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Getting the Girl by X_slytherianprincess_X
Chapter 7 : A Breakup, a Fight, and a Very Bad Lesson.
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"Oh my god." I said, as I collapsed agonist the door, to our dorm-room. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I saw that there was a 6th person, to our typical 5 people sleepovers. Usually it was just myself, Lilly, Dom Roxy, and Liza. This time, Lucy of all people,  had joined us, and she was sobbing onto her pillow.

I walked in quietly, and Roxy looked up at me. "John broke up with her." she mouthed. I was shocked. John and Lucy had been going out forever. Probably since third or fourth year. Before John, Lucy was a total slut, pardon my language. Even though she was only in, what, the third or fourth year? She was still a total slut. Every day she had a new boy hanging off of her, and she didn't care one bit. When John transferred in third year, she fell hard for his French accent, adorable looks, and sweetheart personality. Even I had a mini-crush on the boy and I was crazy for Scorpius! Eventually though, Lucy got him, just like she got all the other boys, and instead of dumping him 5 minutes later, they'd been together for a year. Everyone pegged them for an early marriage after school.

"Holy shit!" I muttered under my breath. After everything that had happened this year, I had defiantly not thought this would happen. I ran to my cousin, wrapped my arms around her, and began singing softly "Hush my darling girl, you're gonna be okay, hush my darling girl, don't let me see those tears fall. Don't let him break you're heart, and always know, dear girl, I'm bye your side...."

To no avail, she kept crying. We kept our mouths shut, and merely patted her on the back, threatened to kill John, and ate cookie dough. It was only after she was all out of tears, did she tell us what happened, and how they broke up, news that I'm sure, was all over Hogwarts at that very moment.

"I had gone to the Transfiguration classroom, because John told me we needed to talk." Lucy said, as she shoveled cookie dough into her mouth. "I hadn't thought that when he said, "needed to talk" he meant, "break up", since we had been together so long. I thought he was going to surprise me with something sweet. I dressed up, put some cute underwear on, even a thong that was absolutely dreadful (and I have never in my life gotten worse wedgies) and, kind of "tramped up", if you know what I mean.  You guys know how I'm always really early right? Well, it was quarter to and I was walking down the corridor, to hear a girl moaning and screaming. I thought that maybe a girl was, I dunno, getting raped or something, because seriously, who the hell sounds like that when they're enjoying it? So I ran hard, and threw open the door. That was when I found Mandy and John, having sex. As soon as I saw them, I gasped, and began crying. Mandy looked at me, disabled herself, and said in the most horrible voice, "Oh shut up you slag. You should have known this was coming.

"I couldn't take it, and I ran off. I knew you guys were having a sleepover, so I begged Roxy, when I saw her going to the kitchens to let me come. I really hope it's okay. I can always go, if I'm intruding. " Lucy finished with tears sparkling in her eyes again.

"Don't be ridiculous, Lucy," Dom said quietly. "Your part of us and we love you. You can always count on us."

I lent towards her, hugged her hard, and whispered in her ear, "Don't ever let that bitch call you a slag again." I got up feeling even more pissed than I was before. "That bitch has got to leave me, my friends, and our men alone. She's made all of our lives a living hell since she got here. Why can't she leave us alone? Even when she does stuff that's ILLEGAL, she always manages to get back in because of her "star parents"! It's not fair!" Turning to my friends I hissed, "I say we take that bitch down."

Roxy whooped, Dom cheered, Lucy smiled, Liza smirked, and Lilly smacked my hand saying, "Hell yeah girlfriend!" Standing there, at the head of my friends, I put my hands to my hips, smiling evilly, and said, "Let's start planning."

"Obviously the spell worked for a few days. Pity, it didn't last longer. But right after that, she made a move on John." Lucy said, swallowing hard. I thought about it, and suddenly, it came to me. "However much I hate her, I gotta say it. She's smart. She's trying to take me down, by taking all of  you down. Since she knows I would do anything for you guys, she's trying to make me give up."

Lee interrupted me suddenly and said, "Hey now girlie. I totally get what you're trying to say, but what's there to gain with taking you down? What does she get? To be the most popular girl in school? But then you have us. We're your backup. I get that shes' trying to take you (and us) down, but why?"

Lilly tossed her head and said softly, "Does the name "Scorpius Malfoy" ring a bell to any of you?" I nodded.

