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Swan Lake by katti4493
Chapter 2 : A Strange Feeling
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Tom Riddle wasn’t used to this. He didn’t like it, not in the slightest. He sat in the library, waiting in the shadows. It was nearing seven, he was so sure she’d be here. He waited intently, angry with himself. It was him that always had to hold the cards, not someone else. He had to be in control, not some pretty blonde, and especially not a Gryffindor. His heart was beating fast, he wanted nothing more than to see her...that wretched vixen.

There was movement behind the bookcase, Tom sighed, it was Druella Rosier. Tom could just stand her because her brother Edgard was a good enough crony. In the six years Tom had known him he had grown into a rather menacing man and Tom valued him for his services. Tom knew that he himself could easily intimidate anyone, but when Tom didn’t want to be caught doing his own dirty work he would let Edgard do it for him. Rosier was a good servant, but he couldn’t stand his sister. Druella was haughty and fake and it just annoyed Tom.

“Tom!” she yelled, her harsh voice almost bursting his eardrums in the small vicinity of the library.

“Don’t call me that.” he whispered harshly. Why did she think that she was special enough to be on first name terms with the Dark Lord?

“Sorry, my dark lord.” She added, trying to be seductive by pursing her lips and putting her hands on her wide hips.

Tom ignored her, he opened the book that he had left in front of him in case any moments like this had popped up. He had a good excuse to be rid of the silly girl. He watched her for a moment, Druella was breathing deeply, leaning in close to him and soon her lips were almost touching his left ear.

“Tom, I was thinking, there is going to be a ball for Halloween and I was wondering whether...”

“Well, I’ll think about it.” He said charmingly, reading her face like a book. He pulled himself away from her, repelled by her misplaced charm.

“Could you do something for me?” Tom asked, staring at her, trying to look loving. It was evident she was melting.

“Of course.” Druella giggled, placing a bony hand on one of Tom's forearms.

“Can you find out what had happened to Morfin Gaunt...” he whispered, batting his long, dark eyelashes making his dark eyes twinkle.

“Mor...” she whispered, confused.

“Yes. Please?” he added. He smiled sweetly. He found it slightly humorous that he could use his good looks to make girls fall head over heels in love with him, considering he would never love them in return.

“Yes, certainly.” she simpered. Using her bony fingers she tenderly stroked Tom's dark fringe out of his eyes and blew him a kiss. She forced herself away from him, turning slowly.

"Bye my angel." She walked away, always looking at him, until she disappeared behind a high book case. In that second, he heard the voice she used if she had just seen something disgusting on her shoe.

“Hello, Minerva, Myra, Shayla.”

Tom’s heart stopped, she was here. But she was not alone. The three girls came into view. Her blonde hair was down to her waist unusually, and she looked sad. Tom felt a twinge of anger, her sadness ruined her beauty and he found it annoying. He wanted her usual beauty all the time and nothing else would be satisfactory.

“I got a letter from Mother, she’s arranged my wedding day with Abraxas Malfoy!” she sobbed as Minerva put her arm around her. The other two girls looked awkwardly at each other as they tried to comfort their friend.

“Oh Shayla. I’m so sorry.”

Abraxas Malfoy! Tom grew angry, uncontrollably angry. This must be jealousy, Tom thought as the monster inside his chest roared for the immediate execution of the unsuspecting Malfoy. He wanted to unleash the “pet” his ancestor Slytherin had given him on Abraxas, the rich, pampered, mummy's boy. He stood up angrily pushing his seat aside. The three girls suddenly noticed him. Shayla’s ice cold eyes caught Tom’s dark ones in a moment of true awe inspiring wonder.

“Oh, not another Slytherin ogling at my sadness.” She spat coldly. She flicked her hair over her shoulder and Tom wondered briefly what it would be like to run his fingers through that gorgeous hair.

“Not in the slightest, a man always gets concerned when he sees a woman crying.” he said, his usual charm shining through with every word.

Minerva groaned inwardly, why did Tom have to be so goddamn charming? His eyes were on Shayla, intently taking in every feature. It was as if he was consuming the sight of her, and Minerva was suddenly overcome by the feeling that she wanted to slap Shayla with all the force she could muster.

“Abraxas you say? A Gryffindor and a Slytherin a couple? Now that is scandalous.” He said smoothly, his hand seductively running through his own dark hair. Minerva wanted nothing more than to be in his arms and hear his heart beating in his chest.

