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I'll Be Seeing You by DeathCabForCutie
Chapter 2 : I'll Be Seeing You
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I hate this. For the past week I've been suffering in silence. The problem with being me is that I have a million people I could talk to but no one who could possibly understand. Zooey –God love her- would think I suffered some kind of brain aneurism for even thinking that Malfoy was there let alone the fact that he saved me. Albus would go all protective bodyguard on me and have me watched at all times –a fun past time let me tell you. My boyfriend would start worrying about me –needlessly- and hovering –he and Albus would be obnoxious- and I’m not going to even get into what my parent’s would do if they knew...


Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes and tried to stop seeing his face. His insufferable, egotistically arrogant face was the only thing on my mind since the last time I’d seen him and it was killing me. Why did he save me? Why was he even there? Did he tell anybody? Why did he even care? Why did I even care?! All these questions bounced around my head endlessly. How I wished it never happened. Why couldn’t I have just made my boyfriend stay with me? Or gone with him to the stupid Quidditch shop? I jumped suddenly when my watch alarm went off on my wrist. Time for work. At least there I’ll be somewhat distracted.


I waitress at this little Muggle restaurant by my house about three times a week every summer since my forth year. My dad was really against it. He didn’t like the idea of me serving people food for money. I pointed out to him that there were simpler and trashier ways to make money. That shut him up instantly and I started working the next day. Waitressing really isn’t that bad. The only time it has ever went badly was when James came in here once while I was working... That fool cousin of mine kept changing his order every twenty seconds just to see my face go red with rage. I could have and would have wrangled his neck if my boss wasn’t watching me take his order the whole time. Believe me I got his ass when I got home. Today seemed to be a slow day though. It always was slow on Thursday afternoons though. I never understood why. What made Thursdays any different from any other day of the week? What was the factor that made people less motivated to eat out thursday more than say Tuesdays?

Leaning against the counter I frowned and started people watching. People watching is when you stay in one spot and just observe what the people around you are doing. It gets boring sometimes when you don’t have anyone to talk to so you see what complete strangers are doing. Right now a man is arguing with his significantly younger girlfriend. Judging by the way she’s holding onto her shopping bags and how he just put away his pocket book I can safely assume what they’re talking about even though I can’t hear them.  An adorable elderly couple are holding hands as they walked down the street earning a smle from me. A mom and her baby are looking in store windows.  And ….is that Malfoy?!

Sure enough Scorpius Malfoy himself was there. He came in and seated himself down at a seat by the large window I just was starring out of. Monique came over and gave me a questioning glance with her pale green eyes.


“What’s wrong with you?”

“Who does he think he is?” I demanded incrediously. “He just thinks he can seat himself where ever he wants?”

Monique furrowed her dark eyebrows as she wordlessly questioned my sanity. “Rose it’s free seating….”

“Whatever! I don’t care!” I spat back at her viciously.

Are-you-going-to-get-his-order?” She asked in a tone i've heard her use on her daughter.

I grunted and walked over to him.


WHAT WAS HE DOING HERE? IS HE TRYING TO DRIVE ME CRAZY? I tried to calm myself down and remember that he had indeed saved my life. That didn’t work though because it only reminded me that I still had NO IDEA why he did that. We’ve hated each other since first year. He was a Malfoy i was a Weasley we loathed each other on principal. So explain to me why: he’s here, he saved me and is smirking at me right now!



“What can I get you?” I asked in a dark distrustful tone.

He shrugged, “A tea?”

“Will that be all?”

“No. When’s your break?”

I raised my eyes from the notepad in my hands and dropped my jaw. “Excuse me?”


“I heard you.”

His smirk widened. “Well? When is it?”

“Why?” My face turned hard.

Because…” He glanced carefully around before speaking. “I’d like to talk to you.”


I considered my options carefully. There was no one around so Phil wouldn’t mind me taking my break and if I did that I’d actually get all of my questions answered. But a little part of me was terrified of what his answers might be. So I stood there for a second and dared to look into his icy grey eyes. Something in them made my decision for me.


“I’ll take my break now if you don’t mind.” I went over and asked Phil. He shrugged unconcernedly before going back to reading his paper.

Monique rushed over to me subtly. “So, who’s the hunk?”

Just…” What could I call him? He wasn’t my enemy anymore..not really. Enemies don’t save each other’s lives. “A guy.”

“Oh really?” She looked at me in disbelief before lowering her voice. “Is he your guy on the side?”

I snorted at that. “No. He’s just a guy.”

“Alright.” She muttered still not looking like she believed my answer.