"That's it. She's hated me forever because of him. Supposedly they were suppose to get married, have kids, and leave a wonderful, happy, fulfilled life, like their parent's where supposed to do. But Draco fell in love with Astoria. After the war, with his Father in Azkaban, and his Mother almost insane, no one had the heart to make Draco marry the "correct Pureblood wife", which was Pansy Parkinson. Instead, he married his one true life, Astoria Greengrass, who, while she was a Slytherian, wasn't evil, didn't believe in the whole "Pureblood crap", and eventually, made Draco see the sense in Muggleborn witches and wizards. That's why Scorpius isn't as much of an asshole as his Dad was. His Mum is like an angel. At least, that's what he told me. But I'm best friends with him, and Mandy doesn't even have that."

Dom looked confused. "Wait, so what do you mean, she was supposed to end up with him?"

"They had a marriage contract," I said softly. "When he came to Hogwarts and met me, Scorpius broke it, because he saw that he didn't have to become the same person as his dad. He saw that he didn't have to follow in his family's footsteps and so he didn't."

"What. A. Bitch." Roxy blurted out. "Honestly! Because she can't get what she wants, and what her Mum couldn't get when she was young, she has to take it out on you? Jesus fucking Christ! I hated her before, but now I think I hate her even more! I'm willing to do whatever's needed. I think that I can convince Devin to do the same thing."

For the rest of the night, helped with ample amounts of sugar, fat, and caffeine we, girls plotted and planned how exactly we were going to take Mandy Goyle down. It was a long process, but in the end, it was so worth it. We went to bed, exhausted, sleepy, and ready to crash, but at the same time, pumped for when we could put our plan into action. Because we didn't have school the next day thanks to it being a Saturday, we got to sleep in for a very, very, long time.

"Blimey!" Devin said, as Parker, he, Al, and Scorpious walked towards the Quidditch Pitch that Saturday morning. "How long do you guys think they stayed up?" He continued, waving towards the general direction where the dorms were housed. "

God only knows." Al said, shaking his head.

"Well Rose told me last night that-" Scorpious tried to say. "

Oi! Shut up mate! We know what she said! You told us about a million fucking times last night! We get it! You love-"Parker cried out, before he was stopped my Scorpious's hand over his mouth. "Shut up!" he hissed. "They're coming!"

Since it was so late, I had run down to the kitchens, gotten some toast, and roused the girls to go play with the boys on the Pitch. Smirking, I crooned softly in the direction where we had all passed out late that night, "Whose ready for a little girl-on-boy playing time?" It was only at this, did my friends rise. Of course they did. Who wouldn't get up to feel some awesome boy abs? I rolled my eyes, grabbed my broom, and ran down.

"Let's hope you don't fall off your broom Rosie!" Lee yelled at me. "Let's hope I have a strong handsome man to catch me if I do!" I yelled back. "

Like who?" She smirked, thinking I was going to say someone else. "Like your boyfriend?" I taunted back. Screeching with laughter, we both began racing towards the field, stopping only when we could see the boys.

After a quick game, in which we totally kicked the boys asses in a rather long game, we all returned, exhausted, starving, and dirty to the Great Hall to stuff our faces, before having to deal with the homework we had all left behind.

As I and Lucy neared the entrance to the Great Hall, we spied Mandy and John furiously making out. "Oh look at this Lu-Lu!" I said, using John's "pet name" for her, and her childhood nickname given to her by myself. "

It's a slag and her boy-toy!" She replied, noiseless drops of hurt and pain coloring her tone.

"Funny how you went from one to the other, Moo-Moo," I taunted her. What can I say? She's a total cow.

"Look whose talking." spat Mandy as she withdrew from John, who stood there looking awkward, sheepish, and a bit frightened from the menacing looks he was getting from everyone around him. "Excuse me?" I said dangerously.

She snorted and said in a snotty voice, "I said, look whose talking! Like your not a slag yourself? Look at the way you dress and how you act! No boy should be allowed NEAR you! You're just a disaster waiting to happen, just wanting, wanting, and can't WAIT to break their hearts! You're a bitch, a slag, and a dozen other things! I hate you! You shouldn't even be here! You deserve to die! You should have finished the job last year! You should have finished KILLING YOURSELF! No one even wants you here! They all agree that you're a spoiled, awful, little bitch who doesn't deserve anything! Your parents NEVER should have conceived you" Goyle screamed in my face, her eyes wide with disgust, malice, and insanity. "YOU'RE JUST AN MUDBLOOD WHO DOESN'T DESERVE TO WIPE THE SCUM OFF MY SHOES!" she finished with a loud shriek.