“Yes Abraxas Mr Riddle.” said Shayla, her voice filled with contempt. Minerva relaxed slightly, Shayla had not intention of getting Tom.

“Oh now that is a shame. Abraxas is not picky, why should such a fine lady such as yourself should be given to him?” questioned Tom, stepping towards the girls.

Normally he’d be happy about this, a pureblood wedding, but Abraxas could not have Shayla, why did that boy deserve a woman who needed a man like Tom himself.

“Yes, why should I be given to Abraxas Malfoy? I should have a choice!” Shayla thundered. Turning on her heel, she marched from the quiet seclusion of the library, followed by her two friends. 

Her anger had been beautiful.

Her anger inspired him.

The Halloween Ball appeared wonderfully in all its glory. The House tabled had disappeared and there were small round tables up one end of the hall, each laden with mounds of suptious food and adorned with ice sculptures of dancing men and women and elegant, graceful swans. Dumbledore stood on the platform, in an unusual scarlet robe, his voice magnified a hundred times its usual volume, announcing the names of each of the couple, his voice reverberating around the great hall. A small orchestra had been hired, a string quartet started by playing a waltz as couples started to mill around the dance floor. Myra walked through the doors of the hall in a midnight blue floating dress, squeezing her date's hand with all the strength she could muster. She could not see he was wincing with pain.

“Myra Edith Stone, Gryffindor, and her partner, Bobby Kingsley Shacklebolt, Gryffindor.”

Myra glided into the hall, holding Bobby’s hand, delighted that the Gryffindor Beater had asked her to the ball. They walked onto the dance floor and began to float around, dancing to the gentle rhythm of the waltz. Myra loved the style and elegance of the ball and she instantly looked for her friends through the sea of smiling and happy faces.

“Alicia Julia Crouch, Ravenclaw, and her partner, Edgard Lucifer Rosier, Slytherin.”

Myra watched, Edgard even managed to look thuggish in his french bought dress robes. It seemed a miracle that he managed to get the beautiful, athletic Ravenclaw seeker, and Minerva's pureblood cousin, to come with him. Myra concluded that Edgard must have used the Imperius Curse on her.

“Minerva Artemisia McGonagall, Gryffindor, and her partner, Robert Ernest Macmillan, Hufflepuff.”

Myra knew that Minerva was disappointed, she had wanted Tom Riddle as her partner to this ball, regardless of what house he was in. But there was no getting noticed with Shayla around. Minerva glided in looking simply miserable. The crowd clapped at her soft pink dress but she was soon forgotton as Shayla appeared, almost like an angel.

“Shayla Annabelle Rosier, Gryffindor, and her partner, Abraxas Lucius Malfoy, Slytherin.”

Shayla's mother had organised the date and Shayla was livid. She had been adamant that she was attending alone, but with threats of being disowned, Shayla had finally relented.

“Druella Serena Rosier, Slytherin, and her partner, Tom Marvolo Riddle, Slytherin.”

Druella looked smug, she knew she had the best man at the ball. Druella's triumph made Myra want to vomit. When Tom’s name was mentioned every girl turned and sighed as he glided into the hall. Druella pulled him to the floor and began to dance. Robert and Minerva had parted, they just went together to stop themselves from looking alone. Abraxas was dancing with Shayla rather violently, throwing her around even though the music was gentle.

“Abraxas, I need some air, just a moment.” Shayla said, finally having enough of Malfoy's violence on the dancefloor. Before he could say anything, Shayla had dashed into the crowd and disappeared from sight. She was flushed and felt jealous, and as she marched outside she knew why.

Shayla was soon out on the terrace. She had seen him dancing with Dru, the way he looked away from her and at Shayla. Their eyes had met across the dance floor.

“Go outside, he’ll be waiting for you.” Said a little voice in her head.

He was there in the shadows. He smiled as he advanced on her, breaking the barrier of her personal bubble.

“Shayla, I did not think you’d come.”

“I felt I had to.”

“Yes, you did. You had no choice.”

“I know.”

She was spellbound. Since that day in the Library, when she had looked into his dark eyes, she knew she was his puppet.

“Why me, why not Dru?”

“Dru is a silly girl. You are my perfect little doll. You are beautiful, and you are mine.”

Shayla's head was swimming, in every direction she could see his face and new she could not protect herself from him.

“Shayla! Shayla! Where are you?”

Shayla looked away. What was she thinking?

“Coming Myra.”

Tom was furious. Shayla was perfect, a little item he wanted to covet, to show off. She was powerful, she was not his equal, she was ideal to be his trophy.

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