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ImPossible by daydream_it_to_life
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Lovely image by Camila at TDA; thank you!

. . .

“Lily!” The doors leading to the grounds creaked open as I heard my name being called. Turning from the large hourglasses, I saw my roommate (and best friend) Alice Prewett walking hurriedly through the door, and staring at me, eyes wide. Her short hair was ruffled by the billowing wind outside. My eyebrows furrowed as I took in her stance of distress and I subconsciously stood up a little straighter. As a newly made prefect, it was my job to fix problems such as these.

            “Alice? What’s wrong?” Grabbing my wrist, she began pulling me toward the still open doors. As I was pulled out into the open, the overwhelming wind tore at my long red hair, whipping the strands around my face. It snatched the air from my lips, and I gasped in a few times as the wind whisked the oxygen away from my mouth.

            “It’s James!” Alice shouted over the wind, as we ran together down to the lake. “He’s at it again!” A shudder of anger rippled through me at the mention of his name, and my legs pumped faster as we sprinted to reach the commotion. I saw a group of people gathered around a boy whose wand was pointed up at a struggling figure. It looked like a person had an invisible rope attached from their ankle to the sky. They were dangling in mid-air, and the wind was thrashing them about in what looked like a very painful fashion. I knew who the one with the wand was before even asking, and my head throbbed as hate swept through me. Alice and I kept running, and it wasn’t until we were pushing our way through the crowd to the center that we heard the jeering and cheers of the people around us. Finally we reached the center. Once we did I stopped dead, staring at the look on James’ face. It was as though he was angry, and yet thoroughly enjoying himself. I began quivering with the red hot anger that jolted through me.

            “POTTER!” I screeched, and he glanced over at me before assuming a very haughty stance. He smirked in my direction.

            “Hey Evans!” he called. “Snivellus here just insulted you, so I thought I would—“

            “You thought you would what? How DARE you! You have no authority to go around doing things like this to people! You thought,” I sneered the word. “That’s just your problem, Potter! Thinking is not exactly your forte, is it?”

            “He called you a mudblood again Lily! What was I supposed to do? Nothing?” he shouted back. Snape was still struggling in the air. I refused to look at him. Not after what he’d done to me not too long ago.

            “That’s exactly what you were supposed to do! Nothing! Because my life is not of your concern and it NEVER will be! Now PUT HIM DOWN!” The crowd was silent now. Only the cloaks could be heard cracking around peoples’ feet as Potter put Snape down. Not so gently I might add. Without a thank you, Snape rose and glared at us both before shoving his way out of the circle and stalking towards the castle. I paid him no mind. I was too busy glaring at Potter. I was shaking, my fists balled up tightly. I could feel my nails digging into my palms.

            “Lily, he—“

            “I don’t care what he did Potter! I don’t care! And neither should you! Forget any insane ideas you have about us! It’s never going to happen! We’ll never even be friends! Because you can’t be friends with someone you hate! And that’s exactly how I feel about you! I hate you, James Potter!”

            I stood frozen, seething and glaring daggers at this boy in front of me that I hated so much. He only stared back, with a determined look on his face. He shook is head the tiniest bit and spoke in a voice that only I could hear, just barely over the screaming wind.

            “I’ll never forget Lily. I’ll never give up. And you’ll see.”

            I said nothing. Because I knew he would never be right. I could never like this immature, 15 year old boy standing before me; this vain, self-centered, ignorant, immature brat of a boy. It would never be. It could never be. And my head screamed that it wouldn’t. My head was always right. And so, I listened, with no second thoughts.

It's short, but hey, it's a prologue. =) I'll get some more of this up soon. Eventually (which shouldn't be TOO horribly long) I'll get a banner up for this story. Please review! Hope you enjoyed. =)

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ImPossible: Prologue


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