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Remember by Emilyinlove
Chapter 25 : It's Your Birthday
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Disclaimer: I do not own J.K. Rowling, or the Harry Potter books, characters, movies, series or anything else related to it. I only wish I did.

Author's Note: Hey everyone! This is Chapter Twenty-Five, which is kind of just a filler chapter, but I think it's cute, so whatever. We keep getting closer and closer to the turning point of this story, and I know a lot of you are going to hate me, but hopefully still read. Actually, it's in the next two or three chapters. Anyways, make sure you leave a review and check out "Hogwarts, Here We Come!" Because the sequel will be going up very soon as the last chapter of that story has been validated. Anyways, read on!

Chapter Twenty-Five: It's Your Birthday

"So do we have everything for tonight?" I asked and the others looked at each other ad shrugged. "Okay, let's go over the checklist. Do we have streamers, balloons, confetti and other decorations?"

"Yup," Sirius answered proudly, holding up a large brown bag that must've been full of them. He had been the one in charge of getting them, and had actually remembered.

See, Elle's birthday was today, except, I'm pretty sure she didn't remember that it was. So we were throwing her a surprise part in the Room of Requirement. We would be going there in about fifteen minutes to start setting up before dinner.

"Okay, now snacks, drinks and the cake," I said.

"House-elves have started on the snacks and drinks, and my mom sent over the cake this morning. It's in the fridge in the kitchen right now," James said.

"And finally, do we all have presents?" I asked and they all nodded.

"Good, so now if we just -" I was interrupted by the portrait swinging open and Elle walking through the hole.

"Elle!" We all exclaimed.

"Hi guys," She said suspiciously, eyeing each one of us.

"We weren't doing anything worth being suspicious of!" Peter exclaimed for all of us to glare at him. I smacked him upside the head before James and Sirius started nudging me with their elbows, signaling that I should go distract her for a bit. I stood up and went beside her, wrapping an arm around her waist.

"Hey Ellie," I said for her to smile in response as I lead her up the stairs to the boys' dormitories.

"So why are we going up to your dorm?" She questioned, raising her eyebrows at me.

"Well, I thought that maybe we could spend a little private time together," I said waggling my eyebrows at her, causing her to laugh. We entered the room and I sat down on the bed, Elle about to sit down, but looking as if she realized something.

"I'll be right back, I've just got to go to the washroom," She said before walking over to the connecting bathroom. The door closed behind her and I could hear her talking.

"Please, just leave me alone. You're complicating everything."

"I need to show you something, and it's important," Another voice said.

"Fine, but be quick about it because Remus is waiting for me," Elle said. At least, I hoped it was Elle. Both voices sounded so incredibly similar, but there was just a slight difference in the tone. It went dead quiet for at least five minutes before I heard crying.

"Elle, are you okay?" I asked, knocking at the door.

"Yeah, I'll be out in a few minutes," She said, and after a minute, the door opened. She came out and her cheeks were just slightly tear-stained and her eyes were a bit puffy and red.

"Are you okay?" I asked as she sat down. It was quiet for a few minutes.

"I'm fine," She answered finally.

"Remember what I told you," I reminded her and she nodded.

"I know, but it's nothing. Honestly," She added when she saw the look I was giving her. I moved her legs so they were on top of my lap, wrapped an arm around her waist and put a hand on the back of her neck before kissing her. She eagerly responded back, her one hand going onto my shoulder and the other resting lazily against my chest. She broke apart for a minute to breathe, and I kissed her neck and her shoulders before she brought my face back to her lips, my hands starting to wander over her body, pushing her backwards so I was on top of her, m knees on either side of her hips.

After a while, there was a knock on the door for it to open and reveal Lily.

"Hey you lovebirds...oh,, dinner's starting," Lily said, waiting at the door for us. While we walked down to dinner together, Lily brought up exactly what we had wanted her to. "Hey, you know what Elle? I have this dress that would look amazing on you! Why don't you come try it on after dinner?"

