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Compromises by mexprizoner
Chapter 2 : Cooperation
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Chapter two: Cooperation

   We made our way silently down the hall instinctually side-by-side, we where both still in shock at what had just happened. Two floors away from Slughorn’s Malfoy turned to me, the swirling silver of his eyes sending a strange quiver down my spine, I shook the feeling away. 

   “I still think this is all your fault.” The quiver was quickly replaced by an intense desire to strangulate him. 

   “Malfoy you are the most conceited, arrogant, pompous git I have had the displeasure to meet in my entire life!” I shrieked at him wanting nothing more than to turn around and run as far as I possibly could away from him, but knowing that if I took only a couple of steps away I’d end up on the floor , even that idea sounded appealing if only to watch him withering in pain as well. 

   “I’m one of a kind, glad you noticed Granger” he answered a huge smirk crossing his fair complexion. 

   “Could you stop being such a bastard for once in your life, Malfoy?” I inquired trying to control the urge to kill him. “Look, it’s obvious that professor Slughorn isn’t going to be giving us the antidote any time soon, perhaps if we pretend to ‘settle our differences’ he’ll be more willing to help.” I added before the idiot could throw some completely unnecessary comment my way. 

   “What do you mean ‘settle our differences’? I hate you, you hate me, there are no differences.” He retorted in an annoying isn’t-it-obvious tone. 

   “What I mean is that we should try to be civil towards each other, I don’t really want to spend what’s left of my seventh year attached to you.” I watched as Malfoy thought over my words, my hands on my hips, counting very slowly to a hundred. 

   “I never thought I would personally be saying this but… you may have a point there, Granger.” He answered reluctantly; I couldn’t stop a smirk from forming on my lips as I watched his tortured expression as the words spilled from his unwilling mouth. 

   “Anyways if we spend much more time together I’m going to be forced into charging you for the pleasure of my presence and I very much doubt you can afford it.” My smirk melted into a scowl as he sneered at me, I rolled my eyes but bit my tongue if we were going to make this work we would have to make some compromises. 

   “Look if we’re gonna have any chance at fooling Slughorn then we’re gonna have to cut down on the name calling and the bickering for the time being.” 

   “Where’s the fun in that?” He muttered and I gritted my teeth trying to swallow back my retort. 

   “Could you just try to make an effort Malfoy?” I demanded exasperated. 

   “Ok, ok Granger don’t get your knickers in a twist.” I closed my eyes massaging my temples as a small pounding pain appeared on my head. 

   “So… what are we supposed to do now?” I ignored his question concentrating on my breathing. 

   “Granger, I asked you a question, what are we supposed to do now?” he persisted. 

   “I don’t know, I guess we should head down to dinner, it’s almost time for it anyhow.” I answered dropping my hands from my face and gazing at my watch. 

   He shrugged his hands tucked in his trouser pockets and made his way down the hall pausing only for me to begin walking next to him. 

   Many other students were also making their way down to dinner , all of them staring at us as we walked calmly next to one another, many with shock and astonishment, others with simple curiosity, a small group of first year Hufflepuffs stood wide eyed and open mouthed as we passed by. 

   “Ten points from Hufflepuff for blocking the hallways now move before I make it twenty.” Malfoy barked at them, they jumped and practically ran down the hall, cheeks flaming red. 

   I could have scorned him, but I was actually glad he did, as it made many others turn away pretending they hadn’t been starring lest they cost their house any points. 

   “Think you’ll be able to sit at the Slytherin table.” He asked rather casually as we reached the great hall. 

   I stopped in my tracks so abruptly that a ripping pain tore through my chest as Malfoy continued to walk a few feet along without me. 

   “Damn it Granger!” he exclaimed as he staggered back to where I stood, leaning against the stone wall taking sharp breaths as I waited for the pain to recede. “I thought we’d already talked about that; if I walk you walk, if you stop, you warn me.” 

   “I am not about to sit at the Slytherin table” I breathed out with a shaky voice. 

   “So, what where you expecting? That I would sit with your lot?” he asked sarcastically. 

