron looked at Hermione and Harry. Harry shook his head and Hermione just shrugged, it was clear that neither of them were going to tell him, so he gave a weak smile at Rose and lead the way into the back room of the burrow, where nobody was hanging about.


Harry took a seat on one of the armchairs, he was still tensed and rigid.

Hermione sat down on the sofa next to him and Ron sat next to her, flinging his arm comfortingly round her shoulders.


“Rose what is this about” Hermione’s voice was strained “Harry, what’s going on?”


“Mum please let me talk.” Hermione silenced and Rose took a deep breath and spoke in a broken voice. “Why didn’t you tell me I was adopted?”


“YOU TOLD HER!” screamed Ron and Hermione in unison, glaring at Harry.


“You shouldn’t have left the papers lying around! She’s known for days.”






The adults turned around to see Rose’s red hair flinging out of the door, just before it slammed.


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Caught in a landslide: Discovered


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