"Sure," Elle said happily, obviously forgetting whatever made her so upset in the bathroom earlier. Dinner was finished quickly and as Elle went off with Lily, I ran off to the Room of Requirement to see how things were coming along. A lot of people had already filed in but had been instructed to just chill out until Elle came. Hopefully Lily would be able to get her here within the next fifteen minutes. James already had his invisibility cloak and was in the hall, watching for him.

A few minutes later there was a loud cry of "They're coming! They're coming!" By now the room was already full and everyone was whispering excitedly but hushed down as soon as they heard Lily and Elle talking.

"Lily, where are we going? You didn't even give me time to change out of the dress," Elle said as Lily guided her with her hands over her eyes. Lily signaled to me and I came over and placed my hands over her eyes instead. We walked in more so we were right at the edge of the balcony we had made in the room so that everyone could see Elle enter. Lily held up her hand and started counting down from five it reached one and everyone yelled "SURPRISE!" as I took my hands off of her eyes and she looked around shocked.

"What's all of this?" Elle asked, laughing as everyone cheered and I made a bouquet of orchids appear out of thin air.

"Happy Birthday," I said, kissing her, causing the applause and cheering to become even louder. I handed the bouquet of flowers and she smelled them gratefully.

"It's my birthday? Oh yeah! I totally forgot!" She said, laughing. See, we did something to make sure she was the only one to stand out at the party. Everyone was required to wear black, while Elle wore a short, draped empire dress in orchid purple, and I wore a matching tie.

"Is this what you and the Marauders were planning?" She asked and I nodded. "Oh thank you!" She leapt into my arms, hugging me.

The party started with music blaring and everyone started dancing and getting refreshments. I led Elle down the stairs and started dancing with her as she laughed and smiled, twirling her at certain points, which made her laugh even harder. Her laugh was something that was infectious and just hearing it made you happy. It was like that for a few hours before the music stopped and Sirius went up and grabbed the microphone.

"So as you all know, we're here to help celebrate Elle Knightley's birthday! So let's continue with that by singing 'Happy Birthday' and bringing out the cake!" Sirius exclaimed, as everyone started singing. Everyone was singing as Lily and Marlene brought out the cake. Elle had the biggest smile on her face as the cake came out and was placed in front of her.

"Make a wish and blow the candle out," I told her and she nodded before doing so. Everyone started applauding as I cut a piece of cake for her and myself before leading her into a corner by ourselves. "So how is your birthday so far?"

"It's great. You guys did such a great job, thank you," Elle said as she took a bite out of her cake. "And the cake is absolutely heavenly." I laughed as we finished and James went up to the mike this time.

"As you know, the Marauder's always throw the best parties ever, and we decided that we needed to do something unexpected in honor of the birthday girl," James said, and I just shook my head, knowing what was going to happen.

Elle's POV

"As you know, the Marauder's always throw the best parties ever, and we decided we needed to do something unexpected in honor of the birthday girl," James said and Remus started shaking his head knowingly. "Moon, Wormtail, Padfoot! Get up here! And Elle, we'd like you to come to the front of the stage area."

I did as James said and stood there as James went and whispered to the band that he had hired. They all nodded as all four boys stood at the front of the stage with microphones.

"So Elle, this goes out to you," Sirius said, winking before the band start playing. They were all singing and dancing in sync with each other to an older song that I had heard once while I was at the Potter's. The finished singing, all striking dramatic poses as everyone started cheering like crazy, especially me because that was just amazing.

The rest of the night was just...breathtaking. Remus and I danced some more, as the Marauders all took turns dancing with me. The presents were opened and were incredible as well. And best of all, Remus and I spent a lot of time together just talking and kissing, which made it feel like I was in heaven. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Next time on "Remember"

Everyone in the crowd started "aww-ing" and I nodded, feeling tears streaming down my face. I walked over to where he was and he placed the ring on my fingers and kissed me really softly.

"Why am I crying? I'm not sad," I said through my tears.

"You're crying because you're happy," Remus said, wiping the tears away gently with his thumbs before enveloping me in a hug.

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Remember: It's Your Birthday


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