   “Well, yes actually I did.” It was the truth; I was a bit worried about having to explain to the Gryffindors why Draco freaking Malfoy would be sitting with me, but it had never crossed my mind that he actually expected me to sit in a table full of people that thought I was no better than the scum on their shoes. 

   “There is no way in hell that I’ll be sitting with those bloody Gryffindors” He laughed humorlessly straightening his robes and running a rather shaky hand across his blond hair. 

   “Well the day you see me sitting at the Slytherin table will be the day you become a decent human being.” I threw back at him. 

   “It was your brilliant idea that we come down to dinner, what would you suggest we do now?” he asked leaning nonchalantly against the wall next to me. 

   “Why don’t we listen to one of your excellent ideas for a change, I seem to be the one doing all the work here why don’t you give it a try.” I answered irked with his poor attitude. 

   “Ok then.” He replied taking a hold of my wrist and pulling me along with him. 

   “Where are you taking me Malfoy?” I tried to pull my arm from his strong grip, as that strange tingle from the last time he had touched me reappeared only to huff in frustration as he tightened his grip. 

   “You wanted one of my brilliant ideas Granger; I’m giving it to you.” I followed grudgingly but without an argument I was tired of fighting with him. 

   He stopped in front of a large portrait of a pear; reaching out and tickling the fruit, the portrait swinging open at his touch, his long fingers still wrapped around my wrist as he pulled me inside the kitchens to be met with the scene of humongous trays of food floating around the place, upon farther inspection one could make out the tiny house elves under the laden trays. 

   Malfoy turned to me his lips pulled slightly at the corners; it wasn’t a smile but it wasn’t his usual arrogant smirk either, I felt my heart stop for the smallest part of a second as I noticed how much his face changed without it. 

   “Is my idea brilliant enough for you?” he asked and I noticed that his eyes sparkled with mischief and not malice. 

   “Not bad, I guess.” I answered nonchalantly, furiously wiping the thoughts invading my mind. “Would you mind returning my arm anytime soon, Malfoy?” I asked as I became aware of his hand still wrapped securely around my wrist. 

   He looked down at our joined hands, before dropping mine as if it had burned him, I noticed a confused frown cross his face as he turned from me and took a sit at one of long marble counters, I immediately followed him. 

   “You, elf bring me something to eat.” He snapped at a passing house elf that was carrying a large pitcher of pumpkin juice. 

   “Don’t talk to them like that” I scowled him taking a seat next to him and turning to the elf that taken by surprise had dropped the pitcher. 

   “Could you please bring us something to eat” I asked him in a polite tone watching from the corner of my eye as Malfoy rolled his eyes at my action. 

   The elf nodded and with a snap of his fingers cleared the mess of juice. Pretty soon the counter was overloaded with all kinds of food, bread and drink. 

   “So you think this idea of yours is actually gonna work?” Malfoy asked spooning potatoes onto his plate. 

   “Either that or it wears off in the next twelve hours I can’t picture myself spending more time than that with you and hopefully will sleep through half of them.” I answered my head bent so that my hair fell over my face to hide the blush that rose to my cheeks at the thought. 

   “Well spending the day with you isn’t a walk in the park either” he muttered to himself, but I could hear him none the less. 

   “Wait, did you just say we’ll be sleeping through half of them? Sorry to break it to you Granger but I’m not that type of guy, you’ll have to seduce me first.” He added in a haughty voice. 

   I snorted into my pumpkin juice causing it to stream down the front of my blouse. I reached for my napkin wiping it away with a murmured ‘fuck’. 

   “Such indecorous propositions from the head girl, I never thought I’d live to see the day.” He added in a teasing tone that took me by surprise. 

   “Don’t worry I promise I won’t bite” I answered having no idea why only knowing that if he was willing to try for civil conversation then so could I, even if said conversation was filled with sexual innuendoes at the moment. 

A/N: So there you have it, sorry if it's not as funny as many of you hoped it would be, but humor is soo not my forte anyways i want to make this a short fluffy story i hope you like it and wait for chapter three it's the best so far, please please review.

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Compromises: Cooperation


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