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Being A Select Few by BellaRose
Chapter 6 : Inhale
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Disclaimer: yeah, i wish.

a/n: hey guys im so sorry this chappie took so long! but here it is! 


: breathe in: to breathe in, or draw a gas, liquid, or solid into the lungs through the nose or mouth

Dumbledore leads us up to his office and offers us lemon drops as we sit in the squishy armchairs the headmaster has conjured in front of his desk. We sit silently for a minute, Ron steadily shooting glares at Draco and I, Dumbledore gazing at us gravely from behind his half-moon spectacles.

“Your display at breakfast was most unimpressive and I am disappointed in you, I expected better from seniors. I do not wish it to happen again, however that is not why I called you here today.” Dumbledore says to us. I hang my head in shame and see my brother doing the same, a glance at Draco however, shows me that he is staring defiantly at our headmaster.

“Mr Malfoy, although I suppose that is non-applicable now isn’t it?” Dumbledore muses, “Mr Malfoy, I have been informed that you have been marked by your father with a three pointed star. I assume you know what this means?”

“Yes, sir. I am aware of the consequences of this mark” Draco says in response. He may get it, but I sure don’t.

“What’s this mark?” I ask.

“It is a very ancient and dark curse that hasn’t been used for centuries. It was invented by one of the very first Malfoy’s and has carried on since then. It is one of the first things you learn when you get a wand, if you’re a Malfoy.” Draco explains,

“What does it do though? What’s it for?” I ask, curiously.

“It’s a mark of death, each point of the star represents a different person. Two people I care for will die before eventually, I die.” Draco says gravely. My eyes widen in horror and I can feel tears forming in my eyes.

“Why would he do that to his own son?” I whisper. Draco grimaces and shifts in his seat.

“Because I am no son of his, not anymore.” he answers coldly.

“He won’t get to you, he can’t! Dumbledore won’t let him, will you sir?”

“No, Miss Weasley, Mr Malfoy will be perfectly safe here at Hogwarts. Lucius even made a mistake when he disowned Draco, as now it isn’t necessary to listen to his father if he is asked to go home for the holidays. He will be perfectly safe as long as he stays within school grounds.” Dumbledore says, the merry twinkle suddenly back in his eyes as he gazes at us. I see his eyes lower and suddenly realise what he is looking at, Draco is squeezing my hand and I hadn’t even noticed. I don’t really mind either.

“Sir, what of the Slytherin’s that are, easily persuaded shall we say, by my father.” Draco asks.

“As you are staying in the Head dorms I expect you will be fine, just be wary at all times” Dumbledore nods and turns to the seat beside me, I had completely forgotten my brother sitting there. He sat with his arms grossed glaring at the floor.

“Now, on to other business, Mr Weasley, Miss Weasley I received an owl from your brother Charlie about two days ago. It seems he had reason to believe that he will be receiving some unwelcome visitors soon” I nod, remembering Galloway’s warning. I had sent an owl to Charlie as soon as I got to my room last night, but that was still too early, somebody else must have also warned Charlie.

“We decided that it might be best if he leave the area for a while. The dragons will be fine, they can protect themselves and I hardly think that Voldemort or any of his followers will be able to control an entire flock of dragons. I asked Charlie to come and teach Care of Magical Creatures for a while with Hagrid, teach a bit about dragons to the students. That is why I called you here today, I thought you might like to know in adavnce that your brother was coming and that he is safe.” I smile and glance at Ron, forgetting that I was mad. When I see the scowl he shoots Draco however, I remember and glare at him, dragging Draco out of the room before either Ron or myself can yell again.

Harry and Hermione are waiting just outside Dumbledore’s office, ready to bombard Ron with questions the second he comes out of the room. Hermione smiles at me and I feel myself smiling back, glad that our friendship isn’t awkward because of Ron. Harry looks at me curiously as we walk past but doesn’t say anything to either Draco or myself.