Feeling shocked, hurt, and disgusted, I threw my arm back, keeping my amazing, wonderful, loyal friends from cursing her to pieces. I would deal with this on my own, and stick up for myself. Goyle was standing there, breathing heavily from screaming so much, but looking so sickly triumphant, that I could feel the "Granger" part of me aka the reasonable, tactful, and thinking-things-through part, shut down. The Weasley part of me was cropping up, and the rude, rash, and angry part began appearing.

"How dare you? You have the gall to call me a "spoiled brat?" You think you have have the nerve to call me these things, then tell me that I should go kill myself, and that no one loves me? Look into your own soul Goyle. I'm sorry that your Mum is a bitch, I'm sorry that she raised to you to think these things, and that she is trying to get you to be who she wanted to be all those years ago. But that never gives you the excuse to treat me, or my friends how you do. You're a hypocrite who knows nothing about me. I would appreciate it if you left me and my friends alone. I refuse to play mind games with you, and fall to be apart of the same person that I was last year. I am LUCKY that Scorpius saved me! I"m sorry that he doesn't follow you like a sick puppy but I would appreciate it if you would speak to HIM about it, and NOT torment ME about it! So leave me the FUCK ALONE! JUST SHUT UP, GO AWAY, AND NEVER BOTHER ME AGAIN YOU BITCH!" I screamed at her. "I'M SICK OF YOUR SHIT! I'M SORRY THAT YOU DON'T HAVE A NICE LIFE, BUT STOP BOTHERING ME ABOUT MINE!!"

Her eyes flashing, she stepped closer to me, her disgusting breath in my face. "Shut the fuck up, Weasley," she breathed. "Don't you dare talk about shit you don't understand."

"I think the same should be applied to you, Goyle," Al said, as he stepped in besides me. "C'mon Rose, let's go."

"I'm good, Al. I'm gonna go run." I said in an even tone. He nodded at me, knowing like everyone else did, that I run when I'm upset.

As I ran laps outside, my mind began calming, and I soon had to stop. I put a hand to my side, and gasped hard. Jesus, running on an empty stomach hurts. Don't try it at home kids. Thinking about that day when Scorp found me, I began running without stopping towards it. Ignoring the pain, I pushed myself harder towards the spot where I had given up, only to find someone who wouldn't let me give up. Scorpius.

I suddenly stopped, because I had found it. Things had grown wild here, but I could still recognize it. I sat in the spot where I lay, dripping blood, and putting my head in my arms, I cried. I cried everything out. All the pain that I felt, all the stress, everything. I kissed that spot, and I kissed the scars that lay on my arms still. I knelt down, and whispered to the ground just how sorry I was that I had given up. I shook my head, and began running back to the castle. After all, I did have a lesson to get to.

I ran hard to the Owerly and quickly scrawled a note to Scorpious, not wanting to deal with trying to look for him. I didn't want to deal with all the pressure, bitchy-ness, and gossip that I knew would trail in my wake as I walked the halls after the fight with Goyle.

I'm game with a third lesson if you are. Send me an owl if you aren't, but if you are, meet me in our usual meeting place (the library) at 8:00 p.m. sharp tomorrow evening if you want to have a third lesson.

I kissed the note lovingly, as I had done with all previous correspondence with him, (though I never left a mark) and carefully rolled it up, to tie onto the owl's leg. "Thanks girl. You know who to give it to. Please let me respond, okay?" I whispered to her, stroking her head all the while. She gave me a soft nip, and hooted softly. "Good girl." I softly laughed and sent her on her way. So tired that I felt as though I could barely move, I walked as fast as I could towards my dorm, and avoiding the gaze of everyone, climbed into bed and fell asleep.

As soon as I woke up the next morning, I checked for mail, but there was none forthcoming. I sighed, and, after glancing at the sleeping heads of my best friends, and roommates, I quickly dressed and went down to breakfast. I had just finished, when my girlfriends came down, and though no mention of the previous day was voiced, I knew what they were all thinking and I hated it. I hated their pity, and their feeling bad for me. I hated it, and wanted it to stop.

