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Not So Obvious by elveriamoir
Chapter 3 : Tweedle-dee and Tweedle
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AN: I don’t own Harry Potter or his friends they all belong to JK Rowling

Chapter Three-Tweedle Dee and Tweedle.

    Severus was walking along quickly having escaped potions, and trying to hide his rosy blush (the one when teamed with his elusive smile made him quite cute) thinking furiously to himself, he was also with out realising rubbing a hand through his long hair making it appear high dishevelled.

'He knew he had never been stupid. He’d know for years what he wanted, he also caught on really quickly to what everyone else around him wanted, and been a Slytherin often used this a great deal to his advantage. That was one of the advantages of being quiet and occasionally a shadow. As it was he was the only person who’d caught the subtle hint of chemistry between his first friend and his long derived ‘enemy’. Not even Potter’s two closest friend (Yes he’d noticed that queer ’friendship’ between Peter and the rest as well) had shown the slightest inclination of guessing. On the other hand, maybe they were just in complete denial. They might well have an inclination now even if they had no idea what it was they had an inclination of.' Here Severus chuckled to himself, (-a deep throaty, sexily warm chuckle), causing a fifth year Hufflepuff to look up for this previously unknown sex god, and then when seeing only Snape, turning away thinking that what they had heard had been a ghost.

I mean’ the logical side of Severus' brain said ‘you wouldn’t even have noticed if it hadn’t been for that day at Quidditch practice. Poor Lucius normally so cool, collected, and poor Potter lost all his bravado’ Here Snape’s thoughts become highly disordered ‘Showers…. towels… blushed… hahaha.’ Severus realised his mind was wandering and calls himself to task before slipping into the great hall, a sullen frown back on his face as he thought again about the advice he’d given Lucius almost a month ago. He sighed as he sat down; Lucius had been his normal cautious self if a little jittery. Severus sighed again causing Lucius to look round in concern. Seeing who it was nodded a greeting that Severus unintentionally ignored as he was thinking hard. ‘I wonder what caused him to finally take my advice. I suppose stupid Potter didn’t make it easy for him avoiding him at all costs and being highly sarcastic when any anyone else was around. I wonder how he managed to seize Potter today. Obviously it was before potions because Potter turned up late for that and he’s never late for that, as well as looking well like he’d been thoroughly shagged and Luc’s sitting there with swollen lips messy hair and.. Oh god a smile… ’ Here Severus snapped out of his thoughts and slapped Lucius on the arm, earning himself some raised eyebrows from his surrounding Slytherins at his breach of what they -but not Sev and Luc- thought of as hierarchy. Ignoring them as easily as he normally did and having caught Lucius attention leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Stop staring at the clouds and whip the smirk off your face unless you want the whole school to….”

Here Severus was forced to break off again as Potter sauntered into the hall looking like the cat that had got the cream, with a quick glance at the Slytherin table turned his back, and sat with his friends. Severus risked a quick glance at Luc and groaned softly to himself, realising the iceman of Slytherin had a twinkle in his eyes and was practically drooling. Whispering indicated that across the hall a ruckus was taking place he dragged his eyes from the gorgeous blonde sitting beside him. Severus looked over at the Gryffindor table to see Sirius Black's lips curl back in a growl. That alone sent a shiver of lust through him and to make his situation even more dire Remus Lupin, with muscles bunched against his shirt and eyes flashing slammed out of the room. Severus nearly melted. He realised Lucius is trying to get his attention when he felt a sharp jab in his side, but ignored him and the hiss that followed him as he walked quietly out of the room.

“When you’re finished drooling over your erotic fantasy characters pay attention.” hissed Lucius as Severus walks off “this is going to cause far to much interest and what am I going to do if Potter doesn’t want anything to do with me after this,” groaned Lucius dragging up a very old argument, before realising he was being ignored and receiving some very odd looks from his fellow Slytherins. He muttered several curses under his breath and sunk his head onto his arms.

When Severus made it back to the hall after suddenly and guiltily recalling Luc’s words, he slumps next to his dejected friend and lays a hand on his shoulder for a second before replying to the despondent question, “Look Luc, it’ll be ok, he didn’t throw you off him today did he?”

Lucius chuckles and looking dreamy, stuttered out, “well no actually he dived on me.”

Severus sighed again and mental slaps his friend for being so bloody annoying when all he wants to do is sit and stare at Sirius silently smouldering, he also silently thanks him for stopping that happening, “ Well then what you worried about, I bet the only reason for this, whatever it is happened, is because he’s been a pain in the arse to Remus about summit and probably hasn’t told them about today, which will not have gone down well with Sirius being so protective of Remus and with something having happened recently to put a haunted look in Remus eyes.” His own dark ones narrowed suddenly, “Any way Sirius and Remus have the hots for each other so don’t call them my erotic watsits,” he added catching on. At this moment he also looks up and realises Sirius isn’t sitting at the table smouldering in fact he must have left before he'd even come back in.

Lucius still looks worried, so Severus stands up, “Come on mate we’ll go back to the common room and talk bout this at least there will be no annoying squirts there.” He takes Lucius firmly by the arm and drags him out of the Great Hall, not failing to see the glance Lucius sends over to the Gryffindor table and the despondent slump to his shoulders. Severus sighs to him self, realising he hasn’t even had time to figure out what -apart from the boy’s good potions skills- made him through caution to the winds and ask Potter to be his potions partner.


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