“So, Galloway was right” I say as we walk down the hall. Draco doesn’t say anything, he just keeps his head down and walks. I sigh and lead him outside where we sit under a tree by the lake. We are going to miss our first class but it is already half over anyway.

“It will be okay you know, your father won’t be able to get to you” I say quietly.

“You don’t know that Ginny, you don’t know what my father is capable of” Draco replies lowly.

“Actually I do know what your father is capable of. Do you remember the Chamber of Secrets?” I ask. Draco looks at me oddly and nods.

“That was me, I opened it” Draco scoffs,

“You? The heir of Slytherin?” he laughs. I roll my eyes and explain,

“I was possessed by Tom Marvolo Riddle, the seventeen year old version of Voldemort. He left a piece of his soul inside a diary, a diary that I wrote in, a diary that your father slipped into my cauldron.” Draco’s eyes widen,

“And you survived that?” he says, incredulously.

“Harry saved me” I say simply. Draco narrows his eyes and glares at a spot in the distance.

“Bloody hero Saint Potter” he grumbles.

“Come on, we’ve missed enough classes as it is this week. Tomorrow it will be the weekend and we can discuss it then.” I say, dragging Draco back to the castle. We go our separate ways at the entrance hall, Draco towards the dungeons and me towards the greenhouses. As I walk down the halls I hear a voice calling to me and I turn. Hermione runs up to me, panting.

“Hi” she says.

“Hey” I return. Hermione shifts from one foot to another nervously.

“Look, I just wanted to apologise for mine and the boys behaviour. If you say Malfoy has changed then he’ll have to prove it to me, but I’m willing to give him a shot. You’re my only girl friend, Ginny. I don’t want us to fight.” Hermione says, lifting her eyes to meet mine.

“It’s okay, Mione. I’m glad you’re willing to give him a shot. I think you’ll be surprised by just how much he has changed. I can’t forgive the boys just yet, especially my daft brother, but maybe if they apologised to me themselves I might think about it” I tell her. “You’re my best friend, Mione, I didn‘t plan for this to happen and I really hope it doesn‘t come between us”

“Just one more thing, Ginny. Are you and Malfoy….involved?” She asks, a blush creeping across her face. I shake my head.

“No, we’re just friends” I say.

“just friends” don’t hold hands in that way, or go off on broom rides late in the night, or sleep in each others bed, or wear each others clothes, or…”

SHUT UP! I yell at my subconscious. Stupid cricket. Draco and I are just friends, there is nothing going on. At all.

You keep telling yourself that.

“Oh, okay then. So I guess I’ll see you later then. Bye, Ginny!” Hermione calls. I smile and wave, glad that Hermione was a straightforward person. Now if only Harry and Ron could react like Hermione had.

Herbology was a boring affair and so was Care of Magical Creatures after that. But it was soon lunchtime and I found myself sitting in the Great Hall, debating over what to have for lunch.

Ham sandwich or chicken pie? Hmm, choices, choices. What do you think cricket?

Chicken pie is always good. The cricket answers. He is quite handy to have around when he isn’t analysing the aspects of my relationships. Relationships as in friendships, of course. I am so immersed in the choices that I have placed on two plates in front of me that I don’t even notice when somebody slides into the bench next to me.

“I’m staving, what’s for lunch?” The person asks, grabbing the plate that has the ham sandwich on it. Looks like my decision is made. I pull the plate with the chicken pie closer to me and pick up a fork. I turn to talk to my lunch mate and nearly fall off the bench.

“Galloway?” I ask, incredulously. He just smiles at me and eats his lunch.

“What in the name of Merlin are you doing?” I ask, my mouth still gaping.

“I’m eating lunch. Got a problem with that, Ginevra?” he smirks at me. I blink and shake my head, returning to my pie. We sit in silence until more people slide onto the benches around me and I glance around the hall quickly. Oh great, here I was surrounded by half the Durmstrang students and I was the only SO member in the entire hall.