I took off my apron and went over to him. He rose from his chair and gestured for us to take a walk. I crossed my arms over my chest protectively. This seemed to amuse him as I caught him laughing under his breath. We walked a ways before we went into an alley way. Now I know what you’re thinking. Rose you are incredibly stupid. Why would you go into a dark alley way with Scorpius Malfoy? Have you seen horror movies Rose? Are you that stupid girl who dies first because she is too naïve to look around and judge the situation correctly? But the thing is if he wanted to off me wouldn’t he have let Lestrange just do it? A chilling thought entered my skull as we stopped walking. What if he didn’t let Lestrange kill me because HE wanted to kill me?! My right hand gripped my wand hard. This time I wasn’t unarmed if that was the case.


“Well?” I questioned slightly nervous as I didn’t understand the gleam in his eyes. “What?”

“I was giving you a chance to thank me.”

I narrowed my eyes at him furiously. “You arrogant….” I let out a sharp breath before conceding. He did save my life. I gritted my teeth and whispered, “Thank you.”

“Wow you sounded sincere.” He scoffed sarcastically.

“Well it’s a bit hard to be genuine when I don’t know your motivations were for saving me.”


I starred him down. “Why did you save me?”

“What kind of question is that?” He exclaimed angrily.

“An honest one.”

Scorpius grimaced. “I wasn’t going to let him just….I couldn’t just walk away.”

“Yeah.” I responded frankly. “You could have and I would have expected you to. Which is why I ask you why you saved me.”

His jaw became rigid. “You don’t know me.”

“Oh I don’t? Because I haven’t gone to school with you for almost seven years now? I know you don’t like me. Which is perfectly fine because the feeling is more than mutual. So understandably it confuses me why you would risk your neck to save mine.”


“Because?” I rolled my eyes. “Wow Malfoy that answer was truly enlightening.”

He took a step toward me and my grip on my wand tightened. “Fine! Do you want to know the reason? Because you are a know-it-all, over confident, Gryffindor-“

“How are those reasons?!”

“Because I like that!”

I blinked stupidly. “W..What?


Then he came forward at first my instincts told me to grab my wand and hex him to hell but when he grabbed the back of my waist, jerked me forward and pressed his lips so urgently to mine I didn’t. Instead I kissed him back, hard. It was hard not to. Even through the years that I had sworn to hate him I’d noticed how attractive he’d gotten. Six foot two of his lean body was now pushed roughly onto my five foot nine figure and i couldn't help myself. I didn’t think. I couldn’t. My mind was jumbled to the point of incomprehension. So when I wrapped my arms behind his neck and tugged him closer I wasn’t in control of my actions. Neither was he it seemed when he slipped his tongue through my parted lips and moaned when I returned the favor. His hands gripped my back firmly. I could tell –even in my state of mind- that he was holding back from lowering his hands. My heart rammed into my ribs almost painfully as my whole body felt the ecstasy of his kiss. Then his lips left mine. I was so devastated in that second but when his lips hovered over my neck and left a trail of kisses. He then did something I’d never seen before. He smiled.


At this point I was far gone. I put his mouth right back on mine. He took this as a sign that I was not only not going to push him off of me but that I wanted him back. So he took the liberty of allowing his hands to wander down my backside. I didn’t stop him. This gave him a surge of energy as he backed me against the brick alley wall. The adrenaline rushed through me as I let myself feel the defined muscles in his arms. I heard my breathing get heavier as our kissing became ravenous.


Beep…beep…beep…beepbeepbeep-beepbeepbeep-beeeeeeeeeeep!” My watch rang loudly making us finally halt in our actions.

I was breathing hard as our faces came apart. His breaths were uneven as he tried to understand my expression. I didn’t know what to say because frankly I didn’t know what just happened. I mean I know what happened but I have no idea why it happened. His hands moved up to the small of my back as he kept me there.


“What was that?” He questioned huskily.

“My alarm." I offered lamely, "My breaks over.”

“You have to get back?”

I nodded.

“I’ll walk you.”

Unsurely I followed him out of the mouth of the alley. We made distance between ourselves the instant the sunlight hit our faces. The whole way back to the restaurant we didn’t say a word. He just kept staring at me. I didn’t know why but I didn’t ask. When I reached the door I hesitated before moving to grab the door handle. He quickly snatched my hand and kissed it.


“I’ll be seeing you Rose.”

Authors Note:

Song in the summary is Come On Closer By: Jem.
THANK YOU FOR READING! PLEASE REVIEW! Thank you: Ink, Lilian, Sharvi, killjoy, Theresa, Cat and Ash for already reviewing!

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