Though I knew that my friends wanted to greet their boyfriends, they also wanted to stay with me. As such, they stuck to me like glue, something that bugged me to no end. Interestingly enough, neither Mandy nor Scorpius were in classes. For every class that Scorpius missed, I could feel my heart pitter-pattering and failing. I hoped that he wasn't ill, and thought about asking Al or Parker or even going to the Hospital Wing, but decided against it.

As classes ended, and dinner came and went, there was still no sign of Scorpius, and I could feel my pulse sky-rocketing. I had hoped and wished so hard that he would come to our lesson, because I decided that enough was enough. I couldn't go on lying to him, and myself. I needed to tell him about my love for him. He never showed, not even to the typical doing homework session in the House Unity common room.

By the time 8:00 had come, my heart was racing, my palms sweaty, and I had changed outfits at least a million times. Roxy and Liza were about ready to smack me but Dom merely hugged me sweetly, whispered "good luck" and sent me on my "merry way". I neared the library, about ready to drop the card I was holding that held my lines for the night.

I took a deep breathe, pulled myself together, and began walking "confidently" towards the back, where we would always meet. There I began hearing the same noises that I imagine Lucy did, though whether they sounded worse, or better in her ears, I never knew, and never will. I could feel my legs going weak, and black spots appearing in my vision, but I had to know. I took those final steps, and what I saw, I never want to see again. I saw the exact thing that Lucy did, but replace John, with Scorpius, and you have my nightmare. Though they weren't actually doing it, they looked pretty damn close if you know what I mean.

"Scorpius?" I could feel my voice falter in the middle of saying his name. His eyes grew wide, and Mandy's smirk grew wider. "Sorry babe, looks like I got the guy this time." she said clearly. I looked to Scorpious, to see if this was the girl that he wanted, and he only looked down at his face, his pale, beautiful cheeks turning the brightest red I have ever see, even if I am a Weasley.

"Oh my god," I whispered. "How could you? I CAME HERE TO TELL YOU I LOVE YOU. You were my everything. Didn't you know how much I cared about you? How much I loved you? This is it, huh. She was the mystery girl. Never mind everything she did or said to me. How the FUCK could you and ask me to help you get with this bitch? Are you for-fucking-real? I hate you." My words felt like they were crawling over each other trying to get out. I felt myself weave in and out of focus, and knowing I was about to collapse, I turned to run. I felt someone grab my arm, and I heard his voice.

"Please Rose. Don't run away. Please, let me explain. Please Rosie!" He shouted after me.

I turned to him, and because I could no longer see his face, my tears were blurring my vision that much, I said in cold, hurt voice, "That's Weasley to you Malfoy. Our fathers were right. Malfoys and Weasleys? We don't mix. We never have. We never will. The best to you and your slag Goyle, the one you're meant to be with. Whatever you do, leave me out of it. I FUCKING HATE YOU SCORPIUS MALFOY. " And that was when I ran for my life, up up the stairs to my dorm room.

I slammed the door shut, and threw myself on my bed, unable to keep my sobs to myself anymore. "He did the same thing to me Lucy! They both did! Mandy and Scorpius! They're together now! He wanted her, not me!" I sobbed harder than I ever had in my life. I curled up in a ball, and couldn't uncurl out. I was alone.

My friends, however wouldn't let me be alone. They wrapped themselves around me, and let me cry it out. They rubbed my back, spoke soothing words, and never left. They hugged me, they kissed my cheeks, and they cried with me. These are my best friends, and I love them so much for that. After a bit, I pulled back and in a choked up voice, tears still silently streaming down my face, I said quietly, "Well, they do say that bad things always come in three-things".

"Sweetie, Scropius loves you! I think that you should go talk to him, and tell him what you think and how you feel." Roxy said softly, trying so hard not to upset me. It didn't work. "I can't Roxy. I can't! We're not friends anymore! No-just NO!" I shouted.

"Okay! Okay!" She replied, throwing her hands up in the air.

"Want me to talk to Al? See what's going through their minds?" Liza said softly. I looked towards her gratefully and asked slowly, "Would you do that?".

She hugged me and said, "Of course! I would do anything for you babe!"

Dom offered to kick his ass, and Lilly went down to the kitchens to get some more chocolate and dough. After ingesting enough fat, and sugar to cause a heart attack or a diabetic to go into sugar shock just by LOOKING at it all, we fell asleep in the biggest, most wonderful, amazing, huddle you have ever seen.


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