“So, Ginevra” Galloways says, breaking the silence. ‘Owled your brother yet?” I nod.

“Yes, it appears that somebody else sent him a warning as well though, he is coming to Hogwarts in a few days. He knew he was under threat even before I sent him an owl” Galloway just nods.

“Interesting” he says quietly. I can tell his fellow students are curious towards our exchange but don’t say anything. He has them under control, just as much as Draco controls the Slytherin’s.

“Galloway, why are you sitting here?” I ask again.

“We got bored of the Slytherin’s.” he says, without even turning to look at me. I raise my eyebrows and shake my head. Morgan Galloway is a hard person to figure out. I turn back to my lunch and start to eat.

“so, you and Malfoy shagging or what?” Galloways suddenly asks me. I inhale sharply, forgetting that I have a half chewed bit of pie in my mouth. Pastry flies down my throat and I start to cough and splutter. Galloway looks slightly shocked and quickly hands me a glass of pumpkin juice. Slowly I regain my breath and then glare at him. Galloway is smiling at me like he is highly amused.

“That would be, or what, Galloway. Draco and I are just friends. Nothing more” I tell him firmly. Galloway raises an eyebrow and smirks.

“Sure, whatever you say, Ginevra, and you can call me Morgan.” he says. I shoot him a glare and go back to my pie. The rest of lunch is spent in silence.

After lunch I have double transfiguration and then a free which is a relief. I truly love Friday’s. I don’t have potions on Friday. I breeze through transfiguration, having already read the chapter that McGonagall assigns us to read and then practice for the double. However, as I am leaving the classroom McGonagall calls my name.

“Miss Weasley, I need you to stay back for a few minutes.” I move back towards the front of the room, nearer to my Professor.

“I have found you a tutor in potions and in return, you will be tutoring a third year Hufflepuff in transfiguration. You will meet your student in the library tonight after dinner and your tutor tomorrow night after dinner. That is all” I nod and leave the room. Oh goody, I get to spend my Friday night tutoring a Hufflepuff. That’s exactly how I planned my evening.

I make my way to Gryffindor tower and grab my broom from my dorm. I have to clear my head and flying seems to work best. You can always see things from a different perspective. When I arrive at the quidditch pitch I kick off from the ground and speed up into the air, my long red hair billowing behind me. There was so many things going on at the same time, too much to focus on all of it at once. I am in charge of a bunch of kids in an organisation fighting to keep Hogwarts and trying to keep the rest of the Hogwarts population from being hexed into next Tuesday by the other schools. Galloway says something is going on with Regenta, but Durmstrang are the ones hiding something under a really big Invisireflect. Then, there’s Draco. I knew that showing that we are friends in public was going to cause some issues, but I didn’t think one of those issues would be everybody thinking we were dating or something. Harry and Ron just over-reacted, like they are prone to do. Hermione will talk to them and they will come around eventually. I hope. I sigh and fly over the lake. It’s late afternoon and the Black lake is shimmering with ripples from the light breeze. I hover high above the lake, trying to work out who to trust and what to think.

Suddenly my broom gives an almighty lurch and I am bucked forwards, almost completely falling off my broom. Just as I am regaining my balance, the broom jerks again and I am thrown to the side, grabbing my broom with my hands. I scream and hang on as tight as I can. I close my eyes and scream louder as the broom continues to try and shake me off. Somebody is jinxing my broom I think suddenly, somebody is trying to kill me. The broom gives a final jerk and my grip breaks. I open my eyes as I fall, the last thing I see before I hit the cold, black water is a flash of blue robe and blonde hair.

The water is colder than I thought it would be and it squeezes at my chest as I struggle to breach the surface. I can feel the cold compressing against my lungs and making me dizzy. I finally reach the surface and take large gulps of air. I look around and start to panic. I was in the very centre of the lake when I fell, the shores are far away. Too far to swim in the freezing water. Nobody would have seen me fall or heard my screams. I am protected from sight from the castle and there was nobody on the grounds, most people would still be in class. I try and guess which way looks shorter and start to swim. Even if it is far, I have to keep moving or I will freeze. I don’t get very far before I start to feel lethargic. My body aches and I can barely move, but still, I keep swimming. I have to reach the shore, I have to warn Draco.

I keep swimming although I don’t think I am moving anywhere. I can see two specks moving towards me quickly. I’m probably just imagining it. The specks get closer and closer. No, I must be imagining it because those two specks are beginning to look more and more like Draco and Morgan. Closer and closer. I’m delirious, there is no other explanation why Draco and Morgan would both be rushing towards me on brooms. I smile at them when they arrive and they look worried.

“I’ve never had the two of you in my dreams before, but I think I like it. Makes the dream much more aesthetically pleasing, that’s for sure” I say. The two of them look very attractive right now, their cheeks flushed and hair windswept. The two boys exchange a look and Morgan reaches down to scoop me out of the water, placing me on the broom behind Draco. Instinctively, I wrap my arms around his middle and press my face into his back. It’s only when we are flying back across the lake and I find that I am shivering uncontrollably that I realise that maybe this isn’t a dream after all.

We must have flown straight through the halls because when I get off the broom I am in the Hospital Wing and Madam Pomfrey is clucking over me like a mother hen, wrapping me in blankets and tucking me into a bed. I look to the side and see Draco and Morgan sitting next to my bed.

“I thought you hated each other” I say through chattering teeth. Morgan holds out his hand to Draco, who look at it wearily.

“Truce?” Morgan asks. Draco meets his eyes, before looking in my direction. Looking back to Morgan, Draco takes his hand and they shake.

“Truce” he says. Harry once told me that there is some things you can’t do without becoming friends. I guess saving someone from drowning in the Black Lake is one of those things.

Madam Pomfrey bustles over and takes my temperature before forcing me to drink several vile tasting potions.

“You’re going to feel lethargic because of the cold, but you can’t sleep. Not until your body temperature returns to normal, otherwise you may not wake up again.” she tells me. She looks to the boys and they look scared for a moment. I chuckle under my breath,, the two leaders of the biggest underground organisation at any of the magical schools and they are afraid of a nurse patron.

“I was going to tell you to leave, but I suppose you can stay to help keep her awake.” she tells them before going back into her office. We all visibly relax, we were all afraid they were going to be made to leave. It confused me slightly to find I didn’t want them to leave. Shouldn’t I want Hermione, Harry and Ron here?

We spend the next hour talking about everything and nothing, purposely avoiding anything to do with Voldemort of the Select Organisation. I find out that Draco is fond of classic Muggle literature, which surprised me, and Morgan does hip hop dancing in his spare time. I tell them that I enjoy cooking and Draco and Morgan tell me that they have never cooked before. When Madam Pomfrey comes back in and tells them they have to go, I am very relieved. I am so tired and my body is so sore I don’t think I could last much longer being awake. Just as the boys are about to leave, I call out to them.

“Draco, Morgan, I didn’t fall. My broom was jinxed and bucked me off” I say. Morgan’s eye’s go wide in surprise and Draco’s narrow in anger.

“Did you see anybody near you” Draco snarls. I nod, closing my eyes, I am so close to passing out.

“It was” I yawn, breaking the sentence. “it was Regenta, she was jinxing my broom, Morgan is right, something is not right at the Beauxbatons camp"

a/n: hey guys i am so very sorry this chapter was such a long wait! i've found that i have very little time to write chapters now that i am in year twelve. all of my time seems to go into writing essays, which is such a drag. I'm not especially happy with the way this chapter turned out to be but i thought time was overdue for an update, so i'll leave it up to you. what do you think? any good? the only way to let me know is through a review!
keep flying, Birdie xx

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